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What Are You Doing? Dumbest Plays in Sports History

  • Published on Apr 18, 2018
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Comments • 1 829

  • Tony Franklin
    Tony Franklin 13 hours ago

    the guy at 5:20 could have farted on that ball and it would have gone over the line!

  • DPProgramming
    DPProgramming Day ago

    Am I the only one who finds this hard to watch? lol

  • Josh Nelson
    Josh Nelson Day ago +1

    That Giants and Jags play was hilarious. Like wut? Why’d you tackle your own teammate? 😂

  • andy sacasa
    andy sacasa 2 days ago

    JR Smith has gotta be the dumbest mf in basketball lol

  • Joseph Nickelback
    Joseph Nickelback 2 days ago

    I love that its Sportz (with a z) cases, that way you know its cool.
    Should be .. Dat SportzCases aaight.
    Cooler :)

  • Brock Stremmell
    Brock Stremmell 3 days ago

    Pause at 5:19 and just listen the next 2 seconds. dId He GeT aN n-wOrD pAsS??!!?!?

  • Paultheguitarist
    Paultheguitarist 5 days ago

    Was there ever any real explanation given for what the Colts were doing there?

  • packersfan117
    packersfan117 8 days ago

    I don't understand why all the association football players try to score top shelf on empty nets. Just net the damn ball!

  • M. Knippschild
    M. Knippschild 8 days ago

    If you've ever played baseball on any level, you know that there's always that one team member that acts like this 3:40.

  • Mikale Jr. III 43
    Mikale Jr. III 43 12 days ago

    It’s not the only thing that J R Smith was being dumb.

  • KJ Dean
    KJ Dean 12 days ago

    0:00 what was he doing!?

  • J Dog
    J Dog 18 days ago

    5:21 Mrs. Obama get down

  • Wyatt Callery
    Wyatt Callery 19 days ago

    These aren't bad plays their bloopers

    NO NAME 20 days ago +3

    TOUCHDOWN... oh wait, it's 100 yards the other way

    AIKISBEST 21 day ago

    6:10~ Good lesson to keep it professional.

  • Alicia Arias
    Alicia Arias 22 days ago

    Jr smoking to much of that reeferz

  • Dragonaut111
    Dragonaut111 22 days ago

    Balotelli is one of those occasional players who are exceptional young talents but their mindset cripples their careers and they become 50% of the talent they were meant to be.

  • robin hood
    robin hood 25 days ago +1

    This is awesome !

  • Ninad Choudhury
    Ninad Choudhury 26 days ago


  • Philly Sports!
    Philly Sports! 28 days ago

    In the colts defense ...he was NEVER supposed to snap it. He was trying to force a timeout

    LORD SEARS 29 days ago +1

    It's hard to watch with all your commercials!!!!!

  • Jacob Beckman
    Jacob Beckman Month ago +3

    7:31 can you imagine a nba player giggling after doing something like that

  • Ali El-Araby
    Ali El-Araby Month ago +1

    4:43 what?!!?!?

  • Brad Gilligan
    Brad Gilligan Month ago +1

    The worst is the running into his own end zone play. Like how clueless can you be?

  • Aaron Kuffel
    Aaron Kuffel Month ago

    These are not the dumbest, but they are dumb

  • Robert Ron
    Robert Ron Month ago


  • jarred marques
    jarred marques Month ago

    5:58 goalie says suck it.

  • DoubleJ
    DoubleJ Month ago

    I saw the last play live, and definitely still remember it. I was so excited that the patriots got the ball again off of a stupid play from the stinkin colts.

  • Paul D'Auria
    Paul D'Auria Month ago +2

    Where r u

  • Aka Drifty
    Aka Drifty Month ago +1

    Intro song?

  • Adam Lawrence
    Adam Lawrence Month ago

    I was watching that game when Morgan threw a little fit like a brat haha.

  • Nacho Alvarez
    Nacho Alvarez Month ago

    4:14 yay my country

  • Edwin C.
    Edwin C. Month ago

    LA Galaxy dindu wanted attention

  • Ryan Harrmington
    Ryan Harrmington Month ago

    Morgan from the Nationals it's definitely the worst piece of shit in this

  • Nick Mckinnon
    Nick Mckinnon Month ago

    5:15 me trying to shoot my shot in her dm 😅😂

  • Lil Goofy
    Lil Goofy Month ago

    Put the captions on 3:38

  • xd Cxmplexity
    xd Cxmplexity Month ago

    8:24 I’m dead

  • infamousplrr
    infamousplrr Month ago

    Anyone else just wanna slap all the soccer players

    • LxuisIX
      LxuisIX Month ago

      Such a weak ass sport

  • Mr_Seasons Gaming
    Mr_Seasons Gaming Month ago +1

    Seahawks didn’t run the ball.

    JOEL KAHIGA Month ago

    3:10 Am dying😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • thestackedhouse
    thestackedhouse Month ago

    Video wasn't bad but that european dive grass was unbearable

  • Legacy
    Legacy Month ago +1

    JR Smith is really a moron. This video and also Cavs 2018 finals he thought they were tied

  • Zach Licona
    Zach Licona Month ago +1

    Um, how did Mark Sanchez’s butt tackle not make this video???

  • unclephilosei
    unclephilosei 2 months ago

    and this is why the Patriots keep winning Superbowls!

  • collateroL
    collateroL 2 months ago

    for the Balotelli one, he thought it was offside cuz the fans were whistling

  • David Green
    David Green 2 months ago

    Disliked because of commercials

  • Levi
    Levi 2 months ago

    suck bad quality hurts my eyes so im out

  • biggreenmachine2007
    biggreenmachine2007 2 months ago

    Can’t get enough of watching her fail.
    Celebrate *AFTER* the race is over.
    No need to showboat until the job is finished.

  • The Fox of Laurels
    The Fox of Laurels 2 months ago

    To be far to the baseball dude I think he thought he missed an easy catch and it was a home run. Still shouldn’t have dropped his concentration but he didn’t think the ball was in play from where he was facing.
    Not a stupid play, just bad judgment and not seeing where the ball went.

  • 0 subs with no videos without a video

    I hate American Soccer commentators

  • hockeylover 569
    hockeylover 569 2 months ago

    0:16 he leads the league in thrown in own goals.

  • Nrkade
    Nrkade 2 months ago +1

    Is that LongBeachGriffy in the thumbnail!

  • Sherbeal
    Sherbeal 2 months ago


  • David Smith
    David Smith 2 months ago

    8:24 Thats my University, WCU, i was at that game when that happened. We're kind of a nobody team and App always dominates so this was a special moment for us lol. The dude was a good sport and let our university make a vine out of it lol

  • _________ _________
    _________ _________ 2 months ago +1

    3:10 was gerald green’s brother

  • Nick Chrisafis
    Nick Chrisafis 2 months ago

    *Dumbest plays in American sports history

  • CarlosChip Morales
    CarlosChip Morales 2 months ago

    Balatelli has always been an asshole of the lowest order

  • IRanOutOfPhrases
    IRanOutOfPhrases 2 months ago

    What's happening at the 6:00 mark? Was it just a serve that sailed out of bounds? Not sure I understand this one.

  • SyscoVids
    SyscoVids 2 months ago

    So why did the guy tackle his own teammate 4:46?

    • SyscoVids
      SyscoVids 2 months ago

      +IRanOutOfPhrases I see thanks

    • IRanOutOfPhrases
      IRanOutOfPhrases 2 months ago

      If you are in your own endzone when you recover a fumble or intercept a pass, and you down yourself there, your team will get the ball at the 20 yard line. So this guy saw his player trying to run out of the endzone (which sometimes players will try to do if they thing they can run up field more than 20 yards) and was trying to stop him before doing so. Because if he tries to run up and gets tackled at like the 2 yard line instead, his team would be in trouble. But....
      1. The guy already left the endzone so there was no turning back. If he tackled him back into the endzone after already leaving it, that would have been 2 points for the other team. So that was BEST case scenario at that time
      2. Even if he didn't already leave the endzone, this would still be really stupid.

  • cubeincubes
    cubeincubes 2 months ago +2

    The woman’s b-ball made me smile😃 , keep doin what ur doin ladies we love ya ❤️

  • kentucky fried or john chicken 24

    Dumbest play in sports was creating the browns

  • imperialsnyc
    imperialsnyc 2 months ago

    the whole right side of the line. man i remember that one

  • The Killer Clown
    The Killer Clown 2 months ago +1

    ColtsOffense.exe has stopped working

  • teamplay56
    teamplay56 2 months ago

    1:40 he heared a whistle blowed... He though he was offside...
    Souch a stupid video for this!!

  • SeJason 56
    SeJason 56 2 months ago

    Mario Balotelli was supposed to be the next Didier Drogba...

    This explains why he's playing in mediocre french clubs in what's supposed to be his prime years...

  • Serg SnD Hinojosa
    Serg SnD Hinojosa 2 months ago

    I bet it’s a 10% discount cuz they’re cheaply made at super high price that’ll wear out the more you hold the case

  • lilly&russell
    lilly&russell 2 months ago

    *y o u h a d o n e j o b*

  • Michele Carlini
    Michele Carlini 2 months ago

    5:15 must have be done on purpose...incredible xD

  • Aaron Turner
    Aaron Turner 2 months ago

    How do you go ahead and tip dunk the ball on an OPPONENT'S free throw, at the literal end of the game?

  • Godfrey of Bouillion
    Godfrey of Bouillion 2 months ago

    What people say when I leave the room.8:39

  • 100 subscribers With no videos?

    I died when the guy tackled his own team

  • L Jj
    L Jj 2 months ago +2

    7:31 maybe we should start watching the wnba😂

  • Donte H
    Donte H 2 months ago

    That colts play still bothers me to this day.

  • Jane Hutchins
    Jane Hutchins 2 months ago

    He needs some MiLK

  • Ryan Liquigan
    Ryan Liquigan 2 months ago

    JR Smith must be the dumbest NBA player in history. If he didnt know how to play basketball he would just be a dumb thug

  • Carlos Eduardo
    Carlos Eduardo 2 months ago

    Hey wait!
    Why are u running?
    [email protected]&$ Im trying to score!

  • Sean Murray
    Sean Murray 2 months ago

    @2:45 JR Smith was high as a goddamn kite

  • BG303 is gay
    BG303 is gay 2 months ago


  • Diego Piedmont
    Diego Piedmont 2 months ago

    i wonder what the coach was thinking on the last one

  • GUIPO022
    GUIPO022 2 months ago

    what is the volley one? didnt get it

  • Amanda Whitley
    Amanda Whitley 2 months ago

    "What was the plan?"

  • Matt Schumacher
    Matt Schumacher 2 months ago +1

    Can someone explain the volleyball one to me?

  • Sam M
    Sam M 2 months ago

    8:39 damn bro chill😂

  • fooloof
    fooloof 2 months ago

    Where did you get that trap beat?

  • HyperTrain Triv
    HyperTrain Triv 2 months ago

    Not playing sweet victory

  • hmmm5000
    hmmm5000 2 months ago

    That snow boarder is a fucking idiot

  • Thiago Lehn
    Thiago Lehn 2 months ago

    8:59 Never gonna understand this

  • Francis Porter
    Francis Porter 2 months ago

    request Indian beauty destruction theme explanation soldier demand drawing grave civilian.

  • gamingtothemax3
    gamingtothemax3 2 months ago +2

    7:26 why are you surprised it’s the WNBA

    • gamingtothemax3
      gamingtothemax3 Month ago

      SMBarbie just watch a WNBA game it’s trash

    • SMBarbie
      SMBarbie Month ago

      Because the majority of clips are men's teams?

  • Blitzy 9979
    Blitzy 9979 2 months ago

    The dumbest is Seahawks passing the ball

  • Sophie
    Sophie 2 months ago

    I hope Morgan (mlb clip) got his ass handed to him. He may not have catches it but he still could’ve gotten the guy out or at least not a home run

  • daniel sarn
    daniel sarn 2 months ago +1

    Where is that awesome timeout Chris Webber called for Michigan?

  • Food Beggars
    Food Beggars 3 months ago

    5:16 Morata Spotted

  • yung daddy
    yung daddy 3 months ago oh yeah yeah

  • Micah Watson
    Micah Watson 3 months ago

    Why wasn't the Seahawks vs Patriots Super Bowl debacle in this?

  • Nighthawk7x20
    Nighthawk7x20 3 months ago +4

    Backyard soccer doesnt count
    *misses from 1ft away"
    Okay it counts

  • Eric Berger
    Eric Berger 3 months ago +1

    Oh poor JR

    SOTIA POI 3 months ago

    JR Smith is a fucking dumbass

  • Hinzel 77
    Hinzel 77 3 months ago

    some were intentional like the baseball baltimore guy and the greek goalkeeper and other soccer vids. these guys were paid.

  • Barry Stockton
    Barry Stockton 3 months ago

    Leon Lett Thanksgiving Day versus the Dolphins? Must be right up there, surely?