Japanese Food - FUGU SAKE, OCTOPUS, SQUID Seafood Sushi Teruzushi Japan

  • Published on Dec 5, 2018

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  • Айбек 34
    Айбек 34 18 hours ago

    Японцы жестокие изврашенцы

  • Dr Vidya Sagar UP wala
    Dr Vidya Sagar UP wala 19 hours ago

    Octopus dish

  • Eagle Mr.W 70
    Eagle Mr.W 70 Day ago +1

    Orang indonesia mana suaranyaaa

    Like bgi orng indo yg hadir

  • virginia silva
    virginia silva Day ago


  • Lucas Souza
    Lucas Souza Day ago

    Eu n comeria polvo vivo q nem em alguns vídeos q tem pelo RUclip mkkk morto até vai

  • Let’s go Ives
    Let’s go Ives Day ago


  • جوجة الكحيلي

    شكد نظيفين ودقيقن بل اكل ❤️

  • Олег Скиба

    Жрать то чёт надо.Море кормит.

  • skoort nut
    skoort nut Day ago


    Im sorry

  • Eloisa Escobar
    Eloisa Escobar Day ago

    I like squid cooking

  • Adriana Pontes ramos


  • Xav Lue
    Xav Lue 2 days ago

    Suprised nobody has said a katana joke

  • Xack Ryan
    Xack Ryan 2 days ago

    Makes me even more sad about how we keep other living beings prisoner until we decide to kill them for our own enjoyment. Fuck that.

  • Jimmy Neutron
    Jimmy Neutron 2 days ago

    poor octo at least drug him

  • LOL
    LOL 2 days ago

    Bruda ist da überhaupt jemand deutscher😂😂😂😂

  • Igor Hamburg
    Igor Hamburg 2 days ago

    Gruß aus Hamburg 👍👍👍super

  • Cerberus Magnus
    Cerberus Magnus 2 days ago

    pretty please, whats name of that chief and type of his knife? thx

  • D4RK Gamer
    D4RK Gamer 2 days ago

    What if octopus switch life

  • Effye Pryce
    Effye Pryce 2 days ago

    Yummy 😍😍😍

  • Thais Cagnanimatavelli

    🤔so nao entendi final

  • Dies und das
    Dies und das 3 days ago

    ist das plastik im kopf? oder soll das die schulpe sein?

  • Thais Cagnanimatavelli

    Que do lindo 😕

  • Dies und das
    Dies und das 3 days ago

    why they put plastic in the tubes?

  • gui theboy
    gui theboy 3 days ago


  • Davi Jou
    Davi Jou 3 days ago

    Run bro! Run!!!

  • Nia Marie
    Nia Marie 3 days ago +10

    I appreciate that these guys are already dead before they cut them up... Cutting them while alive seems so harsh, also what does 🐙 and 🦑 taste like? I would never eat it, it's against my religion but just was wondering🤔

    • The Guy
      The Guy 5 hours ago

      To me salty and chewy. Your not missing much

    • rudvin acosta
      rudvin acosta 6 hours ago

      theres a religion that you cany eat octopus? thats weird

  • В. Бот.
    В. Бот. 3 days ago +1

    Говорят амеры на япошек атомик бомб не сбрасывали,а это из сиберии, злой сталин..

  • Amazingly Strange
    Amazingly Strange 3 days ago

    I’m pretty sure these squids weren’t dead before the chef started cutting them

  • ぴんこ
    ぴんこ 4 days ago


  • Vicente Pulido
    Vicente Pulido 4 days ago


  • Baseball69
    Baseball69 4 days ago +2

    Imagine walking in this place hungry and getting your order 2 hours later bc they had to kill it, prepare it, then design it

  • שירז חי
    שירז חי 4 days ago


  • שירז חי
    שירז חי 4 days ago

    It's really curling in animals!

  • フィリップ
    フィリップ 5 days ago +1

    Guy with a saber is bad ass 😎

  • Army .3.
    Army .3. 5 days ago

    This made me hungry.. UwU

  • Alexander Cruise
    Alexander Cruise 5 days ago

    Japan seawater 🇯🇵💀Hukushima nuclear meltdown radioactivity poison. 👼 If u want to die? U go there. 😜👼💀 Enioy it. Enjoy japan seafood and drinking water.😜 U will die by cancer. ♥😍💀🇯🇵 Do u know that radioactivity has a harf-life of 45 years? If u do not know, u will die by cancer In Japan. 🇯🇵😜👼💀

  • mariana leal
    mariana leal 5 days ago

    Pobrecitos pulpos

  • Viral Vaghela
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  • Galaxy221
    Galaxy221 5 days ago

    sbjas jd bdvdjsd

  • Bobby Jenkers
    Bobby Jenkers 6 days ago

    Now I know where they get the hentai sounds

  • naz lovato
    naz lovato 6 days ago +1

    ben senin aradığın türk yorumuyum SOQNWPRNPQWNDO

  • Sohail Ansari
    Sohail Ansari 6 days ago

    I liked this chef's action

  • Dina Dina
    Dina Dina 6 days ago


  • Angelina Varela
    Angelina Varela 7 days ago


  • Cheng G
    Cheng G 7 days ago


  • Mytron back
    Mytron back 7 days ago

    Animal queler

  • spencer connell
    spencer connell 7 days ago

    The skills these chefs have is just incredible.

  • 富珂傅
    富珂傅 7 days ago


  • Aaryas anecdotes
    Aaryas anecdotes 8 days ago +5

    Me - so let's have 4 plates of these sushi
    (Waiter with bill )
    Me - we are bankrupt now

  • Aaryas anecdotes
    Aaryas anecdotes 8 days ago +2

    Not the best video to see while having spaghetti

  • Juan Pablo Rojas W.
    Juan Pablo Rojas W. 8 days ago +1

    Culinary Art to the highest level possible. Great Japanese Chef!

  • Genaldo Miranda
    Genaldo Miranda 8 days ago


  • David Lai
    David Lai 8 days ago


  • Sunshila Shrestha
    Sunshila Shrestha 8 days ago +1

    actually tbh while seeing this I was horribly freaked out and nearly going to cry
    Anyone else?

  • youraverageblackboy
    youraverageblackboy 9 days ago +4

    I think the octopus realized he was getting killed once he saw those dead fish

  • BBGoggles [Bubble Buddy's leader]

    *Stay Fresh*
    *Don't Get Cooked Stay Off The Hook*

  • Jess S
    Jess S 9 days ago +9

    I’ve always admired the careful precision of Japanese cuisine!

  • марина кулинарная

    Хочу замуж за этого японца....🙊

  • Goku Son
    Goku Son 10 days ago +2

    Que paciencia de este chef,un 👏👏👏👏👏 desde 🇲🇽 para este maestro de la cocina

  • Drew Hardy
    Drew Hardy 10 days ago +19

    Best way to kill an octopus is to confuse it wether it’s being killed or massaged

  • Luis Angel Rojas
    Luis Angel Rojas 10 days ago

    eso es completamente horrible y triste es una abominacion que les hagan eso 😡😡😡😡😡😡

  • truck,s gamer
    truck,s gamer 10 days ago

    Porcos nojentos!!!

  • Papababbibobo
    Papababbibobo 10 days ago +2

    9:33 when he runs his fingers through your hair😍

  • Mr TM
    Mr TM 10 days ago +1

    Can anyone explain what did he use on the octopus after he blanched it? 9:21

    • Mr TM
      Mr TM 9 days ago +1

      @우탄 ah i see, thanks for the info!

    • 우탄
      우탄 10 days ago +1

      Flour. East asian use salt or flour to wash sucker down

  • Logik
    Logik 10 days ago +33

    Love the way he presents it to camera.

  • безграмотный адекват


  • Long am thuc
    Long am thuc 10 days ago

    đồ ăn quá tươi đầu bếp khéo tay món ăn chác chăn phải ngon

  • Lasiyem Lasiyem
    Lasiyem Lasiyem 10 days ago +1

    Saya suka cumi cumi dan gurita

  • Avi
    Avi 11 days ago +17

    That's why Davy Jones doesn't come up on land anymore

  • Алекс Житник

    Очень шикарно готовят они.

  • 이래생활
    이래생활 11 days ago


  • Егор Торософф


  • Sian LeeFoon
    Sian LeeFoon 12 days ago

    what’s the white stuff they put on the octopus? i thought it was something to marinate but then he washed it off!! what is it and what does it do!!

  • Marcel
    Marcel 12 days ago

    Was eine Kunst, könnte man stundenlang zuschauen.

  • Hemanthkumar Peram
    Hemanthkumar Peram 13 days ago

    Looks like plastic

  • Min Taelyn
    Min Taelyn 13 days ago

    I mean.... at least the squidsss was dead

  • Frank R.
    Frank R. 13 days ago +9

    Hola!Aquí está el comentario en español que tanto buscaban :v

  • white power
    white power 13 days ago

    Fucking Japanese!!!

  • Bekzod Abdullayev
    Bekzod Abdullayev 13 days ago


  • mochi heartcool
    mochi heartcool 13 days ago +1

    Poor octopus 😢😡

  • Eva ngelion
    Eva ngelion 14 days ago +4

    The gentle pitter patter of that chefs sword is so satisfying to watch. Its a really cool way of making the squid easy to chew

  • Chloa Slimes
    Chloa Slimes 14 days ago +1

    The guy filming this is probably like 😩😩

  • Bopha ASMR
    Bopha ASMR 14 days ago

    I love ASMR with foods.

  • Vandeleon To
    Vandeleon To 14 days ago

    Man whats up with that bald chef and his dumbass finger??

  • xXAlixyrXx BloxburgBuilds and more!

    It looks tasty tbh

  • Felipe Dos santos
    Felipe Dos santos 14 days ago

    Deixa os bixu viver

  • socorro freitas
    socorro freitas 14 days ago

    Que preparaçâo é essa.

  • socorro freitas
    socorro freitas 14 days ago +3

    Kkkk cadê o povo do Brasil meu povo.

  • socorro freitas
    socorro freitas 14 days ago

    Nossa! Essas comidas são bem diferentes, como essa preparaçâo é estranha, em.

  • Roman S
    Roman S 14 days ago

    Осьменог не дурак, мана

  • Артем, разрешите обратиться

    Охуеть нахуй. Вот это пиздец!

  • غروب الشمس
    غروب الشمس 14 days ago

    اوووع اوووع اوووووع

  • Shahram Shey
    Shahram Shey 15 days ago +33

    I love the bald chef ! he's super skilled and funny :D

    • G Szavics
      G Szavics 11 days ago

      He’s the guy with the bow tie

    • sasan m
      sasan m 14 days ago +1

      داداش ایرانی

  • Bandar Abdullah
    Bandar Abdullah 15 days ago +3

    This move means so Fresh 100%

  • Arifin Nurfianto
    Arifin Nurfianto 15 days ago

    Baneeee 😢😭😂

    DEF ABC 15 days ago +1


    • ぽけもんするよ!
      ぽけもんするよ! 10 days ago

      C H プラスチック製のまな板だからたわしですぐ汚れ取れると思われますが、

    • DEF ABC
      DEF ABC 14 days ago

      @ぽけもんするよ!  いやいや、まな板が汚れるよ。墨はかななかとれないし。墨袋は流し台でとりのぞいてからまな板にのせないと。

    • ぽけもんするよ!
      ぽけもんするよ! 15 days ago

      C H 下処理だから問題ないぞ、イチャモンつけるならもっと勉強した方がいいかと(現役調理師)

  • m l
    m l 15 days ago


  • Amit saklani
    Amit saklani 15 days ago +11

    I am veg but still watched the whole video just for pure skill and dedication

  • Shondell Celestine
    Shondell Celestine 15 days ago

    The asmr effect from those octopuses sounds gross