How to be Russian

  • Published on Sep 16, 2016
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Comments • 6 770

  • AresTheNintendoHero (ATNH)

    00:16 u have the same laptop as my mother XD

  • Алексtron9000

    how to be russian
    1 speak russian
    2be nice to people
    3dont say suka to someone
    4 aviod gopniks
    5 have a girlfriend
    6 u got to have a ak 47 agsiant fat americans

  • pavelusYT
    pavelusYT Day ago

    Suka blyat idi nahui stupid gamburgher😂😂

  • amiko drawer
    amiko drawer 2 days ago

    Уверяю вас , мы не такие . 😅

  • Kuzey Dumlu
    Kuzey Dumlu 3 days ago


  • Unknown
    Unknown 5 days ago

    How to be a Russian
    1.look at Boris
    2. Wear adidas

  • Валентина
    Валентина 5 days ago

    Ты Русский?😂

  • Dima
    Dima 8 days ago

    Slavaboo alert.

  • Jamesh Doe
    Jamesh Doe 9 days ago

    Rush B

  • Cat makes stuff!
    Cat makes stuff! 10 days ago

    What happens if you cant drink yet?

  • Cheese Game
    Cheese Game 11 days ago

    You need sword hammer and red flag to be russian

  • Isa Daud
    Isa Daud 12 days ago

    I like russia

  • Lazo Tovi
    Lazo Tovi 13 days ago

    Can you make a video on how to cuss in Russian please lol I’m trying to learn Russian and I wanna learn cuss words too

  • Adam Channel
    Adam Channel 14 days ago

    1 B
    2 A
    3 RUSH B

  • Çaylak Karga
    Çaylak Karga 17 days ago

    Kazak ve diğer Türklerde asimile etmek için böyle yaptınız demi

  • nisha c nair
    nisha c nair 19 days ago +1

    The link is not working blyat

  • Mr. Cheezer
    Mr. Cheezer 19 days ago +2

    American people, do you really think that russian similar at this video? I'm disappointed.

  • Beethoviet Union TH
    Beethoviet Union TH 20 days ago

    0:53 Putin: Send this man to gulag now

  • Снеснеи Иохсну

    Petrenko cyka blyt ahahahahahah

  • djurdje Cvetic
    djurdje Cvetic 23 days ago +1

    Lol Dimitri Patrenko from waw and bo1

  • Doruk Efe A
    Doruk Efe A Month ago


  • Doruk Efe A
    Doruk Efe A Month ago


  • WTBlox YT
    WTBlox YT Month ago

    i have the same ushanka

  • Emre Selim
    Emre Selim Month ago

    1)C 2)B 3)A

  • どこかのアボリジニ


  • ZNT_Alex
    ZNT_Alex Month ago +1

    Сукф будет

  • Camila Sabitova
    Camila Sabitova Month ago

    how did you get me with your stereotypes. Dude, you forgot to walk your domestic bear. Guys, what have we done to you so that you humiliate us so much?

  • benyamin yousefi
    benyamin yousefi Month ago

    LOVE U

  • Михаил
    Михаил Month ago

    Дмитрий Петренко и Иван Петрович

  • stannis baratheon
    stannis baratheon Month ago

    Я так люблю русских, что я от имени Америки.

  • Rein001 ProGamer234 Roblox And MORE!

    Now i can say cyka blyat at school

  • Joseph Stalin
    Joseph Stalin Month ago

    Now he is dead for Being capitalist and don't upload the videos on his own channel

  • Unfaedah TV
    Unfaedah TV 2 months ago

    Khef khanser

  • Serban Cristea
    Serban Cristea 2 months ago

    You are not rusian

  • Onur Keskin
    Onur Keskin 2 months ago

    Cyka blyet

  • hellhunter
    hellhunter 2 months ago


  • yōkai
    yōkai 2 months ago

    ты такой смешной, я не могу дышать, хахаха!!!

  • сука СЦКА
    сука СЦКА 2 months ago

    Privet, tovarishch!

  • Butter
    Butter 2 months ago

    Im to young to drink vodka...

  • SpycroPH
    SpycroPH 2 months ago

    1 Drink ze vodka

  • laCK
    laCK 2 months ago

    Türkçe alt yazıyı yapan arkadaşa helal olsun rush kelimesinin tdk de olduğunu öğrendim

    JUSTAJAPANEASEGUY57 2 months ago +1

    Next time how to be a arabin

    OK AMANDA 2 months ago


  • Falcon Express
    Falcon Express 2 months ago

    even i have more facial hair then this man

  • Adik Murti
    Adik Murti 2 months ago

    Indonesian and Russian Hard people Countre :v

  • luca jodts
    luca jodts 2 months ago


  • cupacorn cupi
    cupacorn cupi 2 months ago +2

    Why be Russian when u can be Georgian.
    We have wine
    We have dumplings
    And we wear Nike.

    • cupacorn cupi
      cupacorn cupi 2 months ago

      30192 thanks I love Romania 🇷🇴

    • 30192
      30192 2 months ago

      @cupacorn cupi hey georgians are great ! - from Romania

    • cupacorn cupi
      cupacorn cupi 2 months ago

      We also say “sheni deda”

  • America
    America 3 months ago

    And finally for the second situation I choose A , because I can not sacrificed with the vodka and I am not a chicken

  • America
    America 3 months ago

    And also I choose B and C in the first situation, after I call Putin I do the C choose intel the tanc is arrive

  • America
    America 3 months ago

    I speak russian I want to be an russian I did every thing and I know about russian history but I do and I will not drink vodka cuz I am 14 year old is that mean that I am a russian??

  • Adolf Hitler
    Adolf Hitler 3 months ago

    Plays CS:GO with touchpad

  • Goose
    Goose 3 months ago

    MojoOnPC dislike xD

  • Government Official
    Government Official 3 months ago

    I attended the FIFA world cup Russia 2018 and I'm wearing my fan ID XD!

  • kavun98
    kavun98 3 months ago


  • Saetta The Cool Boy
    Saetta The Cool Boy 3 months ago


  • nobita thepro
    nobita thepro 3 months ago

    пить водку каждый день

  • Latoom
    Latoom 3 months ago

    Putin sex 😂😂

  • SomeGuy FromTheInternet
    SomeGuy FromTheInternet 3 months ago +1

    Im just gonna go to moscow and experience russia for a week.

  • ECY Mac
    ECY Mac 3 months ago

    Rush B blyat

  • yara kolbasan
    yara kolbasan 3 months ago