Seattle in 4K

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Comments • 80

  • Doña Bárbara
    Doña Bárbara 3 days ago

    When everynthing was normal and the best days of our lives like the songs says here. Today, it sucks. Corona virus was realized to fuck up everything and change our path lives.

  • Izham Azrie
    Izham Azrie 14 days ago

    Second son brought me here

  • Lukas Kucinski
    Lukas Kucinski 29 days ago +1

    Unfortunately this video is now out of date. The development in south lake union and elsewhere has completely changed the look and feel of the city (for the better imo). I think we need a 2020 update.

    • Lukas Kucinski
      Lukas Kucinski 25 days ago +1

      @Around The World 4K You should hit up Amazon

    • Around The World 4K
      Around The World 4K  29 days ago

      Lukas Kucinski You’re right. Once we find a sponsor, we will be happy to film Seattle again this time in 8K resolution!

  • Pablo Gutiérrez
    Pablo Gutiérrez Month ago

    Yo viví ahí durante dos años y es una ciudad muy bonita . Uno de mis sueños es regresar a vivir ahí es una ciudad muy chingona

    ANJEAO 3 months ago

    It's great. And I Saw Portland at the end of this video. When will you release video of Portland?

  • John West
    John West 4 months ago +1

    Seattle... Looks beautiful, smells awful. Walked down any alley and it stenches like urine. And watch where you step 💩 these days!

  • AnDog YT
    AnDog YT 4 months ago +1

    This is like in European city

  • Jerry Takou
    Jerry Takou 5 months ago

    TOP video. Love all your videos guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mr.J4y
    Mr.J4y 5 months ago +3

    11.3.19.... world war 3😭😭😭

    • no u
      no u 4 months ago

      Yeah right, no one believes you, karen

    • Vegan Hero
      Vegan Hero 4 months ago

      Today, you will see how wrong you are.

  • alarupala ́s Satire
    alarupala ́s Satire 5 months ago


  • Abdi Kusuma
    Abdi Kusuma 6 months ago

    next time when making the title write the country okey thank you

  • Lac Lov
    Lac Lov 7 months ago

    Dark Angel forever...

  • Iker Balderas Oficial
    Iker Balderas Oficial 8 months ago

    What a great video i love Seattle and i want to back there and sing at some pub's there are in every corner.

  • Look_around
    Look_around 9 months ago

    I like Seattle because it is beautiful and peaceful.

  • Top 5
    Top 5 11 months ago +1

    I don’t live in Seattle but I live in Washington😂🤙

  • Mohammed Ashfaaq
    Mohammed Ashfaaq 11 months ago

    Please make a 4K video in Melbourne

  • Lets Play
    Lets Play Year ago +3

    So beautiful cities ever! maybe some day i will live there -)))))

  • Eduardo Lima
    Eduardo Lima Year ago

    nota 10! terra do grunge

  • Rishi B
    Rishi B Year ago +1

    Please more videos upload

  • Francis Major
    Francis Major Year ago

    I only spent a weekend in Seattle but I had a great time there.

  • king by my manners
    king by my manners Year ago +4

    4k it's actually awesome

  • J.R. Productions
    J.R. Productions Year ago +1

    Reminds me alot of Chicago

  • pepezin play
    pepezin play Year ago


  • Yaroslav WV
    Yaroslav WV Year ago

    I love this city, but live in Moscow 😢

  • عبدالله عامر

    Wow 😮

  • Nabael
    Nabael Year ago +1

    You know, I went to school in Seattle and absolutely loved livibg there but the city is just too damn expensive.
    As far as living spaces are concerned, pick two -
    1. Affordable.
    2. Private (no room mates).
    3. Safe neighborhood.
    I have considered moving back but I just cringe every time I begin looking for apartments and rentals.

  • D C
    D C Year ago

    God, help me and my family to get to this wonderful city! The city of my dream


    Provide us more butiful❤️ video please 😊👍

  • Yu Gi Oh! Fan
    Yu Gi Oh! Fan Year ago

    da war eine dreckskopie von mir alter hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  • jeferson vasco
    jeferson vasco Year ago +6

    Curitiba in 4k please!

  • sivan ferna
    sivan ferna Year ago

    I went to seattle, very overrated

  • Aniket Raj
    Aniket Raj Year ago

    Not better then moscow

  • Shamillia Harris
    Shamillia Harris Year ago

    Thank You Lori!! Reminding me of How Special this place truly is😘

  • Lori K.
    Lori K. Year ago

    Thanks for showing the Space Needle (a lot of times). Iconic, hey!

  • Sergio Tapia
    Sergio Tapia Year ago


  • seym en
    seym en Year ago


  • Intelligent Boi
    Intelligent Boi Year ago +4

    My home!

  • Gak Tau
    Gak Tau Year ago +2


  • Hey friends
    Hey friends Year ago +10

    I love United States washington Seattle!!

  • Tatu Mx
    Tatu Mx Year ago

    ¿It is true than seattle is the capital of grunge or not?

  • Russell Hogben
    Russell Hogben 2 years ago

    Just looks like any nondescript modern city. From watching this video I can’t say I’ll be rushing to Seattle.

  • Ed
    Ed 2 years ago +3

    definitely Moving to Seattle in Few Years .
    So Excited :)

  • Steve Wells
    Steve Wells 2 years ago +2

    That's Seattle, for tourists, and the "1%" of wealthy people who control it and promote "glamorous" videos made about it... Ick!... Good luck with trying to find an affordable apartment there!

    • xxxcashew
      xxxcashew Year ago

      Steve Wells Wtf is your point? You could literally say the same for every major city in the world... I highly doubt people are watching these videos in order to find an apartment. Smh

  • Hippo Pig
    Hippo Pig 2 years ago

    i love being a citizen Seattle,WA

  • 황인성
    황인성 2 years ago

    amazing Seattle !

  • Gerasimos
    Gerasimos 2 years ago

    awesome video!!congratulations :)

  • R. A.
    R. A. 2 years ago +3

    Making me homesick

  • Daniel Lambson
    Daniel Lambson 2 years ago

    song title????

  • MeroAD
    MeroAD 2 years ago +1

    God Bless America

  • sompol kaewboonruang
    sompol kaewboonruang 2 years ago

    very nice

  • Jeff Pittman
    Jeff Pittman 2 years ago

    Delightful music track, and super fun vid. Makes me want to go to Seattle!

  • Johny app Le seed
    Johny app Le seed 2 years ago +1

    My sister said why do you love this place and then when we passed the city she said 'Wow

  • dreck
    dreck 2 years ago

    i love seattle so much. keep up the good work! hell i might buy my own drone for filming like this thanks to you guys!

  • Denisa Liebl Nehyba
    Denisa Liebl Nehyba 2 years ago


    FALCONPUNCH 2 years ago

    I miss Seattle

  • Rapture98
    Rapture98 2 years ago +1

    Depressing city

    • MusOyun
      MusOyun Year ago

      Rapture98 The Last Of Us 2

  • Abdulrahman Hazem
    Abdulrahman Hazem 2 years ago

    Where exactly is 2:44 , is it the University of Washington ??

  • prince vegeta
    prince vegeta 2 years ago

    the city of billionaires

  • Bruce Goolsby
    Bruce Goolsby 2 years ago

    Nice video and great song!

  • eldrid chapman
    eldrid chapman 2 years ago

    Grey's Anatomy made me fell in love with the Emerald City!

  • Sam S
    Sam S 2 years ago +3

    Seattle is really not that impressing, Portland is a much nicer City

    • Moon Rocker
      Moon Rocker 2 years ago +4

      Sam S
      Really? Haha... Portland is a shit hole! Seattle is a major player in the world and the fastest growing city in America. There are more building and sky scraper projects going on than any other U.S. city including New York. Every time I visit Seattle i don't wanna leave. The only time i visit Portland is when im driving through. I hate that place.

    • HippoTitties
      HippoTitties 2 years ago +1

      I'm from Seattle, and I even think Portland kicks Seattle's ass. Ugly ass cranes all around, lacking a centralized downtown family-friendly district, and reeks of fish. There's a reason that whenever Seattle has the national spotlight on it (Mon Night Football, et al.) all you ever see is the stupid Needle, and/or two guys playing catch with a f@#*ing fish.

    • Sam S
      Sam S 2 years ago

      Portland is trash, but when you compare it to Seattle... Portland its a much nicer city

    • Chad Thundercock
      Chad Thundercock 2 years ago +2

      Portland is fucking trash lmao

  • See LAB
    See LAB 3 years ago

    amazing video~ :-)

  • Christopher Bardosi
    Christopher Bardosi 3 years ago +27

    It looks like the beginning of an episode of "Grey's Anatomy" :-)

    • Viviana Aburto
      Viviana Aburto 20 days ago

      I was looking for you

    • Iker Balderas Oficial
      Iker Balderas Oficial 8 months ago

      that was a great one LOL

    • Nabael
      Nabael Year ago +2

      Interestingly enough, most people don't realize the hospital in Grey's Anatomy is entirely fake.

  • Edison Tian
    Edison Tian 3 years ago

    I miss seattle... :(

  • Piotr Jas
    Piotr Jas 3 years ago

    I smile every time, when I watch this video :). Great work !

  • Isabella Kozma
    Isabella Kozma 3 years ago

    even I have never been to seattle just by watching I really want to go now and my aunt and uncle live there

  • RusHetaFan
    RusHetaFan 3 years ago +12

    Why the hell am I watching this when I live literally within ferry distance to Seattle?

    • Janaka Sendanayake
      Janaka Sendanayake 7 months ago

      you are lucky

    • michele iapalucci
      michele iapalucci Year ago

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      IBAN: DE64100110012621682264, BIC: NTSBDEB1XXX International transfer:
      TRANSFERWISE - Thank you GRAZIE di CUORE !

    • RusHetaFan
      RusHetaFan 3 years ago

      @Around The World 4K Well iv been many times, I was just like " am I really this lazy?" XD

    • Around The World 4K
      Around The World 4K  3 years ago +2

      Hop on that ferry and go there! (Hopefully you already did this by the time this message reaches you)

  • Phú lê Hoàng
    Phú lê Hoàng 3 years ago +2


  • craizebra
    craizebra 3 years ago

    You didn't show the real side of Seattle. All the homeless......
    and it dose rain😉

    • Deborah Lancaster
      Deborah Lancaster Year ago

      All cities have homeless. Having homeless people in in a city doesnt make the nice parts fake

    • Around The World 4K
      Around The World 4K  3 years ago +5

      +craiz zebra thanks for watching! It's true, we choose to show a very positive world in all our videos, we choose to showcase these places as we experience them because we wish to inspire others, to send out a positive vibe and to connect people from all around the world. It's about our creative vision and staying true to that :)

    NAVJOT SINGH 3 years ago

    Its my dream city

  • Christopher Cardona
    Christopher Cardona 3 years ago +46

    Seattle one of the best cities in America

    • Top 5
      Top 5 11 months ago

      Chris Cardona true bro true true

    • sivan ferna
      sivan ferna Year ago +3

      lol no

  • PhoeniX OceanZ
    PhoeniX OceanZ 3 years ago

    or i think so. If not utub r dumb

  • PhoeniX OceanZ
    PhoeniX OceanZ 3 years ago +3

    really Nice video. Keep doing vids like this and you would get 500k subs.

    • Around The World 4K
      Around The World 4K  3 years ago +4

      Thank you! We hope to inspire other creative minds and we love to share our journey with you guys.

  • Marco Thompson
    Marco Thompson 3 years ago +37

    Seattle is cool, reminds me much of vancouver

    • xxxcashew
      xxxcashew Year ago +2

      Melon! Mehh - It’s more so the other way around. You even go to the reddit page for Vancouver and it says “there’s a starbucks on every corner.” ...Starbucks is a Seattle thing 😂

    • Melon!
      Melon! 2 years ago +13

      Yeah Seattle is the Vancouver of the us

  • Denspion
    Denspion 3 years ago +18

    I'm so glad I can finally watch these videos in 4k, Seattle is gorgeous!

  • Gabriel Sôarés
    Gabriel Sôarés 3 years ago

    this is really awesome all your videos

  • frawldog
    frawldog 3 years ago

    Great place Seattle

  • elbato10
    elbato10 3 years ago

    I Love Seattle

  • vSmokeyAli
    vSmokeyAli 3 years ago


  • Gaurav4u
    Gaurav4u 3 years ago

    Amazing captures and lovely camera angles. Perhaps the finest HD videos on You Tube and of course a lovely song too. Keep up the great work because it feels like poetry in motion!!!