How to start changing an unhealthy work environment | Glenn D. Rolfsen | TEDxOslo

  • Published on May 2, 2016
  • Do you think backbiting is happening at your workplace or place of study?
    Glenn Rolfsen's talk is about what contributes to a toxic work environment and what the significant factors are that determine our working life quality. His approach addresses how to achieve a permanent end to slander and bullying among adults in the workplace.
    Glenn D. Rolfsen is a psychotherapist working in corporate health service in Oslo. He has also worked as a teacher to educate gestalt therapists in Norway and several European countries. He is particularly concerned with the psychosocial work environment in enterprises. As corporate counsel and leadership consultant, he works daily to improve working life quality for employees.
    This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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  • Elmo
    Elmo 11 hours ago

    My number one rule is not to talk bad about anyone and to avoid listening to people who talk bad about others to me because I’m 100% sure those bad mouthing others to me are bad mouthing me to others.

  • JayPMusic
    JayPMusic Day ago

    If an employer treats some staff differently than others and refuses to see their wrong in this, then they themselves have to take full responsibility for creating a toxic work environment, which left unchecked will ultimately ruin their own company. This unsurprisingly will negatively impact their employees mental and physical health, even that of some of their strongest and most loyal employees!

    MAI MAI 3 days ago

    He talks about backbiting which was mentioned by god and extremely prohibited in Islam and this was mentioned clearly in our Qura'an...its not a new information he just start talking about the negative impact about it whereas our prophet Mohammad had talked about the same before 1400 years

  • mark kenney
    mark kenney 9 days ago

    I need to meet this gentleman. Any contact information?

  • Tj Congeon
    Tj Congeon 10 days ago

    2:16 hand up

    JANKBOMB 25 days ago

    Doesn't matter the age. It's all about how well our teams can handle news, changes and criticism. Ego is a huge factor in this.

  • Toucan Sam
    Toucan Sam 25 days ago +1

    I disagree with this. A manager could implement this, but the everyone will continue to gossip and not tell the manager

  • thenebbishroute
    thenebbishroute 27 days ago

    Good info, but the problem at my workplace is not backbiting. It's lack of leadership and respect.

  • B Smith
    B Smith 29 days ago

    I so get this

  • Vipul Arora
    Vipul Arora 29 days ago

    Really loved that bit at 2:50. I got this friend who uses this software called yoursafehub in his company and he says it's really effective tackling this issue.

  • Curious Communicator

    Most breakdowns in relationships are caused from unrealistic expectations and poor communication!

  • D Uni
    D Uni Month ago +6

    Well, my direct manager literally does everything this guy says!

  • Sherry Adams
    Sherry Adams Month ago +2

    Thanks that's such a wonderful idea I only wish the corporation I work for would have something like that I don't see it happening but it's a wonderful wonderful idea

  • Thandiwe Tshabalala
    Thandiwe Tshabalala Month ago +1

    A friend brought me here, this is good.

  • Teffi Club
    Teffi Club Month ago

    The speaker didn't finish the story about Socrates. The end is ' and this is how Socrates never learned that his wife was cheating on him.'

  • Rabecca Mhandire
    Rabecca Mhandire Month ago +1

    Mmmm wait a minute sir, what if you have blatant bullying ,favouritism and corruption how do you deal with a total lack of tranparency. Are you suggesting that people in such environments bury their heads in the sand and play nice? I am sure you are referring to ideal situations not the other extreme.

  • Jasmine Orchard
    Jasmine Orchard Month ago

    Up Next:
    How to keep employees motivated while working with cesspool demanding diva clients.

  • J . M
    J . M 2 months ago

    7:20 what does he refer to by "fractionation"?? I imagine he means some process in group dynamics, but I'm curious about the particular terminology.

    • David Ray Duncan
      David Ray Duncan 2 months ago +1

      I believe he means dividing people into fractions--parts of the whole--instead of working together as one.

  • Ranjit Kumar
    Ranjit Kumar 2 months ago

    Content was nothing new and basic common sense ! Add to that ... this guy should do another TED TALK on ' The Art to speak in the most boring way !" ... he's a natural on that topic !

    • Ranjit Kumar
      Ranjit Kumar 2 months ago

      Dear Glenn Rolfsen, At the very ouset, kindly allow me extend my apologies in case I have sounded too harsh and may or may not have affected your ego in your subconscious mind.

      However, it does not change the fact that your talk was absolutely mediocre. Its the kind of content and talk that one would give school children. Moreover, the example you cited is easily available all over the internet. There is nothing unique about it.

      When you are invited to talk at such a prestigious platform, please do your research. This was more like some semi-philosophy theoretical lecture, without any solid ground except your words.

      In short, it was a lazy effort.

      When you give a lecture as a so called "expert" in the field you need to provide the audience with justified research findings and statistics with authentic & credible sources.

      A) Research findings on the effects of Backbiting ? What are the possible causes ?

      B) How does it affect people professionally & personally ? ( Statistical findings, etc )

      C) What are the solutions for this ? (Practical solutions with rationale)

      D) What are the results of such a solution ? (Proper Statistics ).

      You mentioned "in the air" that 250 companies have benefited from this solution of yours. Well, when you make such a big claim on such a big platform like TED, then you need to justify it with clear endorsements and credible researched statistics.

      Otherwise, it just a theory on paper. And if you honestly believe that the solution you suggested REALLY changes the workplace, then Im afraid, you are probably living in a comic book world.

      At the most, such a solution could work in a workplace that has very less employees. And that too, it is impossible for it to sustain itself for a long period of time.

      For this solution to work, every employee must be a 100% good human being. Although I wish that were true, yuo and I both know that its a pure myth !

      When you speak on a topic, you need to exude a certain level of authority. The sad way, you kept fumbling and checking on your cue cards clearly showed that you were not totally prepared.

      A topic such as this where you are being perceived as an authority by the listeners, needs to come from the heart. If you are an expert on the topic, one does not need cue cards. You had SLIDES + a Teleprompter with you. So, Why also use Cue cards ???

      Moreover, when you talk, you really need to engage the audience in an interesting & interactive manner. Your style of talking was genuinely boring & one-dimensional.

      So please Sir, do not insult such a powerful platform & its listeners by doing such lazy & weak presentations.

      On such a topic, please learn the art of engaging an audience with genuine TRUE LIFE examples that they can relate with. Say it in an interesting & interactive manner which makes EACH listener feel that you are talking ONLY to them. And support EVERY content you have with credible research statistics.

      If you are willing to accept this reply to you without any ego and see this as constructive criticism, it would be great.

      If not, its ok too. Like you rightly, said, we are not here to live up to each other's expectations.

      But when you go up that prestigious stage, you have that responsibility to provide the audience with good & credible content which is not a waste of time and sadly sir, this time you did not live up to that expectation.

      But Im sure that the next time, you'll change that & rock the stage !

      P.S : Im not sending you a prayer .... but I'd suggest that you refer to APOLLO ROBBINS (The Art of deception ) on TED TALK. It would teach you how to structure & present yourself when you go up on such a prestigious stage the next time around.

      God Bless - RANJIT KUMAR

  • Raven Black
    Raven Black 2 months ago +1

    Awesome speech. I love the triple filter test. Gossiping is too common and is a form of social terrorism. The only time negative information is beneficial is if it's regarding something truly horrible and can be useful in knowing about it to gain awareness. Other then that, most gossiping is nitpicking and trying to spread negative opinion about someone else.

  • Paradise
    Paradise 2 months ago

    One problem is our desks are full, so we don’t have time for things like traditional training for new people and specific time isn’t made for it. We keep getting more work due to top management not understanding the time needed for our tasks and doesn’t believe the input on that so wants to time each task like we’re McDonalds. Then the new people can be too pushy about it and won’t wait till the time is right. Then they put off their seasoned co- workers and complain about it. As a new employee I accepted the environment the way it was and lasted a long time. Training is worth a lot because it pays bills so you have to be considerate about the trainers time. There’s only so much time...time towards training is time away from expectations on you. Until proper time is allotted you have to be savvy enough to survive. Backstabbing, tattling, troublemaking is all deflection from inability to do job. I surprisingly found women were much more trustworthy, and that the men were tattlers, liars, troublemakers, and petty...but our org may not be attracting good people. They don’t last.

    • glenn rolfsen
      glenn rolfsen 2 months ago

      Three that "Paradise"... Wish I could do something that would enabled you to do something different in this matter...
      Warmly Glenn

  • Carolyn Miller
    Carolyn Miller 2 months ago +2

    This presentation is very relatable and applicable in many settings. I have shown your video to nursing students during conversations about professionalism and leadership. Thank you for uploading to RUclip, Glenn!

  • Mary Motherofgod
    Mary Motherofgod 3 months ago


    • glenn rolfsen
      glenn rolfsen 2 months ago

      It is the easiest way right.. ?

  • M.A. Ross
    M.A. Ross 3 months ago +1

    Platitudes do nothing but feed egos

  • Dragons Rage
    Dragons Rage 3 months ago

    @7:25 So we are not going to talk about that bug?

    • glenn rolfsen
      glenn rolfsen 3 months ago +3

      Yes, you are right, this is not dealing or working on what the bug is, but in 8 minutes - this is my message - I would start with this, and then talk about the " Bug".. In opposite of my normal work as a therapist...

  • KaityCameleon Shea
    KaityCameleon Shea 3 months ago +2

    Our whole government in a nutshell

  • m
    m 3 months ago +1

    Excellent insight - thank you SO much :) I want to try your idea. I hope & pray people will be kinder & respectful toward with each other..

  • Nancy In the garden
    Nancy In the garden 3 months ago

    Somebody once told me that when someone is taking about someone else it’s a great defuser to point out something you see positive about the talked about person. Saying, “Oh but she is a real nice dresser, she is a great cook she is fun to work with, etc. thus throws the whole conversation into nowhere and if they keep going, I simply say, I like her. I don’t have a problem with her work, she’s funny .....
    It takes practice or change the conversation to the person talking. Say I don’t want to talk about this or them how was your weekend how was your date I made a really good dinner on Sunday, my kids are staring softball practice how am I going to juggle 2 nights s week and Sat mornings

    • glenn rolfsen
      glenn rolfsen 3 months ago

      If you cannot do anything, be aware, if you can do something, do it, and most of all - be aware of the difference in what can you do - what not... You are not married to your job - Right? Warmly Glenn

  • Samantha Spitzer
    Samantha Spitzer 3 months ago +1


  • Pat Swert
    Pat Swert 3 months ago

    woman are the worst back biters

    • CC B
      CC B 3 months ago


  • Jasuda Rai
    Jasuda Rai 4 months ago +7

    Love this video. If by grace if I happen to set up my own business I will add this in my office clause. No backbiting.

  • Ginger
    Ginger 4 months ago +37

    I have yet to find a work place that has any maturity level above high school. I have yet to work for a boss that not only allows it but is blinded by the people who are bullies and drag morale down... not to mention who aren’t even capable of doing their job. 🤷🏼‍♀️

    • Jesse Gonzales
      Jesse Gonzales 23 days ago +1

      Hate to tell you this but people don't actually grow up past 18. They just get better at acting different. We're all animals being guided by a weak gps that is our Consciousness. .

    • imdjc4
      imdjc4 Month ago +1

      Exactly Ginger. A BIG reason why I took a job as a truck driver later in life. I don't understand why management don't try to eliminate it....for the very reasons mentioned at 7:00.

  • Grit Heart
    Grit Heart 4 months ago

    Great ideas to deal with difficult people!

  • menna salem
    menna salem 4 months ago

    Iam proud that my religion taught me this and happier that people outside of it came across it without having to believe in the same faith ❤

  • Perry Robles
    Perry Robles 4 months ago


    It’s a coping mechanism.

  • Maria Rose
    Maria Rose 5 months ago

    I just did this yesterday! I am trying to change it now that I am aware of it. I realized that one woman has latched onto me & all she does is complain about others and it has rubbed off. Nothing out of her mouth is good. Also, Brene Brown said it best, when you judge others and gossip with someone you think you are forming a connection with that person, a common ground, but it does the opposite. The toxic work environment needs to change.

  • mateusz λ brelski
    mateusz λ brelski 6 months ago

    Beautiful speech, thank you

  • Jool Forue
    Jool Forue 6 months ago +2

    My boss is a Champion Back Biter!

    • Jason Nosaj
      Jason Nosaj Month ago

      @glenn rolfsen I just had the same thought, but you were first 😂

    • glenn rolfsen
      glenn rolfsen 5 months ago +1

      He is not the only one I am afraid... Warmly Glenn D

  • Moalong Patnaik
    Moalong Patnaik 6 months ago

    I guess I am not a born leader and I have lost all my self esteem.

    • Moalong Patnaik
      Moalong Patnaik 5 months ago

      But being a soft guy I don't report to my director.

    • Moalong Patnaik
      Moalong Patnaik 5 months ago

      @glenn rolfsen Thanks Glenn. I am a headmaster but my friendliness and being afraid to be answered back has made me a weak leader. And there is one senior teacher who wants to jeopardize all I do as he failed to get promotion.

    • glenn rolfsen
      glenn rolfsen 5 months ago

      Dear Moalong, Nobody is a born leader, Be yourself, and keep moving.. Warmly Glenn D

  • Moalong Patnaik
    Moalong Patnaik 6 months ago +1

    I am a headmaster of an NGO school. As I was a teacher before. As their needs were not met I went about trying to improve their situation and became very understanding. But they started becoming very casual and even talk back to me and I still don't answer back as I have a flaring temper. I don't know how to gain their respect anymore. I am going nuts and I don't know how to handle them.

    • Moalong Patnaik
      Moalong Patnaik 5 months ago

      Do you mean to say I have to leave my job.

    • glenn rolfsen
      glenn rolfsen 5 months ago +1

      Dear Moalong - Not everybody has to be at this kind of workplace - Take care of your self if possible - Life is to short - If you have an option.. Warmly Glenn

  • HopeMedia EMCC
    HopeMedia EMCC 7 months ago

    An organization where there is no backbiting may not be healthy at all. Back biting is a problematic symptom, not the root problem. You can have a very locked down culture where no one is allowed to process truths in an open way so they will gossip and back bite to get the information out. It's part of social dynamics. Conversely, when you develop skills at conflict resolution and have normal prophylactic processing sessions as part of the social and group rituals, the symptom fades.

    • glenn rolfsen
      glenn rolfsen 5 months ago

      HopeMedia, I am so thankful for your comment, and Yes; Backbiting is a symptom of an organisation that perhaps, do not allow their employees to express their need or what they want to accomplish in one way or another... Warmly Glenn

  • sanjay sarkar
    sanjay sarkar 7 months ago

    Very good and useful ,learnt a lot.

    • glenn rolfsen
      glenn rolfsen 5 months ago

      Thanks Sanjay !! All the best for you!! Warmly Glenn D

  • Nat Kno
    Nat Kno 7 months ago +2

    90% of the audience says it happens at work. Guarantee if you asked them "do you do this behavior?" Nobody would raise a hand....

  • Pendar Shahbazi
    Pendar Shahbazi 7 months ago

    It was amazing. Simple and honest with practical solutions 😊

    • glenn rolfsen
      glenn rolfsen 5 months ago

      Thanks a lot Pendar Shahbazi, means actually a lot.. warmly Glenn D

  • Ginger Watkins
    Ginger Watkins 7 months ago

    You need an outlet to vent to. Whether it's a friend, a trusted co-worker, or family. Know the difference between back-biting and venting. I couldn't cope with much if I didn't have someone to vent to about the toxic environment I'm in myself.

    • glenn rolfsen
      glenn rolfsen 5 months ago

      Yes Ginger, I agree, if that matters.. warmly Glenn D

  • Knut Harald Kloster Bjørge

    Interesting approach that I would like to discuss with my colleges, and thereafter try out in my own working environment

    • glenn rolfsen
      glenn rolfsen 5 months ago

      We did - Didn't we ? Was it worth it? - For me it was! _ What a great group!!! Thanks for bringing me in Knut!! Warmly Glenn

  • pembs4me
    pembs4me 7 months ago

    I found this quite enlightening. Probably not able to influence the worst culprits around me, but can improve my own behaviour. Thank you. :-)

  • Thierno Bah
    Thierno Bah 7 months ago +1

    100% agree, backbiting is one of the main reasons why we suffer as human being and it is very common and overlooked.

  • Angela Corcoran
    Angela Corcoran 7 months ago +12

    People back bite because they are frustrated. You are in work to do a job. If the person you need to speak to won't communicate, it can be very stressful.

    • Dave W
      Dave W 15 days ago

      Angela Corcoran you sound like a toxic person who is attempting to justify why it’s ok to back bite

  • TL R
    TL R 8 months ago +120

    When management is not willing to fix problems, the easiest way to fix it yourself is to find new employment. 🤷‍♂️

    • Martin Mutuna
      Martin Mutuna 19 days ago

      With 90 percent of the ordience admitting thez gossip at there work place how many jobs are you going to change

    • Kathy English
      Kathy English Month ago +2

      Totally agree! Taking action to do exactly that!

    • tosh rizzle
      tosh rizzle Month ago +1


    • imdjc4
      imdjc4 Month ago +4

      It's got to the point that I am willing to forgo any and all of my previous work endeavors just to find a safe work environment. Local taxi drivers are a good source of potential work environments. Avoid companies where the workforce is predominantly young. Pay attention to red flag atmospheres.

  • Bharani Nath
    Bharani Nath 8 months ago

    This is so true. Backbiting is absolutely toxic behavior. It never helps solve the problem. It makes it worse. Interaction, collaboration and debate help colleagues improve and helps the team become productive.

  • K N
    K N 8 months ago

    Peace , mercy and blessings of God
    Dr. G
    Do you know that From 1,440 years ago Islam instructions (in QURAN ) was very clear that it is not allowed to backbiting others which affect Muslim's life at that time postivly.
    I will be very glad if u read more about Islamic morals.

  • Mehitabel
    Mehitabel 8 months ago

    Gossip and back-biting are not the same. Gossip can be complimentary.. It can even be positive.

    • glenn rolfsen
      glenn rolfsen 8 months ago +1

      In Norway we have now came up with two different words: Backbiting (baksnakking) and forward talking (Fremsnakking) - Negative and positive talking of those who are not present - I agree that we should have an universal word from this subject Mehitabel. Warmly Glenn D

  • Anna Ja
    Anna Ja 9 months ago

    But if u complain then ur called a winger or a drama queen. Can’t win either way

  • Gladiator kleo
    Gladiator kleo 9 months ago +5

    And what do you do when the bully is your boss? I got that last year and that was very tough , I had no choice but to resign. That's no good for you mental, emotional and physical health.

    • yonikurn
      yonikurn 3 months ago

      Gladiator kleo Sadly that’s the only way out.

  • Iron Gorilla Federation
    Iron Gorilla Federation 9 months ago +1

    I'm on a robotics team and I am watching this again to make a presentation and have it approved so we can work on this together. I had a situation where a friend of mine felt really uncomfortable being around another team member so I had to intervene personally. So I want to fix this once and for all in our workspace.

  • Jim Taylour
    Jim Taylour 9 months ago

    Its not just the physical initiatives but the behavioural ones too that can improve health and productivity - Robert Kegan reminds us we get paid to do 2 jobs, the real one and the 2nd one expended where we cover our backs. Gleen Rolfsen tells us how to stop back biting overnight

  • zhbvenkhoReload
    zhbvenkhoReload 10 months ago

    Only way is to be a one-man show in that you are just working by yourself.

  • Fifi Trixiebelle
    Fifi Trixiebelle 10 months ago

    Sir, in the real world, Corporate America does not care about bullying/harassment, etc., when it comes to higher ups in the company. The drones, workers, secretaries, staff ... ALWAYS have to deal with their insanity with no recourse because human resources is there for the company, not the drone.

  • May Allison
    May Allison 10 months ago

    Good idea to run a company. Seriously. Can see how this will decrease sick leave.

  • Galen T
    Galen T 10 months ago +1

    Most companies have deep spiritual problems...aka psychological problems... with all employees. These are not cured easily.

  • svetlana ratkovic
    svetlana ratkovic 10 months ago +1

    I believe that CULTURE is the limit beyond which respect, decency and empathy dissolve, giving way to wrongdoing. People of culture have high standards of humanity and a high respect for differences between people.....
    I think that we should not care much about what people say, but rather focus on raising one's own standards and connect up with people around you in a positive manner, showing that you care not just for yurself, as much as you can....

  • Demon Reaper
    Demon Reaper 10 months ago +1

    Back biting individuals should be terminated, lack of professionalism.

  • Maria Jo.
    Maria Jo. 10 months ago

    I actually thoguht that having a social co wokers style would be helpful, but im in a situation where i give too much trust to a co worker and it use me to scale to top. He did, he arrive to the company with no personality at all, then started behaving like, doing what i did, asking me things of how i would improve so he can take the acomplish. Then, onces he got where he wanted to be, started the “pressure” judging, having a air of “ im in control now “ and also confusing his toughts like a trap. Also backbite behind me in a sutil way, in conclusion... a toxic person who disguise himself as joker but is bad wolf .

  • Daria Takova
    Daria Takova 10 months ago +1

    Nothing useful from this video :) But yes, pleasant speaker.

  • ajas558
    ajas558 10 months ago

    I know men worst than women at work place who back bite to pull legs and let down other good people

  • Jackie Hovious
    Jackie Hovious 11 months ago +6

    I’m going to start working on myself and then try to implement in my department. Praying it works. I was bullied like crazy my first year in my leadership position.

    • Linda Nerstad
      Linda Nerstad 5 months ago

      It begins with what we have control over and it is NOT the other person. If it gets too bad, you can choose to leave the situation or redirect the conversation.

  • lightinthedark
    lightinthedark 11 months ago

    @2:20 [ raises hand ]

  • I Smell Fresh Cash
    I Smell Fresh Cash 11 months ago +3

    The number one problem in workplaces is.... Women. That's right, I said it, women.

    • CC B
      CC B 3 months ago

      @Doug N but it's so much fun to blame women for everything .

    • Doug N
      Doug N 9 months ago +3

      I work with plenty of back biting men.

  • Wylona
    Wylona 11 months ago +1

    In my experience time and time again, people will say there is too much gossip at their workplace and they don't like it. However "they" are never the gossips. It's almost always everyone else who is the problem.
    So I'm more inclined the believe the real problem is hypocrisy. If people won't accept responsibility for their own roles in office gossip, then giving them advice on how to stop it will go in one ear and out the other.

  • Bato Daesitiates 1

    And one injustice that I believe deserves much more attention is the mobbing method used by some employees-namely, their tendency to lebel the just anf fair people they plot against as "too sensitive" "hypersensitive" ...

  • Gurpreet Singh
    Gurpreet Singh Year ago


  • Israr Sayed
    Israr Sayed Year ago

    Why people do backbite?
    One feel elevated while talking other people down

  • Bato Daesitiates 1
    Bato Daesitiates 1 Year ago +3

    Yes, there is thi "standard" "coventional" type of gossip...people gosip for no reason...However, there is one other phenomenon among humans that may be percieved as gossiping or rumoring (talking about an absent person) but it has entirely different motive than just finding some satisfaction in talking badly about somebody who is not there, and this other motive is confessing to someone about the absent person doing something bad to you ( e.g. degrading/belitteling you or your work verbally or psychologically, directly or indirectly, putting you down, mocking you, undermining younornyour work in front of others, putting a pressure on you, ignoring your requests or questions, being bossy to you, and demotivating you in any other way). Now, this too is talking about the person while that person is not present, but the motive here is entirely different. In this second case we are talking about a person who feels disatsified/demotivated with the way the absent person is treating her/him, but decided to confess to someone else instead of discussing the issue with the absent person because she feels that the absent person is not unapproachable or reasonable. So, the solution for this second type of 'talkin about the absent person' cannot be solved by this non-gossip policy suggested above but by making the leader approachable and open to help solve the problem and stop the baddoer....

    • Bato Daesitiates 1
      Bato Daesitiates 1 Year ago +1

      glenn rolfsen
      Thank you Glenn...I believe a lot of people would truly appreciate if you expended this topic beyond that one element called include perfidious mobbing methods (that may include things like mocking under the pretext of being just humorous amd funny, labelling people who react to injustices as "hypersensitive", indirectly expecting and pushing people to choose "sides" between two or more clans in a workplace, etc.)....

    • glenn rolfsen
      glenn rolfsen Year ago

      Thanks, you are so right !!

  • God's Community
    God's Community Year ago +1


  • J S
    J S Year ago

    Gossip, backstabbing and resentment will happen no matter what. The only option is to get rid of the problem, get rid of the worm inside the organization that feeds everyone.

    • glenn rolfsen
      glenn rolfsen Year ago

      That is so true.. And hard. Warmly Glenn D Rolfsen

  • leroy burton
    leroy burton Year ago

    I think talking neg. about the other person not present to defend them self.

    • glenn rolfsen
      glenn rolfsen Year ago

      Yes, Leroy Burton. warmly Glenn D Rolfsen

  • lexuscarrington
    lexuscarrington Year ago +5

    I think backbiting comes also from frustration of leaders not leading, dealing with horrible personalties. When you bring it to management, they don't want to deal with it and the turn it back on you.
    Its just a terrible situation. There really needs to be some sort of mental health and emotional health test before any kind of employment.
    Some people just need to be out of the workforce, and on disability.
    Its unbelievable what you have to go through just to make an honest living.

    • Angel Wings
      Angel Wings 2 months ago

      I know when you’re right...It’s sad...

    • lexuscarrington
      lexuscarrington Year ago

      glenn rolfsen thanks Glenn. I really wish it was.

    • glenn rolfsen
      glenn rolfsen Year ago

      If it was possible.. lexusC... But it is not I belive. Warmly Glenn D. Rolfsen

  • linda fleming
    linda fleming Year ago

    Take control of your life by not getting bullied without a fight. Back biting is how my company functions - its a nursing home. When your dealing with fellow employees or patients back biting is the normal way that human beings function. Thats why I prefer little kids and animals to back biting adults.

    • glenn rolfsen
      glenn rolfsen Year ago

      Yes, I can understand you Linda Fleming... Fight it, its the only way if not be isolatet to mankind, right? Warmly Glenn D. Rolfsen

  • Greg Austin
    Greg Austin Year ago +2

    Third-person-gossiping about me behind my back? How blessed I must be! ("Blessed" originally meant "envied," or so I am told.) Thank The Lord, for these people are in my business, and I'm not even present to defend myself. In other words, I have business, and am so important in it that these people envy me to the degree that they slander me, even at the expense of their own reputations. ("Satan" means, "The slanderer.") Hence, judge not, lest ye be judged.
    I have learned that great people implement ideas, big people talk about ideas, and little people talk about other people.
    Even successful politicians seem to have learned long ago--no such thing as bad publicity. So, go ahead and slander me as much as you want. It only hurts you.

    • glenn rolfsen
      glenn rolfsen Year ago

      ;) I like your thinking Greg Austin ;) - warmly Glenn D. Rolfsen

  • deepu abraham
    deepu abraham Year ago

    Thank you.. lots of learning
    Deepu Kuttiankal

    • glenn rolfsen
      glenn rolfsen Year ago

      Thanks a lot Deepu Abraham. I hope that a lot people will share this. I am asked to come to India have a talk - I hope this would be possible. Warmly Glenn D. Rolfsen

  • Pat Dawkins
    Pat Dawkins Year ago +11

    I worked for a narcissist, the only way to escape was to retire. Now I have peace.

    • glenn rolfsen
      glenn rolfsen Year ago

      Good for you Mr. Pat Dawkins, sometime this is the only way. Warmly Glenn D. Rolfsen

  • W Gaston
    W Gaston Year ago +18

    If people followed the Bible, we wouldn't gossip, or do a lot of things we do! We don't need diversity and sensitivity training! What we need is good, old fashioned, fundamental Bible training!

    • W Gaston
      W Gaston Year ago

      na-chan --- How about you take your sorry self to another country! Your absence would benefit the good ole US of A! Take all Atheo-Agnostics, Humanists, Darwinists, Macro-Evolutionists, Liberals, etc., etc., etc. with you!

    • glenn rolfsen
      glenn rolfsen Year ago

      Yes W. Gaston, and other religions as well has the same rules, all of them actually!! Healthy toughs right ? Warmly Glenn D. Rolfsen

  • Mix&Match
    Mix&Match Year ago

    A great speech! Great example! Great knowledge! I am WOW how he delivered the topic to the audience. Big thump up!

    • Mix&Match
      Mix&Match Year ago

      glenn rolfsen congrats for your great speech again!

    • glenn rolfsen
      glenn rolfsen Year ago +1

      Wow, Thanks Mix&Match.. Nice comments, thank you very much. Made my summer !! Warmly Glenn D. Rolfsen

    MAUREEN FERGUSON Year ago +2

    this dude is not only hot, he is spot on.

    • glenn rolfsen
      glenn rolfsen Year ago +1

      Blush... Thanks Maureen Ferguson. Have a nice summer then. Warmly Glenn D. Rolfsen

  • Umaru Chan
    Umaru Chan Year ago +1

    stop gossiping and help each other out

    • glenn rolfsen
      glenn rolfsen Year ago +2

      Yes !!! Umaru Chan. Warmly Glenn D. Rolfsen

  • Andrew Williams
    Andrew Williams Year ago

    From the time you go to school then college/uni & work you have to assert yourself as well as learn, but not be brainwashed & conditioned. Too many employees are stressed out with the pressure put on them by bosses to reach targets to make more profits for the company & being treated like robots.

  • 王琪
    王琪 Year ago

    That's interesting. I saw the same theory about the triple filter test which is actually talking a story about Socrates, the femous Greek scholar in ancient Greece, in another place.

  • Gaurav Sharma
    Gaurav Sharma Year ago

    DeepMind reading my comments. WTF

  • Sissy Leavell
    Sissy Leavell Year ago +10

    I worked in a retail store that was competitive for sales and the women there talked about each other terrible but then I would see them being chatty with each other the next day at lunch. One woman that worked next to me bullied me so bad that my boss told me she was going in her office every 10 minutes trying to convince her to fire me because SHE thought I was bad for the company. I’m the type of person I wanted to confront my coworker but my boss wouldn’t let me. I felt like my coworker should have been reprimanded for doing this but she kept her sales up like I did and management wouldn’t touch her. It’s all about money. My coworker tried every way she could to get the company to fire me and in the end they took my job away and transferred me to a new position with the company. As soon as they did that to me I put in my two week notice. About a year later, that coworker got in an argument with management and quit but before she did, she went into the company files and destroyed all her customers names from the company computers that they owned. She’s now banned from the store. Almost the entire time I worked beside this woman she was a 50ish year old bully. Everything had to go her way or else. She was VERY convincing to others. She was able to give away free items from her counter (testers) to all her friends in the store and if she told them something they thought it was the absolute truth. Her catch phrase was “now you didn’t hear that from me” as she gossiped away. When I first started working she targeted me and had me do something for her, of course I was new and afterwards she hands me $600 worth of testers and tells me how much she loved me. She was a master manipulating bully.

  • Sissy Leavell
    Sissy Leavell Year ago

    Wow this is so true!

    • glenn rolfsen
      glenn rolfsen Year ago

      Thanks a lot Sissy Level. Warmly Glenn D. Rolfsen

  • Judith Mendelsohn

    Wonderful- Thank you.

    • glenn rolfsen
      glenn rolfsen Year ago

      Thanks for your nice comment Judith Mendelsohon.. Warmly Glenn D Rolfsen

  • kilo dogz
    kilo dogz Year ago +30

    Yeh this sounds simple but what if you have an annoying manager who tries to set you up for failure

    • Claudia Vlahović
      Claudia Vlahović 5 months ago

      Those are the worst

    • Najat Andreozzi
      Najat Andreozzi 8 months ago

      @glenn rolfsen Thanks Glen, this is exactly what I needed - that was powerful stuff. I have been dealing with the consequences of my boss backbiting me to the leadership team. Now they keep belittling me based on what my boss said when I wasn't there. I will make it a habit to remind people to not talk negatively about other people when they are not around. Thank you again!

    • Skank Who Dare
      Skank Who Dare 10 months ago

      I would say go over their head then. Anytime you're dealing with a power tripper refuse to play ball. Don't get sucked into their head games, rise above them. What you're showing is initiative and their superior will see your own leadership capabilities and intelligence to think outside the box. And if the one they answer to is the same way then I think you have enough indication that you're in a dead end job. So get out and find better.

    • glenn rolfsen
      glenn rolfsen Year ago +2

      Perhaps the possibility to do something else is there? Warmly Glenn D. Rolfsen

  • Bluntly Blondie
    Bluntly Blondie Year ago

    It is hard as a manager to not talk about the employees and how their input is going. We have to share information about certain things like so-and-so called out again or so and so didn’t do what I asked them to do or so-and-so was pretty lazy today. So and so was bringing our numbers down.

  • Dave Agar
    Dave Agar Year ago

    That was great and meaningful. I don't normally comment on these talks....but this one is important on a tiered scale. kids parents coworkers and goes on.. Thank you.

    • glenn rolfsen
      glenn rolfsen Year ago

      Thanks for commenting then Dave Agar, thanks. Warmly Glenn D. Rolfsen

  • Jojocall
    Jojocall Year ago +109

    Bad and absent leadership breeds back-biting

    • Thandiwe Tshabalala
      Thandiwe Tshabalala Month ago


    • NewFiegirl Holly
      NewFiegirl Holly 6 months ago

      Totally true

    • Mark Summers
      Mark Summers 7 months ago +1

      Oh yeah. Hatchet men have to keep the office in turmoil to draw attention away from their own in competence. As I told the guy above, check out a piece titled The Hatchet Man's Playbook. It's absolutely spot on. PS Im glad it's not just me that had that nonsense happened to.

  • d tucker
    d tucker Year ago


  • Lotus Bee
    Lotus Bee Year ago +198

    I talk very little to coworkers . I get talked about often .

    • Blue Warhead
      Blue Warhead Day ago

      Same here

    • Nir Tal
      Nir Tal Month ago

      @Angela Corcoran cant speak for her but for me its because they only talk in order to bring the place down and do less insted of actualy doing thier jobs and i cant relate to such people my morals are simply diffrent at the core level.

    • imdjc4
      imdjc4 Month ago

      Lotus Bee And I thought it was just me who experienced that.

    • imdjc4
      imdjc4 Month ago +1

      @Niki Young Yes and that's what they say....but it's just to elicit a measurable response. They're really sh!t talkers in disguise. Beware. I always respond with, "Alright....If you really want to split hairs, you'll be better at some things and I'll be better at others". If they still persist, use a quote from the bible - it still works against them. That's why they want to abolish religion in the first place.

    • Willie Watra
      Willie Watra Month ago

      Maybe u can get information from someone u can trust & try to solve the issue or just ignore them completely if it affect ur productivity

  • Seth Myers
    Seth Myers Year ago +167

    If it’s toxic... leave. Life is too short

    • Blue Warhead
      Blue Warhead Day ago

      Never give up. Get transfer

    • C
      C 26 days ago +1

      I just walked right out last Tuesday June 18, 2019 after yet another attempt by a toxic manager and jealous coworker in a bogus "I'm going to get you sucker fake-bullying corrective meeting." 1st time I did it and best decision ever. I got a job the same day. The next day the manager and coworker started spreading more lies and this was more confirmation.

    • mrn4s
      mrn4s 28 days ago +2

      If you die Monday, they will have your replacement by Friday. For this you sacrifice your health? Take care of yourself, they will not. Many places to find work

    • december125690
      december125690 2 months ago +4

      I was trying to make a change for the whole year. In few weeks I am leaving, life is too short and health is more important than work!

  • Jan Edmunds
    Jan Edmunds Year ago

    Thank you!!!