• Published on Nov 19, 2019
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  • BuckArmy
    BuckArmy  21 day ago +35

    Do you guys prefer uploads at this time? Or early morning UK time? Also last Icon video nearly got 2K Likes! Thank you guys!

    • I'm Special
      I'm Special 20 days ago

      Buck TV uk time easy before school cause im from Scotland so it's perfect

    • Brent Spain
      Brent Spain 21 day ago

      Be nice if you could stream and upload everything at 6:02 pm Pacific standard time. Every day. Thanks.

    • Bao FC
      Bao FC 21 day ago

      This is the perfect time to upload. Do you want to open my Base Icon pack ?
      Reply to me if you want to.
      I won't be able to reply beacause I'm in the English time zone and I have school tomorrow

    • EvoXXX Bih
      EvoXXX Bih 21 day ago

      Nowwws fuk uk

    • Superaf123
      Superaf123 21 day ago

      Buck TV I would say now but not bothered what is better for u really

  • Hootini 15
    Hootini 15 18 days ago

    did my base icon pack got base drogba. hes decent happy with that

  • DL YT
    DL YT 18 days ago +1

    Buck I actually got Ronaldo In my fut champs rewards, look at my video😂

  • H4rv3ySk1nn3r
    H4rv3ySk1nn3r 19 days ago

    Saving for barnes or baggio, who’s better?

  • Marvin Tapper
    Marvin Tapper 20 days ago

    I would be happy cuse i bought him he is pretty goo

  • Israel Dominguez
    Israel Dominguez 20 days ago

    Yoo buck can I get an unban from twitch? I used to pipe down rachel back in AZ and I don’t think you should hold it against me bro

  • Lakze
    Lakze 20 days ago +1

    This is literally a young version of Aaron Paul

  • Adam :/
    Adam :/ 20 days ago +1

    I Also got barnes in the base icon pack today! Hope he is good!

  • Kamil Domanski
    Kamil Domanski 20 days ago

    Chose pack instead of hagi and I don t regret got cruyff

  • nope v2
    nope v2 20 days ago

    yes I would

  • Louis Barker
    Louis Barker 20 days ago

    Bro I’ve almost got mine would you open it I am on PlayStation

    • Louis Barker
      Louis Barker 19 days ago

      Buck TV ok bro what your name?

    • BuckArmy
      BuckArmy  20 days ago

      Louis Barker message me on PlayStation and I’m down!

  • Louis Barker
    Louis Barker 20 days ago

    That’s sham if they charged u money

  • Jack Wrigth
    Jack Wrigth 20 days ago

    Got okocha and he actually isn’t bad

  • M4rvel
    M4rvel 20 days ago

    I packed crespo from mine , what a waste

    LVW GOALKEEPING 20 days ago

    I got a base icon pack if u wanna open bro

    • BuckArmy
      BuckArmy  20 days ago

      LVW GOALKEEPING message me on twitter! Would love to!

  • bram _vvg4
    bram _vvg4 20 days ago

    If you dm me on insta you can do my icon pack

    • BuckArmy
      BuckArmy  20 days ago

      bram _vvg4 message me now and I’m down

  • Thomas Pavri
    Thomas Pavri 20 days ago

    Ngl buck is my favourite RUclipr hands down

  • Rian Murphy
    Rian Murphy 20 days ago +1

    I have one if u give me Fifa points

  • B05 Gaming
    B05 Gaming 20 days ago

    got zola in mine - thought it was del p :/

    • BuckArmy
      BuckArmy  20 days ago

      B05 Gaming Zola is still an incredible one dude!

    • Louis Barker
      Louis Barker 20 days ago

      B05 Gaming bro zola base card is mad tho still

  • John Flynn
    John Flynn 20 days ago

    Id be happy with Barnes that card is unbelievable

  • Santiago Aguerrevere
    Santiago Aguerrevere 20 days ago

    Dude I’ll let you open my pack for free. Why are people so desperate for money, or is it that you offered them money?

  • Ray Van Geldorp
    Ray Van Geldorp 20 days ago

    Are you jessy pinkman?

  • marios georgiou
    marios georgiou 20 days ago

    yes barnes is decent

  • StanleyNT
    StanleyNT 20 days ago

    Hey Buck ;) are from UK? Which city ?:D

    • BuckArmy
      BuckArmy  20 days ago

      StanleyNT from the states man!

  • Aj aj
    Aj aj 20 days ago

    If I was good enough to get icon pack I would defo let you

  • Kieran NFFC Kirk
    Kieran NFFC Kirk 20 days ago

    Great video

  • Clip It boys
    Clip It boys 20 days ago

    Saw the stream where you struggled to get 1

  • Caleb Janvier
    Caleb Janvier 20 days ago

    Yes, I’d be happy with that icon for sure. Looks cheeky

  • TwoGen Gaming
    TwoGen Gaming 20 days ago

    I like the video before I watch cause I know it's going to be a banger ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Silence Lambs
    Silence Lambs 20 days ago

    Yes I would be happy

  • Yung Iceyy
    Yung Iceyy 20 days ago


  • Rolande
    Rolande 20 days ago

    Great video! and good to see more content than promised in the title! :D

  • goudarz733
    goudarz733 20 days ago

    Let’s Go Buckkk! Keep Em coming brotha

  • Robert Santich
    Robert Santich 20 days ago

    Buck said comment so I will

  • CKScott
    CKScott 20 days ago


  • Peach C
    Peach C 21 day ago

    Sup Buck!

  • draft manny
    draft manny 21 day ago

    Base Icon more like Shit icon

  • Anmol Dhingra
    Anmol Dhingra 21 day ago

    Havertz and brandt have med med roo. They're amazing

  • Collin Daniels
    Collin Daniels 21 day ago

    Buck puts out for base icon packs. And i love it ;)

  • matt watkins
    matt watkins 21 day ago

    Could have been a lot worst...like Giggs or something. So many guys worth less than 250k you could have gotten, so thats a win for sure

  • jonathan tejada
    jonathan tejada 21 day ago

    Keep up the vids buck

  • max tyson
    max tyson 21 day ago

    My guy! keep it up!

  • jamaximin
    jamaximin 21 day ago +16

    He protec, he attac but most importantly he gets barnes in a pack

  • Hollis G
    Hollis G 21 day ago

    Keep up the good content Buck!! 🔥

  • Zachary
    Zachary 21 day ago

    Stream today buck ?

  • Benji Wilson
    Benji Wilson 21 day ago

    Yes Buck, I can't believe you got to open another one. I was in the stream and it was looking pretty dismal for a while, have a great day

  • azhar miah
    azhar miah 21 day ago

    I packed ucl Brandt. The biggest troll

  • Brent Spain
    Brent Spain 21 day ago

    Buck is so dedicated he plugged in his xbox last night😂😂😂. Dedicated to bringing you content...

  • Mohan Popat
    Mohan Popat 21 day ago

    I got Laudrup from mine ☹️

  • Healy
    Healy 21 day ago

    Asif you had to pay people that's harsh

  • Danny vZsZ
    Danny vZsZ 21 day ago

    Do you open viewer fut champs rewards? If so I got a gold 1 account

  • Danny vZsZ
    Danny vZsZ 21 day ago

    Futwiz Lyrics got 90 R9 out of this pack last night but he has 94 R9 already so he wasn’t even hyped about it lol

  • Gags D
    Gags D 21 day ago +1

    John barnes lfc legend YNWA

  • gameplay ellis
    gameplay ellis 21 day ago

    Not the worst pull great video once again

  • Adam Kenyon
    Adam Kenyon 21 day ago

    What sort of absolute cretin thumbs downs your videos? Toxic mouth breathers

    • BuckArmy
      BuckArmy  21 day ago +1

      Haha bro what they don't realize is that it actually still helps with videos when they interact with it

  • OM4Rx
    OM4Rx 21 day ago

    I love these packs, wish a lot more ppl had done this but I can understand why there isn’t many of them

    • BuckArmy
      BuckArmy  21 day ago +1

      Totally get why people didn't as it's a massive gamble. Huge respect to the guys that risk it though!

  • LEO TV
    LEO TV 21 day ago


  • Miguel Valente
    Miguel Valente 21 day ago

    Almost ready to open the icon pack, do you want it?

    • BuckArmy
      BuckArmy  21 day ago

      Would love it man! message me on twitter!

  • The Prodigy Son
    The Prodigy Son 21 day ago +1

    Always top quality content! That icon was actually decent

    • The Prodigy Son
      The Prodigy Son 21 day ago +1

      Buck TV I got 91 Eusebio from Gold 2 SB, it’s great we both got something 😂

    • BuckArmy
      BuckArmy  21 day ago +1

      Thank you dude! Really happy with that Icon pull!

  • EvoXXX Bih
    EvoXXX Bih 21 day ago

    If you want ill let you open my gold 3 fut champs packs nd elite one squad battle packs

    • EvoXXX Bih
      EvoXXX Bih 21 day ago

      Buck TV how do i know when you are live

    • BuckArmy
      BuckArmy  21 day ago

      We open all rewards when they drop man! Hop by the stream!