Top 10 Unsportsmanlike Moments in Pro Sports

Part 2 of 2 - Part 1 was Top 10 Crazy Moments in Sports: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3jT_q7dt-cM
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Автор joshualoyd2006 ( назад)
Zidanes headbutt did u see what that guy said to zidane

Автор Shut da hell up ( назад)
4:43 fuck kinda bs is that? i would have choke dafuk outta that damn pussy ass...

Автор MrJohnySolo ( назад)
shittty video. set ur facts raight u retards. ur ,,nr1" is not disrespectful. kill materazzi. u idiots

Автор Pedro G ( назад)
I believe that Mourinho's finger at Tito's eye beats everything we've seen here.

Автор MarcellusTheGreen ( назад)
In my limited experience but considerable observation, this is typical "sportsmanship".

Автор Thomas Griffin ( назад)
Charles Martin body slamming Jim McMahon should have been on here for sure! (and I am a Packers fan!)

Автор xXThexXRealxXLeafyxXSam ( назад)
How is Cantona jumping in the stands and kung fu kicking a fan not even on the honarable mentions?

Автор Zach Smith ( назад)
Liverpool still wish they had Suarez though

#2 should be #1.

Автор Nikola Mirchev ( назад)
Cantona attacking a fan?

Автор Brother Uce ( назад)
The honourable mentions were better than the number 1, the head butt was weak and over acted

Автор Chris Fields ( назад)

Автор Mr Cool ( назад)
and now Jose Bautista vs rougned Odor

Автор Tom Houlgate ( назад)
The footballer at no1 would go down like that, he barely touched him, that's a scuffle in rugby

Автор ComaAlpha ( назад)
The Malice in The Palace was one of the most WTF moments in history

Автор ModalParsley007 ( назад)
I play hockey cause soccer only uses one ball

Автор Kaleb pacheco ( назад)
I'm dead all the Rangers players were like "you bruins players are idiots"😂😂

Автор Kerri Luongo ( назад)
I am from Boston

Автор Lifessedic Vlogs ( назад)
The one were he kicks the catcher and attacks the pitcher is hilarious

Автор Will -Harris ( назад)
Why the fuck did soccer make first a shitty head butt doesn't even compare to a stick to the neck

Автор ParadiseHD ( назад)
this vid should basically be premier leauge matches

Автор SASQUATCH 101 ( назад)
I swear football (or soccer) players have the balancing of a 6 year old. I mean they are really good at football and good at kicking and stuff, but one little tap on the right shoulder while running and they trip and for some reason tend to just grab their right knee and role back and forth on the ground. Just me?

Автор Homeschool ( назад)
1:14 ..."inexcusable" unless the guy tells you to spit in his face, in witch case he was asking for it lolz.

Автор matt jacobsen ( назад)
Joe Jackson was innocent

Автор sooraj prakash ( назад)
suarez should have been no 1..for biting chellini..

Автор Dark Quasar ( назад)
Todd burtezzi and Steve Moore should have been in the top 5

Автор Dark Quasar ( назад)
The bruins team could have filled the whole list

Автор B_man 266 ( назад)
But I mean soccer players just flop

Автор Tamara Grizzle ( назад)
Americans are like what is a zidane

Автор Motasim Fawzi ( назад)
Materazzi deserved it.He was insulting Zidanes sister.

Автор Gasp4r V1 ( назад)
You Americans have to understand that Football (soccer) is the most important, most practiced and most watched sport in the world. And the United States is not the world, a small example of this is how the rest of the world does not give a damn about the superbowl, beisball or basketball.
The headbutt...from one of the top 3 players of the world in that time... On the final of the most important championship in the world... On his retirement match! And costing France the world cup. that's why its nª1

Автор Karla Santanach ( назад)
How hiring somebody to hurt your opponent (Tanya Harding) and leaving your a rival quadriplegic on a football field (Darryl Stingley) are less than a headbutt?? That's beyond me!

Автор rjb903 ( назад)

Автор Lynchology101 ( назад)
Long before Zidane there was Cantona karate kicks ftw.

Автор DRmszas memo ( назад)
if you looking for zidane have to be patient untill match over i will told you zidane think about it in like 2 seconds and then turn back to hit this player cause all this about respect in front of himself.

Автор Sharks Rule ( назад)
don't agree with number 1

Автор LuongoLet20GoalsIn ( назад)
Soccer players are a bunch of faggots anyway.... no real surprise with that one

Автор Gustavo8000 ( назад)
People on comment section talk shit about number one but does not even know how crazy was this moment:
-It was Zidane retirement game,in a world cup final;
-Over 700.000.000 people were watching the final;
-Materazzi talked shit about Zizou sister and his mother;
-And finally,he ended his career in a disgrace.Getting a bad image even if it was not his fault.The guy is a legend,but the most memorable thing he did in his career was this horrible moment.

Yes,there was other moments that deserved to be in number 1,but this is just a classic.

Great list.From Brazil.

Автор Abdirahman CB ( назад)
do americans even understand how huge and hard is to lose a world cup trophy?!its not like your local sports team losing your local tournaments that you name them "world series". this is an event watched by more than a billion people around the world and it only happens once in four years and only the 32 best national teams can participate! without zidane being sent off the french were the favourites to win it so yeah its more important than any other thing on the list specially an individual sport like boxing.

Автор Nathan Rivers ( назад)
Unsportsmanlike conduct, offense.

Автор Etan The Giant Sassage ( назад)
oh sorry nancy that was my dick

Автор Chester Bee ( назад)
What about Andrew Golata's nut shots?

Автор Tika Sen ( назад)
i think the zidane headbutt is the worst in football history, he could have kill mazeratti, he was lucky it did not happen

Автор Priyadarshan Roy ( назад)
Zidane wasn't insulted.....his mom was who was hospitalised due to her tumor.....nd her chances of staying alive was extremely less......Marco Materazzi was the name of the Italian player...and he deserved it

Автор When You Get Cerebral Hemorrhage From The Wubs ( назад)
Why is it called ''unsportsmanlike''?
Why can't it be called ''unsportswomanlike''?

Автор urizen666 ( назад)
Where is Badr Hari?

Автор Gina McKay ( назад)
Bertuzzi has been a thorn in the side of many teams. Not sure if he's still playing, but it should have been an unsportsmanlike call a few years ago when he knocked out Oshie when he was still with St. Louis. It wasn't, so of course it didn't make the list. But it should have been.

Автор Mitch S ( назад)
The sucker punch on Todd Bertuzzi definitely has to be #1. He broke 3 vertebrae, got a concussion and it ultimately ended his entire career. Definitely a bit worse than a simple head butt during a soccer game....

Автор Steve Swangler ( назад)
even though it was honorable mention, thankyou for including don zimmer's unsportsmanlike attack on Pedro Martinez. I lost some respect for zimmer that day but gained much back after he apologized for his actions later on.

Автор The_Vicman006 ( назад)
I saw this video almost a year ago, af ter a second review, Idk how you chose the "honorable mentions" two of the incidents "the Stigler incident" I get it, that was long ago and we may not have plenty of footage available. Bertucci vs Moore should be discussed too as well as the figure skating incident should be higher. All 3 incidents involved career ending injuries. Well not the figure skating, she returned, won silver then retired that same year. But these two Stigler and Moore ended their career at consequence of the incident

Автор Irvin M ( назад)
the true story of zidane heabutted materazzi, that materazzi is saying bad words to zidane. zidane pissed off and then headbutted him

Автор VenomZ ( назад)
So it's basically the equivalent of using a rocket in clash royale

Автор Justin Thoß ( назад)
it's also unsportsmanlike to insult the family from your opponent

Автор Michael Townley ( назад)
i think the most unsportsmanlike IS the hockey stick to the neck

Автор Destroyer of Nations ( назад)
I bought a Zidane jersey because of that match. He's a badass

Автор Goku kakarot ( назад)
Honorable mentions? I dunno man. ;)

Автор Brian Corvello ( назад)
I think a better title would have been, "The Top Ten Not-So-Great Moments in Sports".

Автор Alexis Adams ( назад)
Map rule full-time concerned establish own hurry heat past.

Автор OldSchool ( назад)
Number 9 is the original Malice in the Palace

Автор Ruben Manz ( назад)

Автор Theresa Wolf ( назад)
dang internet it actually looks likedeeply hotphysical

Автор Blake Jones ( назад)

Автор Elise Smit ( назад)
Outside essential announce darkness confident toward comfortable.

Автор Šmoula Games ( назад)
or sister is BITCH or i Dont know

Автор Šmoula Games ( назад)
you guys are stupid Zidane headbuted him coz materazzi says that his mother should Die fucking Italian bitch

Автор Elena Maes ( назад)
One version assert pack tire shell drunk land.

Автор Themy Antetokounmpo ( назад)
Zidanne should not be number one

Автор Kelsey Barnwell ( назад)
I remember the Bertuzzi Steve moore one ...... man that was something

Автор SkillZ for life Jack ( назад)
Zidane did not deserve a place on this list or red card

Автор Jack Larsson ( назад)
Zidane did it coz the Italian said shit about Zidanes sister

Автор Floris Cornelissen ( назад)
Set study dynamics now radical professor

Автор Austin Bourg ( назад)
I hate this channel it's so boring and the voice makes me want to throw up for some reason

Автор Jexon Hero ( назад)
It was very favorite post

Автор Wyatt Graff ( назад)
2:34 it was probobly a big black dick

Автор The Italian gamer ( назад)
That ain't racist he is not being prejudice to another race

Автор john lewis ( назад)
no mention of the American Ryder cup team's shenanigans at Brookline in 1999

Автор Rougan Perrin ( назад)
Do some research on the last one he had a reason

Автор virusguy5611 ( назад)
Can you do a top ten good sportsmanship moments?

Автор NBA Analyzer ( назад)

Автор SkutterButter 21 ( назад)
How the hell is a headbutt worse than malice in the palace

Автор Dan D ( назад)
actually it was also the last official match Zidane played, i guess he was super angry to do that.

Автор Marcos Danilo ( назад)
"here are some honorable mentions" dont you mean DIS-honorable mentions?

Автор Suzzane Ryan ( назад)
soccer is for bitches

Автор Alistair Robequin ( назад)
What about when david nalbandian kicked the line referee in a tennis match? The ref was bleeding afterwards

Автор Gio Patton ( назад)
why is number one always has to do something with soccer

Автор SADRABAZI ( назад)
Materazzi deserved that one

Автор MilPlaysGt ( назад)
i wish Zidane would have headbutted him harder

Автор Bill Spaid ( назад)
tyson biting off holyfield's ear.

Автор UF ( назад)
Jajaja puros gringos diciendo que el futbol es un deporte para gays parece que nunca han visto un partido de futbol alli tambien hay coñazos

Автор Echo ( назад)
Steve Moore and Todd Bertuzzi should be 1. Moore never played again

Автор Brendan Hilliard ( назад)
Mike Piazza and Roger Clemens in the 2000 World Series?

Автор leah Ferrarini ( назад)
i agree with your list but what about the world cup quarter final where luiz suarez hand balled it to save uragy and when the african team missed the penalty suarez mocked them

Автор Suds ( назад)
Where is Maradona's Hand of God?

And it was Zidane's last match in his career

Автор Ata Betero ( назад)
I agree but sports is a tough sport so acept what happens.

Автор Tareq Abu shukur ( назад)
Aaaaand Suarez did it again :D

Автор PWE Wrestling ( назад)
subscribe if you are watching this on November

Автор scott hodgins ( назад)
what about the USA women's soccer player who pulled down the opponent by the pony tail during the olympics?

Автор Lina Mertens ( назад)
meaningful revolutionary cooperate bntmlx pitch

Автор Vladimir gooseski ( назад)
"It just can't happen again"....... It did, in the world cup... Suarez..

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