A guide to the energy of the Earth - Joshua M. Sneideman

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Energy is neither created nor destroyed — and yet the global demand for it continues to increase. But where does energy come from, and where does it go? Joshua M. Sneideman examines the many ways in which energy cycles through our planet, from the sun to our food chain to electricity and beyond.

Lesson by Joshua M. Sneideman, animation by Marc Christoforidis.

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Автор Stephen Gravley ( назад)

Автор Kenny Keating ( назад)
So is it possible to use the rotation of the Earth as a source of energy?

Автор LukeOfficial14 ( назад)
Good video!

Автор Bryan Smith ( назад)
The arrow in the bottom right between Decomposers and Producers should not be there (2:10 - 2:35). Decomposers DO NOT provide energy to Producers. +josh sneideman

Автор Superwar 3795 ( назад)
The water turbines are genius.

Автор Superwar 3795 ( назад)
If only the biosphere was replaced with the osphere. Then the ancient Greeks would be right. Sort of.

Автор Alana Brunson ( назад)
(Not to be a hater or a no at all) but there is only one person that can create and destroy energy that's God! He made all..... you may not believe but I do not to say you should but you should believe or you will end up somewhere you don't wanna be,..,🔥🔥🔥 this is a difficult process to learn clause I don't really exactly expect the the fact that this stuff is some fake stuff ..... God is the one and only and his creations are real!

Автор Itz SlothM8 ( назад)

Автор GoGETTAMAN12 ( назад)

Автор Vermithrax Pejorative ( назад)
Kinda noticed he didn't say anything about using nuclear power to generate electricity. Still liked the video, tho.

Автор benox50 ( назад)
Or making less babies

Автор Fabri Rojas ( назад)
hola a los de octavo

Автор Austin Sonner ( назад)
what about the geosphere?

Автор Adrián Lozano ( назад)
I would love dubbing this video to spanish. Is there a way to add other languages to sound here in YouTube? Would you be interested in releasing a spanish-spoken version of this video?

Автор Maryam Miah ( назад)
Loved this video, and the animation!

Автор I Tre Discoli Bernab ( назад)

Автор Daniel Goodman ( назад)
The ring structure shown is D-Altrose (a stereoisomer of glucose). For the proper structure of glucose C2 hydroxyl should be down, C3 hydroxyl should be up, and C4 hydroxyl should be down.

Автор Mythra13 ( назад)
Needs more Tesla.

Автор Conrad Thomsen ( назад)
Just build a nuclear power plant already

Автор Daniel Goodman ( назад)
The structure of the glucose molecule is wrong! :(

Автор josh sneideman ( назад)
200,000 views WOW - amazing - thanks for watching y'all

Автор Dinomode ( назад)
Great video thanks

Автор Ca Ab ( назад)
Respiration is combustion.

Автор Ian Prado ( назад)
What about #nuclear?

Автор I. C. U. ( назад)
There are no "renewable" energy sources as most people understand them.  Solar cells aren't picked from a tree, the material must be extracted from the earth and those materials are certainly not in abundance nor easy to access.  And for all the "renewable" energy sources, the devices and structures must be manufactured, fabricated and transported and maintained.  It's not like you can put up a wind turbine and it not break down eventually.  All the "renewables" are developed within the context of a fossil fuel economic system and we have no replacement for oil, coal and natural gas.  Nuclear is a joke--we might as well shoot ourselves in the head with that risk...Chernobyl or Fukushima anyone?  

This is a nice video.  It explains things well.  And like all convention education it frames the picture.  It assumes life as we know it is the given and humans can continue to shape and mold nature to meet our myopic vision of the future and reality.  Unfortunately, nature does not really care what we think and it will continue to show us its limits, as if we haven't learned anything at all from the failures of past dead civilizations.  After ours is gone, I hope the next civilization will be less ignorant and learn from our failure because we aren't going to stop until we reached the point where we are forced to stop and that, my friends, is going to be a bad day for us.

Автор Myoungkyu Lee ( назад)
역시 TED예요!

Автор pablo castañeda (1810 лет назад)

Автор Ike Evans (1932 года назад)
There isn't a single reference to nuclear energy in the entire video.

The most wonderful open secret out there is that the greatest, most awesome form of "green" energy is that of nuclear energy.  Wind and solar energy surely tend to make the main-stream environmentalists happy, but only because they ignore the horrible engineering fallacies of these energy sources as they (sort of) contribute electricity to our grid.

Go green.  Go nuclear.

Автор josh sneideman ( назад)
Awesome lesson for students: HOW MUCH ENERGY DO YOU CONSUME - http://www.energy.gov/articles/how-much-do-you-consume   

Автор Urs Bolt ( назад)
Great animated infotainment. But given the hugely increasing energy demand I miss today's biggest source of reliable and scalable clean energy. #Nuclear energy is a major source of clean power globally. Far ahead of solar and wind. It's energy density is unbeatable compared to coal and even more against diffuse renewables.

Автор Jeevan Jacob John ( назад)
Hmm, no mention of nuclear power?

It's efficient, clean and perhaps the best source of energy available to us (Solar and Wind are great, but with the current technology, they can't match the production output of Fossil Fuels).

Автор Juan Pablo Zm ( назад)
It's just an amazing animation and research work. Everything seems very clear and easy to understand, even for a young child. Excellent video.

Автор NamretsO ( назад)
I really like this video, one of my favorite concepts to think of.

Автор Watchmen-Nehemiah 4:20 ( назад)
There is a whole nother side to the equation. Cold energy. This is where the breakthroughs have continually happened and are continually being stamped out by the status quo. Plasma, cold electricity, lightning, brown's gas torches all available, but not allowed. SHALOM!

Автор James O’Loughlin ( назад)
Why not mention wave and tidal power?

Автор Earroten ( назад)
I designed the Hydrolyspheres which take in ocean water pressure. That pressure is first converted from potential energy into kinetic energy with generators. Those generators produce electrons which then go to splitting the water itself into hydrogen and oxygen. The hydrogen is then burned in generators to produce electricity and water. There you have it a way to produce endless amounts of clean green energy using the oceans. I did it all by myself with no college only a lap-top the internet and determination. I need help building a proof of concept prototype. Anyone?

Автор phoenixkhost ( назад)
You forgot nuclear...which is both sustainable and relatively clean.  For wind energy to equal one nuclear power plant you would need to clear cut an area of Rhode Island.  The aversion to nuclear power is irrational.

Автор Julio Rovi ( назад)
Thanks for the video. I wish to volunteer to either translate of help you dub it into Spanish. How do I go about that?

Автор Gian Reyes ( назад)
So, what happens to the heat energy after our bodies eat and burn the energy from food?

Автор Silva Hawk ( назад)
after watching this, I realized I really didn't understand what energy was all along until now

Автор Steven Rosa ( назад)

Автор roidroid ( назад)
No mention of Nuclear :(.

2:29 primary producers do not harvest "100%" of sunlight. It's more like 1%, photosynthesis is very inefficient.
Compare to man-made solar panels which get upwards of 30% efficiency, step up your game nature.

Автор pokee9 ( назад)
Problems solved, we just have to build. it's that simple.

Автор Akshay Saini (1766 лет назад)
Awesome video

Автор Pedro Fonseca ( назад)
In minute 2:29 is the answer for the Paleo Diet, eat producers is to eat lower on the food chain. 

Thanks for the video.

Автор eric Sandersfield ( назад)
Mark Pataki its the energy that makes up the universe, now this may end up becoming a scientific breakthrough but I'm pretty sure the earth is a part of the universe. So the energy of the universe should be in the earth.

Автор KING ISSAK ( назад)

Автор ibarrettall ( назад)
this is a great video.

Автор Lance Lot ( назад)
I plan on living to 100 years old.. It will be 2090... holy fuck shits going to change so much.

Автор zcholan ( назад)
I'll hypothesis that every single animals on Earth at one point only ate vegetables and fruits, and according to biologists. Humans are animals, so this means we only ate plants and fruits, never meat of any animals. Btw humans aren't animals, they can call themselves whatever they want. I'll call myself man.

Автор D MatLeo ( назад)
0:15 First mistake. Particles appear and disappear in the vacuum of space all the time.(watch a Stephen Hawking documentary)

Автор Michael Sneideman ( назад)
nice work!!

Автор 918388918388 ( назад)
Great animation, but one thing bothers me. In 3:07 there is cooling tower with a furnace inside and as far as I know that is not how the cooling towers operate?

Автор Br!an Delta V ( назад)
Thorium, Thorium, Thorium.

Problem... SOLVED!!!

Автор zac zjuerg ( назад)
Why no discussion on nuclear energy options?

Автор Casey Tuesburg ( назад)
God is energy, and energy is our god. The human soul is nothing more than pure energy, and through it the gods speak to us all. Dimentional entity consisting of energy. If you think about it when you pray, all you're doing is projecting your thoughts, via the soul, to the gods. Though as energy they power your every movement, the idea behind it is your own free will. If this makes sense to anyone else we can talk about it.

Автор Lawrence Ma ( назад)

Автор Daniel Lopez ( назад)
To bad the gov won't support this because the make so much money from oil and stuff and america is all about the money

Автор Ngan Nguyen ( назад)
Thats pretty much the summary of what i learned in my grade 9 science :)))

Автор PF Gram ( назад)
The next major question is how do we use energy coming from renewable resources in a greater quantity. It will have be be an economic and political move back by those who believe independent producing America, environmentalists, and industries.

Автор Mark Pataki ( назад)
How did the energy that makes up the universe get here in the first place?

Автор Desert Loner ( назад)
i bet you want subscribers, if you tell me on the discussion what your channel is about i will subscribe to you (with a couple exceptions)

Автор Uber Megustador ( назад)
0:55 isn't sound a vibration :/

Автор reddir ( назад)
Can you say something about "Rotational Energy" being an internal energy source for the earth? Do you mean wind and tide....or something more?

Автор US Energy Sciences ( назад)
Interesting and fun animation!

Автор Michael Butor ( назад)
Reduce the population. Stop using technology advancements as a crutch. NOT genocid! But two child limit globally. The planet can only sustain about 2-3 billion people with industry, resource extraction for the supporting environment that is NEEDED for life to exist. The planet cannot sustain 7 billion nor the 9 billion that's projected by 2050. By the end of my life time the population issue on this planet are going to be at severely dangerous levels.

Автор S_almenhali ( назад)
Wow nice vid ,
But where did all this energy , organization and systemization
Came from is it only the Big Bang and evolution or is it the highest probability the one creator just think of it

Автор GaborBartal ( назад)
What an excellent animation/presentation!
It was a pleasure to watch

Автор Wiavs9Luzomgo ( назад)

Автор Kamizushi Akinari ( назад)
I'm surprised that this video hasn't received more down votes considered it touches the science behind the politically controversial topic of global warming. It also gives ammo to the ever so unpopular vegans thesis by stating that eating producers (e.g. plants) is more efficient than eating consumers (e.g. animals).

Автор Charles Lighthipe ( назад)
Consider Thorium Energy.
Learn more at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thorium_Energy_Alliance
And https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXIdM7ABQ8b9FI495vbsHkA
Contact your representatives and tell them to learn more and to support
Bill: S. 2006 "The National Rare Earth Cooperative Act".

Автор Arturo Fernandez ( назад)
what about tidal?

Автор TED-Ed ( назад)
This is for Nathan Hadland.  He was asking bout solar energy:  http://ed.ted.com/lessons/why-aren-t-we-only-using-solar-power-alexandros-george-charalambides  Let us know what you think!

Автор Iyuda ( назад)
Wow Ted, you sure are ramping up the audience interaction!

Автор MuffinDemons ( назад)
That was lovely.

Автор Jackie Oakley ( назад)

Автор Jackie Oakley ( назад)
I don't think but I know that my mother and all my friends have different believes such as buddi god etc. I think that this topic is a question to everyone and we all could help

Basically anyone with a religion could help ,we all believe in a different god , but what they don't know is that we were all worshiping 1 god.

Автор Daniel Shooshtari ( назад)
Sound is vibration???

Автор Jackie Oakley ( назад)

Автор Nathan Hadland ( назад)
So essentially if we harness the power of the sun in a more effective manner than solar panels or something similar, (as they are not efficient enough to power entire modern societies), then we could have an almost unlimited energy source. Another possibility is to create our own sustainable"star" if you will, such as what a fusion bomb does except find a way to keep the newly formed "star" stable enough so we can harness its energy. How practical are these ideas?

Автор João Gouveia ( назад)
Very nice and neatly explained lesson. Thanks :) 

Автор Jackie Oakley ( назад)

Автор Jackie Oakley ( назад)
Dear ted ed ,
Can you do why we have different beliefes ? I would appreciate It ;)

Автор thestrangejames ( назад)
So, I have a question:
We all know that most of our society's electricity is induced through the burning of various fossil fuels (unless you're Germany -- kudos to you). The most efficient energy production mechanisms however are not mechanical combustion engines, but instead are the biochemical reactions that drive life. We "spend" electricity in our society with just about everything modern, and sometimes we spend electricity so that we can exercise.
Why isn't this the other way around? People want to exercise, which is great, but why aren't fitness studios designed to introduce energy back into the system, rather than expend it? I've seen some ballpark estimates put this at about 100 W from a bicycle generator. I'm curious why this isn't "a thing" -- is there a practical reason this hasn't been done? I'm not an engineer/physicist so I don't know the practicality of these sorts of ideas.

Автор MrYlad ( назад)

Автор ThinkTG ( назад)

Автор Nenkos ( назад)

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