DREAD VERTICAL SPECIAL MOVE! | Anime VS Real Life Beyblade Burst GT/Rise

  • SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE EPIC BEYBLADE VIDEOS! Anime VS Real Life Dread Bahamut Dread Vertical Special Move! Have you BBGs been catching up with the Beyblade Burst GT anime? With the introduction of Imperial Dragon, Drum takes on Blind and Dread Bahamut with his new Bey. Imperial Dragon is an entirely new Bey, but Dread Bahamut also had new techniques to show off. Dread Bahamut was able to retain its spin while spinning vertically, on the surface of it Layer. The round shape kept it from losing spin - it was honestly such a crazy special move!
    Blind and Dread Bahamut pulled off a powerful attack while they were performing Dread Vertical, so we wondered if it would be effective in a real life battle. We can't pull it off exactly as it is in the anime, so we turn Dread Bahamut's special move into the Dread Vertical Launch! Against the right opponent, launching like this can seriously pack a punch. You might just pull off that unexpected win!
    What do you BBGs think of this Dread Vertical Launch? Have you ever tried battling like this with any other Beys? It was actually super fun to launch Beys like this, but it's super risky! Definitely only something you should try if you're super desperate in a battle!

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Comments • 80

  • Nichelle Tran
    Nichelle Tran 2 days ago

    3 2 1 LET IT RIP

  • M T
    M T 3 days ago

    You can do this without buying dread bahamut
    You need:
    Spriggan Requiem
    Vn Disc
    Any Driver

  • M T
    M T 3 days ago

    *Dread Pierce*

  • Dawit Yaszi
    Dawit Yaszi 3 days ago

    just imagine that valtryek broke fun fear

  • landon griffith
    landon griffith 4 days ago

    i know why bahomut is spinning instead of doing the dread vertical. the bey its battling is hitting forge disc and driver so it gets balanced and spins instead of doing dread vertical

  • Neerav Anush Jeyasaravanan

    use "dread vertical" with spriezen requim

  • Ox Bridge
    Ox Bridge 5 days ago +1

    Were did you got dread bahamut tt.

  • JayhAwk Yancey
    JayhAwk Yancey 6 days ago

    I’m an og and I’m 10

  • sarah shelton
    sarah shelton 6 days ago

    I did this before and it worked

  • Ragalia Apocalypse
    Ragalia Apocalypse 7 days ago

    Try to do the dread gyro now

  • Parody Cuber
    Parody Cuber 7 days ago

    I did the dread vertical but i din't do with dread bahamut i did it with springan requiem🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • KeDylan
    KeDylan 7 days ago

    normal bey: --
    dread bahamut: |

  • KeDylan
    KeDylan 7 days ago

    normal bey: --
    dread bahamut: |

  • Aiza Del Mira
    Aiza Del Mira 7 days ago

    How to make

  • TTgamerboy
    TTgamerboy 8 days ago

    I still have a beywheel

  • Isaac Teo
    Isaac Teo 8 days ago

    It look likes artvocash

  • vera todorovic
    vera todorovic 9 days ago

    Echt cool

  • Kirk Zui Rodge Bustamante

    i pulled off the venom vertical with my venom diabolos

  • dark blader
    dark blader 10 days ago

    You can do that in choz spriggan turbo vertical

  • L-Drago Entertainment
    L-Drago Entertainment 11 days ago

    Hello BBG I'm One of Your Fan! I Love all your Video that you've Publish!

  • henry guevara
    henry guevara 12 days ago

    It works well for turbo spryzen too

  • Ayden Payne
    Ayden Payne 12 days ago +1

    Beywheels:Aren't we still cool? Person:Nope beyblades took over 3 years ago. Beywheels : WHAT!!!???? A few people a mile away: LET IT RIP!!! GO SHOOT!!!

  • Lyric Bennett
    Lyric Bennett 12 days ago

    hi my name Lyric and i no all my bayblaeds but i dont have any can you guys come to minosota in stcloud on the other side of touwn to a apartment with a red roof on the first floor i whant a Luncher and 10 bayblaeds pleas

  • Evan Bernal
    Evan Bernal 13 days ago

    This move would be a lot better if dread can spin steel because when it goes back to spinning it can get spin back

  • Daisy Gado
    Daisy Gado 14 days ago

    Wow iwant to

  • Peter James Polangcos
    Peter James Polangcos 14 days ago

    To me

  • Peter James Polangcos
    Peter James Polangcos 14 days ago

    Shout out

  • Peter James Polangcos
    Peter James Polangcos 14 days ago


  • Meme King
    Meme King 14 days ago

    Nah bro that’s the side burn attack

  • Eugine Añola
    Eugine Añola 15 days ago

    Yes like a anime

  • STK Dragon slay
    STK Dragon slay 16 days ago

    Beyweel burst

  • Jwill 360
    Jwill 360 17 days ago

    Reminds me about doomscizor when he was against his shadow

  • Jose S.
    Jose S. 17 days ago

    I know 0 things about BB but for some reason your videos are super adictive, keep the good work! 🙌

  • Richa Arya
    Richa Arya 18 days ago

    I did
    Omg so much power every one hit Beyblade would burst

  • Mita Skeledzija
    Mita Skeledzija 18 days ago

    When Beywheelz came out I stopped being a fan lol.. worst idea ever.. Beyblades forever!

  • Convergent Chaos
    Convergent Chaos 19 days ago

    all official stadiums are so small though, i wish there would be an official, real life version of the stadium from the first tournament in beyblade burst season 1, the one that's kind of huge and has stairs on both sides

  • Convergent Chaos
    Convergent Chaos 19 days ago

    have you seen the ad for Spinner MAD?

  • It’s Art bruh
    It’s Art bruh 19 days ago +1

    You have to launch the wheel’s blade a the opponent so it lands on the other bey

  • meh_din_china yt
    meh_din_china yt 19 days ago


  • ßoopz Er
    ßoopz Er 20 days ago

    Gt:grand tour

    Any dragon ball fans?

  • oski PLAYS RBLX
    oski PLAYS RBLX 20 days ago

    it works for ace dragon d5

  • Kaiden Smith
    Kaiden Smith 20 days ago

    i did this with excalius x4 it is so ez

  • Painting with Enrique

    Sometimes I try to hit the other beyblade in the air.

  • Gage Morgan
    Gage Morgan 21 day ago

    The only one I remember was Dranzer. But you guys got me into collecting them just because. MTG, Yugioh, and Haniyama puzzles. I reckon it's about time I collect something else.

  • Acquanette Wilson
    Acquanette Wilson 22 days ago

    Y try to dread vertical on spryzen Requiem turbo

  • Satyam Kashyap
    Satyam Kashyap 22 days ago

    Any way to do 'The Star Blast Attack'? 🔥🤭

  • Cameron fletcher
    Cameron fletcher 23 days ago +1

    I want dread Muhammad

  • Pred ator
    Pred ator 23 days ago

    Is It My Screen Or Is There Black Dogs In The Stadium ;-;

  • ALBERTO Ibarra
    ALBERTO Ibarra 23 days ago

    i know a nuter beyblad elegol cumbu

  • justarandomperson
    justarandomperson 24 days ago

    im inpresed

  • teshima junta
    teshima junta 24 days ago

    next up: lets race our beyblades like a wheel. :O

  • Lakeisha Rice
    Lakeisha Rice 24 days ago

    my son tried to do the dread vertical with hell salamander

  • Ritu Sabharwal
    Ritu Sabharwal 25 days ago

    Wow that is so cool

  • Prznt_
    Prznt_ 25 days ago

    This channel has gone from good to bad tbh. Not coz of the ppl. I used to watch these guys before William passed away(their brother who died in car crash). Their channel has descended coz of the original beyblade series, the metal fury and metal master etc. That has finished for some reason and now this channel is lost. I hope one day beyblade comes back, and this channel thrives again
    -your most OG fan Abdallah

  • Wolfy Nite
    Wolfy Nite 25 days ago


  • Nathan Venegas
    Nathan Venegas 25 days ago


  • rome Pierre
    rome Pierre 26 days ago

    Gotcha you last subscriber to hit one million

  • Lin Qiunan Tatsuki
    Lin Qiunan Tatsuki 26 days ago

    its going to 1000k subscriber
    good luck😘😘😘🙃🙃😁😁

  • Lin Qiunan Tatsuki
    Lin Qiunan Tatsuki 26 days ago

    its going to 1000k subscriber
    good luck😘😘😘🙃🙃😁😁

  • Guadalupe Pichon
    Guadalupe Pichon 26 days ago +1

    Where can I get the launchers they use during the video. And thank you 🙏🏻

  • Wasn'tBornRich
    Wasn'tBornRich 27 days ago

    2k more subs for 1M, gz BeybladeGeeks.

  • gian gabriel
    gian gabriel 27 days ago

    Im not keeping up because I can't hide the episode eng dub

  • haymar hnin
    haymar hnin 27 days ago

    I have a dread bahamut

  • Leron ferdinand
    Leron ferdinand 27 days ago

    Who name is bey

  • Nugget 461 Gaming
    Nugget 461 Gaming 27 days ago

    What is the Name of This Beyblade?

  • Marzireon_ Playz
    Marzireon_ Playz 27 days ago +1

    OMG it worked!!

  • nickz1lla
    nickz1lla 27 days ago

    I had a beywheel and a tornado beyblade to

  • Misty
    Misty 27 days ago

    Who’s here before 1 million subscribers?

  • Angelina Ixba
    Angelina Ixba 27 days ago

    Like brooooo

  • Angelina Ixba
    Angelina Ixba 27 days ago

    Quiero que me Regale un blebley

  • Alvyn Juztin Chiong
    Alvyn Juztin Chiong 27 days ago

    What is Dread Bahamut's combo in the anime????

  • Naeem Shakir
    Naeem Shakir 28 days ago

    In the anime dread bahamut is in its circle form when it is doing the dread vertical. In your video bahamut's wings are out

  • Sandra Bonilla
    Sandra Bonilla 28 days ago

    fafner my bay

  • Sandra Bonilla
    Sandra Bonilla 28 days ago

    not beder den my

  • Sandra Bonilla
    Sandra Bonilla 28 days ago

    ace dragon the best

  • Mr.NvmYT
    Mr.NvmYT 28 days ago

    my friend tried that on my Another Friend's Stadium and now my friend's Stadium is cracked

  • Tineka Patterson
    Tineka Patterson 28 days ago

    You should buy lord spriggan

    MASTERGAMER PH PH 28 days ago

    Let me try this in a tournament

  • Victor Lopez
    Victor Lopez 28 days ago

    Master vs Disciple battle

  • Joel Davis
    Joel Davis 29 days ago

    Would it be legal to launch like this?