Daenerys Targaryen burns the King's Landing - Game of Thrones S8E5


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  • Jack McLean
    Jack McLean 14 hours ago

    ''I'm not going to be like my father. I don't want another child's bones dropped at my feet.''
    *It's Always Sunny theme*

  • Daniel Daniels
    Daniel Daniels 2 days ago

    They fucking isolated and vilified her. She should have listened to Olenna... :/

  • Ifeelsane
    Ifeelsane 2 days ago

    Even tho season 8 sucked this scene is still fucking amazing and shocking

  • Gargamel
    Gargamel 3 days ago

    Should've started with that.

  • Oscar Gruber
    Oscar Gruber 3 days ago

    Remember that little girl that apparently was a Targaryen, had dragons and nobody cared for her? How the time can change...

  • Ng Li Jie
    Ng Li Jie 3 days ago

    I. Am. Daenerys. *snaps*
    Entire King's Landing turns to ashes.

  • Nathan Reed
    Nathan Reed 3 days ago

    it would of been cool if metallicas for whom the bell tolls was playing in a vid while kings landing burns lol

  • marucio Kevin
    marucio Kevin 3 days ago

    “You really think ringing some bells would save you?, i thought you people were more enlightened than us savages”
    Seriously you can feel the rage and insanity that daenerys felt

  • Caolan Nash
    Caolan Nash 3 days ago +1


  • Jonas Martinsson
    Jonas Martinsson 4 days ago

    Isn´t it empowering to see such raw "girl power" unleashed?

  • vive la france
    vive la france 4 days ago

    Burn baby burn 🎵🎶

  • hfdkefds
    hfdkefds 5 days ago

    All i hear is Alex koehler singing burn it to the ground in playing with fury by Chelsea grin

  • André Serra
    André Serra 5 days ago

    Since when does Dragonfire explodes things up?

  • Armando Loera
    Armando Loera 6 days ago

    Go Dany, go! I applaud her for being brave and burning the city. They poked the dragon and had to deal with the consequences. Truly amazing. I just wish she hadn't died. Long may the Dragon Queen reign!

  • Rudie Opperman
    Rudie Opperman 7 days ago

    This makes Smaug look like a joke but ofcourse, The Hobbit could not be as dark and violent.

  • John Mabus
    John Mabus 8 days ago

    I completely understood for what Daenerys was doing. I just really wish there were more seasons to elaborate on why Daenerys was at the frayed ends of sanity and not so rushed and jam packed into seasons 7 & 8. I did not hate this decision on Daenerys part. I just hated the final episode.

  • Cris S.
    Cris S. 8 days ago

    This scene would have been epic if it had the right build up. So sad to waste such potential

  • Giorgio Antonio Ninni Riva

    Dragons are the ultimate weapon, no man or woman should have ever been allowed this much power

  • Keira Roberts
    Keira Roberts 10 days ago +1

    Sad thing is I can see this still working IF it had been built up better!

  • Chad Lieb
    Chad Lieb 12 days ago

    Drogon's plot armor is impenetrable

  • Timothey Wood
    Timothey Wood 15 days ago +2

    Say what you will about Greyworm and the Unsullied killing surrendering soldiers, I only saw Northerns raping and tormenting civilians.

  • Jason Valance
    Jason Valance 15 days ago

    Despite all the controversy surrounding GOT this episode was otherwise incredible imo, frightening, shocking, and well put together. Emilias portrayal was impeccable. Her mental spiral into insanity that moment on the dragon where her voice broke into a sob and the rage in her eyes, it was haunting. Just damn good acting

  • Ivan IOANNES Black
    Ivan IOANNES Black 17 days ago

    She was really just burning people to straight ash to prevent another Night King from Rising!

  • Ivan IOANNES Black
    Ivan IOANNES Black 17 days ago


  • Conskiee
    Conskiee 18 days ago

    Lady Olenna once told Daenerys that "The Lords of Westeros are sheep, are you a sheep? You're a dragon be a dragon".

  • J Da
    J Da 19 days ago

    Why is the music so somber here? This is a joyous occasion! Justice!

  • Mel Fruscider
    Mel Fruscider 20 days ago +2

    She should've gone straight to Winterfell after that to burn Bran and Sansa.

  • Stephen Moran
    Stephen Moran 20 days ago

    Iranian backed group storms US embassy

    America : 1:56

  • Dipkumar Patel
    Dipkumar Patel 20 days ago

    honestly dont know why jon or tyrion are in shock by this. clearly this is ur fault! she wanted kings landing, fought 6 season, to get ther and u take her to ur cause of pleasing the people of westeros who dont care about her and thinks of her as foreigner, then white walker who are not her problem and talk about loss - how much can one person lose before breakin down?? danny loss count : brother, husband, future children, close maid, trusted guardian, lover, the trust of her ppl, her closest friend-sister, her 2 dragons, a lover-turns out cousin... we would said fk it after 1-2 loses

  • blood raven
    blood raven 21 day ago

    this is real war this is what peter jackson didnt dare to show cuz ppl wouldve been too offended by it funny how he was right thats what happens when ppl are shown the ugly truth they bitch and moan that its to ugly WELL REALITY , TRUTH IS UGLY DEAL WITH IT BITCHES crying over season 8 was to rough on ur GO CRY ON UR MOMMA

  • JH
    JH 21 day ago

    Imagine Season 8, but with good writing.

  • Chris C
    Chris C 22 days ago

    Ser Jorah said that all her efforts would be rewarded with an unknown world that probably wouldn't even want her around, despite her efforts to be different from her father. She could never be trusted. Ironically, that worry is what turned her into exactly what she wanted to fight against.

  • Hans Mex
    Hans Mex 22 days ago

    Well technically this is exactly what has always happened when a kingdom invaded and conquers another kingdom , rape and slaughtering and destruction is inevitable
    Cercei herself said it when Stannis was about to conquer the city

  • Ciarah Warren
    Ciarah Warren 24 days ago +1

    Why didn't she just burn the castle? She was looking in that direction.

  • captain toby shandy
    captain toby shandy 24 days ago

    had this scene culminated from good writing and then birthed more more good scenes, it would've been my favorite scene in all of GoT

  • Legacian
    Legacian 24 days ago

    Well done, Cersei.
    If you are good at one thing, it is creating monsters: Daenerys, Gregor Clegane, even one of your own children.
    And you finally did it. You finally found someone to outdo you.
    A lot of people complain this was a terrible way to end the series and none of this made sense for Dany, but I think in reality, it kind of did; her constant displays of power and brutal punishments against those she deemed worthy were very telling. She was a Targaryen. Did the people of Kings Landing deserve it? No. Did she ever think they did? Probably not. She had gone mad, and lost any amount of patience she had for the war.
    Most of all, she wanted Cersei to watch. I think that was made very clear by her fixation on the Red Keep. She could have flown directly to Cersei and ended it, but she wanted to exercise her power. She wanted to break Cersei down and show her just how insignificant and powerless she was.
    While I think there could have been more to drive Dany to that point, I think pretty much everyone is in agreement Season 8 was rushed. That doesn't mean Season 8 ending with her madness was necessarily a bad thing, it just didn't feel like it had enough justification quite yet.
    Virtually every other character in the show had their arcs abruptly ended, some even backpedalling on things that we had believed to have been established about them. Jaime went back to Cersei, Cersei and Jaime's deaths were lackluster and didn't do them justice, Arya didn't get to show off her skill, Jon boiled down to "muh queen," what the hell is up with Robin Arryn? Did he grow up? Is he going to positively contribute or just be a little bitch like Joffrey?... and then there is Tyrion. Ending the series the same way it started, with a joke about honeycombs and brothels.

  • void wasp
    void wasp 24 days ago +1

    I was so dissatisfied with Season 8, I felt as if my anger was vented out through Dany. She was doing to Kings Landing what D&D did to the show

    ALLY ABDI 24 days ago

    Burn them alllllllllll.... Her father was once heard shouting.
    Targaryens Madness...

  • Orhann Yakarr
    Orhann Yakarr 24 days ago

    mad queen wtf is wrong whit you city already surrender

  • bradley booth
    bradley booth 25 days ago

    I bet you she was listening to “whoop that trick” I know I would’ve. That’ll be one of my top songs right there.

  • Federico Alonso
    Federico Alonso 25 days ago

    anakin skywalker anyone? she's even dressed like a sith lord

  • OberynForever79 I
    OberynForever79 I 25 days ago

    It would have been nice if Joffrey remained king until season 8

    AEAPER 26 days ago +1

    Their reaction after reading the scripts
    dany : 1:19 & 2:01
    cersei : 0:45

  • fayeofsunshine
    fayeofsunshine 26 days ago

    Season 8 was a disaster but this scene made sense. If you listen to interviews with killers they often talk about how once they got started they couldn’t stop.
    Also, Cersei’s frozen in fear look is perfection. You see everything she is evaporate in that moment. Lena Headey nailed that look.

  • President Donald J Trump

    This gave me an idea for 2020

  • Princess Pearl
    Princess Pearl 28 days ago +1

    Guys you know Kings Landing is one of the biggest cities in Westeros so people who threw rocks at Ned or Molested Cersei was just some people not all of them. So yes many of them were innocent. At this point Cersei was wrong and Dany was right. But after the bells Dany became wrong and lost her sanity.

    • Im going to serve my enemies Fire and Blood
      Im going to serve my enemies Fire and Blood 27 days ago

      @Mateus Souza and this because Dan and Dave are untalented writers that doesn't know how to write characters

    • Mateus Souza
      Mateus Souza 27 days ago

      Princess Pearl we all knew that this was coming, when Dany said to Jon “Let it be fear then”, we all knew what was coming

  • Felice Graziano
    Felice Graziano 29 days ago

    The time is nigh.
    The innocent must die.

  • TheBlackKnight
    TheBlackKnight Month ago

    Sir Arthur Harris approves.

  • PSI_Corps0509
    PSI_Corps0509 Month ago

    greyworm is such a brat... holy shit I can't get it

  • Kezia
    Kezia Month ago

    There's something worse than Daenerys burning down King's Landing.
    People justifying her act of burning it down.

  • Robbert014
    Robbert014 Month ago +1

    Dany wanted to be back 'home' in the Red Keep and King's Landing since she was old enough to think. She grew up on stories about King's Landing and ruling King's Landing. Now she's finally on the doorstep and she decides to destroy it all? That just makes no sense, no matter how many people she has lost on the way. I can totally buy daenerys going mad, given the incest and the Targaryen history, but not this way.
    The Drogon action is amazing in this episode though. Kinda made up for the sloppy writing.

  • JJ The Cat
    JJ The Cat Month ago +4

    Daenerys was right

    • Ryan
      Ryan Month ago

      This is literally genocide equivalent to the Holocaust.

  • Don The King
    Don The King Month ago +3

    To be clear. All of this is Tyrion’s fault! Had he not been wrong at every strategic plan, that and his emotional ties clouding his judgement, then this would’ve been avoided. Lord knows Daenerys tried to do things to the right way....she came to war willing to be the good guy, listening to advice, and lost about everything, and got credit for nothing. Tyrion should’ve been fired honestly season 7 episode 4. At that point, he was losing mereen, had lost iron islands, dorms, and high garden. He’s 0/4, time to give him his pink slip. Thennnn he foolishly suggested that they send a squad north to bring back a wight. He actually believed cersi would halt hostilities and go north, after living with her for years, knowing her ways and manipulation and lack of honor. meanwhile sansa who was only there for a fuckin season knew that’s something Cersei would NEVER do. And boom, lost a dragon. 0/5. Worst hand ever.

  • Christel Schulz
    Christel Schulz Month ago

    Oh ni

  • M.
    M. Month ago

    Haha jon is still clueless. @2:27

  • M.
    M. Month ago

    I thought she was flying towards cersei after they surrendered. Stupid me

  • azapro911
    azapro911 Month ago

    Robert got it right, even Joffrey got it right. All would-be kings and queens go mad with power when in sight of the throne.

  • Mohammed Yasser
    Mohammed Yasser Month ago +1

    I enjoyed every moment watching her burning the city
    You can feel her by looking into her eyes
    People of kingslanding did a lot of terrible things and they deserve what had happened to them but i felt sorry about the children

    • Tactical Bacon
      Tactical Bacon 4 days ago

      Uh no, not even the normal people of King's Landing deserved it

  • Lam Pham
    Lam Pham Month ago +1

    3:50 it was at this moment she knew, she fucked up.

  • Tony Mandoff
    Tony Mandoff Month ago

    When women fuck up and take to much.

    • xxaleenazxx
      xxaleenazxx 19 days ago

      This is a fantasy show. Most fuck ups in history have been caused by men you deluded asshole.