• Published on Oct 16, 2018
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    In this video we explore Boom and Zoom tactics using the BF109
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  • Niccaman
    Niccaman  7 months ago +725

    What u guys think - I might even be teaming up with the almighty PhlyDaily in an upcoming video ;) -
    Check out War Thunder for free and get a premium tank or aircraft -

    • Rowan Miller
      Rowan Miller 6 days ago

      Yku need to learn throttle control basically pull back on the throttle in turns and in specialized tactics

    • Xxmanomanox X
      Xxmanomanox X 8 days ago

      I love this game I play it on my Xbox

    • Shane Hunt
      Shane Hunt Month ago

      Niccaman Try watching Art of the Kill. It will help you figure out how to use your energy.. Because with your current knowledge of BnZ, how did the spitfires in WW2 dodge the Germans diving on them?

    • Blizzard the icewing
      Blizzard the icewing 2 months ago +1

      +0penminds no metric and in a bf109 you want to stay straight for around half a sector then go straight up and once you reach stall speed get level and gain more speed

  • Tod Adkisson
    Tod Adkisson 21 hour ago

    You don't even know how to fight in a plane? I'm not shaming no no no I'm just saying I will teach you if you let me.

  • Sv Bu
    Sv Bu 22 hours ago

    Dude... you´ve had so much luck with that Ki34´s it is not even funny anymore. The Rule #1 in War Thunder is: Know what you are up against. With higher skilled pilots you would´ve been dead meat dogfighting this planes in a P36. There is actually NO Plane in the whole game that outturns a Ki34 using it´s flaps. (Except some biplanes)

  • A Lazy Raccoon
    A Lazy Raccoon Day ago

    you look like quentin tarantino lmao

  • sameh elzoubi
    sameh elzoubi Day ago

    Please can u tell me what is your gaming tools or pc

  • ssc broote rods
    ssc broote rods Day ago

    Always keep the sun behind you in a dog fight

  • Striker A-2
    Striker A-2 Day ago

    What I will say is that germans have great energy retention so it loses less energy.

  • KrunkAlert
    KrunkAlert Day ago

    Boi thinks he'll out turn a ki-43 in a p36

  • destroyer 686
    destroyer 686 Day ago

    Try playing the Japanese zero you will be surprised at the amount it can turn

  • destroyer 686
    destroyer 686 Day ago +1

    Japan is the best nation between br 4.0 -5.0

  • Theo Hornsby
    Theo Hornsby Day ago

    Use ur flaps

  • bob bob
    bob bob Day ago

    Your like me idk if Ima fighter ground control or a bomber

  • Nathan55770
    Nathan55770 Day ago

    Why does he refer to the Germans as the Nazis

  • Kevin Singh
    Kevin Singh Day ago

    I'm a good pilot, but my aim sucks.

  • Indahnya Indonesia

    Luftwaffe isn't Nazi

  • Full Mind
    Full Mind Day ago

    Controlles suck in the game you steer plane with mouse it sucks

  • Michi Schwarz
    Michi Schwarz Day ago

    You mean Luftwaffe tactics

  • Thiru Pillai
    Thiru Pillai Day ago

    Don't dive against a heavy plane instead pull up

  • Mr_Duckington
    Mr_Duckington Day ago

    Arcade is stupid

  • Kalys Bourque
    Kalys Bourque 2 days ago

    Usually win.. sometimes the slow can turn better to go behind you or evade quicker so you will overshoot.

  • MakeYoutube GreatAgain

    Tip of the tail gets shot
    -You're alive-
    *pilot* *knocked* *out*

  • noob gamer
    noob gamer 2 days ago

    Noob dose air arcade

  • noob gamer
    noob gamer 2 days ago

    I got the b25J1

  • noob gamer
    noob gamer 2 days ago

    Add me plz

  • Arctic Gaming
    Arctic Gaming 2 days ago +1

    Your tactic: "Loop and get 'em"

  • LBC Spotter
    LBC Spotter 2 days ago

    The German Ju87 is one of the best Divers!
    Some call the Ju87 "Stuka" (Sturz-Kampf-Bomber) that's German and means Dive-Bombing-Fighter

  • Maciej Brzózek
    Maciej Brzózek 2 days ago

    You press tab and over team there is a flag of countries that team consists of

  • please stop
    please stop 2 days ago +1

    *using German tactics

  • Jason Mimiaga
    Jason Mimiaga 3 days ago

    The highest energy doesn't necessarily win. Dogfighting is about trading energy for position. The pilot that can do this the best wins.

  • Henry Atkinson
    Henry Atkinson 3 days ago +1

    *R E A L E N E R G Y*

  • War History Gaming
    War History Gaming 3 days ago

    I would use the universal belts for those 7.92mms, and stealth or air targets for the 20mms

  • Woolheart1
    Woolheart1 3 days ago

    (Enemy makes wing tip yellow) “Ah he’s heavily damaged my wing!”

  • RageFuzion
    RageFuzion 3 days ago

    Do other tactics please.....

  • Griffin Door
    Griffin Door 3 days ago +1

    My planes go faster when I’m flying straight when you are diving, also you can use your vertical tail flaps to turn easier

    MANGTOMASGT 3 days ago

    Me when i think of an idea

  • Oliver LT
    Oliver LT 3 days ago

    Eeewww Ur keyboard is so dirty

  • allen liu
    allen liu 4 days ago

    lol his engine is damaged you cant really run

  • allen liu
    allen liu 4 days ago

    I am horrified by ur performance but wait till u play german mid tier aircraft no one can beat it really since my now many people are veterans at boom and zoom

  • Scinecio GT
    Scinecio GT 4 days ago

    I had an idea take cover=“Turn Left And right *repeatly

  • Kenyon Brown
    Kenyon Brown 4 days ago +1

    1:13 he is flying over wake island which was invaded by the Japanese empire in 1941 and retaken in 1945.


    Using tactics

  • 1969 Ford Bronco Hunter

    Yes your fighting the Japanese

  • Chace Robey
    Chace Robey 4 days ago +1

    On war thunder I’m good att out flying fighters in big bombers

  • Sampsa Lehtonen
    Sampsa Lehtonen 5 days ago

    I have played over 3 years old flying games. I know many tricks and in solo i have got 4 enemies and that is not best.

  • The Senate
    The Senate 5 days ago +3

    "Nazi tactics"

  • Han Lockhart
    Han Lockhart 7 days ago

    Try IL2 with 1st person only and only the gauges you see in cockpit with no feedback except how your aircraft feels. THAT is hard. But not that hard once you get used to it.

  • Svampebob 9234
    Svampebob 9234 7 days ago

    If u have vr a headset, u can USE it in war thunder

    SHADRAC MOEN 7 days ago

    The p 36g is so maneuverable you I have shot down fuckin jets in it

  • Arthur Vizzel Arthur Vizzel

    Omg You play soo... Bad

  • Yuri Villanueva
    Yuri Villanueva 9 days ago

    Better yet join the actual luftwaffe.

  • Hunter Williams
    Hunter Williams 9 days ago

    BF 109 it’s called a Stuka I believe

  • Gamerboy360
    Gamerboy360 9 days ago

    You don’t even have a joystick

  • Chima Kanu
    Chima Kanu 9 days ago

    help me help you

  • TK 421
    TK 421 10 days ago

    First attack wasn’t boom n zoom, because you were banking into the dive, losing energy. More patience, more preparation, dive towards where the enemy will be, with as little as correcting as possible - aim, shoot and climb out.

  • The Prodigal Knight
    The Prodigal Knight 11 days ago

    I’ve been playing War Thunder for 6 years now and I had really high anxiety at the start of this video lmao. I thought you were going to rip your wings.
    Btw, if you have enemies on your 6, fly towards teammates as you will make great bait.

  • SirBuzzKilllington
    SirBuzzKilllington 11 days ago

    you get a premium tank and premium days even if you don't use his refferal link and download it straight from warthunder website

    and btw "tactics" is a plural. you are only showing 1 tactic: the easiest most noob one: boom and zoom

  • loocius
    loocius 11 days ago

    Was Going To Give WT A Try....But I See Its A Advantage For Money Game. I'd Prefer A Subscription And Everything Else Being Equal.

  • Maxo Yolo
    Maxo Yolo 11 days ago

    Use Nazi Tactics WTF,Idiot ,you use German Tactics

  • Billy Maze
    Billy Maze 11 days ago +1

    Bro u said jap planes that’s really racist

  • Dennis Strauch
    Dennis Strauch 12 days ago

    You give all you energy away and it is dangerous. Because you can die extremely fast when you don’t pull up

  • Frank Sakurai-Cook
    Frank Sakurai-Cook 12 days ago

    I'm pretty sure a lot of these people watching have played war thunder or heard of it

  • Chinmay Kalapur
    Chinmay Kalapur 14 days ago

    You quite good for an inexperienced guy. The thing was that the jap shot up your elevators so you may have got out if you hadn't dived.

  • I Cant Change my Pfp Help

    How to fly like a


  • Cameron Ivey
    Cameron Ivey 16 days ago

    If ur going to do a dive on someone commit to it

  • Kean Nino
    Kean Nino 16 days ago

    I accidentally landed on my other mango mate :(

  • Sternchen Stinker
    Sternchen Stinker 17 days ago

    Realistic mode? What is realistic on 3rd person?

    • Sternchen Stinker
      Sternchen Stinker 16 days ago


    • cerperalpurpose
      cerperalpurpose 16 days ago

      Sternchen Stinker You’re confusing realistic with simulator, which coincidentally another game mode.

  • Midul Arman
    Midul Arman 17 days ago

    Hey asshole don’t call it nazi tactics or such.Even American pilots used that.its like dumb people questioning why detusch Air Force is still called Luftwaffe

  • Eetu Lehtinen
    Eetu Lehtinen 18 days ago

    Why you dont use even 4.0 planes edit:some minutes later oh ok forget

  • Retro Petro
    Retro Petro 19 days ago

    Bruh why do you sound like dan tdm

  • Zaman zaak
    Zaman zaak 19 days ago

    I’m so much worst I struggle to get kills on air arcade and tank arcade

  • Douglas Masters
    Douglas Masters 19 days ago

    Little historic fact: American planes were armored to protect the pilot. Japanese planes were not but had superior maneuverability and slightly better armament.

  • Throne Blazerz
    Throne Blazerz 19 days ago

    when the british try a german tactics

  • Osatohanvwen Krobo-Edusei

    If u want u should look at a series of videos called the art of the kill. They are all in youtube

  • twiss twix
    twiss twix 21 day ago

    Is that was your face

  • Crozzwell
    Crozzwell 22 days ago


  • Schpankme Verimuch
    Schpankme Verimuch 23 days ago

    Today, the Zionists spin the word "Nazi" to distance themselves from "NAZI" an acronym formed by combining two groups, the National Socialist Zionists with the Frankist Zionists, which became the NAtional ZIonists.
    J e wdaism, this religion represented less than 0.70% of the German population (about 505,000 people), but controlled more than 75% of the German Infrastructure (Government, Banking, Trade, Media, Theaters, Railroad, Shipping, Metals, Property, etc).
    "Judea Declares War on Germany", 24 March 1933
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    "Between 1933 and 1936 more than 370,000 J e ws arrived in Palestine, increasing the J e wish population to 27%, and bringing about a significant deterioration in relations between Palestinian Arabs and J e ws." ~ Krämer, 2008, pp. 239-240.

  • James Neely
    James Neely 23 days ago

    I also recommend only playing rb because it will make u much better

  • James Neely
    James Neely 23 days ago

    One thing is u don't need to be so aggressive

  • Seth Glenn
    Seth Glenn 23 days ago

    P-36 G is my favorite dog fighter. not just BnZ

  • Christer Andersen
    Christer Andersen 24 days ago

    Are you Jewish?

  • All Creation
    All Creation 25 days ago

    also put your gun convergent to around 600 for mgs on the 12.7s with stealth rounds really helps out as well and for hispanos you wanna run 400 for spitfires and for germans you wanna run 400 with universal targets and stealth ammo for the bf109 as well as the fw 190 as well and me 110 :) and do 335 as well

  • All Creation
    All Creation 25 days ago

    if you need some more tips i also made a tutorial for Realistic battles for manual engine control as well really useful as well, especially propeller pitch and oil radiator and mixtures controls as well

  • braincell 5000
    braincell 5000 26 days ago

    4:46 red tails in a nutshell xd

  • Aman Ismail Habib
    Aman Ismail Habib 26 days ago

    Never seen this game before it looks so cool!

  • the boring guy
    the boring guy 26 days ago

    Ahahahhahahah that face ahhahhahahahah

  • Itz_Ace 290
    Itz_Ace 290 28 days ago

    Bo Time Gaming does that diving tactic

  • Comrade Chase
    Comrade Chase 29 days ago

    Hint: always slow your aircraft when one is behind you to 50% instead of turning to dodge the bullets since your target will use WEP or have his throttle 100% so he will pass by your aircraft and fall in to your sights

  • Dave Sodusta
    Dave Sodusta 29 days ago

    well i'm good at tank and fleet and i'm very bad at the planes and i only use the air forces if i want to drop a bomb to someone

  • De Durps
    De Durps 29 days ago

    Very professional for a noob. FYI complement not a insult

  • Bestgamer2222223 War thunder

    A critical hit means you hit the pilot

  • cromwel umali
    cromwel umali Month ago

    How to fly like a real mango?

    I WANT A MANGO!!!!

  • the N word dose
    the N word dose Month ago

    Thumbnail: *using nazi tacticts*
    My mind: so u gonna gas everyone?

  • DragMeToHell 666
    DragMeToHell 666 Month ago

    You look like Quentin Tarantino

  • MR.KRABZ 44
    MR.KRABZ 44 Month ago

    Dose the link work for PS4 too?

  • Colorful bleach.
    Colorful bleach. Month ago

    5:46 that was honestly pretty smart getting off from his radar

  • Sandra Brown
    Sandra Brown Month ago

    That's good so far

  • Drew Sullivan
    Drew Sullivan Month ago +1

    My dad’s better than you and he flys on 20fps, low graphics and a joystick.

    • Drew Sullivan
      Drew Sullivan 18 days ago

      Dennis Hionis, my comment was a lie that was a lie that was a lie that was a lie.

    • Dennis Hionis
      Dennis Hionis 18 days ago

      My comment was a lie too.

    • Drew Sullivan
      Drew Sullivan 23 days ago

      Dennis Hionis, my dad doesn’t die. It was a joke btw,

    • Dennis Hionis
      Dennis Hionis 23 days ago

      Drew Sullivan well ur dad is gonna die faster.

  • Apex X
    Apex X Month ago +1

    I am pretty sure u need to manuver moar

  • Szonik 452
    Szonik 452 Month ago

    Uses nazi tactics with an American aircraft! "Starts clapping 👏"

  • Harry Bath
    Harry Bath Month ago

    you should probably clean your keyboard you absolute mess!