Top 10 Unsportsmanlike Moments in Pro Sports

  • Published on Feb 16, 2014
  • Part 2 of 2 - Part 1 was Top 10 Crazy Moments in Sports:
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Comments • 17 208

  • swaggteamdons
    swaggteamdons Day ago

    That weak headbutt, that was a flop.

  • swaggteamdons
    swaggteamdons Day ago

    I only came to see if my boy Meta World Peace made the list lol

  • Yahiya 1XD
    Yahiya 1XD 3 days ago +1

    This Video Was Made Before Watch Mojo Runing Out of Ideas

  • Michael Westen
    Michael Westen 3 days ago

    Two things. First, Tom Wilson of the Washington Capitals. Thankfully, the asshole finally got what was coming to him in the form of Vegas Golden Knights defenseman, Ryan Reaves. Tom Wilson finally got his long awaited chance to become intimate with the hockey ice.
    Second: the entire team of the San Jose Sharks (you got the scumbag Joe Thorton, who's so afraid of getting his ass kicked that he resorts to jabbing players in the throat with his hockey stick), Evander Kane, little bitch boy dillan, and Brent Burns. Of course, it's no surprise that this team is full of crybaby's looking to purposely hurt other players when they're losing, I mean, Raffi Torres came from the sharks. Seems everyone on the team is trying to live up to his legacy of failure.
    Then you have the Boston Bruins. I'll let you figure that one out, but it starts with a player named Brad Marchand.

  • I fEEL OBjEctiFIED
    I fEEL OBjEctiFIED 4 days ago +1

    This video was made before the infamous 2014 bite from Luiz Suarez to Giorgio Chielleni

  • Ginger Spain
    Ginger Spain 5 days ago

    Okay the headbutt to the chest could have not caused that much could have not caused that much pain please! He obviously was faking it!!

  • Andrew Pace
    Andrew Pace 5 days ago +2

    Just because a white guy spat in a black guys face doesn't make it racism you utter half baked libtarded potatoes

  • Vasya LuckyLuciano
    Vasya LuckyLuciano 6 days ago

    I love youuuuuuuu u

  • Brandt Clarke
    Brandt Clarke 8 days ago


  • encrypted 110001
    encrypted 110001 9 days ago +1

    Turning someone into a paraplegic is an honourable mention but a head butt gets number 1, ok watch mojo

  • Timber180
    Timber180 11 days ago +1

    How does Bertuzzi nearly killing Moore only end up as an honorable mention??

  • brodemonz
    brodemonz 12 days ago

    Number one looks as if it was planned. Last game ever. Might be a great coach one day 🤔 How many CL has he won? As manager? 🤔

  • Michelle W
    Michelle W 13 days ago +1

    Worst unsportsmanlike moment was in boxing: Butler vs Grant it was completely shameful that guy Butler should have been arrested.

  • PP oitment
    PP oitment 13 days ago

    this voice for this channel fucking sucks dick

  • Deuce Brikkinsson
    Deuce Brikkinsson Month ago

    Ben Thatcher and his elbow technique.. I'd have leathered him. Disgusting tosser.

    Luis Suarez also.. To bite another person is deserved of a good old fashioned pasting

  • Nate Ormond
    Nate Ormond Month ago

    This list is crap

  • TJ Dog
    TJ Dog Month ago +1

    What about Suh?

    • Leslie Lang
      Leslie Lang Month ago

      Yeah agree with that. Suh is a total dirty player. He stepped on I think a punter's leg, then stepped on someone else's leg and purposely stepped on his arm as well. Slamming that one guys head into the ground 3 times isn't exactly sportsmanlike.

  • Nemon Cubez
    Nemon Cubez Month ago

    The headbutt was worth it

  • Daniel Salter
    Daniel Salter Month ago

    Trevor Chapell and the underarm against New Zealand cricket match

  • Maverick
    Maverick Month ago

    you should include more motorsports, like schumacher at jerez 97

  • bob smith
    bob smith Month ago

    So basically hiring a hit man to literally break someones bones is only #8 huh...

  • Burnedout SmurF
    Burnedout SmurF Month ago +1

    McSorley slashing Brashear should be on this list...or at least honorable mention.

  • Holy Potato
    Holy Potato Month ago

    That izzy alcantara one in the honorable mentions is...

  • Rob's Relics
    Rob's Relics Month ago +5

    Yeah WatchMojo, I'm not condoning biting ears but when you get head butted so many times, you tend to lose your temper a bit.

  • andrew weinschenker

    2:33 a what?

  • John Shepherd
    John Shepherd Month ago

    What about Boogie not letting IT shake hands with CP3 after the game

  • Steve Mccart
    Steve Mccart Month ago

    The uneducated cluck narrating this needs a fact checker. I had to turn this off

  • He Who Laughs Last
    He Who Laughs Last Month ago

    I think Zidane being #1 isn't about what happened but WHERE it happened. During the World Cup, the biggest game in Soccer with millions of people of watching. If it was during a normal exhibition match it probably wouldn't have been as big a deal.

  • Callum Hall
    Callum Hall 2 months ago

    Bertuzzi-Moore should have high up been on the real list

  • Christopher Turner
    Christopher Turner 2 months ago +1

    That Pedro Martinez/Don Zimmer honorable mention should really just be Don Zimmer. He charged Pedro. And I don't care how old you are. If you charge someone, be prepared to get put on your ass.

  • The mystic parrots
    The mystic parrots 2 months ago

    Number a a guy head buts someone honorable mention a guy paralyzed someone

  • 1Garagehero
    1Garagehero 2 months ago +1

    The Italians were taunting Zidane the whole game with racist insults, many directed at his mother. The Italians always get away with this crap, and the refs let them. In any case, the Italian player is a forgotten punk, Zizou is one of the greatest players in history and a great manager.

    • mangeface
      mangeface 2 months ago +1

      I laughed when the commentator said he was leaving football in disgrace. Joke is on him, Zidane has numerous UCLs as a manager and a statue of the headbutt.

  • Jeff Burke
    Jeff Burke 2 months ago

    These athletes are lucky none of the people they punched had knives or guns because they would have been seriously hurt

  • Benjamin T Haden
    Benjamin T Haden 2 months ago

    If this list was made now, it would be incomplete without Romano Fenati

  • hossam omar
    hossam omar 2 months ago

    شكرا اعجبني الفيديو

  • Kaihao BenJy Lenthang
    Kaihao BenJy Lenthang 2 months ago +3

    I'm surprised why realmadrid captain Sergio Ramos isn't on the list !
    He honourably deserve a spot on this list.

  • Skanzool
    Skanzool 3 months ago

    This list is nonsense. Number 1 should have been Schumacher almost decapitating Battiston in Seville in 1982. The dirtiest foul in football history.

  • Your Boi Steryll
    Your Boi Steryll 3 months ago +1

    Only us brits would say “sunk his gnashers in there”😂

  • Randall Wall
    Randall Wall 3 months ago

    Fucking you Assholes supporting a psychopath narcissist

  • Randall Wall
    Randall Wall 3 months ago

    Look into worsted most'd find McNugget's Picture and History

  • Randall Wall
    Randall Wall 3 months ago

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  • Randall Wall
    Randall Wall 3 months ago

    The worst ever is Conor McGregor. In Every Aspect Every Reason. Exposed as a Fraud a Cheat a Proven Quitter and alleged rapists but of all else a Horrible piece of Shit and Twitter Whorerior

  • Brigh Geal
    Brigh Geal 3 months ago

    THIS ISNT THE FIRST TIME HE BIT SOMEONE??? WTF is he a WEREWOLF?? Don’t let him play if he keeps chewing on players!!

  • Trip Rizzo
    Trip Rizzo 3 months ago

    who thinks when Brad Marchand licked someone should be on this list

  • Allan Kear
    Allan Kear 3 months ago

    how the hell do you bite somebody while wearing a mouth guard???!!!

  • thomas Rose
    thomas Rose 3 months ago

    That headbutt body Italian was bulshit it soccer as usual pretend you're dying if it looks like somebody hit you that's why I'll Never Love Soccer I watch it but these guys are great actors on the pitch.

  • Vishnu Varma
    Vishnu Varma 3 months ago

    "Luis Suarez can't bite someone again" oh you sweet summer child!

  • Purrland Tailblazers
    Purrland Tailblazers 3 months ago

    You put Roberto Alomar and not Frank Rijkaard lmfao

  • Townsvilleball Mapping
    Townsvilleball Mapping 3 months ago

    how is becoming paralysed unsportsmanlike???

  • John Smith
    John Smith 4 months ago

    Micheal Jordan trash talked constantly and is an asshole in real life.... but he gets a free pass because hes Michall...... go and get fucked.

  • Wut?? ಠ_ಠ
    Wut?? ಠ_ಠ 4 months ago

    Can't say I'm a big fan of Mike Tyson. 😒

  • gretchen baker
    gretchen baker 4 months ago

    There was a rugby league player who stuck his finger into another players bum hole during a game
    We still call it doing a Hopoate

  • Pedro Diaz
    Pedro Diaz 4 months ago

    What about Boca juniors vs Guadalajara

  • Tom Geoghegan
    Tom Geoghegan 4 months ago

    #1 . Soccer doesn;t count. ahahaah

  • Andre Jugador TV
    Andre Jugador TV 4 months ago

    4:18 That one Was Violent!!

  • Ryan Donovan
    Ryan Donovan 4 months ago

    Romanowski defined trash before Burfict came around...and both had their careers end the same way (and rightly so)

  • Moss
    Moss 4 months ago

    You forgot to mention, that it was Zidanes last game, as he was retiring which makes it worse. And that's what people remember him for now.

  • Guitars rcool
    Guitars rcool 4 months ago +1

    Ndamukong Suh stomping all over an opposing player after the whistle was blown should have been ranked.

  • Tony Caird
    Tony Caird 4 months ago

    What about coulthard giving the bird to Schumacher

  • Nathanial Chaput
    Nathanial Chaput 5 months ago

    Absolute bullsh*t! A guy got paralyzed yet they only feature him in the honorable mentions? I'm pretty sure a meh headbutt in a sport full of wieners doesn't deserve the #1 spot.

  • frank castle
    frank castle 5 months ago

    Of course they pull the race card at no. 10. White people be careful to only lose your temper against other whites.

  • D H
    D H 5 months ago


  • Townsvilleball Mapping
    Townsvilleball Mapping 6 months ago

    i think James Graham biting Billy Slater's ear should be hear

  • IMT27
    IMT27 6 months ago

    I don't know about y'all, but if materazzi talked shit about MY sisters, he'd have left on a stretcher

  • rionniel viray
    rionniel viray 7 months ago

    I was expecting some dirty real madrid players vs lionel messi moments here.. so disappointing

  • Asha Sankar
    Asha Sankar 7 months ago

    He called zidane's moter

  • McJohnson
    McJohnson 7 months ago

    #9 - Mike Milbury got a slap on the wrist in hindsight, 6 games and a $500 fine; he should've been suspended for the rest of the year like Artest was. I never understood how a meathead like him could become a coach, GM and later analyst despite his reputation; and surprise, he was/is terrible at all of those jobs!

  • Joshua Emond
    Joshua Emond 7 months ago

    I never agree with your lists

  • Lordi Awa
    Lordi Awa 7 months ago

    Materazzi insulted Zidanes sister as a whore to provoke him. He totally deserved it.

  • landen Herteux
    landen Herteux 7 months ago

    Pepe headbutts Mueller FIFA world cup 2014

  • Reggie
    Reggie 7 months ago

    05:52 - Biting someones ear off is obviously unacceptable. Having said that....Holyfield was a notorious head butter and low blower and I fully believe Tyson when he claimed it was in response to Holyfields repeated head butts. This might also just be karmic justice.

  • Ryan Huffman
    Ryan Huffman 7 months ago

    lol Don Zimmer got what he was askin' for. That could have been a lot worse than just being casually thrown to the ground.

  • Ben Wright
    Ben Wright 7 months ago

    what about eric cantona jumping into the crowd and kicking a fan? seems worse than most of those??

  • Justin Bailey
    Justin Bailey 8 months ago

    Soccer players are pussys

  • made6690 made6690
    made6690 made6690 8 months ago +1

    I’m glad that the New York Rangers didn’t hop into the stands as well. At least they have brains. What the hell was that Bruins guy thinking?!?!

  • Trey Baker
    Trey Baker 8 months ago

    I don't care how big the sport is, it is NEVER that serious.

  • Estiven peña
    Estiven peña 8 months ago

    El título está en español y hablan inglés :/

  • Johnny Cabrera
    Johnny Cabrera 8 months ago

    Zidane was blatant (though maybe deserved), but when one person removes the ear of another with his teeth, that has to take #1. The hockey cheap shot or the paralyzed football player should be more than an honorable mention too.

    ONE AND ONLY WJ 8 months ago

    My grandma can hit harder with her head than that dude

  • Benjamin Wellington
    Benjamin Wellington 9 months ago

    7:46 It would have been #1 if he charged the mound with the bat after hitting the catcher.

  • Benjamin T Haden
    Benjamin T Haden 9 months ago

    If this list was made now they could not leave out Romano Fenati.

  • TheReddinotimeforce
    TheReddinotimeforce 9 months ago +1

    the 1984 or 1986 montreal/quebec good friday match thst was insane

  • reuben zulaica
    reuben zulaica 9 months ago

    What about the elbow Karl Malone threw at David Robinson?

  • bubbiesdad
    bubbiesdad 9 months ago

    Roberto Alomar is a bitch.

  • przemkecovers
    przemkecovers 10 months ago

    I'm glad you started to appreciate Europeans. Still - there were a lot of worse unsportsmanlike events in football then you shown in your baseball/american football situations.

  • Villain uday
    Villain uday 10 months ago

    When "players" can't take losing the game(like real sportsmen) because they just couldn't perform well enough or aren't good enough that day, then they resort to venting it off through violence and/or cheating.

  • Dan Koning
    Dan Koning 10 months ago

    Soccer by itself is unsportsman like just for being so hour later and its still 0 - 0...ooopps its now 1 - 0 wheeeee......

  • Carlitos1023
    Carlitos1023 10 months ago

    I don't agree with you number 1. Fighting against other players and fans and 8 players fixing games in a world series is way more serious that that headbutt.

  • karajony
    karajony 10 months ago
    ow please :P

  • Al Black
    Al Black 11 months ago

    I hate these fucking fixed ads.

  • Andreas Andre Myrvold
    Andreas Andre Myrvold 11 months ago

    Undoubtedly, Zidane was one of the greatest fotballers ever. The headbutt owershadowed the final result, but I still look upon Materazzi as the villain.

  • Soleil Endormi
    Soleil Endormi 11 months ago

    Well done Zidane Materashit deserved more

  • Daniel Störmu
    Daniel Störmu 11 months ago

    Neil Armstrong with his drug abuse and sueing people that pointed that out..

  • Lizza Simona
    Lizza Simona 11 months ago

    daamn that figure skater was one crazy bitch to do that to opponent good she was banned forever

  • Andrew Martin
    Andrew Martin 11 months ago

    Tatum shouldn’t be on this list it was an accident, he’s get sick about it and paid paid child support for stingleys kids

  • Alex FRD
    Alex FRD 11 months ago

    The Hell does the spit thing have to do with racism? At this rate, farting next to a black guy will be considered a hate crime.

  • Rich Affinito
    Rich Affinito 11 months ago

    How is bertuzzi an honorable mention? He broke 2 vertebrae in steve Moore’s neck and ended his career. Todd bertuzzi belongs in jail for that shit. You’re letting your Canadian bias show a bit here watchmojo

  • Rich Affinito
    Rich Affinito 11 months ago

    Shoeless joe is innocent

  • Santiago Rodriguez Guillen

    Mentally illness kids playing sports

  • Friday Skate
    Friday Skate 11 months ago

    HOW THE BLAZING HELL IS THE BERTUZZI INCIDENT AN HONORABLE MENTION AND TWO SPITTING INCIDENTS ARE ON HERE? Moore was given a concussion and a broken neck. He has permanent brain damage. There's numerous hockey incidents way worse than spitting. If there worst you're getting is spit at by a player for unsportsmanlike conduct, you're having it easy.