150 ROYAL RECRUITS! Clash Royale NEW WORLD RECORD! Most Royal Recruits in One Match Gameplay!

  • Published on Jul 20, 2018
  • Clash Royale New World Record For The New Royal Recruits Card! - 150 ROYAL RECRUITS! Clash Royale NEW WORLD RECORD! Most Royal Recruits in One Match Gameplay!
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Comments • 168

  • HaVoC Gaming
    HaVoC Gaming  Year ago +27

    Have you tried to set the record? 🌚
    >Snapchat - hav0cgaming
    >Instagram - instagram.com/carlos.pineda99
    >Twitter - twitter.com/HavocGaming_YT

    • Parekh Moiz
      Parekh Moiz Year ago

      Damn u had better cards in the drAft but quite suck in playing this game

    • Evanger Riley
      Evanger Riley Year ago

      royal recruits r super OP, gonna get a HUGE Nerf

    • AARON
      AARON Year ago

      HaVoC My clan JESJMADA could really need you we are in need of better players I would be honored if you could help us out dude

    • Timothy McIntosh
      Timothy McIntosh Year ago

      I counted 73 but I could be missing the clones

  • Phayme George
    Phayme George 4 months ago


  • Arence Agcaoili
    Arence Agcaoili 5 months ago

    I got 100... Losses 😂

  • LeJohn Price
    LeJohn Price 6 months ago

    Havoc I love your channel your voice and content makes your channel watchable and enjoyable I would love to join your clan please

  • xDeath
    xDeath 10 months ago

    1 like = $1 for dat ipad

  • VlanC Otaku
    VlanC Otaku Year ago +1

    R.I.P the Royal recruits

  • Haahaah Heeehehee

    I tried and I got 112

  • Dr. CashMoney
    Dr. CashMoney Year ago

    Wow! More than nickatnytes run

  • Smile4Games
    Smile4Games Year ago

    Did u know u spelled royale wrong

  • Mario Master
    Mario Master Year ago +1

    Goblin Drill > Royal Recruits
    But for real I did the challenge twice and got 7 wins both times, 1 win away from the new card...

  • Phi Dương
    Phi Dương Year ago

    royal recruits can be counter with with proper pulling and a splash unit, but that is gonna require some skills

  • Bunny loot
    Bunny loot Year ago

    i will went to try it with my friends buttt i always lose the hole game :')
    nah its just a game........im just lining about it :)

  • Rommel Solis
    Rommel Solis Year ago

    I subscribed ant hit the bell and left a like

  • Joe's Mobile Gaming

    Wow ur next to me I live in texas

  • Erik Cupa
    Erik Cupa Year ago

    Hey check global top players

  • krasuuuee
    krasuuuee Year ago


  • Mike Nijland
    Mike Nijland Year ago

    Dude 4092 tropies and lvl 12 your a noob

  • Ethan Shea
    Ethan Shea Year ago +1

    The new princess emotes look like something I would see in the OG teen titans

  • Sarthak Bansal
    Sarthak Bansal Year ago +1

    The problem with your war deck is that it had no strong ground-based counter. Just an inferno dragon is not enough

  • DJ_whatever
    DJ_whatever Year ago +1

    Got 9 wins, the highest I've gotten in any challenge... I feel accomplished

  • Farhad Amin
    Farhad Amin Year ago

    I'm still waiting for the emotes to be free

  • Ansh Chess and Gaming

    Wel done

  • alin8080
    alin8080 Year ago +1

    7:09 *and now I will get kicked from my own clan...*
    I know that feel bro xD

  • MR WOLF36
    MR WOLF36 Year ago

    finaly Havoc make a video love you're video damn son

  • Danielle Lozano
    Danielle Lozano Year ago


  • Lordheadass
    Lordheadass Year ago

    So I got the Royal bois and you didn't I'm not ass at the game

  • ReviewAnythingExceptTech USA

    Unwritten fact: if you have the royal recruits, you WILL win. All 3 matches I lost was when I didn’t have the Royal recruits

  • Dadk loo
    Dadk loo Year ago

    7-2 then I lost almost got it

    TIM ACE Year ago

    Lol i play cr better than havoc😂😂...i m lvl 10 and i got in first try 12-1

  • Samuel Soo
    Samuel Soo Year ago

    11:11 make a wish(the vid duration)

  • Given Tehran Games

    I have set the record with the royale recruits challenge!

    The person with the least wins on the royal recruits challenge

  • Donghoon 2
    Donghoon 2 Year ago +1

    Can u post some BRAWL STARS VIDEO?

  • Donghoon 2
    Donghoon 2 Year ago +1

    I got 0-3....

  • Ethan Choi
    Ethan Choi Year ago

    havoc bought the emotes.

  • TonKotsu Productions


  • Lincoln Simmons
    Lincoln Simmons Year ago

    Havoc that challenge was too easy I went 12 and 1

  • M. R.
    M. R. Year ago


  • Keljen 666
    Keljen 666 Year ago

    I’m in crystal league

  • Doctor YouTube
    Doctor YouTube Year ago


  • Yeetus The Fetus
    Yeetus The Fetus Year ago +1

    Thats what happens when u have snapchat yall dont need that shitty app

  • Guccilius Ganglious

    I got 1 win

  • Bubbo
    Bubbo Year ago +1

    Royal recruits already need a Nerf even though people said they were just upgraded guards but boy are they different

  • Tijl Hendrickx
    Tijl Hendrickx Year ago

    I lost 11-3... Supercell likes to troll players... Obviously

  • Dicky Bondz
    Dicky Bondz Year ago +4

    Lol wut was the point in this upload

  • Average
    Average Year ago

    HaVoC still plays this game?

    • Tijl Hendrickx
      Tijl Hendrickx Year ago

      No he only plays Candy Crush... You can see that

  • Vicious 244
    Vicious 244 Year ago

    Did i get punched

  • Michael Christian

    Lol this proves clone spell isn't that useless after all

  • Tucker Aiello
    Tucker Aiello Year ago

    Hey havoc

  • Rogelio Esquivel
    Rogelio Esquivel Year ago

    Dank havoc

  • Fortnite Gaming
    Fortnite Gaming Year ago

    i love you havoc

  • shrek wazowski
    shrek wazowski Year ago +23

    Royal recruits are OP

  • Nicolas Golini
    Nicolas Golini Year ago

    6:27 moan lol

    • M. R.
      M. R. Year ago

      Nicolas Golini what's the big deal

  • leaf hurricane yt gaming

    The Royal recruits are kind of broken

  • CaTaV BS_Ro YT Ro_YT

    You are awesome please mare think Who plăcere love in clash royale

  • Christian Jimenez
    Christian Jimenez Year ago +2

    ¿Como es Mexico havoc?

  • DeZiiRe SlaZeR
    DeZiiRe SlaZeR Year ago

    Well wasn’t that a nice golem

  • SharkyTheGW- Mobile Gaming

    This troop is definitely getting a nerf lmao

  • IamNota Blizzard
    IamNota Blizzard Year ago +1

    those Royal recruits wreak Havoc
    Edit: That is a stupid joke

  • TFG_Doritos
    TFG_Doritos Year ago


  • Yeet The Memes
    Yeet The Memes Year ago