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  • Published on Jul 19, 2018
  • Top 10 Most Viewed RUclip Video in the First 24 Hours reacted to by College Kids! Original Links below!
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    Content featured:
    Adele -
    Taylor Swift -
    PSY -
    Nicky Jam x J. Balvin -
    Daddy Yankee, RedOne, French Montana & Dinah Jane -
    BTS (방탄소년단) -
    To Our Daughter
    Miley Cyrus -
    Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee -
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    College Kids React #75 - COLLEGE KIDS REACT TO TOP 10 MOST VIEWED RUclip VIDEOS OF ALL TIME (First 24 Hours)
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  • FBE
    FBE  11 months ago +1090

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    • Marinês Silva do Rosário
      Marinês Silva do Rosário 10 months ago

      FBE Could you do a reacting on the new song of Anitta (medicina)? Hugs 🤗.From Brazil

    • Dunnjim Mei
      Dunnjim Mei 10 months ago

      FBE hey you are wrong .
      1 Taylor swift (4.1M/day)
      2 gentleman (38M)
      3 BTS (35.4M)
      4 Blackpink (33.3M)
      Please correct

    • ggerdagg
      ggerdagg 10 months ago

      FBE look for Russian music, it break records too

    • Md Afroz
      Md Afroz 10 months ago


    • problematic bitch
      problematic bitch 10 months ago


  • Renzu Blue
    Renzu Blue 10 months ago +60


  • Lana Kamareddine
    Lana Kamareddine 10 months ago +53

    Good job black pink and bts will definitely break the record next comeback mark my words

  • Lana Kamareddine
    Lana Kamareddine 10 months ago +20


  • eugene
    eugene 10 months ago +3

    SAD MUSIC video???

  • Callie Mae
    Callie Mae 10 months ago +17

    “So all k-pop?” I mean......

  • M S
    M S 10 months ago +3

    Where tf is No tears left to cry?

  • whistling jennie
    whistling jennie 10 months ago +54

    I’m a normal girl.
    I see BTS in the thumbnail.
    I click.

    • jasmine rebecca
      jasmine rebecca 10 months ago +4

      Ariana's My Moonlight if this ain’t me, idk what is

  • stan loona for good grades and clear skin

    kpop is taking over world damn

  • u got no jams
    u got no jams 10 months ago +25

    Well bts’ mv is way longer than the rest (5+ minutes). This comeback we need 3,5-4 minutes mv. DO YOU HEAR ME, BIGHIT?? It’s hard to stream whole movie...

  • larissa
    larissa 10 months ago +9

    flop. stan bts

  • Kim Taehyung 95
    Kim Taehyung 95 10 months ago +7


  • K-Pop Trash
    K-Pop Trash 10 months ago +21

    If i see bts i click right away but can yall do a episode dedicated to BTS please

  • makayla lewis
    makayla lewis 10 months ago +46

    Who clicked just because of kookie in the cover❤😂

  • Jiminzgirl
    Jiminzgirl 10 months ago +15

    Yay kpop

  • Gaargi M
    Gaargi M 10 months ago +49

    Just wait untill they break the record in August....mark my words

    • K-Pop Trash
      K-Pop Trash 10 months ago +1

      KOOKIE SARANGHAE yup same thing

    • Dylan Dich
      Dylan Dich 10 months ago +1

      KOOKIE SARANGHAE Love Yourself “Answer” 😁😁😁

  • ni ni
    ni ni 10 months ago +11


  • Tamanna
    Tamanna 10 months ago +40

    I hope BTS new mv on August will be able to put them more up on the list!

    • Dylan Dich
      Dylan Dich 10 months ago

      Tamanna Yup with that new album Love Yourself “Answer”

    • Gaargi M
      Gaargi M 10 months ago

      Tamanna yas gurl i hope that too...

  • Sara 사라 Bro
    Sara 사라 Bro 10 months ago +21

    Woah I thought black pink broke the record. Still proud though good job girls

  • Ender Brine
    Ender Brine 10 months ago +4

    I see (forgot what's his name also his stage name) I click

  • Potato Avocado
    Potato Avocado 10 months ago +20

    Proud blink and army here 🙌

  • Potato Avocado
    Potato Avocado 10 months ago +12

    Proud blink and army here 🙌

  • Armina Jimin
    Armina Jimin 10 months ago +37

    0:23 I love how Tom says: "So all kpop?" 😂

    • Iqra Syed
      Iqra Syed 10 months ago +2

      Armina Jimin he knows what’s up

    • Potato Avocado
      Potato Avocado 10 months ago

      Armina Jimin so true!! 😂

    • Weather Girl
      Weather Girl 10 months ago +1

      Armina Jimin ITS TRUE THO 😂😂

  • teta_cokguzel
    teta_cokguzel 10 months ago +22

    Wait for August bts coming with a new record I am so hyped 💕💕💕💕💕💕

  • Jenifer Ramos
    Jenifer Ramos 10 months ago +12

    tbh i recommended this only bc i knew bts was gonna be one of em.

  • ølivia._ dun
    ølivia._ dun 10 months ago +8

    I Stan bts

  • happililpill
    happililpill 10 months ago +19


  • wrongbae_
    wrongbae_ 10 months ago +30

    Bts is coming in August with a new break record.

  • Zoe
    Zoe 10 months ago +264


  • Jusu Boii
    Jusu Boii 10 months ago +18

    Came here for BP and Bangtan

  • i cant find the avocados
    i cant find the avocados 10 months ago +8

    I always knew taylor would be on the top, i mean she's the queen so...
    Swiftie here🙋❤️

  • jennifer.
    jennifer. 10 months ago +13

    *I clicked because of Taylor and BTS :D*

  • Lexi Constantino
    Lexi Constantino 10 months ago +124

    Taylor Swift and Blackpink 👑👑👑👑👑

  • Joost
    Joost 10 months ago +8

    8:31 'She should really start a reality show or something, that would be a hit.'

  • Khalaf Ilyas
    Khalaf Ilyas 10 months ago +9

    wait for august , 25th a storms coming . bye

    • sude
      sude 10 months ago

      I Love BTS fite me oh akshshdh

    • TaexNochu
      TaexNochu 10 months ago

      sude Shes talking about BTS and their new album this month.

    • sude
      sude 10 months ago

      Khalaf Ilyas what

  • Lisa’s Yadom
    Lisa’s Yadom 10 months ago +14

    I’m a blink and Hey too and love you too 😂

  • Jia Yue Yang
    Jia Yue Yang 10 months ago +7


  • 527398
    527398 10 months ago +11

    I thought everyone knew Look What You Made Mу Do was the first XD

  • Miranda Mendoza
    Miranda Mendoza 10 months ago +14

    Am I the only one who doesn't like bts

    • eugene
      eugene 10 months ago +1

      Like 80 percent of their fans downtown event know the language

    • eugene
      eugene 10 months ago

      I'm with you

    • Lyna 134340
      Lyna 134340 10 months ago


    • TaexNochu
      TaexNochu 10 months ago

      infires_bts It's their opinion. They don't have to like them if they don't want to

    • TaexNochu
      TaexNochu 10 months ago

      Miranda Mendoza Eh. Its your opinion. So you do you. Its okay

  • Johanna
    Johanna 10 months ago +23

    I see Jungkook
    I click

    • My Gukkie
      My Gukkie 10 months ago

      [CookieMain] MSP same same same

  • yuna
    yuna 10 months ago +12

    I came here bc i know bangtan's here shsjsjjsks

  • Jana
    Jana 10 months ago +14

    Every kpop fan knows black pink broke bts records lol

    • Agust Dream
      Agust Dream 10 months ago

      noideaforthename let’s wait until August. Let’s not forget ARMYs also helped stream DDDD

    • teta_cokguzel
      teta_cokguzel 10 months ago +2

      noideaforthename they coming in August

  • Crazed Marley
    Crazed Marley 10 months ago +2

    tori kinda looks like kari from mythbusters.

  • Crazed Marley
    Crazed Marley 10 months ago

    tori kinda looks like kari from mythbusters.

  • Alyssa Wing
    Alyssa Wing 10 months ago

    5:46 true words had never been spoken till then

  • aesuko
    aesuko 10 months ago +21

    Omg black pink and BTS need to be at the top!

    • teta_cokguzel
      teta_cokguzel 10 months ago +1

      slump yasssssss army and blink's all over the world

  • Youanna Sefein shenouda
    Youanna Sefein shenouda 10 months ago +9

    Anyone else watch the video because Taylor Swift was on it ?

  • lolfrieza1
    lolfrieza1 10 months ago +2

    Kpop gaypop

  • Bizarrepokegod is epic
    Bizarrepokegod is epic 10 months ago +7

    here comes the Kpop commenters

    • Agust Dream
      Agust Dream 10 months ago

      iKatnissKid Productionz Being a fan of BTS doesn’t automatically make you a KPop fan

    • teta_cokguzel
      teta_cokguzel 10 months ago +2

      iKatnissKid Productionz me

  • J i n
    J i n 10 months ago +9

    Ad a kpop fan I knew the order would be Taylor, BP, PSY, then BTS.

  • J i n
    J i n 10 months ago +3

    Am I the only one who got all the ranks right? Oh okay I'm alone-

    • teta_cokguzel
      teta_cokguzel 10 months ago +1

      J i n I like how your profile pic is suga but your username is jin 😂😂😂

  • Alien Guy
    Alien Guy 10 months ago

    What about 'Sua Cara' by Major Lazer?

  • Zizi Al
    Zizi Al 10 months ago +3

    Clicked just for my QUEENS 🖤💗

  • Rylee Braie
    Rylee Braie 10 months ago +8

    Man I thought backlinks or BTS would be 1 for sure

  • Malec .c
    Malec .c 10 months ago +6

    Aye it's my boys

  • Quim Juliet Aballe
    Quim Juliet Aballe 10 months ago +6

    I knew that my Queen is the number 1, and will always be😌.

  • Stephany Samayoa
    Stephany Samayoa 10 months ago +287


  • WithWHITE Munment
    WithWHITE Munment 10 months ago +31

    Yasss my beautiful babies BLACKPINK and BTS are on this list. 💕 I'm so proud.

  • skskskksksks skskskksksks
    skskskksksks skskskksksks 10 months ago +7

    Im a simple Potato....
    ....I see Kookie, I click😏💜😁

  • Mewsso !
    Mewsso ! 10 months ago +7

    Do Momoland the Kpop band!

  • 이용욱
    이용욱 10 months ago +8

    bts number one

  • Astrid
    Astrid 10 months ago

    College kids react to joji

  • Mya Davis
    Mya Davis 10 months ago

    Eric do Kylie DOES have a reality show...

  • XYLO 23
    XYLO 23 10 months ago +4847

    "BTS isn't number one? That feels so wrong and off to me!"

  • XYLO 23
    XYLO 23 10 months ago +126

    Guys! Lets all agree! BTS and BLACKPINCK both broke records!!!!

  • Yes, ARMY is everywhere
    Yes, ARMY is everywhere 10 months ago +49

    I'm just here for BTS.

    • jimmies jams
      jimmies jams 10 months ago +2

      Yes, ARMY is everywhere Literally me I saw them on the cover so I thought it would be even more interesting since I thought they were #1 😒 guess not

  • XYLO 23
    XYLO 23 10 months ago +127

    "So all kpop?"
    Me: If so, YASSS!!!

  • Sam ASMR
    Sam ASMR 10 months ago +8

    do more Kpop related videos !! please 💗

  • Jen_nz
    Jen_nz 10 months ago +6


  • Yusra Baig
    Yusra Baig 10 months ago +10

    Brooo I was so sure that BlackPink or BTS would have been #1. 😲😢

  • Syed Naqvi
    Syed Naqvi 10 months ago +16


  • Jimin_is_ bae
    Jimin_is_ bae 10 months ago +27


  • Masuke
    Masuke 10 months ago +5

    2:06 lmao I said the same xD Good Girl^^

  • Micah Deibert
    Micah Deibert 10 months ago +2

    Have college kids reaet to juice wrld

  • Hari AV
    Hari AV 10 months ago +7


  • Lepre Shawn
    Lepre Shawn 10 months ago +2

    What about Avengers Infinity War trailer?

  • CJ Zárate
    CJ Zárate 10 months ago

    React to Modern Thrash Metal

  • Tifany Hoang-Pham
    Tifany Hoang-Pham 10 months ago +10

    "I knew it ! I called it ! I said it ! I didn't believe in myself. I didn't trust my gut." - me everyday vs anything lol

  • zombiesweat37
    zombiesweat37 10 months ago +2

    Top 10 Most Liked Nonmusic Videos

  • Alex m
    Alex m 10 months ago +8


  • Mish G
    Mish G 10 months ago


  • Lesly Eri Fantasy Boice
    Lesly Eri Fantasy Boice 10 months ago +1

    Hoooola es Taylor Swift, que mas estabas esperando jsnsndndnnd mis niñas de BLACKPINK awww ♡♡♡♡

  • lauriss
    lauriss 10 months ago +11

    Omg their reactions to bts not being number 1😂 same lol

  • Suga Blade
    Suga Blade 10 months ago +20

    I'm here just for BTS :)
    I see jungkook or anyone from kingtan , i click

  • BlessedHero
    BlessedHero 10 months ago +5

    ahhhhh black pink, our angels

  • pressed
    pressed 10 months ago +10

    Here we go with the BTS FANS....

  • Snoopy 42
    Snoopy 42 10 months ago +397

    I was sure that Look What You Made Me Do was #1 😍😍

  • Sigrid B
    Sigrid B 10 months ago

    Tracy to The bucket list family

  • Dis is my shiteu
    Dis is my shiteu 10 months ago +12

    I love how he said “so all kpop?” Lmaooooo that’s something my mom would say

  • Khushi Amin
    Khushi Amin 10 months ago +12


  • Ipurple BTS
    Ipurple BTS 10 months ago +4

    I think it's a wrong list

    • nadya
      nadya 10 months ago +2

      lol stream hard to make it your dream list childish ppl

    • Taylor Swift Lyrics.
      Taylor Swift Lyrics. 10 months ago

      Lol grow up

    • yoonkooky
      yoonkooky 10 months ago +1

      Ouissal Marray same

  • Something else
    Something else 10 months ago

    If you look online the most viewed video was despacito

    • Hi Im Venea
      Hi Im Venea 10 months ago +4

      Despacito is the most viewed video in all the time. This list is only for 24h after the release

  • Crushing24/7 Badb
    Crushing24/7 Badb 10 months ago +11


  • Xx_KÏŁŁÜ4_x X
    Xx_KÏŁŁÜ4_x X 10 months ago +10

    BTS OF ALL TIME😍!!!!!

  • جبن بن مجبون
    جبن بن مجبون 10 months ago +7

    BLACKPink and tae 😍💖💖💖♥

  • Allee Lee
    Allee Lee 10 months ago +28

    0:20 "So all K-pop?" 😅

  • Randall Bell
    Randall Bell 10 months ago

    LBJ showing his after a surgery when president.

  • Help C; sup, ain’t I sexy? No ok then ;-;

    This scale is wrong af bts is number 1 and Taylor is number 0 sry Taylor fans ❤️ but I love the boys more 💕

    • Help C; sup, ain’t I sexy? No ok then ;-;
      Help C; sup, ain’t I sexy? No ok then ;-; 10 months ago

      Nadya well I have my opinions and you have yours. And I’m not a Taylor fan so that’s why I wrote that I mean if I liked her she’d probably be number 3 on the list but I would still put bts and blackpink at the top❤️. And btw what was the ew at the end for? You have ur opinions and I have mine so don’t even start girl. 🖤

    • nadya
      nadya 10 months ago +1

      Well its okay if you love bts but do you really need to mock taylor like that? ew

    • Taylor Swift Lyrics.
      Taylor Swift Lyrics. 10 months ago

      Lol nah

    • Alma Benito - Elias
      Alma Benito - Elias 10 months ago +1

      i thought the same mf thing

  • Helena Berry
    Helena Berry 10 months ago +21

    I see BTS I click

  • weird fan
    weird fan 10 months ago +1

    YG FAMILY💜💜💜