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What Are You Doing? Dumbest Plays in Sports History

  • Опубликовано: 18 апр 2018
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Комментарии • 1 587

  • soppoi123
    soppoi123 День назад

    What happened at 6:00 ?

  • Jo-Ryan Salazar
    Jo-Ryan Salazar День назад

    The dumbest plays, to be honest, are those that get you banned from the sport for laifu. #hottake #fact

  • Nick Wright
    Nick Wright День назад

    Looks like JR has a history of not having his head in the game

  • SerbAtheist
    SerbAtheist 4 дня назад

    4:46 Why did the Giants player get tackled by another Giants player?

  • bill kraliz
    bill kraliz 4 дня назад

    Look at the replay the goalie never touched the puck as it went into the net

  • Dannysubliminal
    Dannysubliminal 6 дней назад

    04:25 high studs anyway, ref should of called free kick for dangerous play.

  • Fullmetal Media
    Fullmetal Media 6 дней назад

    I feel like soccer players spend so much time doing trick shots and maneuvers that they forget how to simply kick a ball straight.

  • Ryyan Khan
    Ryyan Khan 7 дней назад

    4:47 like tf?? lmao

  • Jake Kuehlthau
    Jake Kuehlthau 8 дней назад +1

    Did he tackle his own player 😂😂

  • Thick Girls Twerking
    Thick Girls Twerking 8 дней назад +1

    5:06 and 5:44 was the best and the best soccer fails I've ever seen

    RQCAPTAIN 10 дней назад

    At 5:54 the guy that slide into the goal was on the ground when he attempted to kick it again he should have had a foul for playing on the ground

  • den525
    den525 12 дней назад

    I call match fixing!!

    • David Howard
      David Howard 8 дней назад

      Never attribute to villainy what can be explained by stupidity.

  • Marty Shwaartz
    Marty Shwaartz 12 дней назад

    7:35 Canadian football in one play (source: am canadian)

  • fresky74
    fresky74 13 дней назад +1

    Can you change the name to America invents the dumbest sports.

    • David Howard
      David Howard 8 дней назад

      Why would anyone do that? Heck, I live in Australia. We're just starting another summer of ******* cricket.

    HELP-TROLL 13 дней назад

    Где перевод на русский язык!!!????

  • William Curry
    William Curry 13 дней назад

    give her a pad she will be ok next month

    • David Howard
      David Howard 8 дней назад

      It's time to take your medication.

    HUQUE 13 дней назад

    Montreal Canadiens seasons for the seasons between 1993 and 2080 (When the US annex Canada and forms UCAS and merge canadian teams with american teams)

  • Bill Woo
    Bill Woo 14 дней назад

    Nice fun compilation but #2 all time: Russell Wilson throwing that ball - never, NEVER throw that. #1: Marcus Williams hot dogging and whiffing in 2017, probably costing Brees a ring.
    And a list for DeShawn Jackson that is too long for the comment field.

  • RoX RoZ
    RoX RoZ 14 дней назад +1

    all she wanted was a whole shot so she can just run with it

  • Jonas Bøge
    Jonas Bøge 14 дней назад

    6:00 What is dumb here? I can't see what's going on ...

  • JawBuster63218
    JawBuster63218 14 дней назад

    This was so hard to watch

  • David Lee
    David Lee 15 дней назад

    3:10 i didnt know "Own Goal" is possible in basketball...

  • Eric Moore
    Eric Moore 15 дней назад

    What no Seattle not running Lynch in the Superbowl against the Patriots, worst call ever!

  • CincoJayMaio
    CincoJayMaio 15 дней назад

    Basically every defensive play on the packers fml

  • iiAlexthegamer13
    iiAlexthegamer13 17 дней назад

    The only reason people talk about this video is because of Jr smith lmao

  • iiAlexthegamer13
    iiAlexthegamer13 17 дней назад +3

    American Football isnt a sport

  • generatorx
    generatorx 17 дней назад

    Feel bad for Ronald Flemons, it was not as if he was showboating, he just lost the football.

    DAVID LOPAN 18 дней назад +2

    @5:20 "nigga".

    • David Howard
      David Howard 8 дней назад

      So, you haven't cured the Tourette's.

  • orge kuplu
    orge kuplu 18 дней назад


  • kihlos
    kihlos 18 дней назад

    4:19 HAHAHAHA

  • David Lopez
    David Lopez 19 дней назад

    Ya know, sometimes the brain goes full retard for a brief moment. It happens to the best of us and I'm no exception 😂

  • Glenn Park
    Glenn Park 19 дней назад

    where's mark sanchez's butt fumble?

  • kikz 0911
    kikz 0911 20 дней назад +1

    that winter Olympics is a heartbreaking it will hunt him forever..

  • kikz 0911
    kikz 0911 20 дней назад

    1:26 lol

  • Calm Cash Raw
    Calm Cash Raw 20 дней назад

    If JR ain’t on this list 😂

  • Zahra Normansyah
    Zahra Normansyah 21 день назад

    anyone care for me to explain the last one? which is dumb? the blue one or the white? all i got what is the blue even doing with no line like that? but the yellow circle pointed at the white?

  • Dr m
    Dr m 21 день назад

    I’m sure what that was

  • Tony Iacomi
    Tony Iacomi 22 дня назад

    This is why white guys are the coaches. 90% of these dumb plays are by black guys.

  • Katie Pugz
    Katie Pugz 23 дня назад +1

    half of these weren't dumb plays, they were mistakes.

  • Jim Ellison
    Jim Ellison 23 дня назад

    GREAT VIDEO.............

  • Jed Harrison
    Jed Harrison 24 дня назад

    Cocaine is one hell of a drug

  • Ceasar Turner
    Ceasar Turner 24 дня назад

    Of course JR is on this list lmao

  • The Life of Tony
    The Life of Tony 24 дня назад

    I don’t get how anyone can watch ice hockey. You can’t see the puck, you haven’t got a hope of seeing what’s going on.

  • whisperienced
    whisperienced 25 дней назад

    So that's why Bergevin keeps making bad moves as the GM of the Habs. He doesn't want people to remember this.

  • Treadmill Hipsters
    Treadmill Hipsters 27 дней назад

    didnt want gay ass soccer to be on here

  • Isaac Fox
    Isaac Fox 28 дней назад

    @0:48 I'd check that guy for throwing games.

  • liam whitcombe
    liam whitcombe 29 дней назад

    Nothing here as dumb as WBA practically GIVING us Stevie Bull. WOLVES ay we

  • Beast Mode
    Beast Mode Месяц назад +1

    Where the fuck are my Seahawks at during the Super Bowl?

  • Chandler m
    Chandler m Месяц назад

    I watched the colts one live an was like umm wtf are they doing .........

  • fandocelta
    fandocelta Месяц назад

    Balotelli... what a waste of talent. Although to be fair, that was only an exhibition match

  • Kay Sabb
    Kay Sabb Месяц назад

    Never understood the term "retard" as much as after this video.

  • Mike N
    Mike N Месяц назад

    Poor Jim Marshal. I always just feel bad when I see that one.

  • tom dick
    tom dick Месяц назад

    thats why soccer is gay as fuck

  • Eric Matterson
    Eric Matterson Месяц назад

    What about the buttfumble? Or the Giants punting a line drive to Desean Jackson in 2010?

  • Mikechow
    Mikechow Месяц назад

    balloteli is the goat

  • Gordon Struth
    Gordon Struth Месяц назад

    Do they only play sport in America?

  • Molon Lave
    Molon Lave Месяц назад

    Some crazy a$$ missed goals in soccer

  • Madhur Gupta
    Madhur Gupta Месяц назад

    Dumb muricans

  • joe nobody
    joe nobody Месяц назад

    I totally remember watching that Olympics where she had no hope of winning the gold all of a sudden she's out in front and what does she do show boats and bites it fucking deserve to lose idiot

  • Weast 11
    Weast 11 Месяц назад

    2:50 So hes always been this way. Good to know

  • Luther Blissett
    Luther Blissett Месяц назад

    Betting mafia behind most of these...

  • schubidooo
    schubidooo Месяц назад


  • Dark Limeking
    Dark Limeking Месяц назад

    That is the most indiana colts play ever

  • dash4800
    dash4800 Месяц назад

    These are nothing. I was once playing a game of basketball and I got an offensive rebound and when I went back up my own teammate blocked my shot. That's several degrees of not knowing wtf is going on right there.

  • Garrett Cook
    Garrett Cook Месяц назад

    7:50 why is the goal post in the end zone? Shouldn’t it be behind?

  • jimmy wrangles
    jimmy wrangles Месяц назад

    Dumbest plays in "American" sports history, other countries also play sports, not just America.

  • Quinten Lee
    Quinten Lee Месяц назад +1

    8:25 lmao

  • Sam Brentwood
    Sam Brentwood Месяц назад

    Colts coach should have gotten fired right away

  • erdinç yılmaz
    erdinç yılmaz Месяц назад

    americans r really dumb

  • Joe Ran
    Joe Ran Месяц назад

    The colts play is by far hte dumbest shit ive ever seen.
    Chuck Pagano fired, and you wonder why.
    This play wouldn't even work in pee-wee football.

  • QuickScopeKyper
    QuickScopeKyper Месяц назад

    Why is Mike Tomlin on the thumbnail when he’s not even in the video???

  • Haywood Jablomy
    Haywood Jablomy Месяц назад

    Jr smit gotta be #1. Its miles worse than the butt fumble. When you dont even know the score of the game your playing in. All time dumbest of the dumb.

  • IMA 14
    IMA 14 Месяц назад

    The list won't be complete without JR Smith

  • Efrain Entrertainment
    Efrain Entrertainment Месяц назад

    5:16 all things considered that's actually pretty impressive getting it that high up that close

  • TheMjmcdaniel
    TheMjmcdaniel Месяц назад

    Jr Smith at it again

  • Daniel
    Daniel Месяц назад

    1:51 Poor Balloteli, there was a whistle so he thoughy the play was over

  • Bruce Willis
    Bruce Willis Месяц назад

    me every play at highschool football

  • Midnightrambler3760
    Midnightrambler3760 Месяц назад

    @ 4:46...WTF??

  • Alex Noon
    Alex Noon Месяц назад

    I expected to see sports and I see baseball and american football...

  • Brandon Moskos
    Brandon Moskos Месяц назад

    Would you expect anything else from J.R.? 😅😅😅😅

  • djnosleeves85
    djnosleeves85 Месяц назад


  • foster_the_shota_thread
    foster_the_shota_thread Месяц назад

    wouldent the guy who dunked the free throw have made that 2 points instead of the 1 point since it technically was a dunk, not a free throw?

  • redbullninja11
    redbullninja11 Месяц назад

    so JR smith has been retarded his whole life

  • Kevin Masters
    Kevin Masters Месяц назад

    Please add the Cav's JR Smith for holding onto the ball when his team was down in the 2018 NBA Finals. JR Smith already appeared in this clip as a Denver Nugget - freaken idiot.

  • kia kaha
    kia kaha Месяц назад

    you mean WTF are you doing

  • rgaud8
    rgaud8 Месяц назад

    "May have cost his team a run". You can just say he cost his team a run, there's no confusion.

  • ROKMC Rec.
    ROKMC Rec. Месяц назад +1

    I lost it at 4:45

  • Cicero
    Cicero Месяц назад

    3:55 Morgan Freeman

  • Static the penguin
    Static the penguin Месяц назад +1

    5:08 is this a backyard...?

  • Alpha XO
    Alpha XO Месяц назад

    Lmao 3:40 he didn’t catch the ball and completely lost his shit lmaoooo

  • Magnús Másson
    Magnús Másson Месяц назад

    Why do all European sports morons end up in America? Balotelli, Zlatan, David_Beckham etc

  • Cal Crappie
    Cal Crappie Месяц назад

    Poor "wrong way" Jim Marshall of the Vikings. He has a great career with the Purple People Eaters though.

  • Eugene Watson
    Eugene Watson Месяц назад

    This from a winning coach.

  • mj23allday247
    mj23allday247 Месяц назад

    That's why Nyjer Morgan unemployed

  • Steven Wakerley
    Steven Wakerley Месяц назад

    these ain't dumbest plays.....these are perfect matchfixing

  • Goldenbeard Official
    Goldenbeard Official Месяц назад

    dont take it seriously..they are just games

  • Professor Time
    Professor Time Месяц назад

    I've said it before, and I'll say it again, weed and sports don't mix.

  • Carr Rexx
    Carr Rexx Месяц назад

    NFL players with hair exstentions are so gay. Helllloooo Friscooooo!

  • Carr Rexx
    Carr Rexx Месяц назад

    Hockey sucks.

  • DS 1
    DS 1 Месяц назад

    Does the CFL use a collegiate football? 8:07