Marie Kondo Tidies Up Stephen's 'Late Show' Desk

  • Published on Feb 5, 2019
  • 'Tidying Up' host Marie Kondo helps Stephen determine which items inside his cluttered 'Late Show' desk spark joy.
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Comments • 3 621

  • Love yourself
    Love yourself Day ago

    she is like a princess from other dimension

  • Zanniest
    Zanniest 6 days ago

    Iida's voice is an embodiment of Marie Condo's aura. She's a great translator. 😊

  • Lmichellea
    Lmichellea 6 days ago

    I LOVED how he treated her!!! So respectful and light hearted. A lovely change to her other interviews. 👏👏👏😄👍

  • Cameron
    Cameron 16 days ago

    Shes beautiful damn 😅

  • Michael Hansen
    Michael Hansen 22 days ago

    She sounded fairly reasonable to me until she said people don't need more than 30 books. I mean, maybe only 300 books would be OK, but 30? Forget it.

  • Dustin Suryadi
    Dustin Suryadi 25 days ago

    what a cutie

  • ainz ooal gown
    ainz ooal gown 28 days ago

    Wait there is a late show???

  • Daniel Evans
    Daniel Evans 28 days ago

    Maybe I'm way off base, and certainly Stephen is an incredible entertainer, but when Marie asks him to vocalize his gratitude for the studio and what it offers him it strikes me as a very appropriate gap between western and eastern philosophy. And this is not to say there is implicit fault with either, but what Stephen says is "Thank you Ed Sullivan," instead of addressing say the desk, or the lights. We have such a strong emphasis on people and human "souls" where as in the east there's a lot more celebration for the "soul" of everything, the soul of a chair, a desk, a bowl, and that reverence I think is what Marie is trying to teach us. Idk, I'm probably over dramatizing it but it's really interesting to watch it play out. And certainly grateful to get to watch their interaction of course.

  • John Avernia
    John Avernia 29 days ago

    The interpreter is beautiful.

  • Charlie Sheen
    Charlie Sheen 29 days ago

    She’s so cute its giving me diabetes.

  • Rikz PT
    Rikz PT Month ago

    The translator is incredible tho

  • Jimmy Joe
    Jimmy Joe Month ago

    100% wifu

  • Aspry7
    Aspry7 Month ago

    This was so wholesome and i loved every second of it

  • Emme
    Emme Month ago

    I recently finished studying Japanese and I wish I was as fast as that translator

  • Scott I'Anson
    Scott I'Anson Month ago

    Marie is so beautiful and graceful. She's magical.

  • violetgirl1996
    violetgirl1996 Month ago

    Japanese people speak naturally like soft-spoken asmr, that's why I enjoy watching my favourite jpop idols speak

  • Tec-9 holder
    Tec-9 holder Month ago

    Wow all his teeth are golden!

  • 20shourya
    20shourya Month ago

    Why is she not pixelated?

  • JV Harbin
    JV Harbin Month ago

    She is delightful

  • Melody Headburn
    Melody Headburn Month ago

    Can someone explain what a compound is?

  • Words, words, words.

    How come she seems to understand what he is saying before the translator speaks!!!!????? It's freaking me out.

  • keithtko
    keithtko Month ago

    This kind of lady you don’t marry, you protect.

  • Anita Diaz
    Anita Diaz Month ago

    Why dont she just speaks normally? She sounds like a pokemon.

  • slinkybobcat225
    slinkybobcat225 Month ago

    She can send love through her palms, that’s some anime shit.

  • slinkybobcat225
    slinkybobcat225 Month ago

    I like the way she had a micro orgasm when she smelt the hand-sanitizer I’m not saying it’s wrong whatever gets you going is not up to me.

  • Darkhorse3211
    Darkhorse3211 Month ago

    I love this woman! She is just so positive and sweet! And, for reference, the only people who can fold fitted sheets are moms. I have no idea why, but it's some hidden secret :D

  • 6 chips
    6 chips Month ago

    Amazing skin.

  • c Ratda
    c Ratda Month ago

    Sis, drop your skin care routine...

  • Thomas Thomas Philp

    This is asian culture. We respect people, living beings and trees. We see life as interconnected where religions like Christianity tells that human being is the supreme being

  • Kevin Lee
    Kevin Lee Month ago

    "It's impossible to fold a fitted sheet." Lies.

  • Snorlaxxll
    Snorlaxxll Month ago

    1:51 Stephen with the Pikachu meme

  • fjollë.
    fjollë. Month ago

    she's soo cute

  • Hamza Turan Kubilay

    She is being very Japanese

  • Palm0n
    Palm0n Month ago

    She make me cry... idk why LOL

  • Stephane Guenette
    Stephane Guenette Month ago

    hehehhe tiddies up

  • Brian Fong
    Brian Fong 2 months ago

    Koji Kondo, her husband, makes the music for Super Mario Bro's.

    Just kidding.

  • ngawang lungtok
    ngawang lungtok 2 months ago +1

    1:43 Some white people laughed hearing her speak her language not knowing what she is saying is far more profound than all their lives.

  • Lenz C
    Lenz C 2 months ago

    She is a very attractive woman, i will just say that.
    Her Netflix show is also fun.

  • Rod Squad
    Rod Squad 2 months ago

    She seems nice but the ocd thing makes me feel shes a little off kilter lol.

  • The Wolf
    The Wolf 2 months ago

    I half-expected Jon Stewart to come bumbling out from under that desk during their cleaning it up.

    What a lovely and charming woman Marie Kondo is! I miss being in a culture that values things beyond their financial worth.

  • M. Roman
    M. Roman 2 months ago

    LOVE you Stephen; you are brilliant, funny, ethical, witty, incisive and adorable! (Fair to say this after, I don’t know how many years of watching you).
    Forgive the nit pickiness, but I know you are precise, so I just wanted to clarify that translators work with the written word, and interpreters are oral. Simultaneous interpretation is what you’d think; verbalized as the person speaks.

  • selohcin
    selohcin 2 months ago +1

    Marie Kondo's "Tidying Up" combined with Jordan Peterson's "Clean Your Room"...what secrets could await?

  • O G
    O G 2 months ago

    Wow she's really not making it easy on the translator. She's speaking at 2x speed!

  • Rue U
    Rue U 2 months ago

    She really brightens up my day. Man it's infectious!

  • Peter John Pickles
    Peter John Pickles 2 months ago

    I just fell in love with Marie Kondo :)

  • Claudia
    Claudia 2 months ago

    I like to know she knows the words "cult" and "compound" because of how often people say they want to join her cult

  • Matthew Savoy
    Matthew Savoy 2 months ago


  • Kyrie 0
    Kyrie 0 2 months ago

    We all gotta follow her "Konmari" method up

  • Sarthak Dash
    Sarthak Dash 2 months ago

    I want her to clean something down here ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Jatin Bhatnagar
    Jatin Bhatnagar 2 months ago +2

    She's so cute! And the voice and the mannerisms too ❤️

    ANDROID PLAY NUGGET 2 months ago

    Asian girl look so cute that's why i love asian girl

  • Yasser's Anime and Gaming Channel

    You know what? I absolutely LOVE Japanese women!! they're so damn cute and polite I wish to marry one.

  • Pukes
    Pukes 2 months ago +2

    Interesting, so she's all about being thankful for what you have and honoring your possessions?

  • Schrodinger's Cat
    Schrodinger's Cat 2 months ago

    we could use this in the age of information. 片づけるが必要

  • Druido Bianco
    Druido Bianco 2 months ago

    Am i the only one that thinks she’s sexy as hell? ❤️

  • Barbie Gee
    Barbie Gee 2 months ago +1

    Watched how Ellen treated her and it was really cringey to watch her refusing to understand Marie, not only does Stephen show respect but he actually listens to her and wants to hear what she has to say👏❤

  • stephen pain
    stephen pain 2 months ago

    So enjoyable. I think that if decluttering can be seen as an exercise in "joyfulness" it certainly will be done each day. So many people find tidying up to be drudgery.

  • seoltang'93
    seoltang'93 2 months ago


  • ElvenSithLord
    ElvenSithLord 2 months ago

    This woman is so precious.

  • zanetusken
    zanetusken 2 months ago +1

    The perfect woman doesnt ex.......oh.