• Published on Oct 16, 2018
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    In this video we explore Boom and Zoom tactics using the BF109
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  • Niccaman
    Niccaman  9 months ago +770

    What u guys think - I might even be teaming up with the almighty PhlyDaily in an upcoming video ;) -
    Check out War Thunder for free and get a premium tank or aircraft -

    • Edward Kenway
      Edward Kenway 10 days ago

      Niccaman I wonder how long it took to spell that video title completely right 😂 But please don't call the Luftwaffe Nazis bcs in the Luftwaffe wear 0 Nazis

    • Samuel Parker
      Samuel Parker 11 days ago

      Niccaman It's just TRULY REFRESHING to hear someone actually laughing and having a great time learning and playing, WITHOUT all the over the top competition and angry game play. ENJOY MY MAN! Also practice DOES make your skills better. Because ABSOLUTELY NO ONE IS PERFECT, no matter how much practice they have or do. PEACE, POWER AND PROSPERITY TO ALL!

    • Jamie Ward
      Jamie Ward Month ago

      U need to learn scissors manuever ,than add ur own twist to it.

    • Jonathon Tyynismaa
      Jonathon Tyynismaa Month ago

      I have war thunder on my Ps4

    • Foodle Unboxing
      Foodle Unboxing Month ago

      Niccaman u use flaps way to much, but it helps so meh, just looks a bit awkward

  • Blue Dragon
    Blue Dragon 3 days ago

    Your trash

  • Brotime Shattuck
    Brotime Shattuck 4 days ago

    7:00 you do need to do fucking tactics in Battlefield!

  • Brodie Clamp
    Brodie Clamp 5 days ago

    Arcade is easy af because theres no spin just change your flaps into landing a second into a turn and you turn like 180 degrees in under a second

  • Nicolas Lara
    Nicolas Lara 6 days ago

    Bro when you dive it needs to be right over your target on at a slight angle towards it.

  • Johnathan Blackwell
    Johnathan Blackwell 9 days ago

    That climb and roll back is called a hammerhead fyi

  • Ronald Finkelstein
    Ronald Finkelstein 9 days ago

    D3A=Val dive bomber

  • Jack Hall
    Jack Hall 11 days ago

    big hint change your elevator too W,S keys and aileron to A,D and rudder E,Q. and you'll be a great pilot. HOLD C and you can look behind you too see the enemy fighter. Learn how to use these keys and you'll be a great war thunder pilot.

  • Chris van Dijck
    Chris van Dijck 11 days ago

    tip: when you crashed into the water and could not pull up your tale was damaged so don't try that again 😅

  • Pumpkin Delirious
    Pumpkin Delirious 11 days ago +2

    Lol I can fly like a Japanese Zero Pilot with no ammo

  • Col. Commissar Ibram Gaunt

    Learning tactic is good and all but no of that means jack if you playing yolo.

  • Chris Brown
    Chris Brown 14 days ago

    I don't know if this helps? I haven't played this game yet but here's and FYI.
    The Japanese Zero had more dexterity than the first planes we used against them.
    1) The zero could turn faster to the right better than it could left. This is because of the direction the propeller was spinning. Japanese knew this and used it to great advantage. Now if you could force him to turn left you had a better chance of hitting it.
    U.S. pilots were even warned that if you got behind a Zero pilot that banked Left hard once you got behind him. Then you were probably behind an experienced pilot
    Once the U.S. pilots figured this out. The kill rate shot up.
    The Zero had a good thrust to weight ratio but it was not a great plane. They were basically a flying piece of plywood and cloth. No real protection for the pilot. One hit to the cockpit or engine and you pretty much had a kill. Where in the later days of WWII. The planes the U.S. were putting in the air were flying back to base with half a wing missing or chunks of the planes body missing.

  • Oof Noob
    Oof Noob 15 days ago

    Ooga Booga Bois

  • Luredreier
    Luredreier 15 days ago

    Do *not* turn your side towards the enemy when in a vertical loop.
    Stay upside down and keep turning upwards from the point of view of your plane in the Bf 109 E series.
    You loose *so* much energy when you try to turn sideways.

  • Luredreier
    Luredreier 15 days ago

    No, it is *not* a boom and zoomer.
    You're mixing up boom and zoom with energy fighters.
    The Bf 109 climbs well, retains energy well in vertical loops, but is so-so in horizontal turning.
    The E line has amazing flaps so if you're in a pinch you can use them to out turn a enemy when you use landing flaps but you'll kill your speed pretty much instantly when you do so.
    But if you have enough speed to use them for max effect yet not enough to rip them then you can convert your speed into turn rate for a short period of time till you've bleed out your speed.
    Mind you, this is a *very* bad idea if there's other planes in the air as you'll be low and slow afterwards and easy pray for every single other plane in the air till you've regained your speed.

    No, again, you're mixing up a boom and zoomer for energy fighters.
    American planes often can handle higher speeds in a dive then German or Japanese planes can.
    If you for instance got a F4F-3 or some such then you can go into a *shallow* dive and outrun most enemies as long as you don't hit the ground first.
    With a Bf 109 your best chance depends on what variant you have and what enemy you got on your tail.
    While yes, I would try to dive to build up speed in that situation, I'd then try to get behind him.
    I don't remember if you can loop better then the spit or not of the top of my head, if you can then a loop up and around using combat flaps might allow you to get behind him, although honestly you're a bit too damaged to do that reliably.
    Another thing you *could* do is to try to use landing flaps to do a sudden break when he's close enough and hope that he'll overshoot and land in front of your guns, works with the E line.
    With the F-line I'd try to do a shallow climb and try to slowly out climb him and see if I'd be able to get away.

    Mind you, I'm mainly a tanker and not a pilot, so more experienced players might disagree with me and be right.

    Anyway, it's a bad, bad, bad situation you've landed yourself in.

    Also, why are you not using wartime emergency power?
    WEP to go above 100% engine power?
    Don't do that 99% of the time, but when you got someone on your tail some engine damage is preferable to being shot down...

  • Luredreier
    Luredreier 15 days ago

    That's a truth with modifications.
    It's certainly a *massive* advantage to have more energy, but never underestimate your opponent.
    Some planes can make you regret diving down on them pretty much regardless of your energy levels if they know what they're doing.

  • lachlan awsomedude
    lachlan awsomedude 16 days ago +1

    U trash alt means nothing its who finds who first

  • Dank Memes
    Dank Memes 19 days ago

    He looks like a young mr bean

  • ScoutSniper
    ScoutSniper 19 days ago

    Google is never your best friend. Use DuckDuckGo.

  • Quotenwagnerianer
    Quotenwagnerianer 19 days ago +2

    The thumbnail rubs me the wrong way. There is no such thing as "Nazi tactics" in the Luftwaffe.

  • Lucas Cristiano
    Lucas Cristiano 21 day ago

    p36 is not a zoomer and never will be they're the contrary, very light they can even outurn a zero.
    however a p40 can be used an energy fighter and outrun an early zero, I'm talking about an a6m2 not the newest variants, cmon guys this is basic, never flew in il2 1946?
    Here's a quick basic about the plane and it's countries.
    Americans, they have good planes, the earliest models are good for turning however from the p40 and ahead it's energy planes.
    The japanese, all about turning planes and powerfull weapons such as 20 mm cannons, german's got the mightiest weapons and the heaviest and fastest planes, the Russians are balanced, tho the producers are russians, and they make their planes almost unbeatable talking about the i-185 here and the Lavochkins variants
    this is not a pay to win game... premium airplanes won't do you any good if you turn around and bleed all your precious speed, think about which plane you have and never turn with a plane that can outmaneuver you.

  • Cheerio Fujisaki
    Cheerio Fujisaki 23 days ago +2

    Ok this video actually helped me, thanks!

  • Alex Hendel
    Alex Hendel 23 days ago

    I really only play arcade battles, idk why, I just have the most fun there & since I unlocked the he112 bo & my new bf 109 e-2, I get like 15 kills each game before I end up getting both those aircraft shot down using boom & zoom, however, I know you're just supposed to climb away and or dive and speed away when being engaged by turn fighters, however, they ALWAYS get me. always.
    anyways I digress, using a actual energy fighter & energy fighting in arcade battles equals a win in pretty much every match you play. provided of course you get just as many ground target kills as you do air targets. I feel bad sometimes cause I know each match I make 3 or 4 different players go through all of their reserve aircraft then they're stuck just spectating, however by doing this, I've been able to A) practice my energy fighting for sim battles and realistic and B)unlock and practice with ALL of the aircraft Ive unlocked specifically FOR sim & RB's.
    but yeah, even with all that practice, unless you're highly skilled, once you've got a turn fighter on your tail, you better pray that you haven't gone into too steep of a climb & still have enough energy left to climb away from those pesky p-26's and p-36's/He-51's. LMAO

  • General Cj
    General Cj 26 days ago

    Your just historically ignorant. It’s not Nazi tactics it’s Luftwaffe tactics.

  • Tanbir Blog
    Tanbir Blog 27 days ago

    What is the best fighter plane game on android

  • Slippery
    Slippery 28 days ago

    omg clean your keyboard !!

  • Zavier Goswell
    Zavier Goswell 28 days ago +1

    Google this thing called the stall turn. It is very effective!

  • Dominico Mucci
    Dominico Mucci 29 days ago

    How do you play that with mouse. It's horrendous...

  • ginger gamer
    ginger gamer Month ago

    0:55 do you actually think your funny

  • Jeneng Dewe
    Jeneng Dewe Month ago


  • that guy
    that guy Month ago

    If you hit the deck use the ground to your advantage but main goal is don't fly straight and if you want to study, study the history of planes and the battles they were in

  • Reinaldo Rios III
    Reinaldo Rios III Month ago

    I watch ths video over alot and the bet way to stock to an enemy fighter is to lock on to them, play X-Box though, for war thunder

  • Kuznetsov Denis
    Kuznetsov Denis Month ago

    Автор ты рак и дно.

  • ANON6_ Injerin
    ANON6_ Injerin Month ago

    War Thunder sucks cock!

  • Knut Norberg
    Knut Norberg Month ago

    probably care a little bit more about gforces

  • T0xic
    T0xic Month ago


  • 123 456
    123 456 Month ago

    It is shit on xb1.

  • Albert Ho
    Albert Ho Month ago

    me playing WT with no tactics:

    Plays the Yak-1.

    *A few 20mm shots on several planes later*

    Aced it

  • skinn3rtank
    skinn3rtank Month ago


  • Malachy Shoults
    Malachy Shoults Month ago


  • StackableGold
    StackableGold Month ago +4

    As a Spitfire player in War Thunder I fear the BF-109.
    Also, if you're having trouble turning try using WASD.

  • Manispielt
    Manispielt Month ago

    German title? 👍😂

  • ExistentialCrisis_
    ExistentialCrisis_ Month ago

    "Nazi" tatics...

  • Bill baggins
    Bill baggins Month ago

    It's 'German' tactics, not Nazi you dim Fuck.
    I love that you changed the title from Nazi, but not the thumbnail haha

  • Lupo Leone
    Lupo Leone Month ago

    "Imma sneak up on this Beaufighter"
    "Got a tail gunner, you ass"

  • Kitsune Curio's
    Kitsune Curio's Month ago

    Yak 9T, alt is good around 10k ft. Buts it more of a Zoom and Boom rather than a B&Z.

  • communist Goku Black

    Don't WEP win you Dive cuz your engine will lock up and you will crash

  • Dusk
    Dusk Month ago +12

    I did some random spinning dive into clouds with the party steamers on

    That guy actually thought i was done for
    Then i flew behind him then wreaked him

  • TrecularDuck
    TrecularDuck Month ago +2

    Telly ho chaps, keep an eye out for the hun in the sun!

  • Dank Mheems
    Dank Mheems Month ago

    I lol'd when you crashed into the water. That's something I do all the time with barrel rolls. Got this on d/l for ps4.

  • Adrik BF
    Adrik BF Month ago

    ur keybord is dirty af bro, clean it up from time to time

  • Grady Hacked account

    I would wait until I am right over them and zoom

  • Aidan Begovic
    Aidan Begovic Month ago

    I dont like bragging but I just played a game of war thunder with 11 kills then one with 26

  • Alex Durdan
    Alex Durdan Month ago

    stop turning.... just loop and you wont lose so much energy...

  • Jamie Grover
    Jamie Grover Month ago

    Real life settings???? but has a HUD ID display for A/C's. Hmmm not really real life is it?

  • Will Murjen
    Will Murjen Month ago

    The pilot that got you at 8:45 is the one you tried diving on but couldn't catch up to.

  • Bayoen
    Bayoen Month ago

    Clean that fucking filthy keyboard

  • Ko T
    Ko T Month ago

    I do not know anything about such games nowadays, but realistic mode means cokpit view.

    • Ko T
      Ko T Month ago

      Should be "cockpit". Sorry.

  • NoobBloxGamers
    NoobBloxGamers Month ago

    when he said wow look at all the damage ive taken -looks at corner and laughs- try flyin a 5.3 bomber..

  • Ashton McComb
    Ashton McComb Month ago

    This games so fun I have it

  • Wrath of Atlantis
    Wrath of Atlantis Month ago

    For unusual insights on real WWII tactics:

  • Crooz
    Crooz Month ago

    you did pretty well, but you almost took out 2 team mates, lol

  • Sgt Slim
    Sgt Slim Month ago

    Head ons against japs was an actual ww2 tactic. But it doesn't always work in War Thunder as it does in real life. You had armor and self sealing fuel tanks where they literally had paper and wood lOL.

  • Constantine
    Constantine Month ago

    Just have fun man, this game is so grindy you'll get burnt out if you try hard every game. I've been playing on and off since 2013 and I've always prioritized fun over everything else. You're doing fine as of now :)

  • kevis hollins
    kevis hollins Month ago

    That landing at the end was a bit rough.

  • potato
    potato Month ago

    Really far

  • expatiate1
    expatiate1 Month ago

    I learned more in this video then my entire science book

  • Colm Corbec
    Colm Corbec Month ago


  • Ryan Cronwell
    Ryan Cronwell Month ago

    Really? You needed tactics? I just fly at thy em like an idiot and if someone gets on my tail I just don't fly in a straight line. Although I pretty much just play arcade mode because it's a bit more random

  • wickedwiccan gaming

    when you want to gain speed, stop chasing the plane you want, do a actual dive for that speed, then catch up to the target.