Cold Fusion: How it works

  • Опубликовано: 12 авг 2010
  • Cold Fusion. Explain this, if you can.
    This was gathered April 20th 2009, roughly 20 years after the initial 1989 press conference where their findings were shot to shreds, instead of the scientific community pulling together and trying experiments to make it work.
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  • J Bright
    J Bright 12 дней назад

    Next week! We'll show you how the Em Drive works. (Using cartoons)

  • Stephen Dahlem
    Stephen Dahlem 12 дней назад

    Unfortunately the formation of helium atoms with this truck the Flavia matrix additionally play and has a relatively low melting point of the heat released by fusion would cause the entire matrix to melt

  • King Bartu
    King Bartu Месяц назад

    Than do it already

  • Jonah Beale
    Jonah Beale 2 месяца назад +4

    For anyone who isn't versed in fusion wondering why this is snake oil:
    When the nuclei (cores) of two atoms get very close together, they attract each other with tremendous force, like magnets. Upon colliding, they release a large amount of energy, and a heavier element is left behind, (ie two hydrogens combine to form helium). This is the basic process of fusion.
    Sounds great, but the nuclei will actually REPEL each other until they're close enough to fuse. The "cold fusion" reactor claims that it accomplishes this with the "lattice" material; holding the atoms in such close proximity that they have no choice BUT to fuse. I am not at liberty to say whether this "lattice confinement" is feasible or not, but I trust those who say it isn't.
    A REAL fusion reactor forces the atoms to fuse by heating them up. How much heat are we talking? Fill a shot glass full of various gasses and disperse them inside a giant vacuum chamber... about the size of a small house. Then, take enough energy to power a town and start pumping it into those gasses. For example, 50,000,000 watts of heat is going to be used in the ITER reactor when it starts running. Because you're putting so much energy into such a tiny mass, the temperature skyrockets to several million degrees. Remember, heat = movement on an atomic level, so if you get the fuel hot enough, the atoms will dart around with enough velocity to overcome the repelling force and fuse instantly when they collide. Finally, the soup of ionized gasses must be kept away from the vacuum chamber walls with extremely strong magnets. This process is hugely expensive and requires gargantuan amounts of engineering, which is why the idea of cold fusion is so appealing.
    Please don't be deceived by the crook/idiot that produced this video. Don't get me wrong, fusion IS our ticket to nearly limitless energy supplies, but not like this. We NEED fusion to become mainstream as soon as it possibly can, because every day it doesn't, we lose a bit more of our dwindling nonrenewable resources and environment. The LAST thing the human race needs is for something as important as fusion energy to be tainted by cult followings and myths.

  • Ujification
    Ujification 2 месяца назад


    FRISHR 2 месяца назад

    So this is what homeworld thinks of fusion.

  • 刘宇龙
    刘宇龙 2 месяца назад


  • War Peace
    War Peace 4 месяца назад

    I am not trained in advanced physics or electrical engineering or maths so the technical stuff largely is lost on me.
    What I do understand is logic, reason, and motive.
    No breakthrough in any technology would start with youtube videos before commercialisation. It defies logic, reason and any motive for pursuing a technology. Preposterous notions come to youtube to be ridiculed and forgotten.

  • Abe Shudug
    Abe Shudug 4 месяца назад

    How much does it generate compared with the amount of energy it takes for the current and voltage heating up the solution with the end result of H4?

  • finao o
    finao o 4 месяца назад years ago cold fusion was a reality? I would have expected more news on that.

    DANTHETUBEMAN 4 месяца назад

    if it ever worked even once, it would be worth looking in to thoroughly. a number of scientists have reported that is has worked.

      DANTHETUBEMAN 4 месяца назад

      Ben Rich of skunk works sed we already have everything you can think of but it would take a act of god to get it all revealed to the public,,,, that paid for it all.

    • robin sénépart
      robin sénépart 4 месяца назад +1

      may take a look at patents

  • Lance Nostrum
    Lance Nostrum 4 месяца назад

    My bs sniffer is sniffling

  • Nathan J
    Nathan J 4 месяца назад

    Sounds more like splitting than fusing and also i highly doubt that a lattice can force atoms together as per fusion does. If it was that easy to force atoms together then we wouldn't be heating them up to ionized gasses to strip electrons from the nucleus to make fusion achievable without immense gravity

  • Smokey Walker
    Smokey Walker 5 месяцев назад

    So fusion happens creating helium??????????? Well, if the strong force is the strongest of the 4 known forces, what over comes it to cause the fusion? Still not getting any answer to that one. So stuff get trapped between the palladium atoms, so what, what force does the palladium have which can over power the strong force of the protons. It's only held together by bonds at the electron level which are in no way a match for the strong force. 25 yeas have gone by and the bad science is still not answering real questions.

  • Juliusz Kociński
    Juliusz Kociński 5 месяцев назад

    Even if CF don't work... I learned what is Electrolysis from physical perspective.

  • daniel_960_
    daniel_960_ 6 месяцев назад

    So what is this? Does it work only in theory and not praxis? Or doesn’t it work at all? We know fusion is a thing, but I never saw it working like this. This just looked like the next step of electrolysis.

    • The Book Dragon
      The Book Dragon 6 месяцев назад

      +daniel_960_ Praxis was a moon orbiting the Klingon home world in Star Trek 6. It contained an energy production facility that blew up and destroyed the entire moon. So, technically, nothing works on Praxis.

  • Bo McGillacutty
    Bo McGillacutty 6 месяцев назад

    Any physicists here to comment? This vid does NOT explain how it is possible to overcome the repulsive forces between the ions at low temps, nor what happened to the neutrons or why this simple method has failed to revolutionize the world. Cold fusion obviously does not work as much as we'd all love to believe it.

  • Cyrua Graham
    Cyrua Graham 7 месяцев назад

    Big Hype Somewhere:
    Chain Reaction
    The Saint

  • athiest physicist
    athiest physicist 7 месяцев назад

    If you make a video designed to convince a nay sayer of the validity of cold fusion, it would be best to demonstrate this with an actual cold fusion reactor. Instead of some sciency; atomy, timey wimey video editing software to give the illusion of evidence to the audience.

  • chris Bryson
    chris Bryson 8 месяцев назад

    Wait... so what? This creates energy? Electricity? If so, why the fuck hasn't this been developed and used to power homes or cars?? WTF is this??? 😂 😂 😂

  • Jayesh Chak
    Jayesh Chak 9 месяцев назад

    We are using electricity to produce more electricity

  • Michael  Nelson
    Michael Nelson 9 месяцев назад

    I believe you can get heat from eucalyptus interaction with peppermint

  • Nick G
    Nick G 11 месяцев назад

    this is b******* d2o isn't a thing the reason heavy water also known as deuterium exists is because it has two neutrons in its nucleus they can't detach like electrons!

  • Cyrus Hale
    Cyrus Hale 11 месяцев назад

    That was a cold start.

  • Kardop
    Kardop 11 месяцев назад

    It doesn't

  • Jason Yanuzzi
    Jason Yanuzzi Год назад

    Yeah that a big no on this one... But the super wave principle! People will believe anything and argue it... I believe the term I'm looking for is "an argument from ignorance".

    FALLOUTBOY 2062 Год назад

    this could be an unstable energy source

  • ClickThisToSubscribe
    ClickThisToSubscribe Год назад

    Cold Fusion: How it works: It doesn't.

    • robin sénépart
      robin sénépart 4 месяца назад sorry turns out it does

  • Toffy
    Toffy Год назад +1

    It takes about 4 eV to break molecular bonds. 24 MeV of energy release would break 6 million bonds per occurrence, if just 0.5 nanograms of deuterium fused, that would release enough energy to break 2 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 bonds... That is enough energy to destroy the "fusion" cell, kill everyone in the room and get international attention.
    That did not happen, therefore fusion did not occur.
    This is why the findings were shot to shreds and why the scientific community DID pull together and pursue more feasible routes of fusion energy production with research facilities such as ITER.

    • Jeremiah Noar
      Jeremiah Noar 4 месяца назад

      It depends on what the molecular bonds are, but no, not all bonds are so weak that 4eV can break them.

  • Upside town Downtown
    Upside town Downtown Год назад

    this is very psychedelic , at the same time.

  • Tom
    Tom Год назад +1

    In the future, the world will be powered by us taking shits.

  • twistedyogert
    twistedyogert Год назад

    I'm personally more interested in Fuel Cells, but this is pretty cool I have to admit.

  • OverhandFrog
    OverhandFrog Год назад

    I remember reading at least 3 scientific papers (I am traumatized with nuclear fusion) before which clearly stated this precise experiment and how dozens of different people and institutions tried to replicate the experiment and...didn't work, lol
    Just came here to see if anyone had learnt something new, good luck everyone!

  • Ale Al
    Ale Al Год назад

    What will work then nick canning?

  • nick canning
    nick canning Год назад

    There is a source of systematic error in the calculation of excess heat generation in
    electrochemical cold fusion experiments which seems to have been overlooked.
    Both platinum and palladium are excellent catalysts of the highly exothermic
    reaction O2 + 2H2 > 2H2O . If any oxygen
    produced at the anode, reaches the cathode it will react with hydrogen there
    and produce heat. The rate of the reaction will depend on the surface area of
    the cathode and the concentration of oxygen there. This accords with the
    observation that excess heat generation only occurs for cathodes with colloidal
    Pd black surface morphology but not for flat crystalline surfaces. It also
    explains why the excess heat generation is so difficult to reliably observe
    since any variation in anode-cathode distance and shape will affect the oxygen
    concentration at the cathode due to diffusion and bubble transfer through the

    • I Take Chances
      I Take Chances Год назад

      Lemme me guess. Community college looking to fill the void of how empty his life is?

    • Ale Al
      Ale Al Год назад

      forgive me. I wasn't clear on my question. if the materials where free of charge. are there enough necessary materials in the world to create this fusion process. set aside price just focusing on material availability are there enough necessary materials in our planet to make this fusion process work?

    • Ale Al
      Ale Al Год назад


    • nick canning
      nick canning Год назад +1

      no, not unless a new process is discovered which has a higher reaction probability than those currently found.

    • Ale Al
      Ale Al Год назад

      Thanks you very much. Final question: Could different items that are sufficient be used in a cold fusion apparatus to power the world's energy demand?

  • H3H3productions 1
    H3H3productions 1 Год назад +4

    I came here from impractical jokers

    • Hrasy Waia
      Hrasy Waia 4 месяца назад

      H3H3productions 1 xD

  • David Mayhew
    David Mayhew Год назад +2

    It is funny because I need this to work for me to power the power armor that I made without it no matter what I try to power it with it's never enough to last more than 30 minutes

  • Stefano DrSAM
    Stefano DrSAM Год назад

    Spoiler: it doesn't

    • Stefan Reich
      Stefan Reich Год назад +1

      Capitalism doesn't work

    • Exotic Creature
      Exotic Creature Год назад

      Holy shit, that was the (not) smartest thing I have heard, I mean read, all damn day. Remember folks, it only works if it's capitalism.

  • Loek Lodewijck
    Loek Lodewijck Год назад

    If this is an explanation, of how it works why don't we as humans use it? Or doesn't it work

    • Теодор К.
      Теодор К. Год назад

      Actually, neither Palladium, nor Platinum are more expensive than gold!

    • twistedyogert
      twistedyogert Год назад

      Yup Palladium and Platinum are apparently more expensive then gold. :-(

    • Mike D
      Mike D Год назад

      It currently costs more to create this energy then it is worth.

    • Теодор К.
      Теодор К. Год назад

      It works alright. This is an Italian invention from 1989. It was mocked back then, because of fusion which has cost 1 trillion with no results so far.

  • Musmus
    Musmus Год назад

    someone wanna explain why it doesnt work(Question mark~AX
    because keyboard is broken

    • lambda.complex
      lambda.complex Год назад +2

      The reaction rate of the hydrogen inside a metal lattice (if it even occurs) is still not nearly enough to create enough energy to keep itself running.

  • johnny llooddte
    johnny llooddte Год назад

    hahaha ok show me the money..
    show me a working system hahaha

    • General Red
      General Red Год назад

      johnny llooddte ignorance is bliss

    • johnny llooddte
      johnny llooddte Год назад +1

      hahaha forcing atoms to fuse and losing energy isnt fusion its called glue and fairly worthless in this discussion

    • Io
      Io Год назад

      That cannot happen. I do know of another, older method of cold fusion, but the particles it uses (called muons) to fuse the hydrogen nuclei take more energy to produce than the machine outputs. Also, the Hydrogen needs to be solid or a very cold liquid for it to work. I wod say our best bet for useful fusion power is the torus machine the French are building.

  • johnny llooddte
    johnny llooddte Год назад


  • jose miguel henriquez
    jose miguel henriquez Год назад +8

    seems the u.s government got this to work

    • C
      C Год назад

      HERPY DERPEDY I think BIG L was specifying to the moral sciences. Not the controversial ones.

      HERPY DERPEDY Год назад

      +Call me Smith I was commenting to BIG L comment how Usa is enemy to humanity so is Religion but like everything it is only an onion

    • C
      C Год назад

      HERPY DERPEDY What does religion have to do with energy production or the economy in general?

      HERPY DERPEDY Год назад

      BIG L religion as well

    • Теодор К.
      Теодор К. Год назад

      Yeah. right...

  • thewaytruthandlife
    thewaytruthandlife Год назад +1

    it sounds great but has this been true or is it still science fictional. have they tried T2O since tritium is an even higher isotope of Hydrogen, yes it is radioactive (t1/2 = 12.32 yrs) I know but it may enhance these principles. which make it more likely to be used as fuel instead of D2O

    • grumpystiltskin
      grumpystiltskin Год назад +1

      Now a days people use normal H and nickel, and can produce D and Tritium. So you don't buy them. THey are expensive.

  • Nasser Alhameli
    Nasser Alhameli 2 года назад +1

    Would you please tell me why the Palladium is chosen to be the cathode? Thank you for the great graphic and simple info!

    • Erik Cothron
      Erik Cothron Год назад

      grumpystiltskin It sounds like you are saying 2 atoms of hydrogen can occupy one interstitial site. This should not be possible, unless there is and extra force to cause a cascade of displacements which increases the energy of the hydrogen. In this cold fusion assumption, nothing would cause this. Furthermore, interstitial atoms don't move in an organized method described in the video so I am consisted about that concept. Lastly, there is no explanation to how they actually fuse, atomic movement in a saturated lattis will never be sufficient enough to cause a high energy process like fusion. I'm am just trying to understand the thought process behind this explanation, and investigate it's gaps. Please help if you can!

    • grumpystiltskin
      grumpystiltskin Год назад +1

      Pd uniquely can be loaded with more than one atom of H per atom of Pd. So you have a crystal that has a H submatrix. That means for H to move a whole lot of other stuff has to get out of the way. Like Checkers... can't have two in the same "square". (You have to be a very good electrochemist to get that much H in though.) That makes an odd material and when under stress from cracking as it changes size etc, high energy levels are produced. But a lot of researchers use Nickel which doens't load as high but still supports the reaction.

  • starview1
    starview1 2 года назад +1

    Russia's oil industry will be kaput.Places like Ireland will have their own energy source. In short no reason to fight over energy, because energy will be almost free to create.

  • Corey Soze
    Corey Soze 2 года назад

    Good explanation.

  • Matt Torres
    Matt Torres 2 года назад

    Smh.. This cold fusion crap has been going on for DECADES. If it was really a viable way to produce energy then why hasn't anyone made a working generator out of it? Lets just say that the science wasn't there to support it, who cares? If it was actually possible this should have no problems gaining private funding and we would have seen something by now. Just give it up guys

    • Exotic Creature
      Exotic Creature Год назад

      Capitalism, which leads to propaganda, which leads to terrorism.

    • maximosh
      maximosh Год назад +2

      Hot fusion has been attempted for over half a century and where is the generator from that? It's just a cake that most scientists can't make, that doesn't mean cakes aren't possible. Gun powder was once difficult to recreate and get right as well.

    • grumpystiltskin
      grumpystiltskin Год назад +1

      Right. Look closer.

  • Andrew Lambright
    Andrew Lambright 2 года назад +2

    All you nay sayers remind me of all the other things science said we couldnt do.

    • Andrew Lambright
      Andrew Lambright Год назад


    • lambda.complex
      lambda.complex Год назад +2

      The supporters here fail to remember many "scientific" proposals that didn't work and are now lost, or should be lost, to history (perpetual motion machines, snake oil, etc.).

  • Peter reteP
    Peter reteP 2 года назад

    cold fusion form past

  • Who am I
    Who am I 2 года назад

    Oh my god, this just makes physics way more intresting XD

  • MaximusV MMM
    MaximusV MMM 2 года назад

    Just build it then hope its really work not just a theory

    • Nate B
      Nate B Год назад

      Supposedly ran a plant in N.C. for one whole year (fall 2015-2016), had a third party report on it, and presented it's findings to the senate in a close door session (was on the senates agenda). Not sure if it works, but friends who have been following it for over 20 years swear it does.

  • al'ar
    al'ar 2 года назад +48

    They said the telephone would never work too.

    • J Bright
      J Bright 12 дней назад

      They only said the telephone would never work because until the telephone was invented no-one had even imagined a telephone... so they never said it... if you know what i mean. All the same , this is probably bullshit.

    • King Bartu
      King Bartu Месяц назад

      alan r who said that

    • Mr. Muraviev
      Mr. Muraviev 2 месяца назад

      Yeah im doing some research and development on it (not getting too far though)

    • Wayne Sanders
      Wayne Sanders 8 месяцев назад

      And Edison said AC voltage was too dangerous and we would never use that. He wanted people to fund his DC experiments. There is always a hidden agenda. It's human nature, and envy is usually at the root of it. That's why when you have these science conferences you have guys getting their feathers in a ruff because someone has learned or discovered something that they weren't taught or were taught wasn't possible. Too much pride to come together and learn and expand. It's an ugly world.

    • KC9UDX
      KC9UDX 8 месяцев назад +1

      Mark M we aren't polluting the world now. No matter what we will be taxed as if we were.

  • Flying Trilobite
    Flying Trilobite 2 года назад +12

    I love how most of the people adamantly defending this garbage as some "miracle green energy source" are just angst 15 year olds who think they know everything about chemistry and physics because they watch videos like these in their free time.

    • Raja Selvam
      Raja Selvam Месяц назад

      Well if they do watch science videos all the time then they should have some substantial knowledge of science

    • Jeremiah Noar
      Jeremiah Noar 4 месяца назад +1

      Well as someone who invests a fair amount of time studying fusion and quantum mechanics, I can tell you that fusion has been done and it is both a miracle and green

    • athiest physicist
      athiest physicist 7 месяцев назад

      I couldnt find the words to describe my disdain for this video... I looked for five minutes and found them on this post that I am replying to.

    • Blackfalk
      Blackfalk 11 месяцев назад

      just like fusion power generally speaking, also a hoax

    • Linsie Harris
      Linsie Harris 2 года назад

      +Gary Y. Then how do you explain the Pd-D loading experiemtn where neutrons where generated (The were detected by damaged plastic that was used as a "canary bird" in the experiment.)?

  • MysteriusBhoice
    MysteriusBhoice 2 года назад

    if dat shiz actually worked then you will have a measurable amount of radiation comming off it
    show geiger counter of GTFO

    • David Middleton-Gear
      David Middleton-Gear Год назад Deuterium-Deuterium or D-D fusion has 3 variants, all of them emit radiation. You either get Helium-3 + a neutron, Tritium + a proton or Helium-4 + gamma radiation.
      That being said I'm by no means convinced as to how this would actually work, as the video gives no explanation as to how the deuterium is somehow able to overcome the Coulomb barrier from its mutual electrostatic repulsion in order to get close enough for the strong force to kick in and for it to fuse. Being "cold fusion" it's obviously not going to exceed the Lawson's criterion, and there's nowhere near enough atoms to rely on random-chance quantum tunneling, so what....? Magic? Hopes and dreams?

    • MysteriusBhoice
      MysteriusBhoice 2 года назад

      +Xiao Gao STUPID DETECTOR READING 100000000000000000000000000
      there are neutrons released and they decay producing a crapton of dangerous MeV level of energy and even just 1 MeV being able to break 1,000,000 chemical bonds
      even if the production stops when the unit is off and no waste is produced because neutrons are particles that fly out
      while it runs it still can kill you if its real and you stand next to it!!

    • Xiao Gao
      Xiao Gao 2 года назад

      no alpha, beta or gamma radiation is produced in fusion you are thinking of fission

  • ednuttah
    ednuttah 2 года назад

    Bit of a palaver all those expensive metals, all those specific voltage and current pulses, all the hassle of creating D2O in the first place. It's no solution.

    • grumpystiltskin
      grumpystiltskin Год назад +1

      Good observation. Now we use Ni and H. Cheap as hell.

  • Robert Hyldquist
    Robert Hyldquist 2 года назад

    It will never work. Only in Neverland.

  • Ebenezer Wood
    Ebenezer Wood 2 года назад +10

    Everyone on this page should actually look up cold fusion and see all the breakthroughs that are currently happening. Is it that you don't WANT a clean new energy source? Something like this could save the planet! People would never have to pay another electric bill again!

    • Nathan J
      Nathan J Месяц назад

      Raja Selvam it is forcing two atoms together when their electromagnetic forces so strongly repel eachother that no single force from a mechanical action of a lattice made of atoms can actually cause an atom to overcome the extremely strong forces since the lattice is made of atoms with similar properties in repelling eachother due to the charges they posess. Paladium has a much weaker bond than hydrogen because the electron and neutron/proton ratios are different with the electrons being more for paladium, making it more neutral than hydrogen, therefore making it physically impossible to create fusion in this way since the real thing would destroy the whole mechanism.

    • Raja Selvam
      Raja Selvam Месяц назад

      Nathan J tell me one fundamental physical laws it breaks.

    • Nathan J
      Nathan J 2 месяца назад

      Joey what you just said about turning a profit and maintaining the equipment is exactly why they couldnt use it. In solar, they have barely used the tech large scale simply because it was too expensive to initially set up and the only money that was made was just making back what they spent to build the station. In south america, specifically brazil, chilli, and the smaller areas surounding brazil have this issue. The power companies that use solar built their plants and the initial costs made the electricity for the surrounding area start at an estimated 20 to 45 cents(american currency) per WAT/hour. That was much cheaper than what was currently in use, which was mostly coal and oil, however that began to change as time went on and suddenly, the cost of electricity plummeted until the price became negative and the power companies had to start paying the consumers for the electricity because it was too cheap to produce and by that time they had ran all of the other companies out of business and the people refused to allow the price to be adjusted to a profitable price since that would be overcharging and the government panicked and demanded the companies keep their doors open when they threatened to close up shop. And now those companies have went bankrupt and have since shut down and ruined the economy for those areas they operated in and other companies are now refusing to use solar exclusively and in many cases, at all therefore suppressing solar so it cant flourish as it was predicted and is nolonger a viable option for wide use clean energy. The exact same thing would happen to cold fusion because like in south America, the energy produced would become too cheap for the public to allow a company to sell at a price higher than what its really worth wether or not it is clean. In the end the average family values their own welfare and money more than they do about reducing pollution.

    • Joey
      Joey 2 месяца назад

      well the companies producing it would still charge for the electricity. just like how companies distributing solar power still charge for the electricity. otherwise you have no way to maintain the equipment and turn a profit. consumers would gladly pay for that, and perhaps at a much cheaper rate. not to mention companies that would want to use this technology for power production to help them for whatever their goals are. therefore, if this technology is created, we will in fact see it used.

    • Nathan J
      Nathan J 4 месяца назад +1

      Cold Fusion scientists wouldnt but economists and autropunures and corporations all agree that if something doesnt make money then it shouldn't be used. Currently in south america solar energy has become so cheap that they have to pay the consumers for each unit of power and those companies are packing up and closing their doors because of it and as a result, that threat of nonprofitablity and losing money is making energy companies decide against it, effectively slowly suppressing the method. If cold fusion did work, it would suffer the same fate if not worse.

  • 2003professor
    2003professor 2 года назад


  • First Name Last Name
    First Name Last Name 2 года назад

    Cold fusion, fuck yeah😋

  • dsanchezc3
    dsanchezc3 2 года назад +3

    The Arc Reactor :)

  • dsanchezc3
    dsanchezc3 2 года назад +1

    why don't we just use iron man's energy source. seems to work perfect. #FORGETCOLDFUSION

    • 0_Applevi_0
      0_Applevi_0 Месяц назад

      a.k.a. a remake of the Tesseract

    • N3T0
      N3T0 Месяц назад

      the iron man energy source (the arc reactor) is cold fusion...

  • joseph wright
    joseph wright 2 года назад


  • Roedy Green
    Roedy Green 2 года назад +12

    But it DOES'T work. This is just wishful thinking if not a con.

    • Lucia Tilyard
      Lucia Tilyard 7 месяцев назад

      It works sometimes.

    • Blackfalk
      Blackfalk 11 месяцев назад

      just like fusion power generally speaking

    • SickMetalAddict
      SickMetalAddict 2 года назад +2

      +Roedy Green It's hypothesized at least, be more optimistic

    • Julius Brandl
      Julius Brandl 2 года назад

      +Roedy Green yes lets vote about if it works ;)

  • Alexander Higgins
    Alexander Higgins 2 года назад

    how come they just can't give use the exercise bikes that can transform the mechanical energy into electric. It is simpler, effective, clean and renewable.

    • Bob  Dee
      Bob Dee 2 года назад +1

      Will you come over and peddle for me? Please🙏

  • Mike Bozart
    Mike Bozart 2 года назад

    sure sounds nice ...

  • Connected-A51
    Connected-A51 2 года назад

    And the answear is where the fusion waste goes?
    Solar and Wind only need to be repare and can be recycled....

    • paulczar
      paulczar 2 года назад +1

      Fusion like this generates no radioactive waste. Zero.

  • Tibi S
    Tibi S 2 года назад

    💫 ya,but today they use laser to heat the deuterium or tritium and high power electromagnets to keep the core inside 💫 🌏 🌏 👣 🕔 💎💀☠☼☾☄ ₪itibira₪ ✶☥✨🌛🌄⊀⋉▲▴◭

  • SuckTitles
    SuckTitles 2 года назад +53

    Teleportation: How it works
    "It's traveling to another place in an instant. You cannot achieve this by running towards it. Ok bye."

    • Ethan Nelson
      Ethan Nelson 7 месяцев назад

      Remember General Adams at Area 51 in Independence Day Resurgence. “You set off cold fusion bombs your going to kill everyone from here to Houston.” This shows the true potential of this new type of power.

    • Andrew harbit
      Andrew harbit 2 года назад +6

      +No Label teleportation is achieved via harmonic resonance of 2 areas, vibrating as 1. our concept of distance between objects is flawed due to the fact that energy is everything.

    • SuckTitles
      SuckTitles 2 года назад

      BlackBoxTechnology < you

  • CarsRcool
    CarsRcool 2 года назад +1

    OU fukin morons..... COLD FUSION RITE NOW.. " The Hull effect "
    with an old car with a carb fand or less than $ 100 dollars....
    all you goats... can suck it

  • denilsson31
    denilsson31 2 года назад +33

    It should be titled : "Cold Fusion : How it doesn't work"

    • Jeremiah Noar
      Jeremiah Noar 4 месяца назад

      it doesn't work? how so? or are you one of the other 30 people commenting "it doesn't work" to be cool?

    • Blackfalk
      Blackfalk 11 месяцев назад

      fusion power, generally speaking

  • turnipgoodness
    turnipgoodness 2 года назад +6

    Thermodynamic reactions are so 20th century.

    • ednuttah
      ednuttah 2 года назад

      +turnipgoodness Love that!

  • GucciManeSaysBURR
    GucciManeSaysBURR 2 года назад +11

    Why do people listen to this garbage? The reaction explained in the video is entirely incorrect.
    The D-D reaction will either result in proton branching or neutron branching, and will only release 4 MeV and 3.3 MeV respectively, not 24 MeV.
    Not everything is a conspiracy theory, or some suppressed master technology. You're all suckers if you buy into this trite.

    • Blackfalk
      Blackfalk 11 месяцев назад

      just like fusion power generally speaking, also a hoax

    • Trần Khánh
      Trần Khánh 2 года назад

      yes, i agree, science need based on data......
      now 01:03 AM..... i will find data to you....

    • GucciManeSaysBURR
      GucciManeSaysBURR 2 года назад

      Just the ionization of the gases formed upon electrolysis. There isn't even any temperature or energy production data, just some bright flashy colors. This isn't art class, science is based on data.

    • Trần Khánh
      Trần Khánh 2 года назад

      yes, good explanation...... So video the first ???

    • GucciManeSaysBURR
      GucciManeSaysBURR 2 года назад

      With high enough voltage (not actually that high really), you'll turn the hydrogen and oxygen to plasma and upon quick recombination you'll get light emission.

  • Tim Caesar Knutsen
    Tim Caesar Knutsen 3 года назад +1

    Andrea Rossi saying he's able to produce 1 million watt using cold fusion

  • Edward Harrison
    Edward Harrison 3 года назад

    Humans are clever

  • Jim Beam
    Jim Beam 3 года назад

    how to become the richest guy on the planet

  • JD Studios
    JD Studios 3 года назад +7

    Kinda just looks like electrolysis to me. This might cause Lithium sludge buildup on the cathode.

    • sathsayin
      sathsayin 2 дня назад

      voltrolysis vs electrolysis

  • Unpack Guy
    Unpack Guy 3 года назад +2

    Cold fusion possible but at 25°C, it will take 40 years to generate 1 kg of hydrogen fusion.Here is how:
    If you have 250°C of heat in your hand you get to have a fire.
    If you have 1500°C of heat in your hand, you get to melt iron.
    If you have 1.6 Million °C of heat in your hand you get to have fission bomb.
    If you have of 13M°C of heat in your hand you get to fuse hydrogen atoms.
    If you have 100 Billion °C of heat in your hand you get to make gold.
    You see you need heat or energy input. Room temperature fusion of course possible. It just Heat vs time, how long will it take to generate 1 kg hydrogen fusion at room temperature? First let's compare different fuels. Burn time is the time it takes to power steam engines in power stations which used to generate electricity.
    1 kg of coal = 8 kWh, burn time: 15 minutes
    1 kg of petrol = 24 kWh, burn time: 45 minutes
    1 kg or uranium fission= 112 MWh, burn time: 4 months
    1 kg of hydrogen fusion = 1.12 GWh, burn time: 4 years
    It will take 4 years to generate 1 kg of hydrogen fusion at 250°C. If room temperature is 25°C. It will take 40 years to generate 1kg of hydrogen fusion. Puff, who wants to wait the long for an energy? So COLD FUSION possible but will be a waste. Go to a other different possible direction.

  • ignitionyemi
    ignitionyemi 3 года назад

    Boson or fermion:that is the question.

  • edrol2008
    edrol2008 3 года назад

    im confused.. this model works? because I know many try but some one do it.

  • richo61
    richo61 3 года назад +12

    "It Doesn't" - Gee that was a short video!

    • richo61
      richo61 2 года назад

      +YamiPoyo So instead of just accepting the the evidence that it doesn't work you adopt an elaborate conspiracy theory.
      IF someone would just make it work and make it obvious that it worked - that guy or group would be world famous and incredibly rich - but No! No one wants to be the Savior of Humanity if it disrupts their pay-check.
      That is a ridiculous story and it will be ridiculed.

    • YamiPoyo
      YamiPoyo 2 года назад +1

      +richo61 But it has worked numerous times it just does not have a patent in a large university so its not something they want to produce in mass.

    • richo61
      richo61 3 года назад

      +Lucian Rex Excess energy and Neutrons - when "non believers" look for it and are careful with their measurements they don't find any. If you have to "believe before you see" - its not science. Its conformation bias.

    • richo61
      richo61 3 года назад

      +Lucian Rex Nope.
      Not this time.

  • VvVincent
    VvVincent 3 года назад +39

    guys, cold fusion works. i demonstrated it with my dog.
    i hooked up my dog to my electric generator (electricity is needed to ignite the reaction). when i ran enough electricity through my dog for an extended period, he incredibly burst into flames which created an intense heat...cold fusion! he burns at higher temperatures and with more energy than the generator. when i took the temperature of the generator, is was 200 degrees less than my burning dog! 200 degress less! i created over 200 degrees of heat from a cold generator! i went and repeated this process with my neighbor's dog. same results!

    • J Bright
      J Bright 12 дней назад

      Would the same technique work with cats too? Or hamsters even?

    • Raja Selvam
      Raja Selvam Месяц назад

      MrTesla1231 funny is relative. Something that's funny not to you might be funny to someone else no matter how screwed it is. Please don't be a freaking 10 year old

    • Mr. Muraviev
      Mr. Muraviev 2 месяца назад


    • MrTesla1231
      MrTesla1231 6 месяцев назад

      this is why my faith in humanity is 0. That's not even funny.

    • Lucia Tilyard
      Lucia Tilyard 7 месяцев назад +1

      VvVincent not funny.

  • Gilles D Natmara
    Gilles D Natmara 3 года назад

    It is a very interesting movie about the cold fusion and I like the Toyota staf fuel cell.

  • Pete Lorenzo
    Pete Lorenzo 3 года назад

    the failure of many experiments does not mean something is not possible. that is why we keep trying. any result, successful or not, is still a result. what I've heard is it requires a very pure palladium, and many sources are contaminated ever so slightly, which makes the experiment difficult to reproduce. there are secret groups with near limitless resources, such as the us government. if they figure it out, they wouldn't necessarily make this public. it may very well work in the future, but wait, it is the future. time never stops passing, and technology never stops progressing. the real question is, when will it be available to the average joe at a cost less than their house.

  • Renegade
    Renegade 3 года назад

    Our group suspect we are 4 years away from cold fusion projects.

    • Mark M
      Mark M Год назад

      I would get a tiny reactor to power an electric car.

    • robin winter
      robin winter 3 года назад

      That's a long time and a very ambiguous statement. Not sure why you posted it.

    • ImJuanka
      ImJuanka 3 года назад +1

      the government will suppress it if it is true. If we can get that much energy out of water(heavy water), then we would not need to be paying them the ridiculous amounts of money that we currently do for power/gas. I'm all for it, although I feel that the powers that be, are not.

  • Chaim Goldbaum
    Chaim Goldbaum 3 года назад +12

    More like how we wished it
    You cannot fuse atoms with the power of compression from the chemical electromagnetic force alone.

    • Jeremiah Noar
      Jeremiah Noar 2 месяца назад +1

      TheAwsGamer, yeah, that's about where I stand with this. We all know that hot fusion is the way of the future, but I could see a place for cold fusion if it ever proved to be possible in the way future!

    • John Smith
      John Smith 2 месяца назад

      There is 10^78 + atom combinations. But you think every single one requires phenomenal pressure to be able to fuse together. Na ... I have a more open mind about that potentially.

    • TheAwsGamer
      TheAwsGamer 2 месяца назад +1

      Unfortunately, I don't believe their experiments can be reliably duplicated. Honestly it's a cool concept, and I wished it worked as it could solve some energy troubles nowadays, but most well-funded research labs have decided to fund "hot fusion" reactors. Until I see a reputable research lab in the present era accomplish cold fusion, then I can't really believe in the idea.

    • Jeremiah Noar
      Jeremiah Noar 2 месяца назад

      Flieserman, I think that was the other guys name, Ponns and Flieserman's experiment

    • Jeremiah Noar
      Jeremiah Noar 2 месяца назад

      TheAwsGamer, sure it takes a lot of energy to over come the electromagnetic repulsion of the atoms, But I was referring to these to Scientist from the university of Utah Ponns and I can think of the other guys name. I don't think their experiment was successfully duplicated. But in 1989 they claimed to have created a cold fusion reaction. They claimed to have detected newtons radiating from their cold fusion device which of course would mean a fusion process was taking place, if it were true. Look it up if you get the chance it's kind of interesting.

  • Kenan Kensky
    Kenan Kensky 3 года назад

    what kind of staff is d?

  • ignitionyemi
    ignitionyemi 3 года назад +2

    Use a coating of nickel, palladium(do not use 105 isotope, because spin 5/2) cathode electrode!
    It will thus "spin valve". External magnetic field is applied.
    That's the secret(?) Opinion?

    • athiest physicist
      athiest physicist 7 месяцев назад

      Its hard to take you serious when you use grammar like a fucking retard---everyone

    • Zonia alemán
      Zonia alemán Год назад

      ok you get it.

  • N8TRON Kapenta
    N8TRON Kapenta 3 года назад

    Could it work the same if the heavy water was in a gaseous form?

  • Barry Kort
    Barry Kort 3 года назад +3

    Do you see all those bubbles forming on the surface of the electrodes and then sloughing off? What that does is produce a random time-varying resistance in the circuit.
    It is well known (from first principles in electric circuit theory, as well as in telephony) that when you drive a time-varying resistance with a regulated current (whether regulated DC or SuperWave), the load generates its own AC current that has the characteristics of burst noise.
    Because the regulated power supplies are trying to maintain a regulated current, they have to work hard to suppress and cancel these noise signals that are being transmitted out of the cell. In doing so, the regulated power supplies must inject an equal and opposite signal, so as to maintain the specified regulated current profile (whether DC or SuperWave).
    In the reports that I’ve had access to, I found the experimenters were relying on an energy budget model that ignored the additional energy being pumped into the cells so as to maintain a regulated current in the face of a rapidly fluctuation load resistance.
    In the cases where the experimenters had published enough data for me to apply the correct model from AC circuit theory, I found that the “anomalous excess heat” was exactly accounted for by the overlooked AC power injected into the cells to countermand the noise power being transmitted out.

  • pato milbert
    pato milbert 3 года назад

    This looks more like third world invasion into the western world, sucking all resources up at the expense of all.

  • Zenzay
    Zenzay 3 года назад

    Pathological science anyone?

  • This is my name
    This is my name 3 года назад +1

    It's funny that some people will believe this...

  • David Hart
    David Hart 3 года назад

    Detail + elementary ÷ fast paced = excellent presentation for those over a wide range of previous knowledge on the topic.
    The only thing I would add would be a brief description of deuterium.
    Deuterium is a "heavy hydrogen atom", in other words, a stable isotope of hydrogen containing in addition to the usual single proton, a neutron in the nucleus.
    Understanding deuterium's structure is key in understanding this fusion process.

  • Andrew Liljenquist
    Andrew Liljenquist 3 года назад +1

    Heat is energy we just need to find a way to harness the heat relative to us. Then we could have free energy. And free AC!

    • Cheezus Crust
      Cheezus Crust 3 года назад +2

      +Andrew Liljenquist use the heat to boil water? steam power!

  • rstevewarmorycom
    rstevewarmorycom 3 года назад +13

    How does "cold fusion" work? It doesn't. That's why you only see it on RUclip.

    • Tom H
      Tom H Год назад

      Do you know anything about patents?

    • rstevewarmorycom
      rstevewarmorycom Год назад

      You're believing fake news. Believe it when you see it on the nightly news on major networks, all the papers and the type is HUGE!! And don't give me your crap about "conspiracehs" to prevent them from publishing.

    • Tom H
      Tom H Год назад

      Maybe you should look at the results these companies are achieving. Repeatable, peer reviewed transmutation, for one. Pretty wicked chemical reactions... lol

    • rstevewarmorycom
      rstevewarmorycom Год назад

      All such proverbs written by the losers of arguments to the intelligent.

    • rstevewarmorycom
      rstevewarmorycom Год назад

      A non-idiot would trouble himself not to deserve them.

  • flogyston
    flogyston 3 года назад +1

    Where's a prototype?

  • Bruce Liu
    Bruce Liu 3 года назад +1

    looks like a basic battery. no wonder cold fusion's no wonder the output is low. use an acid. if they deuterium gives motion to the metal then that is not fusion the heat is motion. i would call it nuclear assisted motion.