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  • xxHockeyMonkey92xx
    xxHockeyMonkey92xx 11 месяцев назад

    40 hat tricks...are you kidding me

  • Kelly Kirk Wylie
    Kelly Kirk Wylie Год назад +1

    Sidney Crosby is on my fantasy team and I'm in the final 2 me and someone else and I need him to do that again

  • ACB Films
    ACB Films Год назад +5

    STILL the best player in hockey.

  • mushroomroom007
    mushroomroom007 Год назад +1

    Most people in the states don't understand what is truly going on here. Crosby and Marchand are both from Nova Scotia. There's a huge rivalry between the two to not only be the best this year but also who gets to carry the moniker of best player from Nova Scotia. It's a Canadian thing. And everyone is enjoying the show

    • Barry Pietrantonio
      Barry Pietrantonio Год назад

      It's not like he's facing Reimer or anything. The guy is swiss cheese. Not to mention one goal is an open net and the first he had all day to set up and shoot.

    • Alex Yerkey
      Alex Yerkey Год назад +7

      I don't think there is any doubt that Crosby is so much better than Marchand

    • uniformal1
      uniformal1 Год назад

      marchand is on fire also. Nova Scotia boys going for it. After the World Champions Mr. Annoying started to believe he was as good as crosby. He may be closer then most people think. This is a turning point in Brad Marchands career. But Crosby is still awesome. His power of shot when off balance is ridiculous.

  • Sid Is Yo Daddy
    Sid Is Yo Daddy Год назад +9

    suck it marchand

  • Tampatec
    Tampatec Год назад +6

    2:34 ironic that goal tied Jagr's record when he was on the Pens but no one is going to break Mario's record of 40 hat tricks!

  • Steve L
    Steve L Год назад

    Welcome back Jagr :)

  • big smelly willy
    big smelly willy Год назад +1

    Crosby sure likes little boys

  • Ryan Slands
    Ryan Slands Год назад


  • N8 THE GR8
    N8 THE GR8 Год назад