Funny And Unexpected Moments 2019 #9 - You Wouldn’t Believe if They Weren’t Recorded

  • Published on May 1, 2019
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Comments • 515

  • BagladyNH
    BagladyNH Day ago

    I want my car to change colors!!!

  • Kimmy Boz
    Kimmy Boz 2 days ago

    3:10 real life Sandlot

  • Kimmy Boz
    Kimmy Boz 2 days ago

    Dude now that’s love 1:34
    Protect eggs at all costs!
    The squawk at the end like “I win, mother f....r!”

  • Colorado Mountain Man

    some of the most annoying "music" I've ever heard towards the end of the video. You suck! Thumbs down to the Clip4U idiots!

  • Peter Paff
    Peter Paff 2 days ago

    6:10 Realy??? Reallllly??? This high tech look and then a wood door?????

  • SkyOfStorms
    SkyOfStorms 12 days ago +1

    6:28 welp I need this in my life lol

  • Fabian Duda
    Fabian Duda 13 days ago

    8:17 😱😱😱😱😱😱😵😘😘☺️😘😍😍

  • Gene Lennon
    Gene Lennon 13 days ago +1

    Holy shit that’s a lot of guns

  • MaxiM M.D.M
    MaxiM M.D.M 14 days ago

    Respect of tractor BIRD

  • Cole Austin
    Cole Austin 15 days ago

    6:35 now we know not to F**** with that guy

  • aj gaming
    aj gaming 15 days ago +1

    3:19 is obviously fake AF

  • Casey Sawyer
    Casey Sawyer 15 days ago

    That tractor operator paused a billion dollar industry for a fucking bird. Fire his ass and get someone competent in the drivers seat.

  • HraKuulis
    HraKuulis 15 days ago

    A broken mirror for a gay (presumably) pole dancer. I find that very ironic.

  • Barb McCafferty
    Barb McCafferty 15 days ago +2

    2:32 what is happening here?

    • Barb McCafferty
      Barb McCafferty 10 days ago

      @Joel Szabo Thanks for the info, friend, and I did google it. I can't imagine life without the internet.🦟🦟🦟

    • Joel Szabo
      Joel Szabo 12 days ago

      just googled it, and its water sloshing from a penthouse pool during the Philippines earthquake this year. crazy stuff

  • meep morp 110
    meep morp 110 16 days ago +1

    My dad has a Tesla model s so I already know how it goes

  • Exordius the Black
    Exordius the Black 16 days ago +1

    6:27 Well somebody is ready for the zombie apocalypse.

  • Brendon Moore
    Brendon Moore 16 days ago

    Dang that bird lol

    CSABA SOS 16 days ago +1

    Anyone knows the song name at 7:24?
    Thank you!

      CSABA SOS 13 days ago

      @Do You Seek The TRUTH? - Find Here! The funny thing is I did Shazam it and Gio Battaglia came out.
      That's sux lol

    • Do You Seek The TRUTH? - Find Here!
      Do You Seek The TRUTH? - Find Here! 13 days ago

      I'm guessing the guy used as a backtrack and his not the original creator of the instrumental. I can't it either.

      CSABA SOS 13 days ago

      @Spha Mandla Thank you!
      I wish I have it without that awful singing on it lol

    • Spha Mandla
      Spha Mandla 13 days ago

      Gio Battaglia-Love For You

  • Michael Moore
    Michael Moore 16 days ago

    That gun safe

  • Sevo Carpi
    Sevo Carpi 16 days ago

    „3.16“. OH SHIT 😂😂😂😂

  • Theusen Prome
    Theusen Prome 16 days ago +2

    0:05 thats why theres a sign w a pic of a falling rock, numskull!

  • Senior Benito
    Senior Benito 16 days ago +4


  • raoul duke lll
    raoul duke lll 16 days ago

    6:40 Nice arsenal for whoever takes you out.

  • Rich C
    Rich C 16 days ago +3

    0:25 AMAZING

  • Ian Browne
    Ian Browne 16 days ago

    The AI driver at the end drives better than me.

  • Jamie Woods
    Jamie Woods 16 days ago +1

    That first video looked like Donkey Kong game. Lol😂

  • Steve B
    Steve B 16 days ago +3

    i gotta say the clip of the car that changes color that is almost the perfect way to get off criminal charges if the crime had a car that was involved

  • Curiosa intellettuale.

    Sei pax0

  • Aureliana Buendia
    Aureliana Buendia 17 days ago


  • Aiden Funke
    Aiden Funke 18 days ago +1

    I wanna know that remix at 6:51

  • LSZocker2009
    LSZocker2009 18 days ago +1

    1:43 THX

  • JB
    JB 18 days ago

    Are you brazilian?

  • Det._Hoffman
    Det._Hoffman 18 days ago

    0:25 gotta have to try that too!

    • urduib
      urduib 4 days ago

      Good luck 😂

  • Tidal Waves
    Tidal Waves 18 days ago

    the self driving tesla is fucking awesome

  • Luxamara
    Luxamara 19 days ago +5

    Omg that poor bird protecting its eggs... so brave... 💜

  • BeatsBySuperJ
    BeatsBySuperJ 19 days ago

    what the name of the song at the end of the video?

  • Arthur Pewtey
    Arthur Pewtey 19 days ago +10

    That farmer is a very special man (or woman). Respect.

    • TheMc2nv
      TheMc2nv 16 days ago

      @nelljamina419 ahahahaha OMG....for real tho thats dumb AF

    • nelljamina419
      nelljamina419 17 days ago

      Could he not just have driven around the bird?

    • Vaat Dafaak
      Vaat Dafaak 18 days ago

      Arthur Pewtey and the bird is protesting at 2;10. Imagine....

  • Morris Falker
    Morris Falker 20 days ago

    6:30 Americans, this is not normal.
    Where's gun control when people need it ?

    • kenbtheman
      kenbtheman 17 days ago

      Gun control is being able to hit your target

  • Leopard Bra Brado
    Leopard Bra Brado 21 day ago

    OMG I love it so much?

  • Brennan O'Farrell
    Brennan O'Farrell 21 day ago

    6:30 my kinda room

  • Johnatron 101
    Johnatron 101 21 day ago

    3:43 life hack of the century

  • gizmo killer14
    gizmo killer14 21 day ago

    3:18 life to game logic in a instant

  • Peter Pan
    Peter Pan 21 day ago

    That lambo tho, pretty cool

  • Rahim Kisoor
    Rahim Kisoor 22 days ago

    @1:35 farmer is a boss

  • Рыбалка в Кыргызстане.

    Птичка с железными яйцами!!!!

  • Melisha Brooks
    Melisha Brooks 22 days ago

    2:05 😂😂😂

  • Richard Przybylek
    Richard Przybylek 22 days ago

    That bird has big balls

  • Sabina Loco
    Sabina Loco 22 days ago

    I want Jerry the duck! Bwahahaha!

  • Matthew C.
    Matthew C. 22 days ago

    Damn that's nuts

  • Gökhan EGE
    Gökhan EGE 22 days ago

    *3:18** amazing. What is this?*

  • Barbiana Washington
    Barbiana Washington 23 days ago +1

    the camo shirt heat printing 🤯 so satisfying to watch 🤤

  • Mindy Hughes
    Mindy Hughes 23 days ago +4

    1:59 so sweet that be actually wanted to save the bird 🥰

  • Gerrod Cooksey
    Gerrod Cooksey 23 days ago +2

    I wonder if the person filming at 6:26 knows how many liberal left wing snowflake tears he just produced. Seriously dude, you triggered a lot of people.

    I applaud you in every way.

  • mehmet yeşil
    mehmet yeşil 23 days ago

    Başka ülkede yaşayamam CANIM TÜRKİYEM :)

  • slammerjax
    slammerjax 23 days ago +1

    @ 6:31 John Wicks closet

  • john Baldock
    john Baldock 23 days ago +2

    8.35 I wouldn't trust my wife to drive home so no chance with this car!!

  • Mahmut DEMİR
    Mahmut DEMİR 23 days ago +4

    5:39 8:07 vay amna koyduğumunlar *_; D_*

  • Jean-Baptiste Emmanuel Zorg

    0:59 How the fook does that work?

  • Shawna loren
    Shawna loren 24 days ago +5

    3:56 D-dad?

  • Santa Fe Zodiac
    Santa Fe Zodiac 24 days ago +4

    Wtf kind of car was that changing colors ??

    • Metal Videos
      Metal Videos 23 days ago

      Lamborghini. But it's obviously fake.

    XRE EXTREME BASS 24 days ago

    Minha língua

  • mr zoid
    mr zoid 24 days ago

    Aiaiai tesla autodrive that pass on the right

  • Sallami Ayoub
    Sallami Ayoub 24 days ago +1

    It's funny

  • perl ss
    perl ss 24 days ago

    5:23 This is Turkey :)

  • Royal Yukii
    Royal Yukii 24 days ago

    1:40 y'a rien de drôle

  • TheChinization
    TheChinization 24 days ago

    I guess fridays for future soyboys won't like the 2nd one


    2:38 is from philippines

  • Pros Rv Repair The Rv Roof Pros

    thug life 2:45

  • Life is beautiful
    Life is beautiful 25 days ago +52

    2:05 A well deserved squeak little bird. You stood up like a giant and protected your little eggs with your life. The love of a mother or a father are incredible

    • Jay Speed
      Jay Speed 13 days ago

      @Jonny Weber you get them you internet buff man you

    • Henrik SKU
      Henrik SKU 13 days ago +1

      stood up to? the farmer wasn't even trying to hit it...

    • Jonny Weber
      Jonny Weber 16 days ago +2

      Spoken like a true hippie. Yes, cause the bird STOOD up to a fifteen ton combine.

    • Studio Motel
      Studio Motel 16 days ago

      that bird was so wonderful.

    • Jayde Hall
      Jayde Hall 22 days ago +5

      I bet the bird was saying, "Hell yeah you better run!"

  • ClassifiedRanTom
    ClassifiedRanTom 25 days ago +12

    2:05 - I love her "Hey, watch it!" at the very end there.

  • Addie's Adventures
    Addie's Adventures 25 days ago

    Always be prepared 6:27

  • Noah Ater
    Noah Ater 25 days ago +1

    3:43 Um, that seems incredibly dangerous

  • Emily Poppino
    Emily Poppino 25 days ago +7

    6:15 the idiot didn't install a steel door, so most anyone could break the door down and steal all his guns!

    • Timo Dirrigl
      Timo Dirrigl 22 days ago

      @Emily Poppino nah i dont really feel like it

    • killerdrummerboy1
      killerdrummerboy1 22 days ago

      Emily Poppino I mean wouldn’t think hey there’s a room behind this bookshelf

    • Emily Poppino
      Emily Poppino 22 days ago

      @Timo Dirrigl Oh, how cute, you used snarky mansplaining to debunk my comment!
      Try again, sweetie.

    • Timo Dirrigl
      Timo Dirrigl 22 days ago +3

      yeah sure some random dude will randomly break into his home, find out that the bookshelf is a hidden door and conveniently have an axe or something with them. thats what i always do when i go and break into ppls houses to look for hidden rooms, idk about u

  • Austin denning
    Austin denning 25 days ago

    6:43 I have lots of gun and love them all, but why do you need so many hand guns?!

  • giorgi qelexsashvili
    giorgi qelexsashvili 25 days ago

    zd georgia love

  • Joseph DESTAUBIN
    Joseph DESTAUBIN 25 days ago +20

    Someone should tell Tesla that it's illegal to pass on the right.

    • Random Ness
      Random Ness 20 days ago +3

      The car is probably smart enough to know that the people in the left lane are too stupid to move over.

    • c b
      c b 22 days ago

      They are driving on the other side of the road so not US

  • Hansje vd Tillaert
    Hansje vd Tillaert 25 days ago +1

    Respect for the bird.

  • Vincent C
    Vincent C 25 days ago +8

    1:37 This feathered guy has balls much bigger than you can ever have ...

  • fenasi kerim
    fenasi kerim 26 days ago +3

    5:26 meanwhile turkey

  • RealFails
    RealFails 26 days ago

    Man, I really, really love these.

  • Wolfia Prendergast
    Wolfia Prendergast 26 days ago +8

    6:35 I see John wick has upgraded his stash

  • Lewis72
    Lewis72 26 days ago +2

    I would believe most of these if they weren’t recorded.

  • Pasha Master
    Pasha Master 26 days ago +1

    2:07 imagine how scary it was for a bird

  • EL BamBamo
    EL BamBamo 26 days ago +1

    6:32 OMG

  • Billy Ur mom
    Billy Ur mom 26 days ago +3

    HOLY ****

  • Gandalf
    Gandalf 26 days ago +9

    "Jerry! Stop SCREAMING!"

  • Eric
    Eric 26 days ago

    2:06 when you just tap someone's car

  • Oops It's maia
    Oops It's maia 26 days ago +41

    1:59 so sweet that be actually wanted to save the bird 🥰

  • venom989
    venom989 26 days ago +20

    Okay fine...another compilation
    0:04 seconds in: YOU HAVE MY ATTENTION

  • Anirudd Pokhrel
    Anirudd Pokhrel 26 days ago +11

    6:04 ..dude just revealed the secret vault of MIB.

  • Anirudd Pokhrel
    Anirudd Pokhrel 26 days ago +3

    Was that next level sports car or next level graphic designing?

  • Relying Moore
    Relying Moore 26 days ago +6

    who saw the hungry shoe? lmao

  • Keith Hopkins
    Keith Hopkins 26 days ago +3

    Absolutely loved the gun room!

  • G E O
    G E O 27 days ago

    the best moment 1:38

  • Janette Coleman
    Janette Coleman 27 days ago

    Asshole could have gone around bird on nest, farmer mentality!🤯none!

  • Uzair Irfan
    Uzair Irfan 27 days ago +1

    What is so funny and unexpected about these moments?

  • PurpleKU77
    PurpleKU77 27 days ago


  • renzvyron almario
    renzvyron almario 27 days ago

    2:35 dba sa binondo to...

  • Ronald Rogers Jr.
    Ronald Rogers Jr. 27 days ago +3

    3:25 now I can get away from the police.

    • Kirill Mat
      Kirill Mat 18 days ago

      @dossod I was thinking that but imagine if it wasn't that would be pretty sick

    • dossod
      dossod 23 days ago

      @Kirill Mat I bet they got a lambo and recorded it and used the color of the car as a green screen in a video editor

    • Kirill Mat
      Kirill Mat 25 days ago +1

      Is that even real or is it just a fake vid of the lambo?