2017 iPad vs 2018 iPad Speed test!

  • Published on Apr 1, 2018
  • 2017 iPad vs 2018 iPad Speed Test! In this video we test the 2017 Apple iPad 9.7" vs the 2018 Apple iPad 9.7" to see if there are any perceivable performance differences making this worth an upgrade or not! Any further questions, comments, concerns, feedback, suggestions, please be sure to go ahead and post that down below in the comment section of this video. As always thank you for watching and be sure to be well and peace :)
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Comments • 706

  • DestroyingApple134
    DestroyingApple134 8 days ago

    I upgraded to the 2018 version because my 2017 broke after two years

  • Mike Jones
    Mike Jones 9 days ago +1

    I have the 2017 model, 9.7 screen is the perfect size for gaming, more immersive than the mini.

  • Girl Power
    Girl Power 17 days ago

    I don't think theirs much difference so I don't think I'll be replacing my iPad 5th generation any time soon

  • AzeRTy Block
    AzeRTy Block 18 days ago +5

    The difference is in OS support later. So better to take 2018 version

  • Etai C
    Etai C 26 days ago

    Watching in my new iPad 2019/2018!

  • Ferieza Jhynelle
    Ferieza Jhynelle Month ago +1

    Does apple pencil work on iPad 2017?

  • Darth vader
    Darth vader Month ago +11

    Like ipad 2018
    Comment ipad 2017

  • B-Series Gameplay
    B-Series Gameplay Month ago

    Watching on my iPad Pro 2018

  • 69 Squad
    69 Squad Month ago +2

    I'm getting a 2017 iPad for $285!! Is it Worth?🤔

  • Sweet Pills
    Sweet Pills Month ago

    im watching this in an ipad 2018

  • Kerollen Kecthcya
    Kerollen Kecthcya 2 months ago

    Mais q loucura abri e fechar aplicativos kkkkkkkkkkk

  • Yoshi Kiwi
    Yoshi Kiwi 2 months ago

    I have iPad Air 1 ☹️no use...

  • irfan syed
    irfan syed 2 months ago

    My I pad colour gold I like it

  • fortnite lover TFUE AND EH 30

    plzz somebody tell me the price of ipad 2018 in usa

    • PJRoRo
      PJRoRo 2 months ago

      MrForteSP That’s on Amazon. The actual prices are $329 with 32 GB, $429 for 128 GB, $459 with 32 GB with cellular, and $559 with 128 GB with cellular.

    • MrForteSP
      MrForteSP 2 months ago

      fortnite lover TFUE AND EH 30 $250 for 32gb And $330 for 128gb

  • Rachel.i0
    Rachel.i0 2 months ago

    Honestly I don't care about the speed I just want a ipad

  • Uzair Umar
    Uzair Umar 2 months ago

    Mm?? What iPad 2018 doesn't have a home button can you you tell me how!

  • No one
    No one 2 months ago

    What about the Price

  • Mr Peco
    Mr Peco 2 months ago

    who bought the ipad 2018 even though they had the ipad 2017 lol XD

  • NOT OZMAN2010
    NOT OZMAN2010 2 months ago

    Look at the percentage

  • Copy that10_4
    Copy that10_4 3 months ago +1

    Got 2018 iPad 32GB cellular WiFi looking to get I pencil ✏️: I had bought a iPad mini several years ago, this one I’ll keep longer. Does more than I would need which is a plus. Just got the 🍏 ipencil ✏️ ZAGG messenger keyboard case. Liquid screen protector, love it. Noe and drawing APPS. Best affordable iPad APPLE 🍏 came out with. Just became a tablet user again,

  • Copy that10_4
    Copy that10_4 3 months ago +4

    🌈🦄 like your screen wall paper 😆

  • MysticGamer
    MysticGamer 3 months ago +1

    iPad 2018

  • Gaming Unicorn
    Gaming Unicorn 3 months ago +1

    I have iPad 6 gen what about u

    • PJRoRo
      PJRoRo 2 months ago +1

      Gaming Unicorn iPad 5th Gen

  • Avicrez
    Avicrez 3 months ago

    Sponsot me ipad please for youtube gaming purpose

  • MarkSioufi
    MarkSioufi 3 months ago

    *Plot Twist*: The two iPads were the same

  • Armando Hunts
    Armando Hunts 3 months ago

    Still ipad2017 is better

    • PJRoRo
      PJRoRo 2 months ago +1

      Roʜɩt Rʌʋt How?

    TheEVILCHIC 3 months ago

    Are they the same dimensions??

    • PJRoRo
      PJRoRo 2 months ago

      TheEVILCHIC yes

  • Crystal Coconut
    Crystal Coconut 3 months ago +1

    Just wait for iPad 10.2 inch 2019 ! Laminated and DCI-P3 display with A11 Bionic - who doesn’t love it !

    • PJRoRo
      PJRoRo 2 months ago

      SoloShadow They use older chips in budget iPads.

    • SoloShadow
      SoloShadow 3 months ago

      Crystal Coconut what the latest chip is a12 what makes it think they’ll make it a11

  • Craig Woodgate
    Craig Woodgate 3 months ago

    I only purchased the iPad 2018 as it was only £20 more than the 2017 5th generation iPad I started out with just the first generation iPad mini

  • YoSoyBrau YT
    YoSoyBrau YT 3 months ago

    La rosa o la gris

  • YoSoyBrau YT
    YoSoyBrau YT 3 months ago

    Cual es la 2018

  • StykBoi
    StykBoi 4 months ago +1

    I got a 2nd hand ipad 2017 for a whopping price $150

  • improve ios
    improve ios 4 months ago

    Ipad 2017 have lags on pub 2018 dont have lags with recording so?

  • FireghastBoy Games
    FireghastBoy Games 4 months ago

    It’s gen 5 and 6

  • Jennifer Dennehy
    Jennifer Dennehy 4 months ago

    Ugh nooo I'm watching on the 2018😭😭

  • Респект от Сашка

    iPad 2018 is better

  • xvc00
    xvc00 4 months ago

    if you going for a ipad for the first time then spend bit more and get this 2018 model, or have already 2017 model then no need to buy new one.

  • xvc00
    xvc00 4 months ago

    it's not about speed, a newer processor more optimized such as less power consumption.

  • Its_Crypto YT
    Its_Crypto YT 4 months ago

    Dislike if u are watching with the 2nd ipad(i forgot what year)

  • 80s Music
    80s Music 4 months ago +1

    iPad 5 won dead trigger

  • 80s Music
    80s Music 4 months ago +1

    I have a 2017 iPad

  • Steven s
    Steven s 4 months ago

    You might want to compare the two iPads - while accounting for the differences in RAM. The 2018 iPad "remembers" more screen uses, thanks to the increased RAM. Also, a utility like Geek Bench would also be able to quantify the speed by running through common computer operations.

  • South Manchester Pest control

    I can’t still figure out if I have the 2017 iPad or the 2018 iPad
    Like to make me remember

  • Why is life hahahaha Diamond

    I’m on iPad 2019 I’m late

  • Graham Killian
    Graham Killian 4 months ago

    There are they same thing like wtf

  • Quipie
    Quipie 5 months ago

    I'm with the iPad 4th generation and I'm buying the 6th one!! For only 200£ lol

  • The_3in_ pro
    The_3in_ pro 5 months ago +1

    2017 better for me

  • NSD_WingingMiror
    NSD_WingingMiror 5 months ago

    Bruh the 2018 doesn’t have a home button 😂😂😗😂😂

  • Giancarlo Mosca
    Giancarlo Mosca 5 months ago

    iPad 2018 👍❤️ the best

  • Sara Khalid
    Sara Khalid 5 months ago

    Like is u are watching this on iPad 2017 comment it u watching this on 2018

  • E
    E 5 months ago

    I will stil keep meh ipad 4

  • Hafsah Shaheed
    Hafsah Shaheed 5 months ago +56

    iPad 2018 squad?
    I guess it’s just me
    Like if ur in

  • Games Is Life
    Games Is Life 5 months ago

    1 april 😂 this video is al a joke

  • Shiny SD
    Shiny SD 5 months ago

    Rendering winner is 2018

  • Amanda Hale
    Amanda Hale 5 months ago

    the right wins.

    *for now.*

  • The_3in_ pro
    The_3in_ pro 5 months ago

    VOTE ipad 2018 ipad 2017 comment Z8x for 2018 and for 2017 ipad and comment S7x and like if u don't like both

  • Sushan Uprety
    Sushan Uprety 5 months ago

    who is watching this vdo but doesn't have a ipad like

  • ASMR gus
    ASMR gus 5 months ago

    Putain mettez des sous titre. En français

  • Nathaniel Pro Gamer Ian HD

    i mean ipad 2018

  • Nathaniel Pro Gamer Ian HD

    you all could hate me but im ipad 6 gen

  • TypicAL Y
    TypicAL Y 6 months ago

    I’m on iPad 2018

  • Games And More
    Games And More 6 months ago

    I am happy with my iPad 6th gen I got for Christmas

  • Ark Execusioner
    Ark Execusioner 6 months ago +1

    Opening Apps First Doesnt Even Matter
    Performance does.

  • Zeyrox
    Zeyrox 6 months ago +1

    Eyyyy i got the 2018

  • Sachin sadanand Jagtap
    Sachin sadanand Jagtap 6 months ago

    I am seeing from the iPad 2018 6th gen🤘🏻🤘🏻😜😜

    • Abhishek Pradhan
      Abhishek Pradhan 5 months ago

      What OS version did yours ship with? Have you updated it to iOS 12? I got one for myself last month too and mine shipped with iOS 11.4.1. I’m in a dilemma whether or not I should update to iOS 12. I mean, I’ve no reason to, this works really fast with iOS 11.4.1 and battery life is great. If I update it to iOS 12, performance would be more or less the same I think, but would battery life be as good as on iOS 11.4.1? That’s what I’m concerned about. If you’ve updated yours to iOS 12, please do let me know

  • Younita
    Younita 6 months ago +1

    You will nearly never notice this you will just wait a second more

  • Mufidatul Khoiriyah
    Mufidatul Khoiriyah 6 months ago

    You can't be a titan ehehehehe 😂

  • John De Leon
    John De Leon 6 months ago

    I got my 128 gb iPad 2018 for $350. You got ripped off paying $500. Where did you buy it?

  • Arpy
    Arpy 6 months ago

    What kind of test is this? You are not even letting apps to open up. This is useless test.

  • Buy It OR Deny It
    Buy It OR Deny It 6 months ago

    I am Happy and still proud with my 2017

  • Doma Vlogs
    Doma Vlogs 6 months ago

    Iam watching this video on my 2018 iPad 6th generation and I won’t change it

    HIHI HIHI 6 months ago

    wait isn't there a [email protected]@>!!

  • Dark
    Dark 6 months ago

    Speed test is Proof Nothing! Test On Games! PUBGM and Fortnite!

  • papi Papɪ
    papi Papɪ 6 months ago +1

    Is the new 2018 ipad have a laminated screen?

  • Daimon
    Daimon 6 months ago

    with the 2018 version you have 1 more year of IOS Support--> This matter most

  • Rice Dogg
    Rice Dogg 6 months ago

    Getting the new one since I'm still using the 1st Generation iPad

  • YesOrYes
    YesOrYes 6 months ago +1

    ipad pro 2018 seems to be 3 2018 ipads. l o l.

  • Sophiemarie Chutter
    Sophiemarie Chutter 6 months ago +1

    now I wish I. brought the older vesion :( I brought the 2018

  • Kotryna K
    Kotryna K 6 months ago

    Does the 5th gen support the Apple Pencil?

  • Igor fsf
    Igor fsf 7 months ago

    There are the same processor inside, isnt it?

  • Gino Guillermo
    Gino Guillermo 7 months ago

    So, which one is less reflective (laminated Vs air gap screen)? Thanks you

  • Comedic Gaming997
    Comedic Gaming997 7 months ago

    This isnt how you measure performance btw cause most of your tests were apps that were wifi dependent and the results may vary due to network traffic which could make it unfair for one side, try to use GeekBench or AnTutu

  • Anobayan TV
    Anobayan TV 7 months ago

    Watching on my ipad 9.7 2018 128gb space gray version

  • SuperCookie 8000
    SuperCookie 8000 7 months ago

    Just got ipad 2018

  • Ginger Klnn
    Ginger Klnn 7 months ago +1

    I have one question does the apple pencil work on the iPad 2017 because I dind't really understand that part.

  • Harry Gill
    Harry Gill 7 months ago

    Watching this on ipad 9.7 2018 .. one min silence for those poor souls of 2017 😂😂 trying to convice themself that their 2017 is great .. oh please launch a good game like fornite or pubg .. then you’ll see the real cpu graphic performance difference.. 😎

  • Ra y
    Ra y 7 months ago

    A9 was the biggest leap from A8. A10 is a good upgrade but not worth it if you are already rocking A9. Like how 6S is able to keep up with iPhone 7 for the most part. If you want the pencil support so bad, then newer iPad is a go.

  • BobTheDuck9999
    BobTheDuck9999 7 months ago

    Y does he go to geek bench and not even test it lol

  • PoochiePRO ツ
    PoochiePRO ツ 7 months ago

    And I’m here with a iPad mini 1 ;(

  • -*CPT*-
    -*CPT*- 7 months ago

    First world problems

  • Tunksten
    Tunksten 7 months ago +1

    I was suppose to have the 6th Gen but we got shammed when it got delivered it turns out to be an iPad 5th Gen but Im still happy with it and will keep it especially it has 128GB of Storage

  • Jacob Mould
    Jacob Mould 7 months ago

    It’s not a fare test

    YOUTUBE ISDUMB 8 months ago

    I had the sliver but it’s cracked LOL
    Now I have the gold one the bigger screens on iPads are better than the little screens on normal iPads I wanted a big onee

  • Mubeen Fatima
    Mubeen Fatima 8 months ago

    I am watching on ipad 2018

  • Luchon20082010
    Luchon20082010 8 months ago

    iTS still worth buying an Ipad 2017, the only difference is the processor

  • Енот Полоскун

    My ipad 2017 still a monster!)))

  • Чмо
    Чмо 8 months ago +1

    I don’t know what to buy, IPhone 7 or IPad 2017. Help

    • Чмо
      Чмо 7 months ago

      PoochiePRO because it is cheaper

    • PoochiePRO ツ
      PoochiePRO ツ 7 months ago

      Чмо why the iPad 2017??

  • Pumpkinsfunworld
    Pumpkinsfunworld 8 months ago

    *gold iPad vs silver ipad*

  • Luchon20082010
    Luchon20082010 8 months ago

    Ipad 2018 is much better for ram management

  • Aadhil RF
    Aadhil RF 8 months ago +1

    My android with same RAM can't even handle 3 apps at a time 🤣🤣