Funny And Unexpected Moments 2019 #9 - You Wouldn’t Believe if They Weren’t Recorded

  • Published on May 1, 2019
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Comments • 661

  • Angel Toral
    Angel Toral Day ago

    1:36 se paso de huevos

  • Barbara Hawkins
    Barbara Hawkins Day ago

    Anybody know what kind of GPS that is almost at the end? Like comment and comment where you can find one.

  • TheLifeOfJacks
    TheLifeOfJacks 2 days ago

    anyone know the tune at the end of the video?

  • Bookeyyy Booock
    Bookeyyy Booock 4 days ago

    6:29 fucking amazing and the bird video

  • fully charged
    fully charged 5 days ago +1

    6:49 that gun room😍😍😍

  • Stephanie Shannon
    Stephanie Shannon 7 days ago

    Was the car real?

  • SebaSpeed
    SebaSpeed 7 days ago

    1:26 Best ever

  • Jeanguy Stjean
    Jeanguy Stjean 8 days ago

    Have two lovebirds that's amazing

  • Codie C
    Codie C 9 days ago +1

    1:24 you hate when a massive patito hits your car well here’s what it feels like

  • Johnny Daniels
    Johnny Daniels 10 days ago

    What's with all these portrait videos and blurred on the side? Annoying.

    • Angelo Scolari
      Angelo Scolari 7 days ago

      The blurred parts are/is the video enlarged so black bars one the side arent needed.

  • Дэд Пул
    Дэд Пул 10 days ago

    0:25 неплохо замутили

    TWI55TDGUNNER 12 days ago +2


    TWI55TDGUNNER 12 days ago +2


  • KARL  Weyhrauch
    KARL Weyhrauch 12 days ago


  • Ashau_132 !!!
    Ashau_132 !!! 14 days ago +3

    6:32 the life of John wick

  • Ashau_132 !!!
    Ashau_132 !!! 14 days ago +2

    3:40 when your rich vs poor

  • Jae W
    Jae W 15 days ago +2

    The guy sanding his foot was so gross! 🤣

  • Martin Biribauer
    Martin Biribauer 17 days ago

    The bird got balls (sic!)!!!!!
    They should rename its kind to "Duck Norris".

  • Suburban Railfanner
    Suburban Railfanner 17 days ago

    4:20 he said my real name!

  • Diriliş 1453
    Diriliş 1453 18 days ago

    5.25 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷😍😍😍😍

  • Anees P
    Anees P 18 days ago +1

    Those who came down here... after seeing the

  • That Guy Jared
    That Guy Jared 20 days ago

    The gun room looks sick

  • iBRCKsHD
    iBRCKsHD 21 day ago +3

    LMFAOOO! figerprint password to a "wooden door" hahaha

    • chink in the chain
      chink in the chain 16 days ago

      you see how they inject some lame american political issue into everything ever

  • Anton Yakubovskiy
    Anton Yakubovskiy 22 days ago

    Тряпку с соляркой лучше жечь, а не картон

  • Mike Mclain
    Mike Mclain 23 days ago +1

    2:02 that bid had some balls

  • Rignard Gaming
    Rignard Gaming 23 days ago

    0:28 Congratulations its a Demon!

  • LinkaDaMon
    LinkaDaMon 25 days ago

    i searched up russians being russians and this was the second video?

  • mysock351C
    mysock351C 25 days ago

    5:25 Hmmm, that guy's block heater seems kinda sketchy...

  • GunMaster X11
    GunMaster X11 25 days ago +2

    That camo shirt scene was amazing

  • Facts dont care about feelings

    I dont understand how the stupid tesla is funny or unexpected. Let alone wouldnt believe if not recorded. That is basically every tesla made can do the exact same thing.

  • Rusty Chu
    Rusty Chu Month ago +2

    3:18 OMG

    • Cia Brister
      Cia Brister 26 days ago

      Yeah, no one but us noticed this. That was a really cool car.

  • Tate Warren
    Tate Warren Month ago +5

    That dude ain’t letting Hilary take his guns

  • dheadhunter413
    dheadhunter413 Month ago

    I wonder if this guy knows there is soft disks 🧐😂

  • Andrew Gascon
    Andrew Gascon Month ago

    what is going on with the sky scraper?

  • Anthony Thorp
    Anthony Thorp Month ago +20

    The bird is, according to another vid, a protected species and farmer must preserve nest.

    • Dick Little
      Dick Little 6 days ago +1

      However no one would know if he just plowed the damn thing dick head.
      Hes doing that out of the kindness of his heart and i want you to acknowledge that.
      Dont be so thick all the time, you really are better than that.

  • Gustav Hund
    Gustav Hund Month ago

    3:53 MUST be russian.... urgs

  • KainAbyss
    KainAbyss Month ago

    I wouldn't trust a self driving car, same reason I don't trust electronic payments and cell phones.

  • Teresa Fonseca
    Teresa Fonseca Month ago

    The bird in the field so sad!!!!

  • eathan gamer
    eathan gamer Month ago +2

    3:20 who else thinks that was fake
    Like if you d

    • Anthony Thorp
      Anthony Thorp Month ago +1

      Idk fake or not but there are some crazy color changing panels out there installed on cars. Ridiculously expensive.

  • super trooper aspie

    The duck😁

  • Gary Russ
    Gary Russ Month ago

    3:20 Fake. Numerous videos like this & they're all proven fake.

  • Heather Dionne
    Heather Dionne Month ago +1

    What a WONDERFUL farmer to not wipe out her nest! Goddess Bless him with rain, in due time and perfect measure!!

  • Gergő
    Gergő Month ago

    3:20 fake

  • 未秋みかんと
    未秋みかんと Month ago


  • XP_H1orseman -
    XP_H1orseman - Month ago +2

    6:35 is just screaming Texas

  • r B
    r B Month ago

    4:03 yac

  • maximillionboi
    maximillionboi Month ago

    1:06 what is happening

  • lil0mike0gkb
    lil0mike0gkb Month ago


  • Lucky games ggg
    Lucky games ggg Month ago

    tem br awqui da up qn uem e

  • серж пуп
    серж пуп Month ago

    Ну ! тесла оп трассе -легкотня !!!!!! Пускай где-то в городе по пробкам , ямам , по городу с неадекватами !!!

  • the epic one
    the epic one Month ago

    0:23 welcome to Russia boi

    • S2k_Raiden
      S2k_Raiden Month ago

      @the epic one i am german and they are screming stuff in german lol

    • the epic one
      the epic one Month ago

      How do u know?????

    • S2k_Raiden
      S2k_Raiden Month ago

      thats in germany lmao

  • Akshat Pillay
    Akshat Pillay Month ago

    i like the car

  • Alexey Safonov
    Alexey Safonov Month ago

    2:16 It was be amazing

  • Jaden Yoder
    Jaden Yoder Month ago

    Who needs so many guns?6:25

    • Jaden Yoder
      Jaden Yoder Month ago

      Not only Americans. I lived in South Africa and some people there have more than anybody I know in America.

    • the epic one
      the epic one Month ago +1


  • Aqil Bintory
    Aqil Bintory Month ago

    Tesla... cool... and lots of other videos... thx uploader... eggactly

  • Carlos Sebastian necrotic goth

    Jerry is adorable, 3:19 I need a Lamborghini like that

  • Stuart Stein
    Stuart Stein Month ago +8

    6:35 yep I would really want to be on his side

    • Haze_luckie 68
      Haze_luckie 68 18 days ago +1

      Yes but I prefer my gaming setup inside 😂😂

  • Dol l
    Dol l Month ago

    Holy fucking shit..that gun arsenal!

  • Terry Ramsey
    Terry Ramsey Month ago

    i bet u that bird in that field shat his pants

  • pacificrules
    pacificrules Month ago

    2:04.... you TELL him !!!