'Supergirl's' Melissa Benoist On 'The Flash' Musical Ep With Darren Criss & Grant Gustin

  • Опубликовано: 19 мар 2017
  • At PaleyFest Los Angeles 2017, "Supergirl" star Melissa Benoist talks reuniting with her former "Glee" co-stars Grant Gustin and Darren Criss on Grant's series, "The Flash." What was the script for the upcoming musical episode like? And, on "Supergirl," how will Kara react to finding out Mon-El is the prince of Daxam. Plus, Melissa talks Teri Hatcher and Kevin Sorbo joining her CW series.
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    'Supergirl's' Melissa Benoist On 'The Flash' Musical Ep With Darren Criss & Grant Gustin
    Access Hollywood
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Комментарии • 45

  • Fatema Farah
    Fatema Farah 6 месяцев назад +2

    I love how she complimented him when he was like 5 steps away from her 😂😂😂

  • Michele cavaliere coraggioso whatsapp Bernardini

    tervista signore Michele Bernardini

  • Michele cavaliere coraggioso whatsapp Bernardini

    vuoi fare film con me

  • Michele cavaliere coraggioso whatsapp Bernardini

    io amo supergirl

  • Michele cavaliere coraggioso whatsapp Bernardini

    Michele Bernardini attore primo

  • TomJN
    TomJN Год назад +2

    My god she's fit

  • José
    José Год назад +14

    i couldn't keep my eyes off caity lotz lol

    • ash
      ash 11 месяцев назад

      pa-sm same lol

  • sl6006095
    sl6006095 Год назад +4

    That is what a gorgeous lady looks like

  • Joe Masters
    Joe Masters Год назад +6

    i absolutely adore her. What about Melissa is not to love?
    Melissa Benoist & Helen Slater - 2 of my fave Supergirls

  • Mahdi
    Mahdi Год назад

    does she sound different? lol

  • adox1codrav
    adox1codrav Год назад +7

    melissa is getting divorce?! o.O .. what!! .. if she and Chris Wood dating?! :O .. wtf someone say something now! :v .. karamel in real life? .. really?! hahaha

    • Fernanda Valdés Moscoso
      Fernanda Valdés Moscoso 7 месяцев назад +1

      yes, she and Blake are divorced since december i think, and she's now dating Chris Wood

    • Ceccy223
      Ceccy223 Год назад +2

      adox1codrav She was married to Blake Jenner, but they divorced

  • Sam S
    Sam S Год назад +6

    It comes through in this interview what Melissa Benoist loves - dancing and singing. Glee was great for that, but Supergirl is not going to give her many opportunities to do it. I am sure the paycheck makes it worth it to do action, however.

  • Manolo González
    Manolo González Год назад +44

    I was honestly trying to pay atention to her but I was just staring at sarah the whole time😂

    • Twilightingale
      Twilightingale Год назад +2

      yoyoeldas Just listening to what Caity is saying . lol

    • yoyoeldas
      yoyoeldas Год назад +1

      Manolo González Same lol

  • C. PeiYue
    C. PeiYue Год назад +14

    Karamel is boring

    • wolverine 1
      wolverine 1 5 месяцев назад

      James Lawrence I imagine Barry vibrating his dick into supergirls steel pussy

    • James Lawrence
      James Lawrence Год назад +10

      Superflash is more fun.

  • Point Dexter
    Point Dexter Год назад +29

    Those red lips look great on Mellissa.

      LUIS7SUAREZ71 Год назад +6

      Point Dexter Well everything looks great on Melissa tbh

  • Jun K.
    Jun K. Год назад +2

    please punish me......

  • Anissa Rivera
    Anissa Rivera Год назад +1

    no that's her voice in the promo if you go watch glee season 4 she in that season

  • Lucy Nguyen03
    Lucy Nguyen03 Год назад +31

    her hair is so pretty :)

  • Prison Mike
    Prison Mike Год назад +7

    why on earth are they putting a musical in the flash. like its a super hero show. its supposed to have action.

    • Pinky Fantasy
      Pinky Fantasy 6 месяцев назад +1

      This isn't the only superhero shows that have musical in it. it's totally normal wether it's hero story or not.. or action story or not. plus, people requested this, since Melissa and Grant are both was in Glee

    • Sacremas
      Sacremas Год назад +1

      Wasn't in Buffy either, but Once More, With Feeling remains one of the best TV episodes ever basically. This episode was good, though Music Meister should have been one of Myx's fellow fifth dimensional folks with all of his abilities.

    • Prison Mike
      Prison Mike Год назад

      even if he was in glee, its like saying they should put storybook time in star trek because levar burton did reading rainbow lol its just not normal lol

    • Bryant Hernandez
      Bryant Hernandez Год назад +2

      fooly cooly thats like asking why they cast a glee actor to be the Flash

  • Roman Soldier
    Roman Soldier Год назад +88

    I was literally smiling through the whole video. Melissa is so freaking beautiful 💕😍🙌

    • Mohammad Habibullah
      Mohammad Habibullah Год назад +1

      Roman Soldier I was looking at caity through the whole video

  • Henry Allen
    Henry Allen Год назад +5

    Did she use other 's voice for TV show?

    • Oggy1532
      Oggy1532 Год назад +11

      Henry Allen no

  • danvers anatomy
    danvers anatomy Год назад +10


  • Trollmaloo xD
    Trollmaloo xD Год назад +5

    oh my god

  • taeshake
    taeshake Год назад +60

    shes so beautiful 😻

    • Mario Power
      Mario Power Год назад +4

      Yes, but she should not use so much make up (lipstick is too bright and too red)

  • Supermon Videos
    Supermon Videos Год назад +55


      RYANTHECAVSFAN Год назад +1

      Supermon Xoxo lol they broke up but I say it's not over it's time for come back 3-1 come back

    • DayDreamer
      DayDreamer Год назад

      Supermon Xoxo I agree but it didn't sound to good for our couple. :( .. how will Kara accept this and see beyond the lie and the daxam feud.