Binging with Babish: Eggs Woodhouse for Good


Eggs Woodhouse is the impossibly indulgent dish prepared for spoiled superspy Sterling Archer by his faithful butler, Woodhouse. Will these decadent ingredients sing together in harmony outside the cartoon world?

Music: "Cream on Chrome" by Ratatat

Okay so I'm making this ultra-decadent, hyper-expensive treat known as Eggs Woodhouse, traditionally prepared for self-involved superspy Sterling Archer by his faithful butler, Woodhouse. It doesn't feel right eating such an opulent dish on camera when so many families are without the most basic necessities and comforts this holiday season - so I want to use this opportunity to generate resources for an incredible nonprofit, Hour Children.

I had the pleasure of creating a video profile of Sister Tesa Fitzgerald, the Executive Director of Hour Children, for a humanitarian prize she received in 2014. Hour Children is a not-for-profit agency that works primarily with mothers recently released from prison, and features a food pantry where members of the community can receive the help they need to provide nutritious meals for their families. Of the women assisted, 84% have been incarcerated for nonviolent offenses, and 60% for drug-related offenses, with many drug sentences related to mandatory sentencing rules. They are overwhelmingly people of color: 57% are African American, 27 % Latina, and 16% Caucasian. Only 40% had ever been employed – in any capacity – prior to their arrests and almost 65% had poverty level incomes. Of those who have held a job, 2/3 reported never receiving more than the minimum wage.

My plan is to raise as much funds as possible, and use the sum total to buy nonperishable groceries for the Hour Children food pantry. Then I'm going to make a follow-up video showing exactly how your generosity has helped this great organization!

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Автор Luka Star ( назад)
iberico ham, saffron, black truffle, caviar? ain't got budget for this!

Автор Bailey King ( назад)
What is the exact recipe for your Hollandaise sauce? As in how much butter and lemon do you use ect. ?

Автор Joshua Hooper ( назад)
Someone else who likes watching Netflix while cooking! My favourite thing

Автор moobashi ( назад)
Every time I see this title I think its 'Eggs Whorehouse'

Автор collin corbean ( назад)
Yeah get rid of that hollandaise sauce and I'll gladly eat it

Автор bangarJb ( назад)
Pure gold!! This is crazy!! Love this channel!

Автор Oscar Karris ( назад)
I have watched a dozen of your videos, this one earned you a subscription. Knowing you should give something back earned you it.

Автор Cameron Fenner ( назад)
You missed a step. Before you do any of the cooking, your supposed to get into a death battle with celebrity chef Alan Brown

Автор austin teng ( назад)
Dude you have an unhealthy obsession with Fraser, finally someone like me

Автор Matteo Gastaldi ( назад)
beluga caviar doesnt even exist, they are mammals wtf

Автор Фаик Тагиев ( назад)
Sounds and looks awful :|
Would never try something like that.

Автор TheOneGhost5012 ( назад)
Is that the Good Eats guy? I didn't know he featured on an episode of Archer.

Автор TheFezzland ( назад)
Make the Luther from the Boondocks!!!

Автор go4metalify ( назад)
I think i gained a pound by just looking at this vid

Автор Brixster ( назад)
wait is that the bob's burger voice actor???

Автор nschwartz311 ( назад)
I found this video and your channel because H Jon Benjamin (the voice of Archer) tweeted out the video. I'm in love with this channel now.

Автор Butt Soup ( назад)
Are you watching Star Trek while making this video?

Автор john johnny ( назад)
Artichoke hearts are god's greatest gift

Автор The Patient ( назад)
You should make some crab rangoon à la "Archer". I mean, I know they don't give any recipe specifics, but you could at least do that tin foil swan thing.

Автор Zvi Bar-Chaim ( назад)
Laforge to Enterprise

Автор Ryan Harris ( назад)
can you try the eclairs from simply irresistible

Автор Danish Khan ( назад)
i fucking love this guys videos man.. i discovered him today randomly and i think i've watched almost all of his videos lol

Автор Communist Doggo ( назад)
It's okay guys, there's spinach in it.

Автор Tamahagane ( назад)
God damnit thats the most insane thing i have ever seen

Автор Random stuff with Michael ( назад)
If you eat this in less than thirty minutes you'll probably get a condition similar to when you use drugs and the dopamine receptors in your brain get blocked.

Автор Marc Vincent Klitgaard ( назад)
You know it's a good show when the chef says "oh fuck"

Автор Mike hastings ( назад)
still watching...
still watching...
thinking about making notes...
making notes.

Автор Gabriel Siegel ( назад)

Автор KkngTyler ( назад)
i love archer thank you so much for this one

Автор Ruffle McStuffleButtums ( назад)
What do you mean it was really rich?

Автор Kelvin Wong ( назад)
honestly this is the first time i have ever commented in a video. honestly no homo, but your simplicity mixed with your very gentle soothing voice just make your video a must watch!!

Автор CasMullac ( назад)
Maybe that's why Archer drinks so much, he needs the alcohol to cut through all that.

Автор Ean ( назад)
Thank You Andrew. This is the best channel on YouTube.

Автор CapnCrusty ( назад)
Ratatat is a pretti gud band

Автор justin fwibber ( назад)
I don't remember this happening on Archer. Did I miss an episode?

Автор Luke Posadas ( назад)
Your videos are awesome man. A couple questions, first are you a professional chef, if so did you go to culinary school? Also secondly how much did this cost to make, and did you even break even with the YouTube revenue haha? Keep up the awesome videos man!

Автор Jack Kingsby ( назад)
I read Eggs Whorehouse

Автор Stephen Jin ( назад)
some say that he is still chewing

Автор God ( назад)

Автор DarkUlfur ( назад)
I haven't been so hard in my life.

Автор Alec NoyZ ( назад)
shout out to my boy Jean-Luc Picard

Автор Trenton Green ( назад)
That almost looks like it would be good if you spread it on toast or something, like as a topping.

Автор NatashaSoupy ( назад)
RIP Woodhouse

Автор JakeTheRipper 73 ( назад)
At least you have a good taste in TV shows...

and since when is Beluga Caviar illegal? I had no idea.

Автор Alien.licker ( назад)
'Only $175 a pound'

Автор Reggie Chandler ( назад)
R. I. P Woodhouse

Автор Patrick Hogue ( назад)
I didn't think anything of it in the show. Then I saw the recipe. Then I saw the price per serving. Then I saw it in real life. I don't think that recipe should be legal.

Автор Drazen Graves ( назад)
+1 for star trek

Автор Larvitar Dratini ( назад)
How much did that whole plate cost? Black truffle and caviar is expensive and wtf was that ham?!?

Автор On the Pitch ( назад)
Make the pasta from Goodfellas

Автор nick papa ( назад)
Hahaha I want this guy in my house we'd be cooking all day anha

Автор Benjamin Wallace ( назад)
Lol he's watching Star Trek next gen in the background near the end

Автор Sodium Patrol 2 ( назад)
sounds like this dish was a toilet punisher

Автор shanetheclassic ( назад)
You can actually still get Beluga Caviar when imported from Iran. You can actually get it from the other locations, it's just very expensive as they have limited the amount they can harvest.

Автор Julean Burger ( назад)

Автор Dartfish ( назад)
Did you say $175/lb

Автор Matt Hunter ( назад)
I've watched about 20 of his recipes and this is the only one I really want to make...

Автор Gridia444 ( назад)
Is that how we get ants? Yes.. that's how we get ants.

Автор gokocotube ( назад)
RIP Woodhouse

Автор Zapz Tigers ( назад)
i should make this when I just pulled a few all nighters

Автор FLUFFYJOE13 ( назад)
I love how the rich man is complaining about his rich food and how rich it is

Автор K. A. ( назад)
I had a dream I was cooking this with you. You were so sweet and patience, but I fucking everything up. Sorry Babish

Автор Rocketdoq ( назад)
is it okay that you ate that caviar with a metal knife? doesnt that sour the flavor?

Автор Nadi Dani ( назад)
the perfect man doesn't exi-.....

Автор Matthew Rogers ( назад)
I felt compelled to comment after hearing the Star Trek TNG episode in the background of this one. I love this channel, AND we have the same taste in TV! Frasier, ST:TNG, West Wing, Chef's Table...

Keep up the awesome work, I found this channel a few days ago and have been binging on it ever since. Now I've run out of new episodes and it's sad, kind of like when West Wing ended...or got to season 6.

Автор Wolfey Dcdx12 ( назад)
This guy needs his own tv show

Автор IfyouonlyNHU ( назад)
YES!!! Thank you, for Archer episode :)

Автор ronniefresh92 ( назад)
Do some carolina fries?

Автор Moo ( назад)
A dish so ovulent.

Автор James Hardy ( назад)
You never said if it was good or not. Was it too rich to enjoy?

Автор RUN ER ( назад)
I just realized. Alan brown is a better fighter than Archer. Is this canon?

Автор Jaime Cernuda ( назад)
my reaction to the 175 dollars for a pound of iberic ham was epic, the i realize i live in spain an here is much cheaper

Автор Nena Castro Martinez ( назад)
Please? Hahaha ❤️

Автор Jeff Anderson ( назад)
Question for you Andrew: can you please explain swirling the egg in the sieve before poaching? I haven't seen that before - what is the purpose of it? Thanks, love the videos!

Автор BitchBeLoccco ( назад)
The dish is just as crazy as the show, didn't know it'll work

Автор Ellen Settlemoir ( назад)
$175 a pound omfg

Автор Robert Miller ( назад)
Thank you Andrew. Thank you.

Автор Henrik Magnusson ( назад)
And Archer eats this EVERY DAY. How is he still alive?

Автор TheMrWillje ( назад)
i wonder how many people watching this can actualy cook

Автор Marcos Orduno ( назад)
looks bad...shoes toss of window

Автор Brian Tortise ( назад)
subbed only after one episode

Автор morgan megurine ( назад)
Please do the super candy from Jimmy Neutron and Krabby Patties

Автор Anon archist ( назад)
Eggs Woodhouse is meant to be washed down with a vase full of gin.

Автор Megan Dix ( назад)
when i made hollandaise sauce i accidentally used egg whites

Автор Joe Neutrino ( назад)
How much did this cost to make?

Автор IMPabito ( назад)
How much was the ingredients?

Автор Victoria Hi ( назад)
make the cake from Matilda

Автор artzilla3 ( назад)
Dear lord how much was it to make?

Автор Ima Dork ( назад)
I hadn't the faintest idea that Alten Brown was Archer which is weird because I love both of those things! What season is that scene in?

Автор Gilberto Tabares ( назад)
Jesus. that's a months food budget in just one meal. Archer get this for breakfast every day? spoiled jerk.

Автор Ammitious ( назад)
you sounds like Bob from Bob's burgers.

Автор Mugduhlena Kuzluwskae ( назад)
basically sums up what I imagine when people say they're keto. except swap the butter for a whole cow worth of dripping.

Автор Stacey Zielinski ( назад)
LaForge to Enterprise!

Автор Walter White ( назад)
Nobody is eating eggs woodhouse until you people bring in some MONEY!

Автор Tucker Morrent ( назад)
how did you not die?

Автор jdjdjjdjee xd ( назад)
his voice is so hot.

Автор Kate Cridlebaugh ( назад)
I love the background TNG

Автор xG0BLES ( назад)
Jesus fuck lmao

Автор xcomedyr comentary ( назад)
Can I just say that I love your channel man !

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