West Brom 3-1 Arsenal | Sky Sports Post Match Analysis

West Brom 3-1 Arsenal | Sky Sports Post Match Analysis

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Автор Sean Usmanovich ( назад)
Henry is a snake. Trust me

Автор Dino Zazo ( назад)
I've always said this Arsenal defense is piss poor but it's been protected by a decent midfield when Carzola and Ozil were playing. Today neither are playing no midfield possession so now you can see how bad that defense really is. Xaka and Ramsey are awful this team needs a RESET start all over again get rid of the dead weight. Too many mentally soft players on this team.

Автор 5thDawg ( назад)
How can the fans now be happy with Wenger after what his been achieving year after year. Cut the man some slack coz his done a brilliant job. It's all those noobie fans who don't have a clue that want him gone.

Автор Luca Quarta ( назад)
Wenger signed two year contract after international break

Автор True Gooner ( назад)
Redknap... what a twat... Howe? Really you fuckwit? That's the name you pull... not like Koeman, Allegri about to leave, Luis Enrique just announced he was leaving Barca... but you're top FOOTBALL commenting opinion is Eddie freaking Howe? SMH just shows how stupid the English media is... only candidates are FA coaches... not like Wenger came from Japan or anything and not like the FA coaching ranks are being culled out of England for top manager from other leagues.

Автор steverfc7 ( назад)
they still won't get rid of wenger because they live in past wake up live in present not past if the board live in past they must think arsenal are tittle contenders and it's between man u and arsenal. 20 years ago it was only between man u and arsenal. wake up we have new condenders

Автор dx3003 ( назад)

Автор Mahesh Raut ( назад)
can somebody tell me what is this show called? like for example BBC analysis show is called as Match of the Day. I want to watch full show buy I don't know how to look up for this on internet

Автор Who Knew 22 ( назад)
I think it would be better Wenger comes out and say this is his last season that way you have some closure although still at least it gives the press headlines

Автор Hansie Oosthuizen ( назад)
wish we had a manager that could motivate our players. If you put a broom in wengers seat it would have a bigger impact

Автор Naz Osman ( назад)
I feel sorry for AW. I hope he signs a new deal and kicks out the shit like Ramsey, Walcot, Welbek, Monreal,

Автор Robin Van Persie ( назад)
This arsenal side look like conceding everytime the opposition run at them!

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