Duramax on Horse and Buggy Wheels Fails Miserably

  • Published on Oct 12, 2019
  • OMG. What am I looking at? It’s a no from Mose....... Pretty much wont even climb Mount Everest even if we wanted to :( Join us next time to do some boosted launches on them. #AMISHMAX

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  • Jaxen Laney
    Jaxen Laney Month ago +826

    Wow that’s literally the first time I’ve ever seen whistlendeisel ever let the jack down slowly 😂😂

    • Jozef Weglarz
      Jozef Weglarz 23 days ago +1

      666 likes. Illuminati confirmed.

    • DriftFailz YT
      DriftFailz YT 23 days ago +1

      He’s fans said if he destroyed the Sierra they would un-sub

    • demongamer 2008
      demongamer 2008 27 days ago

      Ik right

    • Redneck TV
      Redneck TV 29 days ago

      No one else like the comment keep it at 420 😂😂😂

    • Jaxen Davis
      Jaxen Davis 29 days ago

      Not many people with our names lol

  • Paras Mani
    Paras Mani 2 hours ago


  • Galdino Lopez
    Galdino Lopez 4 hours ago

    Q pendejo. Lo q es no temer q aser

  • Timber Hills
    Timber Hills 5 hours ago

    Now that's funny I don't care who You are

  • mike scully
    mike scully 6 hours ago


  • Esteban Harris
    Esteban Harris 8 hours ago

    Is it just me or is that truck not 18,000lbs?

  • Anthony Delgado
    Anthony Delgado 10 hours ago


  • Udayanga Dananjaya
    Udayanga Dananjaya 13 hours ago

    Ponnayek mu nam

  • Aaron Holloway
    Aaron Holloway 17 hours ago +1


  • The KazookeyRob
    The KazookeyRob 17 hours ago +1

    He said his tires could “beat any other tire off-road” what kind of crack is he on? I would love to see his princess tires try to follow me on a two track! 🤣🤣🤣 Why in the hell would you do it on a hill? What a moron, not to mention he could have used actual wagon wheels and they probablywohld have worked fine.

  • Dan Justus
    Dan Justus Day ago +1

    Shit looked sweet, until it didnt. Darius Rucker approves.

  • Rudo Ciliak
    Rudo Ciliak Day ago +1

    some of the funniest shit ive seen

  • Doug Acebedo
    Doug Acebedo Day ago +1


  • Josh Gransaull
    Josh Gransaull Day ago +1


  • Neng Xiong
    Neng Xiong Day ago +1

    This guy no brains crazy stupid guy

  • CELIS :3
    CELIS :3 Day ago +1

    Pura gente pendeja hace eso

  • SW4414
    SW4414 Day ago +1

    When the Amish get an upgrade

  • Albertano Maldonado


  • Santiago García
    Santiago García Day ago +1

    Eso es tener dinero chingaos.
    La troka con la que ese chaval se divierte podria ser lo que yo pueda tener si trabajo y ahorro unos 15 años.

  • dhitya Vlog
    dhitya Vlog Day ago +1


  • alex powell
    alex powell Day ago +1

    As cool as this video is, It hurts to see how little you care about this truck.. I know old folks that baby their cars from 90's with legit no value. And will put as much money into it, simply because they worked so hard for a new car 30 years ago. Smh

  • Caiden Reeves
    Caiden Reeves Day ago +1

    put bike rims a the gmc

  • Debra Morgan
    Debra Morgan 2 days ago +1

    Buggy tires a on a four wheeler would be a good video

  • drearphones
    drearphones 2 days ago +1

    What a dweeb.

  • BA BA
    BA BA 2 days ago +2

    The way I desperately could use a car especially a bakkie this makes me sad to see you drag it through the mud

  • Mrmrudi Watampone
    Mrmrudi Watampone 2 days ago +1

    Songong lu

  • Tetta Zwo
    Tetta Zwo 2 days ago +2

    And to think this guy has the right to vote...

  • Brandon Morales
    Brandon Morales 2 days ago

    how to fuck up your truck 101

  • Flea
    Flea 2 days ago

    jackass born every day

  • im ghost
    im ghost 2 days ago +1

    a tua mae e boa ;)

  • im ghost
    im ghost 2 days ago +1

    fds lambe

  • حمدان الذيب


  • TrucksAndDirt
    TrucksAndDirt 2 days ago

    Crazy and so funny! I can's stop laughing

  • Airat Latypov
    Airat Latypov 2 days ago

    Красава, лайк)

  • juan asanelli
    juan asanelli 2 days ago

    demasiado peso mucha fuerza son ruedas hechas para rodar no para impulsarse

  • Matt Lewandowski
    Matt Lewandowski 2 days ago

    so... more or less a synopsis of what I see is kid spendin mummy and daddy's money so he can be "famous" actin like an idiot to get views.

  • Yedhu Krishnan U
    Yedhu Krishnan U 2 days ago


  • Musa Payzulayev
    Musa Payzulayev 3 days ago

    14:11 what the...?! 😦😦😦

  • Jose Vega
    Jose Vega 3 days ago


  • Smooth Move
    Smooth Move 3 days ago

    What a Maroon.

  • Mr. Rc
    Mr. Rc 3 days ago +1

    People: ill drive it till the wheels fall off. Whistlin: hold my beer

  • Brian Lewis
    Brian Lewis 3 days ago

    What a dum ass

  • Timothy Parrucci
    Timothy Parrucci 3 days ago

    Pretty easy to fuck up a truck when Daddy's the one paying for it

  • S. Stewart
    S. Stewart 3 days ago

    Love it!

  • Albert Vazquez
    Albert Vazquez 3 days ago

    no queema cuhh !! puro hillbilly tacuacheando

  • mackk123
    mackk123 3 days ago +4

    that flexing is like jeffery epstiens neck when he didnt commit suicide

  • Gerardo Fernandez
    Gerardo Fernandez 3 days ago


  • Goran Romer Sombor
    Goran Romer Sombor 3 days ago

    Decko je debil.
    Ili kreten.
    Neznam tacno

  • ابراهيم مهدي

    سيارت سكريم 😂😂😂😂

  • Gerhard
    Gerhard 3 days ago


  • خالد الشريف

    Krizy man

  • 777 777
    777 777 3 days ago

    Лох ты

  • im Anonymous ahahahahahahahah

    Thats ffunny

  • Fahad 1212
    Fahad 1212 3 days ago

    بيجونك راعين الجموس يقولون اي الجمس امريكي حتا لو يتكسر يمشي😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💔

  • El Catracho H
    El Catracho H 4 days ago


  • Glenn & Carolinda Powell

    I actually need a set of them wheels for my dad's horse buggy

  • Scott Taylor
    Scott Taylor 4 days ago

    White boy doing shit!!!

  • Ethan Johnson
    Ethan Johnson 4 days ago

    I guaran damn tee you my 99' Dodge ram 1500 sport 4x4 with the 5.2 magnum v8 , powertorque trans and transfer case could Merc that gm diesel off road son

  • Coke Man
    Coke Man 4 days ago

    Hope those wheels don't break.......
    Oh wait... they did!!

  • Justin Pass
    Justin Pass 4 days ago

    *wooden wheels break*
    *let me keep hitting the gas and break more shit*
    I'm officially unsubscribing from this bullshit channel...