Young Professional Tries Vanlife | Custom Van Build & Tour

  • Published on Apr 24, 2019
  • When Sean received his eviction notice, he decided it was his chance to try something he had dreamt about for a long time. With 40 days to buy, build, and move in, Sean joined the Vanlife so that he could spend more time doing the things he loves and live a purposeful life.
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    My VanLife Journey:
    Produced, filmed, & edited by Alex Bowers
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  • Leo 9
    Leo 9 Day ago

    You don't need a kitchen when you live in OB. There are cheap burrito shops all around!
    Los Panchos in Sports Arena is like whoa.

  • Koriander Yander
    Koriander Yander 2 days ago

    You really dont understand minimalism...

  • Magnoliaa Place
    Magnoliaa Place 2 days ago

    First video I’ve seen of you but love your personality. 😊 you’re funny .

  • Matthew garsteck
    Matthew garsteck 3 days ago

    Love your channel. Former dweller now living in SD after meeting my forever person. Still have the van and we are going to rebuild it for us and then take off.

  • KeijiAkuma
    KeijiAkuma 5 days ago

    Sorry, but I had to mute this video...cause I cannot stand if people say "eeeeeehm" all the freaking time...Jesus, why we invented courses for people who cannot speak correctly...even I went to one to avoid the "eeehms" that I said...

    • C Jae
      C Jae 4 days ago

      I hear it too..but i love watching vanlife so i try to ignore it 😣☺

  • Christian Horner
    Christian Horner 6 days ago

    Why not buy a winnebago?

  • the vedic way America Sidonia Fiorillo

    super organized, must be a virgo :-)

  • ed hn
    ed hn 6 days ago +1

    how on earth is living in a van 'scamming society'?

  • Phoenix54
    Phoenix54 7 days ago +1

    At 13, i can do basic car mechanics, fly airplanes, carpentry, plumbing, and electric. Van life sounds good

  • RTundraT
    RTundraT 7 days ago

    Ever bring your date home to your camper van? 🤣

  • YoloDaber29
    YoloDaber29 7 days ago +2

    The real question is what address do you put when you want to order something from Amazon?

  • okmmauh
    okmmauh 8 days ago

    You have struck gold. Doing everything you want. A beautiful community for all

  • Steven Burke
    Steven Burke 9 days ago

    One of the best builds I've seen. That's great 😊

  • Karl XZY
    Karl XZY 10 days ago +5

    "houses are just expensive storage units" someone put this on a tee shirt!

  • Chris Williams
    Chris Williams 10 days ago

    why not put stops in the front of the bed that you can remove to slide it.. so you don't have to climb over the bed or go outside to unlock it..

  • gdebt06
    gdebt06 10 days ago

    Where does he mail stuff to

  • ym 95
    ym 95 12 days ago

    What you do for living while vanlife in deferent city ?

  • PurpleKisses ASMR
    PurpleKisses ASMR 13 days ago

    The bed setup alone makes this one of the best I’ve seen. Even unfinished!

  • Brotha Liphted
    Brotha Liphted 14 days ago

    Yo this fool really got his nails painted.

  • gojo modu
    gojo modu 15 days ago

    Fit a Snowmobile or Dirt bike in there also with the sliding bed

  • Than The Linh
    Than The Linh 16 days ago +1

    The interesting of this kind of video is seeing how they manage the space and some solutions for living comfortable in a van.

  • Rachel
    Rachel 17 days ago

    😻 Love you van good on you 👍

  • Tzwixi
    Tzwixi 17 days ago

    ahahahah they gave the most american car name 'RAM' to the most french-italian shitty-duty truck. American car decay at its all-time worst.

  • Mason Carter
    Mason Carter 18 days ago

    *Complains about the price of housing

    *Goes to one of the most expensive universities and lives in one of the most expensive cities in the world

    • Mia
      Mia 16 days ago

      Mason Carter that’s the point, why spent your money on having a house when you can spend your money experiencing the world

  • Soljarag5
    Soljarag5 19 days ago +1

    Who works 9-5??? All companies I know do 8-5

  • Kyle Puklo
    Kyle Puklo 20 days ago

    How do you obtain a DL or ID without an address?

  • Nikki Williams
    Nikki Williams 21 day ago

    All you need is a bed you doing good

  • Kathleen Newman - Frame

    I love this information, the personalities, ect., but with all the best pictures, graphics, images, and background music my Spirit gets very nervous. I can not deal with music while hearing talking.
    God bless you for sharing.

  • okthennone
    okthennone 21 day ago

    Drop out of school and save the money. Start a small business and scale. You will be much farther ahead.

  • keenanboy3000
    keenanboy3000 21 day ago

    The first 10 seconds turned me off for the whole video

  • Matthew Farney
    Matthew Farney 22 days ago

    Shia lebouef!

  • Tony Wellington
    Tony Wellington 23 days ago +1


  • Ace Hardy
    Ace Hardy 25 days ago


  • Nicole MT
    Nicole MT 28 days ago

    Amazing life

  • Sarah B
    Sarah B 28 days ago +1

    Uhm. Smart, athletic, adventurous. He’s cute! Is he single??

  • Christopher Jackson
    Christopher Jackson 29 days ago

    Short people are certainly lucky when it comes to van sleeping arrangements.

  • Delphoxy98102
    Delphoxy98102 Month ago

    Have they changed the law again because it looks like they just made it illegal this past summer in San Diego.

  • dizneyprincess92 G
    dizneyprincess92 G Month ago

    Can u please link the fridge in the descriptions or pin to comments? Thank you in advance for your consideration.

  • Aias Stocco
    Aias Stocco Month ago

    Why he painted his toe nails?

  • dixy viany rodriguez
    dixy viany rodriguez Month ago +3

    take a shot every time he says “uhm”

    MARK LANE Month ago

    I go with... whereever i am thats where i shit... if you are on the road remember that where you shit...with in minutes youi will be gone...

  • Reka Gran
    Reka Gran Month ago

    Refreshing to see someone from SD

  • I Coroa
    I Coroa Month ago

    Great video

  • I'Mira Staton
    I'Mira Staton Month ago

    Ok my type of man 🥰😍

  • Toni Adventures
    Toni Adventures Month ago

    Sliding bed! Brilliant!!

  • Lina Ponce
    Lina Ponce Month ago

    People wonder about your toilet options, I wanna know about your mailing options.

  • Hey Haley Jade
    Hey Haley Jade Month ago +1

    “Dirt bag life style” BIG MOOD

  • lazer tag
    lazer tag Month ago

    dam he got some amazing idea.. love the bench and closet and that sliding bed is crazy

  • Primary Transmission

    It is absolutely not legal to live in your vehicle in San Diego. Look it up.

  • Eva C.
    Eva C. Month ago

    Men vans are so unexciting

  • Nel A
    Nel A Month ago

    Wish tinder profiles were as good as this. I’d swipe right so fast on this cutie🤤😍

  • BlackDog Empire
    BlackDog Empire Month ago

    Hell yeah you save so much more money not having a fucking house to pay rent or keep maintained

  • Luka Ignat
    Luka Ignat Month ago +1

    What if somebody says where do you live like a job or something?

  • Michael Bergantzel
    Michael Bergantzel Month ago

    Dirtbag lifestyle. Nailed it.

  • Callme Da goat
    Callme Da goat 2 months ago

    Nope sorry I have to have my own rr people now a day's sitting on toilets with all types of disease 😷

  • Erika Lindsey
    Erika Lindsey 2 months ago

    Stay away from Let Go. I got a bad feeling about it. How come people end up homeless after using it.

  • Erika Lindsey
    Erika Lindsey 2 months ago

    When white people get evicted they call it Van Life😅

  • Erika Lindsey
    Erika Lindsey 2 months ago +2

    Sean dont have enough to do, he painted his toenails.

  • Mystic Jay
    Mystic Jay 2 months ago


  • Queen Of Hearts
    Queen Of Hearts 2 months ago

    Always wanted to be free and ride out and enjoy life. However when I was younger that would of been a better time. Health problems keep you kinda in prisoned.
    On my teas i put them in a mason jar, then put whatever I want to add. Then i just put it overnight on the counter. You can probably keep it where the sun can heat it while your riding around. Free energy.

    • Alchemist S
      Alchemist S Month ago +1

      Don’t be afraid to start now! Change is possible!
      Your body is made to heal itself, it just needs the right things to do so! Correcting diet, exercise, sleep schedule, and stress can help tons! 💕