VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 11

  • Published on Oct 19, 2019
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    The Crew sits down once again to react to some of Hollywood's zestiest CGi moments: What makes a visual effect bad? What makes one great?
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Comments • 10 854

  • Hafid Talbi
    Hafid Talbi 2 hours ago

    please react to skywatch film :D

  • Isaac Gonzalez
    Isaac Gonzalez 5 hours ago

    Into the badlands

  • ResidentEvil302 Rican215usa

    Oh shit i thought that wasnt will smith

  • ResidentEvil302 Rican215usa

    Wren is so corny he really gets on my nerves

  • one jellofist
    one jellofist Day ago +1

    Matrix relouded

  • Nikbrickk [B's Gaming]

    10:30 highschool 2nd string center coming in after halftime freshly showered and full of orange Tang "Im set to take it to the rack jack!" Ahaha True story

  • FreeHugz Entertainment

    It's actually annoying that the dude on the left has never seen 80% of the movies they critique

  • Rowan DeLashmutt

    Any micheal bay movie

  • tonydeadlock
    tonydeadlock Day ago

    Plot twist Grant was never there he was inserted with cgi

  • Vebjørn Roen
    Vebjørn Roen 2 days ago

    The sound of that explosion is also amazing!

  • Morgan Granquist
    Morgan Granquist 2 days ago

    The covenant 2006

  • Andy Curran
    Andy Curran 2 days ago

    I would love 2 see u guys doing a segment on Point Break and the remake of Point Break. There's some great shots in both movies and i would love 2 know what shots are real and which are fake.

  • Sky_stider223
    Sky_stider223 2 days ago

    Lol god that made me laugh
    Then the reveal haha that was a bad deep fake though lol lifeless eyes

  • Crabmaster
    Crabmaster 2 days ago

    plus one for bird up reference

  • TheSixFootSixExperience

    I’d love to see you guys react to Gus’s death from Breaking Bad; that and the horrible deer from Walking Dead

  • The Cosmic Griffin
    The Cosmic Griffin 2 days ago

    If you watch this slowed down thier mouths are not synced to thier voices

  • Zubayer Ahmed Naved
    Zubayer Ahmed Naved 3 days ago

    Do the interstellar ocean scene

  • Liam Jacob Silva
    Liam Jacob Silva 4 days ago

    React to beauty and the beast

  • Steven
    Steven 4 days ago

    Please do and fix the superman mustache

  • Rohit Jacob Rajiv
    Rohit Jacob Rajiv 4 days ago

    Please react to the movie Ra One

  • Wisper200
    Wisper200 5 days ago

    This was a very funny video

  • Clay Soggyfries
    Clay Soggyfries 5 days ago +1

    He literally said Michael Jackson 🤦‍♂️

    YVZ STUDIOS 5 days ago

    Ok but how do you even fake a deepfake?? 🤔🤔🤔

  • In Zein
    In Zein 6 days ago

    10:53 he says michael jackson 🤣

  • Parth kundaria
    Parth kundaria 6 days ago

    Please comment on VFX of Zero - starring Shah Rukh Khan. Indian would like to see one more episode on Bollywood movies.

  • stainless steel pan
    stainless steel pan 7 days ago

    You guys should review scenes from Legends of Tomorrow.

  • MMORALES2004
    MMORALES2004 8 days ago

    King kong

  • Sam 'The Book Boy'
    Sam 'The Book Boy' 8 days ago

    Where is the Lord of the Rings breakdown?

  • Jam Lee
    Jam Lee 9 days ago

    michael JACKSON

    SAIIIURAI 9 days ago

    I swear i knew it immediately when I saw him cause it was too flawless...they should put some artifacts on his face immediately at the beginning! I am sure that would had fooled more ppl! ;)

  • Eli's Animations & More

    I had a prof in college who did a significant amount of the shading work on Space Jam. He said he didn't like doing it after a while.

  • David Vee
    David Vee 9 days ago

    It's MICHAEL JORDAN. Best basketball player of all time. Please get it right guys. cmon.

    SUMIT KUMAR GHOSH 9 days ago

    Please react to scenes from the movie Ra.One

  • ching chong
    ching chong 9 days ago +1

    React to the cgi in the eric andre show

  • Noorullah Hussaini
    Noorullah Hussaini 9 days ago

    Batman vs superman

  • VandelayOfficial
    VandelayOfficial 9 days ago

    Kill Command on Netflix?

  • Toy Soldier
    Toy Soldier 10 days ago

    14:53 Scout’s Caps

  • Random User
    Random User 10 days ago +1

    M I C H A E L J O R-J A C K S O N

  • KJ C
    KJ C 11 days ago

    Game of thrones

  • Red Bull Gaming
    Red Bull Gaming 11 days ago +1

    Could you take a look at the dive-bomber shots from Midway (2019)

  • preetham chinni
    preetham chinni 11 days ago


  • Justin Fitz
    Justin Fitz 12 days ago

    Disneys 20,000 leagues under the sea squid fight scene

  • Growing Up Gold
    Growing Up Gold 12 days ago +2

    The mandalorian would be an amazing addition to VFX artist react.

  • Eric Budd
    Eric Budd 12 days ago

    Star Wars Rebels

  • Will Taylor
    Will Taylor 12 days ago +1

    Imagine not knowing who Michael Jordan is

  • Philly Sports!
    Philly Sports! 12 days ago

    The will smith deep fake is good until he looks down or you begin to look at his face from a side profile

  • SpeedStrengthJames
    SpeedStrengthJames 13 days ago

    I want to see more of this fake Will Smith lol

  • Bryan Hultgren
    Bryan Hultgren 13 days ago

    Do the wildebeest stampede from the Lion King (1994)

  • Draganox Plays
    Draganox Plays 13 days ago

    Excuse me, bird up is the BEST show

  • first-off finally
    first-off finally 13 days ago +1

    When ever he's dribbling the ball all you hear is "Hee Hee" and when he makes the shot, he says "HOO"

  • EJ Hervey
    EJ Hervey 13 days ago

    Space jam used a photo render to emulate the basketball
    Of one
    Michael Joseph Jackson

  • Aaron Robinson
    Aaron Robinson 13 days ago

    Will Smith coming to do the bit at the end explains why they weren't harder on the CGI in this movie. I was really surprised they weren't more critical.

  • Brandon Zurita
    Brandon Zurita 13 days ago

    Flash flash flash flash

  • Syed Shayan
    Syed Shayan 13 days ago


  • Adrian Macias
    Adrian Macias 14 days ago

    9:32 could make a great meme template

  • Best Bi
    Best Bi 14 days ago

    *IRON MAN 3 MONKEYS IN A BARREL PLANE RESCUE* ... Please, and thank you, Corridor Crew!

  • Thetimon25nl !!!
    Thetimon25nl !!! 14 days ago

    Plz could you guys react to the movie t34, and you guys need to see one of the shot where a tank shooting a nother tank. Tanks😂

  • Sara M
    Sara M 14 days ago

    Yes! I loved the way they shot the droid in I am mother, glad you guys covered it!

  • Rayzor
    Rayzor 15 days ago


  • Moserfugger
    Moserfugger 15 days ago

    This Michael Jackson guy just really loves smooth balls.
    There, I did it. ;-) Greetings from Germany!