Here's what I did over the weekend

  • Published on Mar 19, 2019
    My name is Bella Thorne and this is the story of the time I found out I had dyslexia. I remember when I started first grade. Right away, it was awful because I couldn't read as well as the other kids. My brain mixed up letters like "b" and "d" and "m" and "w". Dyslexia is different for EVERYONE who has it. For me, it just made it harder to read or write, so I started working REALLY hard on how to read better. My family helped me by making me read everything, from menus to cereal boxes to road signs. Today, I read a year above my grade level, and I learned to face my problems, not run away from them. Dyslexia makes things hard for me, not impossible.

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    Jonald Crump
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  • Hela Kania
    Hela Kania 12 hours ago

    There were SHELVES

  • me e
    me e 15 hours ago

    I love Queen! They are amazing. I wish Freddie was still here though, to see what he would be doing now

  • Taylor Sherrod
    Taylor Sherrod 17 hours ago

    Love you videos!!!!❤️❣️💓💕💜💙🧡💛

  • sam ravanmehr
    sam ravanmehr 18 hours ago

    Pit bull is intrigued by this monstrosity thus I am intrigued

  • KitKat
    KitKat 19 hours ago

    No one:
    Absolutely no one:
    Joana: IKEA

  • Louisa Soen
    Louisa Soen 23 hours ago

    *warning children have died from furniture tipping over*
    Joana- my dad did not let me touch the hammer
    Me-well, joana your personality is dangerous so your classed as a child.

  • Louisa Soen
    Louisa Soen Day ago

    *and I oop-*

  • Louisa Soen
    Louisa Soen Day ago

    *Ikea saved my life,fr*

  • Makenna :3
    Makenna :3 Day ago


  • Sienna Carter
    Sienna Carter Day ago +1

    ‘ ‘ i came in like a wReCkINg BaLlL ‘ ‘

  • Fake Sans21
    Fake Sans21 Day ago

    Your dads looks like steve kurr

  • jenn !
    jenn ! 2 days ago

    i am SO glad you cry to the cmbyn soundtrack,,,..... that makes two of us

  • Isa Rubio
    Isa Rubio 2 days ago

    Joanna cedia i have been bindge watching your videos

  • OJ Cool
    OJ Cool 2 days ago

    She had 2.2 million subs yesterday, but today she has 2.3 million subs

  • CocoBunny _
    CocoBunny _ 2 days ago

    *Everybody thingking how John Cena is gonna do the intro*

  • RyConey
    RyConey 2 days ago

    How healthy she eats..... it’s making questioning my life choices....

  • Aj Dounut
    Aj Dounut 2 days ago

    I have been to the very same ikiea as you because I live in Ontario to

  • Miryam Makboul
    Miryam Makboul 2 days ago

    8.32 please a this a Margherita?! Well italian people will kill who made this pizza. It’s ugly

  • Lily Cleland
    Lily Cleland 3 days ago

    ummmm, nerf guns?

  • Hanica ss
    Hanica ss 3 days ago +1

    Why did the chair move even if joana wasn't there


  • Mirna Marie
    Mirna Marie 3 days ago

    That squash thing looks hella good

  • RachelE123
    RachelE123 3 days ago +1

    Joana Ceddia
    John Cena
    Jiley Cyrus
    Jaty Cerry
    Jaylor Cwift
    Jordan Camsey
    Jonald Crump
    Jillary Clinton
    Jim Cardashian
    Jueen Celizabeth
    Jichael Cackson
    Jemma Chamberlin
    John Coe

  • annioxx
    annioxx 3 days ago

    Tell me why I have almost the same exact thing

  • Laslie Holmberg
    Laslie Holmberg 3 days ago

    Her description box 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Panic! Trash
    Panic! Trash 4 days ago

    *jonald crump*

  • ColourLife
    ColourLife 4 days ago +1

    No avocado toast?
    s i n f u l c h i l d

  • Jahsyra Hamilton
    Jahsyra Hamilton 4 days ago +1

    I just realized I have squash cancer shoot

  • 一人でAnikii
    一人でAnikii 4 days ago

    im growing acorns out of my butt what do i do

    SMT SLIMSHADY 4 days ago

    Jamie Oliver would put pounce oil on the squash 🤣🤣

  • The chipstick Channel

    *children have died from furniture tipover*
    What you been hiding?

  • Noelle
    Noelle 5 days ago

    *am I the only one who thought the mozzarella cheese was a soap bar*

  • Tuğçe Özde
    Tuğçe Özde 6 days ago

    watching you make me feel like you are friendlier than my friends. why?

  • Jillian Molato
    Jillian Molato 7 days ago

    Man if i had money, i would spent a lot of money on nerf gunEHHEHE

  • Joyful
    Joyful 7 days ago +2

    America: shotguns
    Joana Ceddia: nerf guns
    Hotel: Trivago

  • Goodhana :P
    Goodhana :P 7 days ago

    mY NaME Is bELlA tHOrnE aNd ThIS iS ThE StoRy oF tHe TimE I FoUNd OuT i HaD DysLeXIa.

  • Nayla Watch
    Nayla Watch 8 days ago

    Shes amazingggg i love youuuu

  • impointlesstrash
    impointlesstrash 8 days ago

    ayyy i have that cabinet

  • Avocado dip
    Avocado dip 8 days ago +1

    Am I the only one that notices when the youtuber likes almost all the comment, therefore you have to comment something funny so they like it and it makes you feel special?

    Ik, I'm weird 😂

  • Alexis Anderson
    Alexis Anderson 9 days ago +1

    This is person is the future.

  • shay
    shay 9 days ago

    joana will be the only one to survive the zombie apocalypse with her extensive (and useful) stash of nerf guns

  • Realbrianamadrid
    Realbrianamadrid 9 days ago

    Ily so much 😭❤️🌎💍

  • Grace Joy
    Grace Joy 9 days ago

    You LOVE a squash don’t you 😂

  • Shea Helton
    Shea Helton 9 days ago +1

    Am I the only one who pisses myself watching her videos 😂😪w

  • Jeff Williams
    Jeff Williams 9 days ago

    It was called the brimyydhfhcf

  • Lily Gramer
    Lily Gramer 10 days ago

    I love how funny this channel is

  • Arthur Art
    Arthur Art 10 days ago

    I am confused by the description

  • Claude moo
    Claude moo 10 days ago

    you are so funny my elbow is laughing

  • Mia Smith
    Mia Smith 11 days ago

    She looks like a female version of Danny Gonzalez. This is not hate. I think she is beautiful🤩🤩🤩

  • Swap-verse Lust
    Swap-verse Lust 11 days ago +2

    Sometimes I can’t tell if it’s Joanna’s mom or her sometimes, they look alike

  • Bluzzy xd
    Bluzzy xd 11 days ago

    Youre weird im weird NERDS ARE WEIRD

  • tae Munoz
    tae Munoz 11 days ago +1

    Other ppl this is a nice video
    Vs me
    0:00 why is the chair moving on its own

  • Shooter Queen
    Shooter Queen 12 days ago

    How did you get your parents to help you make a closet for your NERF GUN ?!?!?

  • CB Animates!
    CB Animates! 12 days ago

    I swear, she’s a better English teacher then my teacher actually is! All that vocabulary!

  • The_swansRose
    The_swansRose 12 days ago

    Next thing you know when she’s older she’ll have an actual gun arsenal ready to go in case of the apocalypse

  • Funny Gacha Fox
    Funny Gacha Fox 12 days ago

    john cena+it is wednesday my dues guys=joana ceddia

  • Jhay Agustin
    Jhay Agustin 12 days ago

    “I CaMe iN LiKe A wReCkiNg BaLl!!” Did
    You just watch RuPaul’s DragRace (Silky Nutmeg ganache)

  • first class fire
    first class fire 12 days ago

    Is that a melon

  • beshar beshar
    beshar beshar 12 days ago

    OMG I WAS LOOKING FOR THIS BUG FOR YEARS and every time i tried describing this little potato everyone thought i was kidding
    If you know the name please comment it, Thanks 😊

  • William Pawsat
    William Pawsat 13 days ago

    Make your mark on the world

  • youtube random drawing

    We have to know what you did over the weekend

  • youtube random drawing
    youtube random drawing 13 days ago +1

    At the beginning I had to guess where are you were going to come out

  • My bias is Jungkook
    My bias is Jungkook 13 days ago +2

    No one :
    Literally no one :

  • Manasa Hegde
    Manasa Hegde 13 days ago

    That bug probably will come back to your house as a spirit because y'all put it outside in such freaking cold weather

  • TheSlimeCraft
    TheSlimeCraft 13 days ago +3

    I love how she stays the same no matter how famous she gets❤️❤️

  • ilus
    ilus 13 days ago

    c h i l d r e n h a v e d i e d

  • Quinlan Wedge
    Quinlan Wedge 13 days ago

    Help I just found you today and watched every single video

  • Diane Tornel
    Diane Tornel 13 days ago

    The food u eat is very depressing

  • Maya Sandoval
    Maya Sandoval 13 days ago

    I’m not mad at her music taste.

  • Random ass Thoughts
    Random ass Thoughts 14 days ago

    for the door you probably put it on upside down, my friends dad made the same mistake then realized like a week later

  • roger’s queenie
    roger’s queenie 14 days ago

    4:23 i YELLED i love queen

  • Wasabiileaf
    Wasabiileaf 14 days ago

    Joana:It was all or nothing
    Me because of literally two seconds ago: It’s nerf, or nothing

  • Lauren Oof
    Lauren Oof 14 days ago


  • luvriddlz
    luvriddlz 14 days ago

    Anybody know what backpack Joanna has on at 1:28?

  • kittykatgirl 11
    kittykatgirl 11 14 days ago +1

    Where do you get this money?!?
    "Remembers she is a RUclipr that has 2 million subs"


  • Kinetic Joules17
    Kinetic Joules17 14 days ago

    Are we gonna ignore that she has a pig in her kitchen drawer

  • Emma Frazier
    Emma Frazier 15 days ago


  • Veronica Garibay
    Veronica Garibay 15 days ago +1

    Your my favorite youtuber

  • Maya Malik
    Maya Malik 15 days ago +1

    P I G S C R E A M S

  • Bryce Stephanie
    Bryce Stephanie 15 days ago

    Hahahaha you're so dramatic,I Love it 😁😘

  • Tam :3
    Tam :3 16 days ago

    the way u form ur sentences, u shud acc be a writer no joke

  • Fluffy Cat
    Fluffy Cat 16 days ago

    Should I be worried 😂
    Omg ur so funny 😂 like it’s natural, ur just saying ur thoughts and not reading off a script - unlike other youtub--

  • Camden Gage
    Camden Gage 16 days ago

    i love the way she narrates

  • LovelyDumplings~
    LovelyDumplings~ 16 days ago

    Wtf was the description with Bella thorne

  • IIgacha Wolf
    IIgacha Wolf 16 days ago


  • Ysabella Ferreira
    Ysabella Ferreira 16 days ago

    How come you aren't on Masterchef yet ?? 🥗

  • camilla barbiero
    camilla barbiero 17 days ago

    I know i’m late.... but Italians don’t eat so much garlic 😅

  • Taynnar Lima
    Taynnar Lima 17 days ago

    I'm so addicted to your videos

  • おうkもれえn
    おうkもれえn 17 days ago

    I just clicked this video and my parents turned on indian music. ( oml )

  • Tiger Ice cream
    Tiger Ice cream 17 days ago +1

    I’m a weirdo in a crib Jon cena please like this

  • Reese Finney
    Reese Finney 17 days ago

    I love how she says pasta don’t you .😄😁😄😁😄

  • Alejandra Tolson
    Alejandra Tolson 17 days ago

    Yeeeeeeessssssss!!!! She mentioned call me by your name!!!!!!! She shares my pain.

  • natcat
    natcat 18 days ago

    honestly you need a video fo just you cooking

  • Chooe Chuppa
    Chooe Chuppa 18 days ago

    You are exactly like my friend Amy and I love it so much

  • Macie Rochester
    Macie Rochester 18 days ago

    “lost in the sauce”

  • Satar
    Satar 18 days ago

    Why when I watch random vids from Joana is always about her buying from ikea?

  • DatAbsol Lover
    DatAbsol Lover 19 days ago

    "I love cheese so I use some of it " uses a hole plate

  • kawaiipandaplays
    kawaiipandaplays 19 days ago

    Me: hey you there!
    Poor unsuspecting soil: what do you want...
    Me: sign my petition to get 10 hours of joana trying to pronounce ikea furniture
    Poor unsuspecting soul: so um...can I leave?

  • Trash Can
    Trash Can 19 days ago +2

    The real question is...

    How come your vocal chords are still intact after all of your screaming!?

  • Shyloh_ElizabethGirl UwU


    I died XD

  • Annie Williams
    Annie Williams 21 day ago

    Imagine the police having to search your room and finding a bunch of nerf guns