Binging with Babish: The Good Place

  • Published on May 21, 2019
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    Food from The Good Place (and, well, everything else from The Good Place) reads like a fever dream: giant shrimp terrorizing the neighborhood, fountains of clam chowder, frozen yogurt in every conceivable flavor. Today, we're seeing if we can make some of these bizarre concoctions palatable - and throwing in some jalapeño poppers for good measure.
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  • Binging with Babish
    Binging with Babish  5 months ago +14754

    Sorry I didn't make my own peeps, I'll leave that to the professionals (aka Claire Saffitz)

    • ForeignHour
      ForeignHour 23 hours ago

      I would commit crimes against humanity to see you and Claire do a baking Basics episode or something. Please.

    • Julius Caesar
      Julius Caesar 16 days ago +2

      I would die for Claire from the Bon Appetit Test Kitchen

    • Ezra Neal
      Ezra Neal 23 days ago +1

      @Deshawn Edwards buttersmEar... makes everything taste a little bit butter :)

    • dani girii
      dani girii 25 days ago

      This is a reference I didn't know I need!!!

    • Quiyoma
      Quiyoma 28 days ago


  • Adri Rizo
    Adri Rizo 2 hours ago

    I nearly pucked! Yuck!

  • Peachslushie {Ray}
    Peachslushie {Ray} 4 hours ago

    Babish!! do the food from Jane the Virgin!!!! Please

  • Maya Gatzemeyer
    Maya Gatzemeyer Day ago +1

    what about the chowder fountain? or THE BURRITO?

  • Jay Rafols
    Jay Rafols Day ago +1

    Thank you, for making a Filipino dessert that I love till now.

  • Katie C
    Katie C Day ago

    i’ve been binging these vids all day and now i am so hungry ahahhaha

  • Edward Paniza
    Edward Paniza 3 days ago

    That's some boujee ass champorado, I'll tell you that.

  • Fire Star
    Fire Star 3 days ago

    Little pinch of kosher salt
    *pours in full cup*
    Anyone notice that?
    Just me? Ok.

  • Gavin Burgess
    Gavin Burgess 3 days ago

    I saw some mary jane at the end there

  • Ella Hamilton
    Ella Hamilton 4 days ago

    yOu PuT tHe PeEpS iN tHe ChIlLi PoT aNd AdD tHe M ‘ń’ M’ š

  • Kawaii Snow
    Kawaii Snow 4 days ago

    the fact that he kept tasting the rice and then mixing with the same spoon is causing me so much pain

  • PseudoPsychoSports
    PseudoPsychoSports 6 days ago +7

    "It tastes kinda like I took a freshly deep fried shrimp and dipped it into white chocolate"

  • Hellisper Muntageo
    Hellisper Muntageo 7 days ago


  • Mr. Pineapple
    Mr. Pineapple 7 days ago

    You had me at shrimp dispenser.

  • Dizzynoodles
    Dizzynoodles 7 days ago

    Aren't Filipinos Tropical Mexicans?

  • Gianna Youpel
    Gianna Youpel 7 days ago

    When I saw the clip of Chidi in the preview I screamed no

  • Ryan Harrell
    Ryan Harrell 7 days ago

    I prefer a cheddar popper! I bet that chili was so bad! Thanks for the cool video!

  • Blue Guy
    Blue Guy 8 days ago

    Thats a weird ass champorado

  • Marine Boopity
    Marine Boopity 8 days ago

    Hell yess champorado! My childhoodd

  • Grantia Moisejeo
    Grantia Moisejeo 10 days ago


  • Samantha Snailer
    Samantha Snailer 11 days ago +8

    "Put the peeps in the chili pot and add the m and ms"
    "Put the peeps in the chili pot...."
    "and it makes it taste BAD."

  • Joe Anderson
    Joe Anderson 11 days ago +9

    Jason hasn’t once said in the series that he likes Buffalo Wild Wings. It’s Stupid Nick’s Wing Dump

  • Garrick Carroll
    Garrick Carroll 11 days ago

    Hey, we have a recipe which we called cracker candy. Since it’s close to holiday season you might want to do it

  • Uncle Jay
    Uncle Jay 13 days ago


  • Benjamin Wright
    Benjamin Wright 13 days ago

    im making the rice pudding right now with caramel m&ms

  • Penelope Katz
    Penelope Katz 14 days ago

    What about frozen yogurt?

  • Maz Selby
    Maz Selby 14 days ago +13

    Fun fact: None of the shrimp that Eleanor eats are real shrimp! They’re made of tofu because Kristen Bell is a vegetarian. (Also all of the frozen yogurt is actually mashed potatoes, because real fro-yo would melt)

  • herotube 14667
    herotube 14667 14 days ago

    You forking idiot, you didn’t make frozen yougart

  • lowfat milk
    lowfat milk 14 days ago

    I remember the last time I made jalapeno poppers... I didnt wear gloves. Worst 2 days of my life

  • Halcyon
    Halcyon 15 days ago

    Where are the iconic yogurts

  • BunnyGirlCute12 Bunny
    BunnyGirlCute12 Bunny 16 days ago

    To the boil?

  • Grant Beyea
    Grant Beyea 16 days ago +1

    I was hoping he would be wearing the same shirt as chiddi

  • Phoenix Wiseman
    Phoenix Wiseman 16 days ago

    Holy forking bull shirt

  • Kanderson
    Kanderson 16 days ago

    Yes, I’ve been waiting for this!!!

  • Skull Crusher999
    Skull Crusher999 17 days ago +9

    Me, dying because I spoiled myself: *i cant wait*
    Me after watching the entire series: *what has happened to chidi*

  • t s ó l a r i a
    t s ó l a r i a 17 days ago +1

    Alright, actually watching you add Peeps to chili was visual terrorism and I don't know why I participated,

  • Ema Lemon
    Ema Lemon 17 days ago

    Marshmallows and meat with some spice and crunchy chocolate balls.

  • ass hole
    ass hole 17 days ago

    Seriously? Wear gloves for jalapeno's? The mildest of all mild chilli's? WTF is wrong with you people? If you can't handle jalapeno's then you have no right to speak about spicy things at all!!!
    In other words: FU you Pussy bitch!!

  • Lois Loves Cheese
    Lois Loves Cheese 17 days ago

    I love that clip

  • Sue McCashland
    Sue McCashland 18 days ago +3

    holy cow that rice pudding looks

    • t s ó l a r i a
      t s ó l a r i a 17 days ago +1

      Honestly it's kind of genius that he came up with that substitution

  • Alyssa Belle
    Alyssa Belle 18 days ago +1

    The good plate

  • Alena nela
    Alena nela 18 days ago +11

    "Lemme get some of 'dem shrampies" -Eleanor Shellstrop

  • Disgusted Batman
    Disgusted Batman 18 days ago

    Pleaaaase do the curry from persona 5...

  • Ben Hinman
    Ben Hinman 18 days ago

    How dare you skip over the buffalo wings from stupid nicks wing dump

  • Brewwin
    Brewwin 18 days ago

    my mom always put cocoa in chilli... is that normal? when I saw that episode I was like marshmellows okay but still looks good

  • Danica Alba
    Danica Alba 18 days ago +1

    Where’s the Filipinos who yelled when he mentioned Champorado 😂

    • t s ó l a r i a
      t s ó l a r i a 17 days ago

      It absolutely cured the dread I felt when seeing him plop Peeps into chili

    • Sarah Theloma
      Sarah Theloma 18 days ago

      Danica Alba it’s up there, one of the top comments

  • Ana Soriano
    Ana Soriano 18 days ago

    Champorado is usually topped with evaporated milk not condensed milk. Still looks yummy though!

  • Genesis Lim
    Genesis Lim 18 days ago +1


  • Jessica Leeder
    Jessica Leeder 18 days ago

    Peanut butter in chili is amazing. Not marshmallows!😂

  • Kassandra Mariel Alegre


  • lawlshane
    lawlshane 19 days ago

    You sound a bit like H Jon Benjamin when you're gagging

  • Sarah Jones
    Sarah Jones 19 days ago

    andy sir for thanksgiving you should do the malcolm in the middle turkey monkfish

  • Purrple Lemon
    Purrple Lemon 19 days ago

    Im sorry but who actually has a complicated AF recipe for champorado?

  • Relatable Rosa
    Relatable Rosa 19 days ago


  • J hart
    J hart 19 days ago

    3:59 and you loss points because you were more french.

  • Just a youtube commenter
    Just a youtube commenter 19 days ago +2

    I probably shouldn't have watched this at the the association has already been made :(

  • Evan also xd_jonnybulldog

    Aussies don’t know what chilli or peeps are

  • Jessica Fuentes
    Jessica Fuentes 19 days ago

    Champurrado isnt Mexican?!!!!!

    • t s ó l a r i a
      t s ó l a r i a 17 days ago

      Idk, both Mexico and the Philippines we're colonized by Spain

  • Maine uwu
    Maine uwu 20 days ago

    Y'all his friend really be living the life getting to eat his cooking

  • Elle Morales
    Elle Morales 20 days ago

    You should make the frozen yogurt that contains every single flavor in the world. But you can still taste each individual flavor.