COLLEGE FINALS WEEK VLOG. (prepare for the tears)

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    Hi everyone! In today’s video I am taking you through the last week of my semester (aka finals week)!
    Thank you so much for watching!
    Study tips video-
    Organization video-
    First week of the semester vlog-
    Hoodie- I made it in my DIY video!
    Michigan sweatshirt- thrifted
    Jean jacket-
    Jean jacket-
    Jacket- thrifted
    Hoodie- thrifted (but from Brandy Melville)
    Yoga pants- thrifted (but from Nike)
    Fluffy jacket- Walmart (couldn't find a link)
    Sweatshirt- thrifted
    ✰ MUSIC USED ✰
    (in order of appearance)
    Music by isle&fever - Dime Piece -
    Music by Ryan Little - 70s TV -
    Music by Cody Lovaas - Talk Slow -
    Music by Mr. Chase - Wild Cherry -
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    How do you edit your videos? I made a video on it!
    How do you edit your thumbnails? Adobe Spark, VSCO, PicMonkey, Phonto, PicsArt
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    When do you upload? Every Sunday at 3pm EST!
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  • Hamza Hamdani
    Hamza Hamdani 2 days ago

    If u only take off those long fake nails, it would be awesome. They're the only thing I don't like about the whole video.

  • Anan alzhour
    Anan alzhour 6 days ago


  • Kylie Carrasco
    Kylie Carrasco 7 days ago

    I’m a real one 🌸

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    Turk serisi Severler 12 days ago

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  • Caleb Jordan
    Caleb Jordan 22 days ago +1

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  • Fabienne En
    Fabienne En 24 days ago

    Just wanna say, you look so smart and organized & you really inspire me. Wish you the best girl ! LOVE your videos 🦋🤍

  • P E R F E C T I S H
    P E R F E C T I S H 24 days ago

    I lovee her glasses i dont know why she bothers with lenses

  • Charklet 7
    Charklet 7 29 days ago

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  • erin steiner
    erin steiner Month ago

    I’m bingeing the fuck out of your videos. I love your style so much omg

  • Ainani Azzyati
    Ainani Azzyati Month ago

    finally a reality , i mean a really messy room

  • Stay Classy
    Stay Classy Month ago

    She is so underrated :(

  • Mark Kim
    Mark Kim Month ago

    what college u attend?

  • ERIN エリン 에린

    Awww that motivates me to study more ❤️

  • Andy _29
    Andy _29 Month ago

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  • Mementomori
    Mementomori Month ago

    Final exam is like final enemy to beat😅😅😅 Well done!!!!!!

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    Zeez TV Month ago

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  • shisuk
    shisuk Month ago

    vamp diaries on Netflix?!?

  • Luxsika Senthilkumaran

    what a articulated queen

  • Tracy Ragland
    Tracy Ragland Month ago

    Now that I’m in my first semester of college I now understand this new college language lol I can feel those assignments

  • Lina Isabel Romero
    Lina Isabel Romero Month ago

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  • Sara lifestyle
    Sara lifestyle Month ago

    Thank you sooo much for being such a natural person because most of youtubers are soo fake that they always show off and im not gonna lie that make me depressed. Thank you again ❤

  • ella mae
    ella mae Month ago

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  • ella mae
    ella mae Month ago

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    skullskater 111 Month ago

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    Ali Eileen 2 months ago

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    Sunflower nrllyzmn 2 months ago

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  • Emily Koscielny
    Emily Koscielny 2 months ago

    I have a earth science final exam and I barley studied because there’s so much info👀 I took a sleeping pill so I can actually get some sleep so my brain doesn’t die during my exam 💀

  • Nah Nope
    Nah Nope 2 months ago

    Currently watching this during the second week of my third semester. Finals week is going to be such a welcome relief. 😂

  • Bryanna Chavarria
    Bryanna Chavarria 2 months ago

    Where did you get your glasses from

  • McKinley Jenkins
    McKinley Jenkins 2 months ago

    For some reason this was in my recommendations and this video kinda put me in a good mood and I kinda have to stan so now I’m subscribing, ok bye

  • Pauline Chang
    Pauline Chang 2 months ago

    im a real one hehe:) can you plz make more videos maybe talking bout how you conquered all the obstacles you've been thru since college?

  • Maria Alejandra Socadagui Sanchez

    Im a real one ;)

  • NW Fawn
    NW Fawn 2 months ago

    That kitty is too cute😁

  • Ezzat Haidari
    Ezzat Haidari 2 months ago

    Hi.. You are so beautiful and lovely.. 💃😍

  • usman hashmi
    usman hashmi 2 months ago

    Helo,,,from Pakistan

  • angela
    angela 2 months ago +1

    the sass "i am exempt from finals because i have an A"


  • Gracelyn Jones
    Gracelyn Jones 2 months ago

    I got dunkin chapstick last time I was there

  • Felicia Renteria
    Felicia Renteria 2 months ago

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    Tayriii Garcia moreno 2 months ago

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    Imania Powers 2 months ago

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