Modern Warfare NEW Ground War map + Season 1 Gameplay!

  • Published on Dec 3, 2019
  • Modern Warfare Season 1 gameplay with a new ground war map, Crash and loads more, this is the biggest update ever! Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching. #COD_Partner - NEW Merch - Use code HOLIDAY10 for 10% off until 12/4
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  • tuti rabbit
    tuti rabbit 4 days ago

    Hey man, play rising storm 2 vietnam! Will be good

  • bongoboyj
    bongoboyj 11 days ago

    Relax and watch some jackfrags play cod.

  • Triscuit Dah Biscuit
    Triscuit Dah Biscuit 19 days ago

    Crossplay shouldn't include pc players just saying

  • Ed H
    Ed H 20 days ago

    Ive seen better map design from blind kids who play minecraft

  • A Canadian Guy
    A Canadian Guy Month ago

    Easy is getting boring. Like simplicity of games. They try to make less. Less things to do for dummies. It's boring now

  • UnionJacked
    UnionJacked Month ago

    34:23 DICE made this game?

  • Kenneth Bilderback
    Kenneth Bilderback Month ago

    I hate british people but i love jack

  • C W
    C W Month ago

    How do you get cod points ?

  • Diaan Carstens
    Diaan Carstens Month ago +1

    the way he said Jan van Riebeeck! XD

  • Vermilion Tides
    Vermilion Tides Month ago

    That's a H&K G36K

  • tkonegaming
    tkonegaming Month ago

    Jack feel free to rage pleaseee

  • colombogames
    colombogames Month ago

    So, anyone knows how to play the new ground war map? I tried just matchmaking for it but it just never comes

  • The Bearded One
    The Bearded One Month ago

    U sound like a right dork that only clans when playing. Sad act

    • The Bearded One
      The Bearded One Month ago

      Harvey Watts why u jelly because I game on a 55 inch 4K oled while ur gaming in 1080p u peasant

    • Harvey Watts
      Harvey Watts Month ago

      Shut up man he's good, and why are you even here if you don't like him?

  • KleinerWuuki
    KleinerWuuki Month ago

    Honestly, I really like The Mandalorian, and i would love to be at Galaxy's Edge. But after "The Force Awakens" and especially "The Last Jedi", I have no excitement for "The Rise of Skywalker". For me, TFA was just a clone of "A new Hope" but with boring characters. And TLJ was nothing but a fail in my opinion.

    • Bong
      Bong Month ago +1

      KleinerWuuki wtf does that have to do with this video

  • Lonely Bird
    Lonely Bird Month ago +5

    15:42 “this map is quite small isn’t it?”
    It’s our childhood map

  • SparkRow
    SparkRow Month ago

    New AR looks like the MTAR

  • Ciggo Smoke'O Doggo

    I just hate the toxic community. I've had to disable chat cos everyone is so toxic

  • bradley aylward
    bradley aylward Month ago

    Is the new map PORT out on xbox one yet ? played about 50 games and not seen it once

  • Tushar Sharma
    Tushar Sharma Month ago +1

    Everything is dice’s fault apparently even in cod 😂

  • Kwl Gamer
    Kwl Gamer Month ago +1

    22:15 Window perch heaven! LOL

  • wv11989
    wv11989 Month ago +1

    37:33 vacant map from og mw

  • wv11989
    wv11989 Month ago +6

    Lol sometimes I think Jack's gunna rage at some of the bs in this game then he remembers hes a cod partner and just stays silent

  • wv11989
    wv11989 Month ago

    Tanks can camp a bridge overlooking entire map wow that's a great feature that wont piss people off

  • Kace 92
    Kace 92 Month ago

    id drink alex zedras bath water

  • Gdomz
    Gdomz Month ago

    Jack likes to run trains confirmed 😳😂

  • Burt leBoeuf
    Burt leBoeuf Month ago

    Is this a reskin of COD4? That's the last time I played COD (great game) and it looks the same to me.

  • WexleRBio DRedD
    WexleRBio DRedD Month ago

    I think the health should be tweaked you get dropped a little too quick

  • LuiMDZz
    LuiMDZz Month ago

    So they’re adding maps from CoD mobile too ?

  • Ronald Romo
    Ronald Romo Month ago +1

    Spends 60 on a game then has to spend more n more n more n more when will it end

  • Will B. Watching
    Will B. Watching Month ago

    Battlefield 6 - Modern Camping!

  • jakedizzle
    jakedizzle Month ago

    There’s a new operator in the other team/side too.

  • pdebassio2018
    pdebassio2018 Month ago

    What still bothers me the most is that developers still don’t include the extra bullet that’s still in the chamber when you reload. Unless a full magazine has been emptied, when reloaded, there’d be that extra +1 bullet.

  • T Bone
    T Bone Month ago

    The only new map ive played is crash? This update is shit. The game needs maps and some guns.

  • lhaveAfoot
    lhaveAfoot Month ago

    battlefield but with a massive ramp up of random deaths to things you cannot stop

  • Lithus17
    Lithus17 Month ago

    I keep trying to come back to this game but the community ruined it for me. The devs were going for gritty realism and the community whined why it wasnt more like older CoDs. So they bent a knee and changed it to avoid community backlash.
    Now it's just like the other shit CoD's with mindless running and gunning, twitch shooting and blind rushing. Theres no such thing as team work in this. Anyone else notice the over representation of women in this? Cover art, DLC screens, promotional junk..

  • Michael Willhoit
    Michael Willhoit Month ago

    Game sucks

  • bluefalcon5537
    bluefalcon5537 Month ago +2

    every you tuber who plays ground war... "this must be a sniper map"
    Every ground war map is a sniper map!

  • Angel Of Misericordia
    Angel Of Misericordia Month ago +1

    34:20 lmaoooo nooooo dice

  • excelerater
    excelerater Month ago

    BF4 map very nice

  • Coke Weasel
    Coke Weasel Month ago

    I was going to buy this game but i have too many fucking launchers as it is

  • Aron Ahlbäck
    Aron Ahlbäck Month ago

    34:00 - "I blame DICE for that"!? :P

  • c4blew
    c4blew Month ago

    I have some fond memories playing Crash on Christmas Eve 2007...definately playing that map this Christmas again!

  • Mr clips and gameplays

    Check out my first RUclip video on my channel
    Would mean a lot to me it’s nothing crazy but it’s a start, show some love thank you guys god bless 🙏🏾❤️

    ARCTIC Month ago +2

    I dont get why this game gets so much hate, i realy hated the CoD serie for a long time but i do like this one

    • Ward Swagg Gameplays
      Ward Swagg Gameplays Month ago

      Same here bro I actually stop wit thr hating I learned my lessons after ghost which I sadly pass on getting it a long time ago and here in am I got mw one month after its release and I'm so glad I got it to me it feels great to play it no matter what bs they throw at us this game was awesome and it's even more fun playing offline when u get more free maps for free and spec ops maps as well but would definitely play online only on spec ops .

    • Andy Avila
      Andy Avila Month ago +1

      Then it should be quite obvious. You hated the series and now like this game, which is getting a lot of hate. Use your head.

  • Serbon
    Serbon Month ago

    1:08:46 RUN - Awolnation

  • AMAZING Videos
    AMAZING Videos Month ago

    i kill all of you so easy everytime i play yall are garbage all of you

  • AMAZING Videos
    AMAZING Videos Month ago

    women look disgusting with tattoos... so gross. so UGLY, any1 for that matter, DID i hurt your feelings??? ITS TRUE so if you want to do it expect to hear the TRUTH

  • AMAZING Videos
    AMAZING Videos Month ago


  • Carrot •
    Carrot • Month ago

    Literally nobody
    Not a single soul

    Jack through the whole video:(INHALES)

  • Carlos Estrada
    Carlos Estrada Month ago

    so, if i miss season 1, i will never have those weapons?

    • Andy Avila
      Andy Avila Month ago

      Its there for 60 fucking days dude.

  • DietWoke
    DietWoke Month ago

    Corrupter reminds me of the space mission in Ghosts. But I honestly feel like the battlepass is kinda weak in general

  • Andrew Alcorn
    Andrew Alcorn Month ago +11

    Just waiting for this game to drop price. I ain’t paying $90 AUD

  • Chadysgone
    Chadysgone Month ago

    That big Bazooka on the back pisses me off haha

  • ccoreybarkleyy
    ccoreybarkleyy Month ago +2

    y’all see that throwing knife almost hit jack at 22:22?? he’s lucky he was mounted on the window

  • Elzar
    Elzar Month ago

    Live a like if you love USA !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • scottdavenport
    scottdavenport Month ago

    Is this 1440p or 4k ?

  • Jeff Pelletier
    Jeff Pelletier Month ago

    Alex Zedra 😍

  • Renan Rischiotto
    Renan Rischiotto Month ago

    CoD will always look like a PS2 game

  • 345stewma
    345stewma Month ago

    Do you like to run trains? 😂😂😂

  • Charles Gronda
    Charles Gronda Month ago

    Pineapple, bacon, and jalapenos is all you need