Sidney Crosby Hat Trick against Panthers

Florida Panthers @ Pittsburgh Penguins 3/18/2017


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Автор Kelly Kirk Wylie ( назад)
Sidney Crosby is on my fantasy team and I'm in the final 2 me and someone else and I need him to do that again

Автор Ohhway ( назад)
Mcdavid has a 3 point lead

Автор ACB Films ( назад)
STILL the best player in hockey.

Автор mushroomroom007 ( назад)
Most people in the states don't understand what is truly going on here. Crosby and Marchand are both from Nova Scotia. There's a huge rivalry between the two to not only be the best this year but also who gets to carry the moniker of best player from Nova Scotia. It's a Canadian thing. And everyone is enjoying the show

Автор Sidney Crosby ( назад)
suck it marchand

Автор Tampatec ( назад)
2:34 ironic that goal tied Jagr's record when he was on the Pens but no one is going to break Mario's record of 40 hat tricks!

Автор Steve L ( назад)
Welcome back Jagr :)

Автор 1612dtm ( назад)
Crosby sure likes little boys

Автор Ryan Slands ( назад)

Автор Patrick Star ( назад)

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