Parkland Seniors Graduate As New Details About Shooting Emerge | TODAY

  • Published on Jun 4, 2018
  • Four months after the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, seniors attended an emotional graduation ceremony with a surprise commencement speaker: Jimmy Fallon. Scot Peterson, the armed officer who never entered the school during the shooting, will talk to TODAY on Tuesday. NBC’s Kerry Sanders reports for TODAY.
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    Parkland Seniors Graduate As New Details About Shooting Emerge | TODAY

Comments • 373

  • Karina R
    Karina R 3 days ago

    Seeing their senior pictures breaks my heart .

    THE ACOUSTIC CAGE 19 days ago

    This coward dont even know how to his own name: "scot".

  • Koral Burney
    Koral Burney 26 days ago


  • MK
    MK Month ago

    I don't care who you are
    You DO NOT need an assault rifle, a small hand pistol will be just fine for normal people. Also the NRA sucks just saying

  • HeAtHeRs musicals Yee

    What is happening to our world? :(

  • Adolf Hitler
    Adolf Hitler 2 months ago

    Hahahahaha they’re dead, they deserved it

  • Keep Going
    Keep Going 3 months ago


  • Lord Hughes
    Lord Hughes 3 months ago

    LMFAO Who writes these scripts?
    There so bad that even anchors and reporters are so uncomfortable they look like D list actors! 🤦‍♂️
    You liars are the lowest of the human race.
    “Thou shalt not bare false witness”
    Lying to families all across the world, Lying to children and to grandparents and spreading hate and fear among the brain dead masses. Feel shame or not you surely should lose sleep in fear of judgement day!

  • Kyle Choy
    Kyle Choy 4 months ago

    Woah, The Tonight Show came to Town!

  • Anabelle Rodas
    Anabelle Rodas 4 months ago +2

    This sad that the 4 kids couldn’t graduate and died I feel bad and makes me sad and those kids deserve to graduate not DIE prayers to god

  • Mani
    Mani 5 months ago

    If you think about it meadow was born a month after columbine and passed away in the parkland shooting....weird but rest easy #𝓅𝓇𝒾𝓃𝒸𝑒𝓈𝓈𝓂𝑒𝒶𝒹𝑜𝓌

  • Tuesday Tea ☕︎
    Tuesday Tea ☕︎ 5 months ago

    As a Broward Resident, I can confirm that - it is NOT the cop’s fault. We had a group of Officers come into our school and say, “Our job as officers is to not help injured students, but to find the crime, get rid of it, call the ambulance, and then get the kids help.” I’m so sorry for the kids who lost their lives.

    • belly tripper
      belly tripper 5 months ago

      You mean it IS the cops fault, right?

  • izzie the tortilla
    izzie the tortilla 7 months ago +1

    why is everyone mad at peterson if i heard gunshots u bet im running away from them

  • Edith Rubio
    Edith Rubio 10 months ago

    My hart goes to the parents to all the victims especially for the 4 Seioners

    • belly tripper
      belly tripper 5 months ago

      Miy hrtt gowws owwt tuu her spelleeeng teechr

  • Water wolves 102
    Water wolves 102 10 months ago

    he addnited it 4 days ago august 10 or 9 n0 11 i wrigthing this

  • Sophia Xu
    Sophia Xu 10 months ago

    Meadow looks a bit like Rosanna pansino!

  • Brightness the Light Goddess Fox

    Personally, I believe a person who murded several people on purpose deserves a death penalty.

  • Wayne Mullins
    Wayne Mullins 11 months ago

    The FBI had ample warning the police department had tons of warnings about this crazy kid the cops did not enter the building during shooting and if you say it wasn't their fault you're full of s*** the cops were cowards

  • jason walters
    jason walters 11 months ago

    Lmao. SHEEPTARDS believe anything MSM tells them

  • David Brown
    David Brown 11 months ago

    Rip to all of them🙏

  • maddie ferber
    maddie ferber 11 months ago +1

    It’s easy to say “i would have” but he didn’t and he is dancing around the issue to where in a job where his life is on the line and he should know that he put his own life before the students.

  • Joe Barcelona
    Joe Barcelona 11 months ago

    Did I mention that CBP and the School District Chief of Police were walking down the hall, at approximately 11PM on Christmas Eve. When they got to my classroom, they seemed surprised and disappointed to see me there, but the lead kept his cool, asking me, "Where does that door go? What's behind that door? Evidently, they were planning an "active shooter drill," according to the Principal, but they cancelled it...I can't get a high school teaching job now, and having financial hardship...and there's know they "never waste a crisis, especially the ones that they create...When they layer security and tell YOU it's going to be a drill, the TOP LAYER may bring in a real sniper team, and VOILA! the drill goes live, and Teach is shot in the head (for commenting on You Tube videos???) Then they blame a defenseless, handled, doped up, and/or disabled student???

  • Joe Barcelona
    Joe Barcelona 11 months ago

    1:20 Medina is obviously the handler that set Cruz up, besides discrediting him, oh, and he changes his story, and no cross-examination in this news report? Obviously, school administration also comprised of liars???

  • Joe Barcelona
    Joe Barcelona 11 months ago

    Did they get their mortgages paid off, like the Sandy Hook crisis actors???

    • David Rauschenbach
      David Rauschenbach 5 months ago

      They did not get their houses paid off and they are n't crisis acrors

  • The Isaiahnator
    The Isaiahnator Year ago

    3:02 That face...

  • brenton.
    brenton. Year ago

    i thought that was zayn malik in the thumbnail

    RICKY THE KING Year ago

    It's said what happened xxxtentaction made a song hoep dedicated to the victims that past away song hope

  • Ziggy Bowie
    Ziggy Bowie Year ago +1

    Fake all if it

  • Tyler Lee
    Tyler Lee Year ago


  • puckstar 34
    puckstar 34 Year ago

    Does that mean they're gonna work on banning everything because as soon as I hit somebody even with just a pen it can be called an assault weapon so just call it a rifle people will hopefully know the difference. Oh wait never mind only gun owners/supporters will.

  • Regina Duncan
    Regina Duncan Year ago

    X wrote a song deticated to this rip to him as well the song is hope


    NEW DETAILS...that no one asked for lol....tell a lie, tell the lie bigger, keep telling the lie, and eventually low iq people will believe it.

  • Jody Brelsford
    Jody Brelsford Year ago

    Train and arm all teachers to protect themselves and children. Then pay the teachers more who get trained and armed. Teachers want more money and we want our children safe.

  • Ziggy Bowie
    Ziggy Bowie Year ago


    • Joe Barcelona
      Joe Barcelona 11 months ago

      Ziggy Bowie Deadly propaganda? Deadly, or not?

  • Chicken Smiles
    Chicken Smiles Year ago

    so sad,we had another school shooting too....this is never going to change......we are trying but nothing changed💔R.I.P. y’all

    And if u had went in,u could have saved lives,but ur suppose to still go in and check
    But it’s sad that he has to lives with this

  • Joseph White
    Joseph White Year ago

    Rip zayn malik😭💀

    • shawnxcaylen
      shawnxcaylen Year ago +1

      Joseph White i thought I was the only one who saw that he looked like him

  • David Grover
    David Grover Year ago

    Number of assault weapons used by the killer. *ZERO!*
    So quit lying about what you traitors are actually after your lies prove that is not what you want.

  • Sebastian Rodriguez

    Hey guys, check out my Shopify store. Very basic (4 items) , but working on new designs and items!

  • Psychotic Trait
    Psychotic Trait Year ago

    This was a set-up. The evidence doesn’t add up, Nicholas Cruise didn’t commit the massacre, someone else did. This is an obvious cover-up.

  • Space Cadet
    Space Cadet Year ago

    What are the new details that emerged?

  • BoaSky
    BoaSky Year ago

    I’m in high school the thing imsuppose to worry about is Grades now I have to worry about living after high school

  • Jenny Jenkins
    Jenny Jenkins Year ago

    False flag, multiple shooters.

  • Nate G
    Nate G Year ago +1

    They want to take all guns not just what you call assault weapons there's no such thing as an assault weapon. It's a horrible thing that happened I'm losing my rights now to protect my land and family from my cold dead hands

  • Andrew Zacchini
    Andrew Zacchini Year ago

    So move to wakanda . Jimmy fallon... a speaker? Lmfao stupid jews

  • NoJo FIRE
    NoJo FIRE Year ago +9

    “How could i not I’m human”
    How could those kids not lose their lives they are human too.

  • Haley
    Haley Year ago +11

    I blame the inaction of law enforcement the months before the shooting when multiple red flags were raised that the shooter was a threat.

      BEN MARSHALL 4 months ago

      They can’t just arrest someone for having red flags i mean you can just post things about guns it’s legal and also him shooting squirrels and stuff is legal as well. Now i am not defending him or supporting him i’m just trying to explain. Also what he has done is terrible and insane and i hope he gets life in maximum security.

    • Jada Mendez
      Jada Mendez Year ago +1

      Haley 👏🏾

  • redneck rebel
    redneck rebel Year ago

    False flag

  • Lee Fisher. Styrene Marine

    I still believe cruise is a patsy

  • Jack Bevis
    Jack Bevis Year ago

    Scott Peterson is a murderer who killed his pregnant wife Laci.

  • Cole Lannen
    Cole Lannen Year ago +2

    All you tragically ignorant commenters ... Cruz didn’t do the Killing. He is a Patsy, Do your homework before believing mainstream news

    • bubba watson
      bubba watson 11 months ago

      Where video of him shooting? Not talking about it... but the actual footage?

    • Diana rodriguez
      Diana rodriguez Year ago

      Cole Lannen First, what’s a pasty? And second, there is literally FOOTAGE of him talking about how he was going to shoot up the school( although I won’t show it, cause I ain’t giving that jerk any attention)

  • AnthonyG
    AnthonyG Year ago +9

    What about his full body armor? What about the failure of the FBI? What about multiple victims reporting at least 3 shooters? What about his "futuristic" weapon? What about teachers mistaking him for the police? I'm not inferring anything btw, I would just like some answers. You know like what real journalists used to do. Ones with principles and morals.

    • Oculus 18
      Oculus 18 7 months ago

      What about you shut up.

    • Devon Montoya
      Devon Montoya Year ago

      The fbi is too concerned about stormy daniels and trump

  • MrsARDM Parsons
    MrsARDM Parsons Year ago

    This whole video 👎👎👎👎👎 just bs

  • Last Lime
    Last Lime Year ago

    All cameras, with people watching the cameras and no one knew or could pick up a phone or radio? Fake???

  • Last Lime
    Last Lime Year ago

    Only video of nothing-ness. No video of cruz at all. But the teacher, if they had a meeting can't disclose said meeting.

  • Last Lime
    Last Lime Year ago

    Less sjw a-holes. Karma?

  • Colincrpersie 19
    Colincrpersie 19 Year ago

    They didn’t do this for the one in Houston DID THEY

    • Joshua Calosso
      Joshua Calosso 4 months ago

      Colincrpersie 19 because it doesn’t fit the media’s agenda

  • Monique Bloom
    Monique Bloom Year ago +128


    • Chikzy
      Chikzy 4 months ago

      Its a big school, i go to a 3,000 student school

    • iinicxle
      iinicxle 5 months ago

      Mine just have 400, I go to a private school across the whole state so it’s very far like 2 hours

    • CrusherPride61
      CrusherPride61 6 months ago

      that's double the size of my school

    • Ana E
      Ana E 7 months ago

      My graduating class was around the same size, with like 50 kids graduating online, college academy, etc

  • lindseyxo
    lindseyxo Year ago

    We talk about gun violence all the time in Chicago but it's time we talk about white on white crime and white homegrown terrorist. White people with white crime skyrocketing what are u doing about it?

  • Montserrad Reyes
    Montserrad Reyes Year ago

    When it’s a school of majority of white kids they care more about what about to school with majority of Latinos and African America would ya care more?

  • Ted Style
    Ted Style Year ago


  • Coach Jack Bolton
    Coach Jack Bolton Year ago +10

    He choose flight over fight. Classic

  • definitely not candace

    People knew that Cruze was dangerous to the school and nothing was done about it, and yet people want to blame the weapon. Smh


      I rethink schools should report pote tial threats to the fbi and then be provided more on campus police in return

    • definitely not candace
      definitely not candace Year ago +1

      Black Ostrich yes, but when people know that, you’d think they would do something about it. It’s too much for schools to handle these days apparently. The schools need to take it up a notch


      but theirs at least one of those kids at every school, I don't my blame them

  • Pettey
    Pettey Year ago

    Nikolas is a great guy.

  • Deshun Hancock
    Deshun Hancock Year ago


  • Deshun Hancock
    Deshun Hancock Year ago


  • Deshun Hancock
    Deshun Hancock Year ago


  • Deshun Hancock
    Deshun Hancock Year ago +2

    Nick is a b

  • Bhm 253
    Bhm 253 Year ago +7


  • Hello People
    Hello People Year ago +1

    What is happening to this world 😥

  • veronica
    veronica Year ago +9

    It was cruz who did this, but its also the students and and the officer who didnt go in. Students bullied cruz without knowing his story , they didnt even try to be friends with him. But i have to say, he killed victims who did nothing to him. That isnt right. Mental illness kills. Thats why we should be focused more on mental illness , we gotta pay to be cured while people cannot buy pills to cure them each week. So what do they do? Dont take the medicine they need and express their emotions in a different way

  • Kayla Howard
    Kayla Howard Year ago +7

    he looks like a who

  • all_day_gamin
    all_day_gamin Year ago +94

    R.I.P 4 Seniors and the 13 Other victims!
    ( 4+13=17 )

    • Joshua Calosso
      Joshua Calosso Month ago

      all_day_gamin let it go and move on with your life

    • Mitzi Dabkins
      Mitzi Dabkins 2 months ago

      Agreed. *#DEATHTOCRUZ*

    • Joshua Calosso
      Joshua Calosso 2 months ago

      seraya w it doesn’t but bullying isn’t ok either

    • seraya
      seraya 2 months ago

      phil osophical him being so called “bullied” doesn’t make it okay to shoot 17 innocent people .

      BEN MARSHALL 4 months ago

      all_day_gamin Not executes jailed for life in maximum prison



  • Francesca Colby
    Francesca Colby Year ago

    Why did they say accused killer? He was charged wasn’t he

  • Yelllow
    Yelllow Year ago

    Its always sad to lose your kids, pray for them, but this is wait it happening in Palstain for more than 70 years, kids killed every day by Israelis

    • Yelllow
      Yelllow Year ago

      Boo Tolchin educate your self about the world around you then come and have this conversation with me dear

    • Boo Tolchin
      Boo Tolchin Year ago

      alyaa almansoori wtf are you talking about?

  • gillian owens
    gillian owens Year ago +1

    That so sad 🙏🏻

  • Gavin Reddig
    Gavin Reddig Year ago +1

    If someone says "Assault weapons" again man 😂

  • Kira Butler
    Kira Butler Year ago +177

    My mom who is a former cop said they are told never go in without back up because it’s unsafe it’s cop policy so don’t push the blame
    on the cop that was there

      BEN MARSHALL 4 months ago

      lonelytoker _ Still officer policy

    • Whitney Pyant
      Whitney Pyant 11 months ago

      lonelytoker _ that the problem they supposed to. My point is he and the guys were cowards.

    • David Louis
      David Louis Year ago +1

      colourful souls its NOT a policy at all. doctrine changed after Columbine. enter, locate, and eliminate when shooting is active.

    • David Louis
      David Louis Year ago

      Kira Butler your mom is wrong and so was the Coward of Broward

  • Nicholas Smith
    Nicholas Smith Year ago +6

    Carmen was my cousin

    • Dan Hobson
      Dan Hobson 3 months ago

      Nicholas Smith sorry for your loss

    • Lil' Ol' Me
      Lil' Ol' Me 10 months ago +1

      Nicholas Smith She was my friend back in middle school. I no longer live in South Florida, but I feel terrible that we didn’t stay connected after that

    • Bros Gamingz
      Bros Gamingz Year ago +1

      Nicholas Smith so sorry 😭 rip to her

    • Boo Tolchin
      Boo Tolchin Year ago

      I’m sorry for your loss may he Rest In Peace

  • DreamingTrapqueen
    DreamingTrapqueen Year ago +2

    Good Australia is clean.

  • Green Eyez
    Green Eyez Year ago +1

    Only 4 peopl3 died ? Wow thought more :( sorry

    • Boo Tolchin
      Boo Tolchin Year ago

      17 people died but only 4 seniors died

    • kimmidarko
      kimmidarko Year ago +2

      ACE it was 17 people that died, but 4 of them were seniors that were suppose to graduate this year.

  • santiago hernandez
    santiago hernandez Year ago +1

    NBC where on to you

  • William Horton
    William Horton Year ago

  • Norma Rae
    Norma Rae Year ago +3

    Why did Medina lie? Attorney General Pam Bondi said 3 other deputies lied. There is deep corruption in this event. I hope the truth will be revealed so that appropriate solutions can be implemented.

    • VallyCat
      VallyCat Year ago

  • Aek Sinsang
    Aek Sinsang Year ago +2

    When crisis actors graduate from crisis cast academy. Congratulations on your acting careers

    • David Rauschenbach
      David Rauschenbach 5 months ago

      @Aek Sinsang They don't have to show blood on tv for you to believe it

    • Aek Sinsang
      Aek Sinsang 6 months ago

      Carl Grimes you said maybe 10 times yet no evidence no blood no proof no anything other than fear hysteria preying on the meekest gullible people

    • Bros Gamingz
      Bros Gamingz Year ago +1

      Aek Sinsang just get out of here with that already. The theory of this shooting being "fake" has already been debunked. Where's the proof it's fake? Did you find that online? Where are the kids who died? If it's fake, then there has to be leaked evidence of them being alive. I don't even know why I bother writing this. Were you there when the shooting happened? I highly doubt you should take this as a reference, but you saying this is fake is really disrespectful toward the victims family and the victims themselves. And btw, I saw how you addressed someone's comment, saying "you would have evidence on your channel regarding it". Just cause she does not have the videos, does not mean it was fake. Maybe she does not have a phone. Maybe she never thought of uploading it. Maybe she doesn't want to have it on her channel.

    • Irene Mous
      Irene Mous Year ago +2

      I'm all about conspiracy theories but this is seriously disrespectful towards the victims and their families.

  • Woozler554
    Woozler554 Year ago +5

    Uh, where's David Hogg????????? Where are the photos of him in his cap and gown? How come HE isn't speaking on that stage???? …...Proof positive that David Hogg was NEVER a student at that school, and was a crisis actor, exactly as Alex Jones said!!!

    • David Rauschenbach
      David Rauschenbach 6 months ago

      @Bros Gamingz Prove it

    • David Rauschenbach
      David Rauschenbach 6 months ago

      @Bros Gamingz He graduated in 2018

    • Paige Allen
      Paige Allen Year ago +1

      It’s funny seeing someone with no connections acting like they know more about your school than you, can’t prove you wrong so keep on being ignorant

    • Aek Sinsang
      Aek Sinsang Year ago

      Carl Grimes 4 hours of “live” footage showing a pre arranged drill that included no standard medical protocols nor anything that would occur during a real shooting

  • Alizé Paredes
    Alizé Paredes Year ago +2

    jimmy is so sweet it's so nice of him to show up and speak out and this is horrible but most shooters shoot schools for attention stop mentioning this over and over again there were worse shootings stop talking about this one like honestly it's tragic and im sorry but it wasn't the last

  • The Lube Review
    The Lube Review Year ago +5

    The problem with the world is there isn’t enough violence. People think they’re words don’t have consequences and that their speech is protected. The good news is that it isn’t. Those survivors will think twice forever before they open their mouths and put a human being down. The world will be a better place.

    • Sherry Pickles
      Sherry Pickles Year ago +2

      The Lube Review you are deeply disturbed. This gun violence is never ok.

  • makarov kataw
    makarov kataw Year ago

    His not the shooter

  • Drank in my cup
    Drank in my cup Year ago


  • Cesar Gallego
    Cesar Gallego Year ago +54

    He's old...i dont think he would have ever gone in without police escorts. He can keep saying he thought the shooter was outside but then why head to the exact building he was in and position yourself outside the building if you knew he wasnt in there....he was scared. Its obvious. If he went in there he might have died too, i think that thought crossed his mind. He decided to wait for the police instead

    • Alehia klorian
      Alehia klorian 7 days ago

      its exactly what i said. The officer was not fit to do his job. He simply too old.

    • Becca Kate
      Becca Kate Year ago

      I think he did have a chance of saving lives but there was also a big chance he would've been gunned down straight away, gun or no gun. The two teachers that went in got killed instantly.

    • TheWin200000
      TheWin200000 Year ago +3

      Cesar Gallego he is the police. Why does he collect a paycheck if he's not protecting the students? Based on the county and school board policy of not prosecuting students for crimes for fear of appearing racist, this guy obviously wasn't there to prevent kids from committing crimes.

  • Shooketh Lili
    Shooketh Lili Year ago +3

    My prayers go out to all injured hearts
    Remember ur nor alone

  • Wendy Knox-Leet
    Wendy Knox-Leet Year ago +2

    Slime all weakling old selfish fool. Bad form, incredibly self serving behaviour and certainly NOT what he was hired to do!


      he knew where the shooter was. HE WAS THEIR

    • RosePetalz
      RosePetalz Year ago


    • RosePetalz
      RosePetalz Year ago

      what arw you even saying?

    • Topher Layne
      Topher Layne Year ago

      Wendy, you're clearly a Russian troll, attempting to cause divide within the US. You gave it away with your spelling.

  • Bill smith
    Bill smith Year ago +19

    NBC is making massive amounts of money off of the school shootings stories.

    • Emma S
      Emma S Year ago +3

      Bill smith I know it is disgusting that they will keep talking about it for money

      HIPPONAUTALIS Year ago +2

      I bet that some of it is lies

  • Demonica Santangilo & DSBBGAME Series

    There is no one to blame but Nicholas monster face b**** killer

    • Joshua Calosso
      Joshua Calosso Month ago

      Demonica Santangilo & DSBBGAME Series he could have been saved, there were so many red flags, he could have been stopped

    • Joshua Calosso
      Joshua Calosso 4 months ago

      What about the armed guard that is suppose to protect the students

    • chuck findlay
      chuck findlay 5 months ago

      @David Rauschenbach how is it lie, every shooting that occurs the blame is guns and the NRA not rhe person who committsvthe act.
      With the Parkland shooting there eviedence of school and sheriff department incompetence. That is gov desantos fired sheriff isreal and superitendent. Include parents who have called from him to fired which yoy never hear about in the media.
      The town hall meeting with Dana Loesch which turned out to be a demonizing the NRA which had nothing to do with the shooting.
      David Hogg who has gone on three different news shows and gave three different version.
      The media only show the same people over and over they have never talked to other students.
      Can you tell me why this is not brought up by the drive by media.

    • David Rauschenbach
      David Rauschenbach 5 months ago

      @chuck findlay That's a lie

  • Ed Bighead
    Ed Bighead Year ago +1

    Hogg was the second shooter,check his timeline

  • Dhruv Kota
    Dhruv Kota Year ago +55

    peterson is a coward

    • Ayden Lau-Kehoe
      Ayden Lau-Kehoe Year ago +2

      ThatWittyWolf Please correct me if I'm wrong but I remember an interview in which he said he was analyzing the area for a period of time because he thought a sniper was attacking the area and he also got misinformation at some point. He was communicating with officers from a certain jurisdiction, however, a different jurisdiction was getting information from students who called 911 so he never got confirmation on the area that was under attack. The investigation also discovered that by the time he arrived at the building, the shooting was already well underway and that the shooting ended a short time after he arrived. Again, please correct me if I'm wrong!

    • ThatWittyWolf
      ThatWittyWolf Year ago

      Hipponuatlis He could of explored the area though.

      HIPPONAUTALIS Year ago

      Shanna Sweger. He didn’t know where the shots were coming from. Did I not make that clear?

    • Shooketh Lili
      Shooketh Lili Year ago +2

      Dhruv Kota he need some holy water

  • doot doot
    doot doot Year ago


    • doot doot
      doot doot Year ago +1

      Slayyy_ Nialah are you? Bafoonery.

    • Slayyy_ Nialah
      Slayyy_ Nialah Year ago

      Asante Johnson why are u laughing are u Nicholas Cruz

  • MerksPintSizedPenis
    MerksPintSizedPenis Year ago +11

    R.I.P. to all

  • Claire Smith
    Claire Smith Year ago +4

    Guns have been the same for over 100 years this does not happen. The laws for guns have been there for 100 years. Learn the laws before they try to stop having guns!

    • Topher Layne
      Topher Layne Year ago +4

      Guns have been the same for over 100 years? LOL!!! Are you kidding me?