Single Girl Chooses A Fan's House For Her Babies In The Sims 4 | Part 20

  • Published on May 18, 2019
  • Kelsey is back to play the Sims 4 and continues the very long, and very popular 100-baby challenge with part 20! Chelsea has had 25 kids and now has over $100K in the bank, so to celebrate, Kelsey challenges fans to build their new home.
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    Game: The Sims 4, Electronic Arts
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Comments • 9 975

  • Ashley Crumrine
    Ashley Crumrine 5 hours ago

    How do you get those type of clothes? I don’t have them...😪

  • Milly Savage
    Milly Savage 13 hours ago

    Baby factory 2.0

  • Delfini
    Delfini 16 hours ago

    Baby awards 😂

  • Cherish Honesty
    Cherish Honesty 22 hours ago

    Did you leave the baby

  • Aurora Siqueiros

    Kelsy,please name one of your girls Anastasia or Aurora and for boys Alex or Michal.Love your vids.❤

  • Jeon Jungkook The golden maknae

    Also Kelsey: that might die...
    Me: *-WHEEZING-*

  • Alexa_the _best_100

    Kelsey: *showing family tree* boom baby
    Me: literally look at all those baby’s

  • Crystal Troiano
    Crystal Troiano Day ago +1

    Plant a banana tree. Then everyone can carry them in inventory and eat easily and quickly.

  • TopHatWolf //THW
    TopHatWolf //THW 2 days ago

    I’m still hardcore thinking lark for a girl, and then Mateo or sky for a boy

  • Aurora Severson
    Aurora Severson 2 days ago +1

    Dorian aged out: Art lover
    Tristen aged up: Athletic, Bro
    Theo aged up: Love, Serial romantic, Insider
    Ellie aged out: Outgoing
    Woohoo: Korben Sherwood
    Bran aged up: Mental, Insider
    Theo aged out: Foodie
    Tristen aged out: Loner
    Baby Boy: Jon
    Baby Girl: Arya

  • Angelina Hillman
    Angelina Hillman 2 days ago

    All of them are awsome

  • Rezar Lleshi
    Rezar Lleshi 2 days ago

    Kelsey: Hi , I am single*
    BOYS: ...

  • ASMR And Stuff
    ASMR And Stuff 2 days ago

    Omg an army of pottys -kelsey 2019

  • Rume Diam
    Rume Diam 2 days ago

    The creator of the 100 baby dream home was so nice though 😩❤️

  • Jessica Diebold
    Jessica Diebold 2 days ago

    make a mini series where you bring Craig back to life and have Chelsea marry him

  • Walmeidys Ortiz
    Walmeidys Ortiz 2 days ago

    Rad house

  • Fiesty Fox
    Fiesty Fox 3 days ago +1

    Decision made.....
    Thank me later

  • June Boyle
    June Boyle 3 days ago

    Girls. Raven Teagan Chloe Amy Sarah Nicole Jane Lily Tara Heidi Ella Jayda. Boys. Jake Kuba Darragh Cole Zayn Stefan Joey Mateo Logan Owen.. sorry if some of da names have been chosen. Love da 100 baby challenge

  • Brianaunicorn19 Cruz

    Kelsey clapped so many times for the intro

  • Lily Van Hecke
    Lily Van Hecke 3 days ago +1

    OMG you choose mine!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!!!

  • Erica Armstrong
    Erica Armstrong 4 days ago

    In your new home can you make a curfew for the kids

  • XxFlareGlare _PlaysxX

    Please name 1 little girl peach and another may this is one girl/guy's dream and we need to make it reality

  • WMA
    WMA 4 days ago

    Is it me, or has Chelsea’s body shaped changed since before the baby challenge.?

  • Karissa Stenlund
    Karissa Stenlund 4 days ago

    Girl: Natasha, Lynn, Chablis, Andre, Kalia, Anne, Karissa, Tiffany, Deanne, Eliza, Dae, Izabell, Roberta, Madilynn, or Diane
    Boy: Thaddaeus, Caleb, Andre, Kal, Anthony, Karter, Eli, Tyson, Dean, Elijah, Dae, Ezekiel, Robert, or Matthew

  • Karissa Stenlund
    Karissa Stenlund 4 days ago

    I liked all the houses but my favorite was the 100 baby dream home.

  • Sol Lillemoen
    Sol Lillemoen 4 days ago

    plaease picyk the big sister house!!!

  • Emily Volk
    Emily Volk 4 days ago

    Can you name a girl nayeli or georgia

  • Mity
    Mity 4 days ago

    kelsey: budget is 20k
    also kelsey: spends 100k on a house

  • Flash 🇿🇦
    Flash 🇿🇦 4 days ago +1

    12:05 Interesting side note:
    The word Shwank, stands for Sh*t Wank. And that's pretty self explanatory which 2 tasks take place.

  • Sister Tribe
    Sister Tribe 5 days ago

    Hey Kelsey, can you name the kids Molly for a girl and Max for a boy. Thx

  • The Cabbage
    The Cabbage 5 days ago

    You enthusiasm makes me happy.

  • Rajasekhar Byreddy
    Rajasekhar Byreddy 5 days ago


  • mad mad video's
    mad mad video's 5 days ago

    All of them

  • Mysterious Singer
    Mysterious Singer 5 days ago

    I love the house with all the kids pictures on the wall

  • BayHorse 56
    BayHorse 56 6 days ago

    Kelsey: I guess this is where you put the baby uh the baby um...AWARDS?
    Me:you mean CERTIFICATES!!!

  • AniyaAngie Adams
    AniyaAngie Adams 6 days ago

    Can u name one of ur twins
    Girl: Juliet

  • AniyaAngie Adams
    AniyaAngie Adams 6 days ago

    My fav was the 100 baby delexe

  • Mazilla Unicorn
    Mazilla Unicorn 6 days ago +6

    From the point of 12:44 I was expecting YELLOW CHAIR!
    But she never noticed

  • Freya Bokhoree
    Freya Bokhoree 6 days ago

    boy names oliver jamie james cris zac

  • Julia Carballada
    Julia Carballada 6 days ago

    How do you get the the screen at 3:51?

  • Hannah Banana 🍌
    Hannah Banana 🍌 6 days ago +1

    I love the “Ragdoll Refab”

  • Amelia Johnson
    Amelia Johnson 6 days ago

    With movement skill two they can climb stairs lol

  • Alexandra Simone
    Alexandra Simone 7 days ago

    I feel like every 10 children you should get or redesign new a house

  • Xzaviana Chester
    Xzaviana Chester 7 days ago

    Some names:Summer Maya Zaviah

  • Sarah Storm
    Sarah Storm 7 days ago

    Pick two one for your adult kids and one for

  • Maddie Graham Vlogs
    Maddie Graham Vlogs 7 days ago +1

    You always where a white shirt like it you agree!

  • Madelyn Buchanan
    Madelyn Buchanan 7 days ago

    Stop already

  • Teegan Horn
    Teegan Horn 7 days ago

    Can you please name a girl after me Teegan

  • Teegan Horn
    Teegan Horn 7 days ago

    Can you please name a baby after me Teegan

  • Kali Oberdorfer
    Kali Oberdorfer 7 days ago

    What language is she speaking... everything ends in odle or ohs ;) is this sims speak or made up

  • Watermelon Suprise
    Watermelon Suprise 7 days ago +1

    Girl: Amelia, Micah (my name), Kelsey
    Boy: Micah, Antonio, Craig

    Note: Micah is a unisex name

  • Rotting Damsel
    Rotting Damsel 7 days ago

    WOW! Thank you simmer SomethingQuirkyK, your home, Ragdoll Refurb is gorgeous, can’t wait to go home and download it.

  • Dahlia Lopez
    Dahlia Lopez 7 days ago

    to who made her new home AWSOME job!

  • Diamond LaViscount
    Diamond LaViscount 7 days ago

    please name a girl Naomi and a unisex name is Peyton

  • Its Me Ayla
    Its Me Ayla 7 days ago

    who died i skipped

  • Mystical creature World


  • A Wild Natsuki Appears

    2:17 Well if there was a Persona 5 mod that added a Phantom Thief career, I'd totally do that with Brielle! She'd be stealing the hearts of the evil Landgraab family >:3

  • Marissa Kat
    Marissa Kat 8 days ago +2

    Girls: Mary, Kate, lue, Mia
    Boys: Larry, Scott, Caden, Cody

  • Reagan Larrabee
    Reagan Larrabee 8 days ago

    i was really hoping you would choose one with the curfew thing but oh well lol

  • The twenty øne pilots banana

    Can you name either a boy or girl Cameron please? Always loved that name!
    And for twin boys: Chip and Dale. Because while you get your Game of Thrones fans happy, Disney fans want something too!
    I LOVE this series btw!

  • Marie Callis
    Marie Callis 8 days ago

    Omg I am so glad you chose my house i am callie

  • Sarah Stanton
    Sarah Stanton 8 days ago

    I'm so sad to see the family tree and none of her children have any children. Kelsey will never be a Grandma.

  • marsmellow memo
    marsmellow memo 8 days ago

    Baby names!!💞
    Girl/Girls : Ashley , Amanda or Amelia
    Boy/Boys : Ben , Cole or Caleb💦💞
    Who agrees? 🖒👇

  • megan barrick
    megan barrick 8 days ago +1

    Please fix the hips there tooo big
    1 like = 1 chance to fix the hips

  • Addi Schultz
    Addi Schultz 8 days ago

    All you did is show houses that's boring I want to see you play the game so stop

  • Aā PrincÉss
    Aā PrincÉss 8 days ago +5

    You can name the boy cotton and the girl candy 🍭😂

  • Lindsey Randall
    Lindsey Randall 8 days ago

    Lol my name is alexis and my hair is shprt too lol

  • Gracie Weeks
    Gracie Weeks 9 days ago

    100 baby dream home

  • Shemilla Allen
    Shemilla Allen 9 days ago

    Can you name your next baby Ariel pls

  • Maria Paola Perez Alvarez

    I like the modern one and the 19:09

  • DLana Rounsaville
    DLana Rounsaville 9 days ago

    Can you buy dog plz

  • F.E lovely
    F.E lovely 9 days ago

    Baby uhh b-baby...awards
    -kelsey 2019

  • F.E lovely
    F.E lovely 9 days ago

    Baby... *aWaRdS*

  • Cristina Arana
    Cristina Arana 9 days ago

    The Mondern houses😁

  • Garrett Poland
    Garrett Poland 9 days ago

    at the end of episode 19 you said you had 24 kids not 25 i’m hoping that you either fix that mistake soon or that the 24 was supposed to be 25

  • 3 Slime masters
    3 Slime masters 9 days ago

    You should name you girl Sophia and your boy Ralfael

  • Anjalie Joanna
    Anjalie Joanna 9 days ago

    And um... some death 😂

  • Sharifah Falisha
    Sharifah Falisha 9 days ago +8

    Kelsey: Oh that's where we put the awards,"
    Omaigod i laughing so hard.

  • Callie Hunter
    Callie Hunter 9 days ago

    11:55 Michael Jackson

  • Jared Berkovsky
    Jared Berkovsky 10 days ago

    Can you name a girl Julia?

  • Beanie boos Are CUTE
    Beanie boos Are CUTE 10 days ago

    Our house has 3 floors! It’s a real disaster! (But amazingly modern!)

  • kandnclapton
    kandnclapton 10 days ago

    Baby names Sydney Roxanne for girls and Ronald and Mason for boys

    LJ FIFA 10 days ago

    11:40 my phone fell into a bowl of popcorn 🤦🏼‍♀️

  • The Slime World
    The Slime World 10 days ago +1

    I love 💕 all of the homes they are so cool

  • singing with the stars

    One of your children has the same name as someone in my family who is also a baby

  • Midnight savage
    Midnight savage 10 days ago

    I wanted hwr to pick the one that she picked and she picked it :)

  • Midnight savage
    Midnight savage 10 days ago

    I really loved all of them

  • Londyn Burtzloff
    Londyn Burtzloff 10 days ago

    can u plz do my name Londyn or my brothers name Landyn (:

  • Jersey Earehart
    Jersey Earehart 11 days ago

    Plzzz name one of your daughter jersey

  • Therese Hast
    Therese Hast 11 days ago

    Leaks the pictures from the inter house, on all the children and place them in the new house! 💑👩‍❤️‍👩

  • Nevaeh Glisson
    Nevaeh Glisson 11 days ago

    I think that for a boy it should be Gorge and for a girl Jennifer

  • Conty MDT
    Conty MDT 11 days ago

    Here are some names that i like:
    Girl: Constanza, Isidora, Fernanda, Marcela, Rosario, Antonia (Toña), Camila, Almendra y Paloma.
    Boy: Benjamin, Antonio, Fernando (Feña), Luciano, Angel, Felipe, Hugo, Lucas, Gonzalo, Vicente, Nicolas, Cristobal, Pablo, Tomas y Raul.

  • Natalie Duce
    Natalie Duce 11 days ago +4

    Girl :Isabelle or Charlotte
    Boy: Archie or Alfie

  • Inês Magno
    Inês Magno 11 days ago

    You can name a girl Millie and a Boy Dilan

  • Ashley Gonzalez
    Ashley Gonzalez 11 days ago

    Wait who died

  • Chloe Cornwell
    Chloe Cornwell 11 days ago

    Anyone else can't find it in the library?? 🙁 I think it's a pc thing, can't get it on my xbox sims library

  • GiraffeCakes
    GiraffeCakes 11 days ago +5

    We can have a freaking pet!!
    *that might die.*
    😂 😂

  • Tahlya Bush
    Tahlya Bush 11 days ago

    are we able to use the hashtag to get a house too?

  • Yancey Gonzalez
    Yancey Gonzalez 11 days ago

    hey kelsey um the babys can go up the stairs on their own

  • Emma SM
    Emma SM 11 days ago +1

    did anyone else see one of the houses and immediately be like BAY WINDOW
    no? okay.