Single Girl's Son Is A Bear In The Sims 4 | Part 15

  • Published on Apr 13, 2019
  • Kelsey is back to play the Sims 4 and continues the very long, and very popular 100-baby challenge with part 15! Chelsea is determined to make this new year her best yet, but the children are going through a phase.
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    Game: The Sims 4, Electronic Arts
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Comments • 29 587

  • Shainajane Lara
    Shainajane Lara 2 hours ago

    for a girl can u name her either: Kristine, Lily, Riley or Bee/B
    for a boy: Angel or Simon
    Thank You! ❤️❤️

  • Siarra Taylor
    Siarra Taylor 3 hours ago

    Do Elijah or Elizabeth

  • Kimmy Prince
    Kimmy Prince 4 hours ago

    I would love to have one named after me my name is Kimmy

  • Yellow Banana
    Yellow Banana 8 hours ago

    can you upload all the kids and Kasey to the library under #100babychallenge

  • Kayla Strong
    Kayla Strong Day ago

    Dylan for a boy and kayla for a girl # I love you and your videos

  • Elizabeth Vazquez

    What about Olivia

  • Kailan De'na
    Kailan De'na Day ago

    Boy names: Kalup, Kalil, Kalid, De'anté, Rickey, Marcus, Mark, Jake, Craig,
    Girl names: Kailan, Kelsey, Madison, Laihla, Liz, Millie
    Gender neutral: Dominique, Billie

  • Lindsay Clark
    Lindsay Clark Day ago

    U need a new house

  • lrnliz1217
    lrnliz1217 Day ago

    For a boy Asher or billy

  • Lamar Crews
    Lamar Crews Day ago +1

    if you have another baby in this episode, I would rather you name her or him Jordan, because it is a girl or a boy name, you can name each of them Jordan

  • Ellie’s House
    Ellie’s House Day ago

    My name is Ellie 😂😂

  • BoKoMi Begins
    BoKoMi Begins Day ago

    If your next baby is a boy you should name him alex if a girl name her lucy ♥️♥️

  • Susan Graham
    Susan Graham 2 days ago

    Rats. She's passing out. Lol

  • The worst player in overwatch history Uwu

    Why are the babies straight after their Bourne end up either in the toddlers room or the kids room and then you’re like you know doing something and you seem like a Y

  • Marissa Lambert
    Marissa Lambert 3 days ago

    Mya or mikey

  • Nikky Ruiz
    Nikky Ruiz 3 days ago

    Omg I love when Chelsea passes out it’s so hilarious

  • Jaco Brand
    Jaco Brand 3 days ago

    Can you name a baby Mickey because my nickname is Mickey Mouse

  • The real angel
    The real angel 4 days ago

    For a girl Sofia a boy Samuel

  • Takis Mata
    Takis Mata 4 days ago +1

    So far I like these videos which is why I subscribed

  • Olivia Smith
    Olivia Smith 4 days ago +1

    what i learned this episode: seeing people die turns you into a furry

  • Rebekah Downey
    Rebekah Downey 4 days ago

    Wow. My daughters name is iris. Kinda offended

  • Bryn Kogianes
    Bryn Kogianes 5 days ago

    if a girl rynleigh if boy name caiden

  • Alenah Ross
    Alenah Ross 6 days ago

    Girl: Kali
    Boy: Jalen

  • Danya Martin
    Danya Martin 6 days ago

    for a girl Rosie or Ivy and for a boy Andrew or dax. Andrew is my dads name.

  • Ava Campana
    Ava Campana 7 days ago

    If you have a girl Ashly,Chanel,Arianna,Anabelle,Chloe,Elle or Jan for a boy Alven,Allen,Jordan,Jaden,Chris,Diven or Mike

  • Lydia Lambert
    Lydia Lambert 7 days ago +1

    For a name choose for a girl Abigail and for a boy Adam if there twins

  • Ravyn Hunsicker
    Ravyn Hunsicker 7 days ago

    sorry that i said that i thing im going through a weird phase that makes me talk smack

  • Ravyn Hunsicker
    Ravyn Hunsicker 7 days ago

    when haley said yes to woohooing in my mind i was like ya lets go with the pro and with the bro and with the go pro

  • Idlewild 2nd Grade
    Idlewild 2nd Grade 8 days ago

    please do Caroline todays my birthday April 13, please...........

  • kenzie and i oop
    kenzie and i oop 8 days ago

    You shoud name one of your kids zaniah

  • S. Moore
    S. Moore 8 days ago

    Name a girl hazel please pick my comment

  • Ethan Mcpeters
    Ethan Mcpeters 9 days ago

    If it's a girl Lilly and if it's a boy Fred

  • MaKayla Flournoy
    MaKayla Flournoy 10 days ago

    If girl Emily or Allie
    If a boy Liam or Hunter

  • Real-Life Gaming
    Real-Life Gaming 10 days ago

    Myles Perry

  • Jelena Vadlja
    Jelena Vadlja 11 days ago


  • Halima L
    Halima L 12 days ago


  • Halima L
    Halima L 12 days ago

    A less

  • Maddison Devery
    Maddison Devery 13 days ago

    a boy named asher

  • Wendy Brandyburg
    Wendy Brandyburg 13 days ago

    80 more to go

  • FrannyDango
    FrannyDango 14 days ago +1

    For name suggestions I would say
    Boy : Camron

  • Eiyah_ Capiz
    Eiyah_ Capiz 14 days ago +2

    Baby count🍼
    1.Olive♀ Marcus
    2.Brielle♀ Dominic
    3.Jamie♂ J
    4.Alexis♀ Sergio
    5.Miles♂ Lars
    6.Renee♀ Lars
    7.Charlie♂ Craig
    8.Hazel♀ Mingyu
    9.Eric♂ Caron
    10.Niya♀ Steven
    11.Natalie♀ Steven
    12.Rosè♀ Maria
    13.River♂ Maria
    14.Flyn♂ Cayden
    15.Cooper♂ Cayden
    16.Addi♀ Yusuf
    17.Ellie♀ Craig Dreamdaddy
    18.Dorian♂ Craig Dreamdaddy
    19.Theo♂ Hailey
    20.Tristan♂ Hailey

  • Sami Wartooth
    Sami Wartooth 15 days ago

    Gloomy Foodie Boiiiiiii 😂💕

  • Angelica Antonakis
    Angelica Antonakis 15 days ago

    Name a girl Emily and a boy Ryan

  • Alter Ego
    Alter Ego 15 days ago

    1. Marcus - Olive
    2. Dominic - Brielle
    3. J Huntington II - Jaime
    4. Sergio - Alexis
    5. Lars - Miles (Renee’s twin)
    6. Lars - Renee (Miles’s twin)
    7. Craig Slater - Charlie
    8. Kim Mingyu - Hazel
    9. Caron - Eric
    10. Steven- Niya (Nathalie’s twin)
    11. Steven - Nathalie (Niya’s twin)
    12. Maria - Rosé (River’s twin)
    13. Maria - River (Rosé’s twin)
    14. Kayden - Flynn (Cooper’s twin)
    15. Kayden - Cooper (Flynn’s twin)
    16. Yusuf - Addi
    17. Craig DreamDaddy - Ellie (Dorian’s twin)
    18. Craig DreamDaddy - Dorian (Ellie’s twin)
    19. Hailey - Theo (Tristan’s twin)
    20. Hailey - Tristan (Theo’s twin)

  • The gifted guinea pig
    The gifted guinea pig 16 days ago

    Cooper is going through his furry phase it might not go away.

  • Nyah Henderson-Torres
    Nyah Henderson-Torres 16 days ago +1

    # victory

  • Caroline Gallagher
    Caroline Gallagher 16 days ago

    Please name a girl Caroline for a boy Jackson, Colin, Max, Robert. I love you so much!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️

  • BaconFlipz
    BaconFlipz 17 days ago +5

    I love how the guys don’t mind that Chelsea’s pregnant and she’s kissing men lol

  • Kylie Stockham
    Kylie Stockham 17 days ago

    Hazel was the one that hated kids

  • Geraint Bowen
    Geraint Bowen 17 days ago

    Name them after me and my brother mimi and max😘😍

  • Rebecca Wyant
    Rebecca Wyant 17 days ago +1

    i love this video's there so entertaining i can't wait till you have 100 babies!

  • Bella Vlogs
    Bella Vlogs 17 days ago

    Can you please name one after me Isabella and other girl names:presley,Whitley. Boy names:nick,cole

  • Xx Nova
    Xx Nova 18 days ago

    Get a dog plz

  • Ashley Gamer
    Ashley Gamer 19 days ago

    Baby boy names Zack or jack or Andrew

  • Gg Gamer
    Gg Gamer 19 days ago

    Make Adi have her own room and the boys share

  • PSPY
    PSPY 19 days ago +4

    can you name one of your daughters Millie cuz thats my dogs name

  • PSPY
    PSPY 19 days ago +1

    Don’t Chelsea and Haley look like Carol and Susan from friends?

  • PSPY
    PSPY 19 days ago +10

    “Cooper, is this because you’ve seen dead people die?” -Kelsey, Not Chelsea 2019
    wait, what? how is that possible

  • Nicole Katz
    Nicole Katz 20 days ago +1

    Hi Kelsey! I was really hoping you would name a baby after me, Nicole. Hope you like the name!

  • Lydia Elash
    Lydia Elash 21 day ago

    Two boy names are Devon and Dezil