How Your Brain Falls In Love | Dawn Maslar | TEDxBocaRaton

  • For centuries poets and philosophers have speculated what causes two people to fall in love. Now, Biologist Dawn Maslar M.S. puts an innovative twist on this age-old question. Science can now take the mystery out of love. Thanks to latest neuroscience we can finally explain how your brain falls in love.
    In this innovative twist on this age-old question, Maslar explores the latest neuroscience and explains how your brain falls in love.

    For centuries poets and philosophers have speculated what causes two people to fall in love. Now, Biologist Dawn Maslar M.S. puts an innovative twist on this age-old question. Science can now take the mystery out of love. Thanks to latest neuroscience we can finally explain how your brain falls in love.
    In this innovative twist on this age-old question, Maslar explores the latest neuroscience and explains how your brain falls in love.
    This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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  • Dr.Gyana Ranjan Mishra

    Brilliant awsomeu moved me

  • lia re
    lia re 11 hours ago

    Falling in love is curse

  • C
    C 15 hours ago

    So what if as a female you’ve never fallen in love with any guy

  • Moonchild Pisces
    Moonchild Pisces Day ago +1

    Real question is: how do you fall out of love? 😒

  • Vincent S.
    Vincent S. Day ago +1

    Why hast thou summoned upon me, recommended?

  • Clinton Otieno
    Clinton Otieno Day ago

    Just poped on my Recommended

  • Sam Tagavi
    Sam Tagavi Day ago

    People don’t fall in love with brain

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  • Ekastevia Julip
    Ekastevia Julip Day ago

    Yes that is right...hey this kid had a point here. Hey why do this video is in my RUclip recommendation

  • Hope M
    Hope M 2 days ago

    Wait I'm so sad they ruined the relationship between those little rodents 🥺

  • bubble bubble
    bubble bubble 2 days ago

    I have adhd and thats where the dopamin part becomes problematic

  • Ary Rios
    Ary Rios 5 days ago

    So no one's going to comment on the internal contradictions of her research? We know that when men fall in love "their testosterone levels go down"... later she say that oxytocin can't be involved in the process of males falling in love because of testosterone blocking it, so it has to be vassopresin and testosterone "which we know goes up". Which one of those statements is true? Besides, why are we comparing humans to exclusively monogamous mammals? As we know, humans can fall in love not only multiple times but with more than one person at once.

    ARJUN KANOJIA 6 days ago


  • Anastasija pilnikova

    Brilliant Conclusion

  • känguru161
    känguru161 7 days ago

    Okay so what about female homosexuality??

  • Morgan Ruff
    Morgan Ruff 8 days ago

    This has weird heteronormatives that leaves so many lgbtq related gaps

  • Alex McClellan
    Alex McClellan 8 days ago +3

    Me watching this in quarantine because I’m sad and lonely

  • Saadia Atif
    Saadia Atif 8 days ago

    interesting and time-taking findings

  • tro ni
    tro ni 8 days ago

    Hey some body help me in 3:53 what the she said.... I'm Vietnamese people so i can't heard exactly

  • The Brahma Bull
    The Brahma Bull 9 days ago +1

    Now I think love is even more complicated then I used to think 😌.

  • Yadira Lesley Perez
    Yadira Lesley Perez 11 days ago +1

    This is the perfect opportunity for"must be love on the brain" by Rihanna

  • Abhiyender Singh
    Abhiyender Singh 13 days ago

    Brain don't fall in love, it's heart fall in love.

  • vishesh Naik
    vishesh Naik 14 days ago

    Is there way to not fall in love or love resistant something??

  • Logan Schurman
    Logan Schurman 24 days ago

    Sounds more like infatuation than love

  • Micah Guillemette
    Micah Guillemette 24 days ago +1

    I came in thinking i would get answers, i came out very confused

  • Alice Mc
    Alice Mc 28 days ago

    It still doesn't answer how men fall in love. Men become committed when they fall in love not the other way round.

  • KoalaBby JK
    KoalaBby JK 28 days ago +1

    My boyfriend always says “ I just knew when I saw you smiling and when my heart skipped a beat“ ...

    TRUTH SEEKER 28 days ago

    That is so true about man's commitment.. I experienced this as a man

  • Some Random Person
    Some Random Person 29 days ago

    2016: Love concerning Men and Women.
    2020: What about gays?

  • Sukamal Shil
    Sukamal Shil 29 days ago

    This is so true but why this video my recommendation?

  • Creed Bratton
    Creed Bratton Month ago +1

    But here’s the catch:

  • Natalie Davis
    Natalie Davis Month ago

    Hehe.......... My Chemical Romance

  • Mill H
    Mill H Month ago

    Wow. Makes so much sense.

  • Yachana Das
    Yachana Das Month ago

    She nailed it and bravo grandma . We needed this .

  • Kaavya Raigambandarage

    Is it weird that I told my mum that love is just a chemical reaction and this popped up on my recommended feed?

  • Arsalan
    Arsalan Month ago

    Such a complicated study.

  • PleazeMe
    PleazeMe Month ago

    Awesome video! We just shared with our members on PleazeMe!

  • Despoina Krt
    Despoina Krt Month ago +46

    No one:
    RUclip: Here watch this after 4 years it was released

  • achoos achu
    achoos achu Month ago

    I guess too much science is not good for my brain i guess 😤
    By the way why is this in my reccomendation .

  • mystery queen
    mystery queen Month ago

    I have crush on someone more than 6months and never say hi to him or talk to him what should I do?!

  • Traevale King
    Traevale King Month ago

    RUclip is giving me signs it’s time to find the one 😭

  • Katerina Papageorgiou

    I’m actually in love with someone who will never feel the same way

  • Alyssa May
    Alyssa May Month ago

    i think she means that his equivalent to an orgasm, is commitment. like obviously one orgasm isn't enough to make you fall in love, but over time, after many orgasms, or in his case, many satisfying love-filled days, it becomes apparent that he's happy with the person. thats where the commitment comes into play, and with the lowering of his guard, and testosterone, he then falls deep in love.

  • Deanna De Leon
    Deanna De Leon Month ago

    But the study was tested on the prairies. I believe it but it wasn’t tested on humans.

  • Jocey
    Jocey Month ago

    Me: okay I think he might be falling in love with me

  • Dr Beyonder
    Dr Beyonder Month ago


  • Jason Ivy
    Jason Ivy Month ago

    Any research on .... bear with me here this may sound f$&@ up but unfortunately I’m serious... what are the be.... let me start over I’m a drug addict who is withdrawing from opiates... I’ve noticed wet dreams a cure during acute withdrawals also in post withdrawals or minor like I’m in iv noticed . “Ejaculating “ is something that seems to ... help or give me a few minutes of relief from the skin chills and crawling ...... also showers and sneezing... yes sneezing I’m not sure how but it feels in direct relation to dopamine “ depletion “ I guess ..... Idontknow just wondering if you herd anything

  • Jedi Knight janicans

    Women can sleep with men and have orgasms with a lot of oxytoxin being released and still not fall in love.

  • Deirdra Martinez
    Deirdra Martinez Month ago

    Why does it make me super happy to know that my ex, who is getting married, now has lower testosterone?! 😂😂😂

    MD SHADAB ALAM Month ago

    Completely relating her English about love affair dealer is with mainly pausable and not influenced audience in a good way sounds off

  • People are people
    People are people 2 months ago


  • Cathryn Craux
    Cathryn Craux 2 months ago

    Leave everything... tell me how do you get to know that you're in love 😂

  • Sophiesticated Books
    Sophiesticated Books 2 months ago

    So for him to fall in love I need him to marry me. hmm.

  • Nikhil Choudhary
    Nikhil Choudhary 2 months ago

    I don't wanna know i just want to feel so i didn't watched video

  • Luciana Clara
    Luciana Clara 2 months ago +1

    I wonder, does having an orgasm from playing with myself and thinking about that guy have a similar effect?

  • lacortney finch
    lacortney finch 2 months ago

    Probably explains why older men commit more and faster... maybe it’s because their testosterone is lower 🤔

  • Mary Sylvain
    Mary Sylvain 2 months ago

    Grammy is always right

    ARI ARI 2 months ago

    so what is exactly determine what make us feel love or attraction for specific person and not for anyone in general. I mean why from 10 person I’m attracted to only one person? what is the reasons behind our choices?

  • OhMyBooda
    OhMyBooda 2 months ago

    I slept with this girl and I really did not want a relationship with her but now find I have feelings and can't stop thinking about her.

  • duru
    duru 2 months ago

    turkish subtitle please💜

  • Julze
    Julze 2 months ago

    ok when she said animal studies I raged

  • Elaine R
    Elaine R 2 months ago

    Interesting video, give it a go

  • sleepe361
    sleepe361 2 months ago

    Dawn your name says it all. You need to wake up. This is why the pharmaceutical industry is in control of people.

  • Arya
    Arya 2 months ago

    this was too heteronormative

  • Adrita Roy
    Adrita Roy 2 months ago

    Need to get a Prarie Vole for myself. Atleast I won't have to worry about it cheating.

  • Maju Santos
    Maju Santos 2 months ago

    É por isso que eu amo as palestras do TEDx. Eles esclarecem tantas coisas, me fazem ter mais conhecimento 🤧💕

  • Brandi Danford
    Brandi Danford 2 months ago

    So... if the testosterone goes down for men.. why later on does it say testosterone goes up? Zero sense.

  • rarted purple
    rarted purple 2 months ago

    im here off of a tiktok

  • Sweet_CZT
    Sweet_CZT 2 months ago

    Ok we know how humans fall in love but what we want to know is how we can stop loving the same person again and again.

  • Maria Fernanda Mosquera

    Granny is so right!!!

  • Requiem
    Requiem 3 months ago +6

    "Love is just a chemical reaction that compels animals to breed"

  • ash ton
    ash ton 3 months ago

    she stutters over her words a lot.

  • Esmeralda Garcia
    Esmeralda Garcia 3 months ago

    Are you saying it’s too late to know if he actually loves me since we slept together the first night when drunk 🥴😂 he seems committed rn lmao🥺

  • Claudia Salas
    Claudia Salas 3 months ago

    esto explica muchas cosas!

  • Jay Alshehri
    Jay Alshehri 3 months ago

    I feel the man who says POSSIBLE 😒

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    It’s even biblical

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    How tf am I having this video in my recommendation after 3 fckn years?? Did RUclip track down that I broke up or what??

  • George Zaharia
    George Zaharia 3 months ago

    saying your brain falls in love makes no fkin sense, you are the brain, the body is just a vehicle for us to move around, otherwise we would've still be swiming like spermatozoids

  • Айгерим Асанбек кызы

    Such an interesting research 🔥