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  • K-bro Unlimited
    K-bro Unlimited 3 месяца назад

    Like if johnnys is gonna come back

  • Nick Hill
    Nick Hill 6 месяцев назад

    I never liked Stevie Asssmith and I never will.
    If Johnny football was black Steven would be singing a different tone as usual, saying "Com'on give the poor brother a chance, its not his fault he was in this situation."
    He always takes the side of the "poor black athletes no matter what they have done.
    Michael Vick, RG 3 just to name a few. RG is so over rated.
    If I stepped on anyone's toes to bad.

    A_STUDENT_OF_HIS_WORD 9 месяцев назад

    S.A.S is10000000% dead on !!!!!!

    KLEINBURGER13 10 месяцев назад

    Everett Overton that white dude reporter has no idea what addiction to alcohol is or have alcoholic habits and to be diagnosed with a mental disorder I have a personal problem with this I have autism and was addicted to alcohol

  • Sundincubus
    Sundincubus 10 месяцев назад

    I truly find it funny how Stephen A. Smith always starts with, "I like him a lot.....I"ve talked to him on several occasions this and that...BUT". Yeap, there's that, "But" and all the negative trash talk begins. "I love Kapaenick, I truly respected him...BUT". Same goes for Michael Irvin, Dak, Ray Lewis. You can sugar coated anyway you wanted it Stephen but where I come from, it's called "kissing their ass before you spit right on their face". Nice one Stephen. Love you man, BUT often, you're just too cruel man.

  • Anthony Hutchins
    Anthony Hutchins 10 месяцев назад

    I usually think this shit is bullshit but I always thought he showed signs of bipolar so I mean maybe hes gunna take it seriously. Idk

  • Andrew Sundin
    Andrew Sundin 10 месяцев назад

    Max low key tried to save Stephen a lol. Basically max said "what he said was dumb but we should have the right to sound dumb in conversation" lol

  • Grant G
    Grant G 10 месяцев назад

    Totally agree with Stephen A here.

  • Teresa Slone
    Teresa Slone 11 месяцев назад

    second chance period! everything else is blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah

  • Mitchell Fricano
    Mitchell Fricano 11 месяцев назад


    Shut. Up.

  • Ray Larson
    Ray Larson 11 месяцев назад

    If manziel was black sas would be cryin

  • Domenico Pagala
    Domenico Pagala 11 месяцев назад

    All I got to say is "Eh" wasn't even that great when he was in the league but he had some flashes. I hope he can get his shit together.

  • Cory Pride
    Cory Pride 11 месяцев назад

    Stephen A, not only are you fun to watch as the Quintessential black sports commentator--especially when you get wound up about something--you are also the wisest of all sports commentators! AND I tend to agree with you most times and especially with regards to bipolar symptoms. We hope to understand errant behavior by giving it a name but the human psyche is too complex for that. Some people just cannot stop being obnoxious and self destructive no matter what label you slap on them.

  • Jesse Meza
    Jesse Meza 11 месяцев назад

    That sounds like a correct diagnosis for Johnny football he was just a guy that bought into his persona and when he got into trouble because of it all of a sudden he is bipolar. Bull he is just a punk who got what he deserved.

  • spence
    spence 11 месяцев назад

    agreed, bipolar is fake

  • Watcha lookin at me gut fer?
    Watcha lookin at me gut fer? 11 месяцев назад

    Lol the light going on Max’s face couldn’t un see it hahaha.

  • Thomas Crammer
    Thomas Crammer 11 месяцев назад

    Drink...rrsponsibly...appreciate the bare minimum. Then go to next floor.

  • Thomas Crammer
    Thomas Crammer 11 месяцев назад

    Johnny unitas...joe montana...tom Brady ....and everything between ..all geeks...this is the modern era boss 100% rooting for him to succeed because he's a fuckin boss. Bosses learn the hard way. Look up those mentioned qb's histories. Period.

  • Stephen Race Smith
    Stephen Race Smith 11 месяцев назад

    If Johnny was black, I would have a completely different opinion on this! FACT.

  • joltinjoe90
    joltinjoe90 Год назад

    Doubt he's really bipolar. Probably normal mood swings of an overgrown teenager. Usually people who are not fully developed or who are living fraudulent lives develop "bipolar disorder." These mood swings are just a sign that you need to grow up and sort yourself out.

  • Chris Stephens
    Chris Stephens Год назад

    I can’t stand Stephan, but this is the one time I’ll agree with him.... Johnny took all the blessings he had for granted. He was hired to be a team caption and he’s not discipled enough or care enough about the team he’s leading. He just kept rubbing his fingers together wanting that paycheck. And he seems shocked that his world fell apart. Like Stephan said, I have no sympathy for someone who is talking, only because he’s after something. Let alone, trying to get back what he threw away to begin with.

  • World King
    World King Год назад

    Fuck this dude if it was a black man he a thug a drug addict you name it but they continue to talk about this guy like why he is trash period

  • Timothy Norat
    Timothy Norat Год назад

    Offensive guard

  • George Yaj
    George Yaj Год назад

    Lol, sas. Wtf, "bipolar" is a bad excuse but being "affluent" is ok as an excuse, lol

  • Charles & Melissa Shannon
    Charles & Melissa Shannon Год назад

    Johnny please pull your head out of your ass! Hear the POP buddy!

  • Charles & Melissa Shannon
    Charles & Melissa Shannon Год назад

    I really don’t like this guy and I am a die hard aggies fan! Love Johnny; but this time he is right!

  • Boot
    Boot Год назад

    I agree with Stephen A, too many people want to blame their issue on some "disorder" be it ADHD, bi-polar, etc etc. The dude just behaved like a shithead, let his ego get to him, pretty typical for a young person suddenly thrust into fame/money. but please don't blame it on some medical issue, bullshit excuse.

  • Sunglass Brad
    Sunglass Brad Год назад

    2-6 with the browns?! Fuq he could win a super bowl

  • bird man99
    bird man99 Год назад

    B.S stop using Stuff like conditions has an excuse that didn’t give you a drinking problem I liked Johnny but people go are whole lives with depression sorry but I’m not giving you a pass for using a condition has crutch sorry but that condition didn’t make you drink and party literally every night.

  • DJ JDB
    DJ JDB Год назад

    Most of these comments are sadly ignorant. FOOTBALL: Manziel was unfortunately drafted into a "totally dysfunctional" franchise with a shit system, not to mention a shit owner. We never had the chance to see what Manziel could do in a well organized system. Imagine Manziel in a Belichick, Carroll or Marrone system. At 4.5 speed, scrambling ability and an accurate arm? He would excel big time! HIS PERSONALITY: In high school and college Manziel was an arrogant prick that partied too much, and he was allowed to get away with pretty much anything because he won! His substance abuse and arrogant attitude began way before he was drafted into the NFL. Now ad a bipolar disorder (which doctors diagnosed him to have) and WA LA! A perfect recipe for self destruction. I commend Manziel for eating the crow and trying to turn his life and football career around! He deserves a second chance in the NFL. He would most likely sign for minimum salary too! I hope he gets that chance.

  • Flex Master Tony
    Flex Master Tony Год назад

    SAS was way out of line implying that he’s lying about a serious issue just to gain sympathy. All because that happens with celebrities. Very ignorant of him. But what else is new?

  • mike Jordan
    mike Jordan Год назад

    Not being rude but I don't think a NFL team will pick up a QB with mental illness. Especially with Johnny's past.... hit up XFL bro..

  • Lilleybugglane
    Lilleybugglane Год назад

    Being a dick doesn't make a person bipolar...

  • Johnny Andrews
    Johnny Andrews Год назад

    They brought up Brandon marshal. He’s bipolar. And his actions was nothing like johnny football

  • McFrosty1
    McFrosty1 Год назад

    Freaking Molly, keep interrupting at 4:30

  • Lil John
    Lil John Год назад

    We can't really fault people for what they do. No one controls who they are in reality because everything we are comes from external sources such as genetics or environment. This perspective breeds empathy even as we hold people accountable for their actions. I'm bringing this up because of what Stephen A. brought up with bipolar disorder. He thinks it's just an excuse (and he's right it is an "excuse/explanation"). BUT so what? No matter what you believe about his specific diagnosis, you have to admit something was wrong with Manziel in terms of being able to control himself.

  • Derek Redman
    Derek Redman Год назад

    I RARELY agree with Stephen A... but he is SPOT ON HERE

  • 123 RF
    123 RF Год назад

    The last time the browns won.....manziel was the QB

  • Dave Brown
    Dave Brown Год назад

    It's like this they have rapist Ben clear shot to play they gave rapist Winston green flag to they gave the kid that busted the girl in the face broke her bones a green flag to play so why not take Johnny football word and give him a shot or is it only the people who hurt people gets another chance

  • YouTube Guru
    YouTube Guru Год назад

    This kid is a legend but who the fuck honestly believes he’s sober lol

  • DezzysSpeedShop
    DezzysSpeedShop Год назад

    Manziel is the definition of entitlement and this is his own bed. Grab a good quilt and lie in it bruh. You blew it.

  • Salimooo 6475
    Salimooo 6475 Год назад


  • Anthony McFadden
    Anthony McFadden Год назад

    Johnny deserves a second chance

  • theillest811
    theillest811 Год назад

    Wonder if these two jerk each other before or after the show...

  • Stew W
    Stew W Год назад

    So now he has bipolar disorder? Damn being white and being able to conjure up massive amounts of excuses and mental illnesses for your laundry list of mistakes must be nice....Dude is not an NFL quarterback period.

  • Able2tell
    Able2tell Год назад

    A black QB wouldn't had that many opportunities to get it together #privileged #bipolarmyazz #focwiththatBS

  • OLCtv
    OLCtv Год назад

    I agree with Stephen A.

  • frederick gramcko
    frederick gramcko Год назад

    SAS calling J. Manziel a faker and a liar about his illness. #wow

  • Collin Everson
    Collin Everson Год назад

    Ha hell yeah Stephen A. I totally agree with you! It's all good when your a punk ass college kid, thinking your bigger than everyone & the world around you.... THEN, wanna be "bi-polar" the minute you are suddenly a nobody in this world. No worries Steven A.... I have no issue saying this BUT Manziel is full of shit and making it up to receive sympathy for all his wrong doings. You had one chance to survive Cleveland where he had no Tom Brady to out shine. All he had to do in Cleveland is maintain mediocrity and work on winning a few games. That is not very difficult and he couldn't even be mediocre and behave himself. I am a huge Texas A&M fan and always will but Fuck that dude. He blew it all on his own. Guys like myself that have to bust my ass my whole life to feed my family and never get even 1% the chance to have the opportunities he pissed away makes me feel absolutely not sorry for him. People and Humans need to start fucking learning shit in life. Seriously

  • Garrett Griffin
    Garrett Griffin Год назад

    It's possible he could be lying and the bipolar disorder but he seemed really sincere and it's not like he blames every thing on the bipolar disorder he still blames himself

  • ThePrince66
    ThePrince66 Год назад

    He has to have some sort of history of mental issues nobody in there right mind throws away their career for drugs and partying

  • Saul Reyes
    Saul Reyes Год назад

    Kaep >> Keenum, Bradford, Fitzpatrick, McCown, Dak, Kizer, Taylor, Flacco, Semien, Skelton. And if you disagree you are BLIND TO THE FACTS.

    • Saul Reyes
      Saul Reyes Год назад

      He's better than ANY backup in the league. And He's beaten the greatest QB'S in the league. So don't even waste your time debating. WAR IS EVIL if he were protesting WAR id support him even more! And if you disagree with that then you need to get your marbles back.

  • CorbCorbin
    CorbCorbin Год назад

    Who cares? He squandered a once in a lifetime opportunity, and he doesn't need the money. Poor, sad, rich boy, born with a gift, that thousands of guys are busting there ass every day but never get to. Waste of an NFL position, someone else didn't get a chance to play because he took a spot and threw it away. Bi-polar is a bullshit excuse, Lawerence Taylor was bi-polar, get the fuck outta here.

  • greekosdarkness
    greekosdarkness Год назад

    People need to know the term diagnosed means a doctor diagnosed it. Then gives him medicine for it. Manziel is a fuck head but don't claim he is faking shit

  • Jeff P
    Jeff P Год назад

    Johnny Manziel and Colin Kaepernick are both tools and that's why they are unemployed.

  • #kanepoe !
    #kanepoe ! Год назад

    Dam I never thought I would agree with with smith and here I am agreeing with him

  • #kanepoe !
    #kanepoe ! Год назад

    Johnny 8ball

  • lynn henkel
    lynn henkel Год назад

    If he wasn't drafted to Cleveland, I think that his career would of had been a lot different.

    ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ Год назад

    Shit.. Tebow deserves another chance before this privileged bum.. Tebow was class act.

  • Jaiden TV
    Jaiden TV Год назад

    Jhonny football can become a backup in the nfl ....

  • Les Rosin
    Les Rosin Год назад

    not gonna happen, NFL moved on.

  • Re6N Z0E
    Re6N Z0E Год назад

    Jamarcus Russell ass

  • Lajuan Ramsey
    Lajuan Ramsey Год назад

    Charles Haley has bipolarism and 5 super bowl rings & is a HOFer

  • DJSuckafreeTV
    DJSuckafreeTV Год назад

    Fuck Stephen Smith, it's just ignorance coming out his mouth SMH fuck that nigga

  • Thoth Science
    Thoth Science Год назад

    Well said Stephen!!!!

  • Thoth Science
    Thoth Science Год назад

    Why are you talking about Jonny M as a player no thankzzzz

  • What Now
    What Now Год назад

    He went to the Browns ... How many players do good there ? 1 out of 500

  • yamamancha
    yamamancha Год назад

    So Johnny buys a diagnosis and people are suppose take him seriously?

  • John Collentine
    John Collentine Год назад

    2-6 on the Browns is 6-2 on any other team

  • trippleaaaaaaaaaa
    trippleaaaaaaaaaa Год назад

    FYI folks,Manic depression,needed a kinder,gentler face,and they invented the name, bi-polar.started seeing a shrink in the 7th grade,I'm 68 now,led a full life so far,meaningful,served my country, became a master carpenter in the hall,but not a day goes by,that I don't feel self destructive.the fact is,most manics,thrive in competitive sports,the arts,trades,creativity.It's a way of transcending our thoughts,by having to concentrate on that or rather those skills. I used to hate going home after work,but I have taken up wood carving,and it became bearable.Hope this sheds a little light on this affliction.

  • mrsnoopyaaaaa
    mrsnoopyaaaaa Год назад

    I think the Patriots should give him a chance, Belicheck can make him good, I know he can.

  • Cornell Ricky
    Cornell Ricky Год назад

    He is suffering from affluenza.

  • elchucofried
    elchucofried Год назад +1

    He's a douche and does not deserve to be in the NFL.

  • geerob 77
    geerob 77 Год назад

    I'm surprised they didn't turn this topic into race

  • Joey Brunell
    Joey Brunell Год назад

    Fuck Manizel. A prick who thought he was the shit should not be in the NFL

  • Kyle
    Kyle Год назад

    Max is a turd

  • Liberals are Icky
    Liberals are Icky Год назад +1

    I'd *LOVE* to see Still Stupid Liberal's crying when somebody gives lil Jonni Foosball a contract
    before COMMIE Kaepernick. .. That would make my day!

  • Lucas Peres
    Lucas Peres Год назад

    Johnny Manziel is lying.
    That simple.
    Has no disease, he is a drunk punk
    Would bet 10000 that if he gets back to the nfl he will be cut because of off field issues

  • ballerbscott
    ballerbscott Год назад

    He’s literally a bad QB. Tebow is even better and more of a leader. ESPNs love for Manziel is disgusting.

  • Jeff Lua
    Jeff Lua Год назад

    Don't react to Johnny Mistake...

  • Rudy_2007
    Rudy_2007 Год назад

    Played for a shitty ass team. They better without him? Hell no

  • The Grim Saint
    The Grim Saint Год назад

    As a #BROWNS fan.

  • Crying Jordan Face
    Crying Jordan Face Год назад

    Wherever Manziel goes a circus will follow smh.

  • Edward Nygma
    Edward Nygma Год назад

    I'm rooting for Johnny to make his comeback! He can do it

  • Johnny Rodriguez
    Johnny Rodriguez Год назад

    I agree with SAS. People find excuses for there obviously wrong behavior with so-called medical conditions

  • Z.D.T Squaad
    Z.D.T Squaad Год назад

    I don’t see why he can’t get a second chance. It’s not like he was killing dogs

  • Toby Doo
    Toby Doo Год назад

    Fire cocksucker Max

  • Haze
    Haze Год назад +1

    Steven A speaking facts
    & Molly shut your bitch ass up.. Nobody likes you

  • Matthew Rider
    Matthew Rider Год назад

    Clinical Depression
    Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
    Trauma-induced Psychosis
    Dissociative Identity Disorder
    Anxiety Disorder
    Mood Disorders
    Substance Abuse
    What do they all have in common?
    All can be attributed / developed as side effects of playing for Cleveland.

  • Jacoby_11
    Jacoby_11 Год назад

    What max was talking about was the argument from authority which is what political leftists love to use. Funny how Max, an obvious liberal, brings up a conservative view point at the end of this video.

  • Lor Dj
    Lor Dj Год назад +2

    I have to agree with Stephen A on this one he was 100% right

    • Scouts Honor
      Scouts Honor 10 месяцев назад

      Lor Dj is another psychiatrist who didn't graduate from high school.

  • 780 D
    780 D Год назад

    Makes him rootable

  • J Cee
    J Cee Год назад +1


  • Kelvin D'artegnan
    Kelvin D'artegnan Год назад

    People are only obsessed with seeing people fail or fall from greatness in today's society. So what if he wants back in the league? Of course he does. When it comes to personal matters why do we need to see validation of a said condition? Just be happy for the man trying to get his life together. Thats the most important thing, football or not.

  • GURU
    GURU Год назад

    Johnny Football can hang up his cleets

  • Manuel Gutierrez
    Manuel Gutierrez Год назад +2

    3:49 She is writing without looking and max has to look 😂idk why I find it funny

  • jaja smile
    jaja smile Год назад

    Steve you are right on !

  • Little Johnny
    Little Johnny Год назад

    Who cares what this Kellerman Kuck has to say? As soon as I saw him I stopped watching.

  • Aejae25
    Aejae25 Год назад

    Molly's voice is so aggrevating 😖!!!! Can y'all kidnap Cara and being her back please?!

  • Connor Church
    Connor Church Год назад +3

    I love listening to Stephen A