Lindsay On Set Drama!

  • Published on Jul 26, 2019
  • Lindsay Lohan is making headlines again. Lindsey's going to be a judge on the Australian version of "The Masked Singer."
    And, Kenya Moore is stirring up the pot at "The Real Housewives of Atlanta." Find out what Wendy thinks about Kenya's return.
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Comments • 579

  • Samuel Brown
    Samuel Brown 23 hours ago

    Lo-HAN not Loan. Jesus

  • Powerpuff Baby
    Powerpuff Baby 5 days ago

    My life is always based on the plotted abortion cult

  • Jenni Niccum
    Jenni Niccum 12 days ago

    Is Wendy getting thick again???

  • F San Jose
    F San Jose 16 days ago

    Nicole Sure singer! Cause she sure is a singer!!!

  • Molly Joy
    Molly Joy 18 days ago

    I am here from Australia and I will not. How she be pretending she doesn’t know the Aussie judges and then two seconds later magically knows their names? There’s obvs research been done why is she being ambivalent it just seems rude.

  • em D
    em D 19 days ago

    Don't be throwing Australia any shade... we dont want her either.

  • Leon Jos
    Leon Jos 29 days ago

    What happen to your face?

  • Sophia
    Sophia Month ago

    Those Aussie judges Dani Minogue, Dave Hughes, and Jackie O are all entertainment veterans in our land 🙌🏽🇦🇺

  • MzD Maloy
    MzD Maloy Month ago

    That's RS

  • Amber O'leary
    Amber O'leary Month ago

    I have no idea what "breaking up topics" means but is that such a big distraction for you guys that you didn't notice Wendy seems super fucked up?!

  • Alonso Escareño
    Alonso Escareño Month ago

    I love lindsaaaay

  • offical
    offical Month ago

    leave lindsay alone df

  • MM R
    MM R Month ago

    Lindsay = a Douchebag, as always.

  • Jennifer Hall
    Jennifer Hall Month ago


  • Katy Porzelt
    Katy Porzelt Month ago

    The fumes live on!!!!! Im dying 🤣😂🤣🤭

    ELLA WARD Month ago +1

    “The fumes live on”🤣🤣🤣


    Bring back hot topics in 20 min please

  • Asari Kije
    Asari Kije Month ago

    Bath and body works foaming hand wash does magic before your poop. Just a few pumps in the toilet before you go. Learnt from my @Yongfaces on insta check her out! Thank me later!

  • TruthBeTold
    TruthBeTold Month ago

    Wrapping head up at night with a scarf with your wig on... like it’s your hair 😂😂😂😂

  • Daegan Crunk
    Daegan Crunk Month ago

    The more videos, more Ads, = more $$. This is the new upload style ya'll.

  • Tee New Orleans YnG God

    Lindsay is 🚮, washed up Disney star. Her best work to date was mean girls.

  • Jafer Abbas
    Jafer Abbas Month ago

    Is the Host an ugly alien from Predator ? My kids got scared.

  • G Z
    G Z Month ago

    Wendy looks a little lit. She’s not as prepared. It’s like when you take a hit and you try to explain something and you can just tell when someone seems high. Clearing her smokers throat. Love a hot mess

  • Felicia Tetteh
    Felicia Tetteh Month ago

    That's a million dollar question like what time

  • Travels with Auntie Ann

    What’s the capital of Australia Wendy 😳🙄?

  • twerkedout711
    twerkedout711 Month ago

    Norman laughed about that struggle top knot too hard 🤣🤣

  • Chase Jackson
    Chase Jackson Month ago

    i can't with this hypocritical ya gonna tell lindsey to be more accountable......she was accountable when the daily mirror told us about kelvin's side chick n wendy continued to tell us no truth to that rumor n then returned after 54 days off the air selling us all is perfect in wendy's world shouted out kelvin flashed her ring n told us that ring was not going anywhere....not in this lifetime......only for us to lean 2 wks later the side-chick had just given birth to baby girl.....oh wendy!!!

  • Al B
    Al B Month ago

    Where is the clip xmas gift?

  • Hiryna Nasarian
    Hiryna Nasarian Month ago

    I care less about Lindsey. Please stop trying to keep relevant cause you're not

  • David Ramsey
    David Ramsey Month ago

    Wendy really struggling with names 😅😅

  • Karen
    Karen Month ago


  • alex illest
    alex illest Month ago +1

    Stop splitting up the videos or we will unsubscribe

  • TheAngel Whisperer
    TheAngel Whisperer Month ago

    omg lindsay looks so old , i am 20 years older then her and dont even look as old as her and even with all that money shes a mess but i love her

  • movei123
    movei123 Month ago +2

    Please stop breaking up hot topics, we like to watch it all at once :(

  • Angela Anderson
    Angela Anderson Month ago

    The girl in the back though 00:16

  • Devon Smith
    Devon Smith Month ago

    Wendy draining

  • Kurtis Gibson
    Kurtis Gibson Month ago

    Lost In Space

  • Jessica Melene
    Jessica Melene Month ago

    Girls at 1:54 are killlllllllling it 😍👌🏾

  • Mikey D
    Mikey D Month ago

    Right? RiGHT?? RIGHT?!?! 😆😆😆

  • Starstruck 15
    Starstruck 15 Month ago

    Lindsay, Kenya and Marlow. That's the entertainment?😴

  • randrianoromalala valisoa

    Beautiful!! Finally find this perfect outfits worn by **Wendy Williams** on the Spotern website :) just here: ******

  • hash hendrex
    hash hendrex Month ago

    LOL wendy is hilllllarious... i sweeearr... i get hated on for watching this but what an awesome guilty pleasure....HILLARIOUS....

  • Elgita Beinaroviča

    Now I see that Wendy's channel DON'T GIVE A F.... about what we are asking - to stop breaking up hot topics.. They just don't care

  • petercox9
    petercox9 Month ago

    oh, you did put yourself in that predicament. you knew who KELVIN was and the two of you are made for each other. water seeks its own level.
    damn lindsay, how are your breastuses longer than oprah's? i mean down to your waist.

  • petercox9
    petercox9 Month ago

    bullshit. kenya never hit anyone with a scepter. it was freak and fraudulent porsha who grabbed the scepter and started flinging it like a FOOL
    wendy all those diseases that you need a kim zolziach scooter for and yet you who had the nerve to smoke?

  • Tessa Grim
    Tessa Grim Month ago

    I do not like Wendy Williams anymore

  • Kaiwolf18
    Kaiwolf18 Month ago

    i think Lindsey is just trying to stay in the headlines and she is just been a diva and a drama queen . i forgot she even was around

  • MsJenn1985
    MsJenn1985 Month ago

    Wendy seems like she’s had an alcoholic refreshment or 8 x

  • Meadow Gailer
    Meadow Gailer Month ago +3

    Loving the red hair hope she never goes back blonde

  • Jane Doe
    Jane Doe Month ago

    When am I comfortable...damn near immediately idgafuuuuuck!!!

  • G Lynn
    G Lynn Month ago

    So if lindys in Australia no one really cares what she's up to ! Let her stay there and stop keeping her relevant !!

  • Komplex Kontent
    Komplex Kontent Month ago

    👏 Wendy's been saying for years Marlo needs a peach, I couldn't agree more.. 🤔 not sure why she doesn't have one yet

  • Laura Berber
    Laura Berber Month ago +1


  • Jon Vega
    Jon Vega Month ago

    They probably splitting it cause ppl time stamp the long videos

  • M Bellis
    M Bellis Month ago

    It really bothers me that the cameramen are so shady

  • potocatepetl
    potocatepetl Month ago

    Wendy, you need to buy some Poopourri and stop worrying about no 2!

  • Tammy Brock
    Tammy Brock Month ago

    Seems like Wendy is forcing out laughs and she said just for men for grays. Is she/he implying she’s a him? That was very strange.

  • David Eaton
    David Eaton Month ago

    NEXT! What about #FayeDunaway getting FIRED?! She was verbally and physically abusing the crew backstage! I wanna hear what #WendyWilliams has to say bout that!

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