The Night Is Short, Walk On Girl - Movie Review

  • Published on Aug 23, 2018
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    Intro Music By: Vincent Siciliano
    Chris Stuckmann reviews The Night Is Short, Walk On Girl, starring Gen Hoshino, Kana Hanazawa, Hiroshi Kamiya. Directed by Masaaki Yuasa.
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  • Joachim Lothrik
    Joachim Lothrik 3 months ago

    I was thinking about Wes Anderson watching this!

  • Greyleaf
    Greyleaf 4 months ago

    I'm surprised people are watching this film without having seen The Tatami Galaxy first. Almost every joke in Night is Short is a direct reference to the series. To be honest, I would've thought the movie was a complete mess without any context. xD

  • Alepap
    Alepap 5 months ago

    You definitely need to watch Tatami Galaxy, there are many links and references and in my opinion it's better than this movie.

  • EnXgMa _
    EnXgMa _ 6 months ago

    ohhh that intro ,':)

  • Choblee
    Choblee 6 months ago

    Felt like watching a movie and saw that this was playing. Didn't know anything about it or the director before I saw it. It was a ride

  • Carl Leach
    Carl Leach 7 months ago

    Their names aren't "Otome" and "Senpai", Otome just means girl and Senpai is a title for someone older or of superior ranking

  • Victor P.
    Victor P. 7 months ago

    Bought it on blu-ray, don't bother showing this to family or kids, they'll fall asleep from speed reading subtitles because there's no English dub(not surprising there isn't one for a film like this though). I felt like the length of the movie was a bit too long 93 mins, especially for having a non-conventional story, it could of shaved off 10-15 mins and been fine. Some scenes, like the theater singing and the senpai talking to himselves in the auditorium was dragged on for so long.

  • Wheresmyeyebrow
    Wheresmyeyebrow 10 months ago

    I love the title just as much as the movie

    DBS MGMT 10 months ago

    Thanks for the great review. BTW why isn't this included in the anime playlist?

  • Hirako
    Hirako 10 months ago

    Yuasa is GOAT
    tatami galaxy, ping pong, kaiba

  • Sergio Soto Leiva
    Sergio Soto Leiva 11 months ago

    Actually 'Otome' means 'lady' and Senpai is a term to refer to someone who's older than you in a respectful way, the director doesn't like to name his characters, just as in Tatami Galaxy, the main character is named Watashi which means "Myself'.

  • This Is A Great Name
    This Is A Great Name 11 months ago

    Guys this movie is AMAZING and UNIQUE please go and watch it!!😍

  • Epitome
    Epitome 11 months ago

    Watch the film high, thank me later

  • Frank Sidebottom
    Frank Sidebottom 11 months ago

    The film is based on the novel of the same name written by Tomihiko Morimi. I've read the novel and it is great too. I've heard other novels written by Tomihiko are great too.

  • Kyron Harris
    Kyron Harris 11 months ago

    Review My Hero Academia: Two Heros

  • Gallows Pole
    Gallows Pole Year ago

    What is it with this man and great t-shirts?

  • Crono Sapien
    Crono Sapien Year ago

    Hmm~...this movie looks very surreal and interesting. Definitely an instant watch from me!

  • GodsSon987
    GodsSon987 Year ago

    Have you reviewed Gintama yet? If not, I'd like to hear your thoughts on it

  • Chris Galarza
    Chris Galarza Year ago

    Time to get cuckmanized

  • JLT Yes
    JLT Yes Year ago

    Groping boobs and getting punched for it, is HILARIOUS!

  • DaN.g
    DaN.g Year ago

    Review the tatami galaxy!!

  • Of the Noseworthy Clan

    “A man named senpai” lmao

  • Cool Cat Studios
    Cool Cat Studios Year ago

    I thought this would be an interesting movie to watch, but I really didn't like it. In fact, it got so weird and annoying that I literally walked out near the end.

  • Aoba Suzukaze
    Aoba Suzukaze Year ago

    Looking at the seiyuus...
    oh wow this is a star studded cast

  • Theo Buniel
    Theo Buniel Year ago

    Everyone's suggesting Devilman Crybaby here, how about The Tatami Galaxy? It's made by the same guy, and it's just as remarkable.

  • paladin paterson
    paladin paterson Year ago

    Hey Chris! I've been a big fan for about a year now and I'm really happy that you're reviewing these lesser known movies that barely make it to the states. To be honest, The Night Is Short was a movie I was surprised made it to any cinemas in the US. It's definitely a movie that affected the way I've seen romance movies. There's an anime series that Yuasa also made which is based in the same world as this movie. It's a 12 episode series called Tatami Galaxy. I won't spoil anything but it's a gem that deserves a lot of credit. I believe it's available on Crunchy Roll. I'd love to hear your thoughts about it. Anyway, that's for keeping us away from terrible movies!

  • Alla Maz
    Alla Maz Year ago

    The Tatamy Galaxy is an actual masterpiece

  • Hrenopochta Jh
    Hrenopochta Jh Year ago

    Have you read any of Haruki Murakami's books ? I've been a fan of anime for a long time, but there's only so much of them, and then I discovered Murakami's books and oh my god, they're good! Wild sheep chase, Hard-boiled wonderland, and really all of them. they're weird, deep, captivating.. I think every anime fan would enjoy them..

  • Psyco Candy
    Psyco Candy Year ago

    It was a really interesting film
    I like the way the night was long and never ending
    It made me feel as though I could do more with my time and be more prone to explore the city at night

  • prodeepan pal
    prodeepan pal Year ago

    watch tatami galaxy ! its in the same universe as this movie. and perhaps even better than this.

  • Tania Amador
    Tania Amador Year ago

    Just caught it tonight! You’re absolutely right - it’s entirely arresting

  • Raynal Payuk
    Raynal Payuk Year ago +1

    Really? Nobody recommending Ping Pong The Animation by Masaki Yuaasa? That kinda little bit dissapointing :)

  • Darwin Santana
    Darwin Santana Year ago

    Please watch tatami galaxy

  • GTFO
    GTFO Year ago

    The real question: Did Chris watch Jojos Bizarre Adventure?

  • Haris Nasir
    Haris Nasir Year ago

    Do sword of the stranger anime review please

  • Mr. Nx
    Mr. Nx Year ago +1

    Chris, you should review Dragon Super once the dub is over.

  • GG Dat Boi
    GG Dat Boi Year ago

    Saw it in theatres. The sound track was amazing and that last musical had some hilarious humor. Not s single boring moment visually. Would watch it again in theatres if I could

  • killerqueen2000
    killerqueen2000 Year ago

    Watch Tatami galaxy and Ping pong, the other Yuasa great works

  • Sean Koontz
    Sean Koontz Year ago

    Ranuyasha ur probably right

  • Captain Crunch
    Captain Crunch Year ago +1

    Can you review The Humchback of Notre Dame? I just listened to Hellfire and got chills, and I’m curious about how you fell about it.

  • Koloshow
    Koloshow Year ago

    Wonderful film, have not seen anything like it before. Had me smiling throughout!

  • Leo Aujero
    Leo Aujero Year ago

    I wanna see this so bad ahhhhhhh

  • Anna K
    Anna K Year ago

    god i love this director, both tatami galaxy and ping pong are probably my favorite series of all time, not just in anime, and his movies are good too

  • Takeshi Yanagita
    Takeshi Yanagita Year ago

    I absolutely love Tatami Galaxy. But this movie wasn't as good. Its pretty and well acted but didn't have the same charm to offset the weridness as tatami galaxy had.

  • むらなか
    むらなか Year ago


  • asdfgh123
    asdfgh123 Year ago

    The into. wow

  • avayeh vasch
    avayeh vasch Year ago

    chris watch the berserk trilogy, or the older version(1997).

  • Kakashi - Leonhart

    good review, I might get this on blu-ray

  • Corbin and me
    Corbin and me Year ago

    A man named senpai...

  • wanderingslacker
    wanderingslacker Year ago

    This was an extremely interesting film. I loved the traveling musical arc/subplot. The third act looked like it was partially inspired by Paprika, another one of my favorite anime films.

  • Elliott Dean
    Elliott Dean Year ago

    Nice intro!

  • Obara
    Obara Year ago

    Hope there's a Toronto screening. Masaaki Yuasa is always a delight to see.

  • Mordecai 38
    Mordecai 38 Year ago +1


    GAMING INC. Year ago


  • Pirate Style Jutsu


  • Princess Jello
    Princess Jello Year ago

    I would say the experience was similar to a game of taboo while having a good acid trip.
    And the whole subconsious scene was A+ for me.

  • Nicolai Marquez
    Nicolai Marquez Year ago

    Man, you should definitely review some of the other Yuasa's works, especially The Tatami Galaxy, which is basically the Parent Story for this movie. I think is on Crunchyroll :)

  • Ellipsis10
    Ellipsis10 Year ago

    cool, i'll check it out

  • Dooby Mcdabby
    Dooby Mcdabby Year ago

    I've been dying to see this but can't find it anywhere

  • Miles Trombley
    Miles Trombley Year ago

    He also did Devilman Crybaby.