Nitroglycerin Explosion Blows Country Wagon To Smithereens | Savage Builds

  • Published on Jul 29, 2019
  • Adam Savage and a demolition expert team up to test one of the most dangerous and explosive substances on the planet, and cutting-edge science and tech will reveal if nitroglycerine really deserves its notorious reputation.
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Comments • 24

  • Ocean Hill
    Ocean Hill 7 days ago +4

    0:33 - When Kacchan sneezes

  • Death Breeder
    Death Breeder 19 days ago +5

    Bakugou would like to know your location

  • Neontommy 65
    Neontommy 65 26 days ago +2

    Who else came here for BTOOOM

  • Elizabeth Chavez
    Elizabeth Chavez 28 days ago +8

    **bakugou had entered the chat**

  • Drako Spider
    Drako Spider Month ago +2

    0:33 when Bakugo sees Deku

  • Marek Brackmann
    Marek Brackmann Month ago

    1:50 i think the shockwave is animated the water in the little buddle doesn’t even move and no dust is blown of the ground

  • Shadouken
    Shadouken Month ago +3


  • FiZiKaL-ReFLeX
    FiZiKaL-ReFLeX Month ago +1

    Waaaaaay too many camera angle changes. Too overly dramatic. And stop cutting to the explosion right when it happens, you need a second or so before it happens to really enjoy it. Jeez. Bad editors.

  • michael fraser
    michael fraser Month ago +1

    Reaction I get when telling the wife I’ve brought another motor bike.....!

  • leighrate
    leighrate Month ago +1

    Probably not. Our ancestors weren't fools. They knew exactly how to transport nitro safely.
    Dynamite incidentally is Nitro plus an emulsifier. Which makes it a lot less sensitive.

    • Cassie Moorecock
      Cassie Moorecock Month ago

      Our ancestors were no more or less intelligent than we are today. And you know there's idiots today who would carry nitro this way (or some similarly idiotic way) because "What could go wro-BOOM!"

  • K It
    K It Month ago +3

    Is this the same that’s in pills for people to take when they’re having a heart attack? They’re explosive??

    • Thanos Killa
      Thanos Killa Month ago +1

      K It it’s the same but it’s diluted in a non reactive substance but bomb sniffing dogs can smell it

  • Amanda Bruney
    Amanda Bruney Month ago +1

    They wanna play with nitro..go find the old nitro trail. Take a wagon without a triggered sledge hammer across that trail

  • Paul Salb
    Paul Salb Month ago


  • Jake Genel
    Jake Genel Month ago +4

    Slow video to 0.25. Go to time 1:35. Sounds like Bill Cosby talking lmfaaoo

  • RIXRADvidz
    RIXRADvidz Month ago

    OOH WHEEE!!!!!! that's some serious eye candy and boner bait at the end there....

  • Peter Luzon Drums
    Peter Luzon Drums Month ago +16


  • D C
    D C Month ago +8

    that clearly is a heavily edited video . explosion wasnt when the wagon was in motion

  • Xxarmy. JinxX
    Xxarmy. JinxX Month ago +1