[Secret of Mana OST PS4 Version] 35 - Still of the Night (Pure Land/Mana Tree)

  • Published on Feb 19, 2018
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  • Gustavo
    Gustavo 10 months ago

    where's the background choir???

    • Nico Montes
      Nico Montes 10 months ago

      Gustavo I can hear it at min 1:09 but it's subtle.

  • Emishimaru - Sama
    Emishimaru - Sama 11 months ago +5

    It may not sound as pure as the original, but they nailed It with a well-composed beautiful orchestra. They nailed It..

  • CyberDragon10K
    CyberDragon10K Year ago +5

    Between that backing guitar beat and the main violin melody, any sense of isolation and "You _shouldn't_ be here" one remembers from the SNES track has been stripped away.
    A shame, really.

  • Joe C
    Joe C Year ago +3

    Hm, mixed feelings here. One the one hand, I like it as a standalone piece. But on the other, it kinda feels like whoever remixed it was maybe a little too heavily inspired by Decision Bell from Seiken Densetsu 3. That's not technically bad, and I like the consistency aspect. But I dunno. SoM and SD3 have very different vibes, music-wise.

  • Roemer Mooijman
    Roemer Mooijman Year ago +1

    When I was a kid I was scared as sh*t of the Pure Land, partially because of the track. This one is much more peaceful, but I still like it.

  • Cherubs Wrath
    Cherubs Wrath Year ago +2

    This theme is so relaxing. I spent a while in this area purely just to keep hearing this. I grew up on the original SoM, and I played it many, many times over the years, but that nostalgia does not ruin me from loving this absolutely magical piece of music.

  • DeadFortune
    DeadFortune Year ago +3


  • Chrono
    Chrono Year ago +4

    This would've been perfect if they would have added a two- or fourbar minimalistic intro like the original has. Without it, it just doesn't seem to capture the same mood of a land on which no one has ever set foot. Beautiful song though.

  • Tim Brawner
    Tim Brawner Year ago +5

    I'm honestly a little disappointed with this reorchestration. In the original, this piece was so ethereal in it's tone. I absolutely loved the remade version of "The Wish" from Ice Country, and I couldn't wait to hear the new rendition of Pure Land. But I listen to this and feel more like I'm going into a jazz lounge than the realm of the Mana Tree.

    • Stratelier
      Stratelier Year ago +1

      Yeah. This isn't a bad remix at all, but the violin melody just doesn't cast the same feel as the original.

  • Aaron-David Saenz
    Aaron-David Saenz Year ago +19

    A whole new outlook of Pure Land! This ost makes this place more surreal than the original. The original had a depth to it that was different from the whole game but was awesome. I believe they kept it with this one!

    • Emishimaru - Sama
      Emishimaru - Sama 11 months ago +4

      I'd say, the original's Intend was to sound, at all, "pure"... [You know, purity Is an Impossible feat, so It does on Its way]
      This track Instead, Is Impure, but because It Is Impure, It has more liberties, and most Importantly, "no limitations", and so It changes Its meaning of surrealism.
      Imo, It does as great as the original, but on Its own style.
      (In a nutshell) They nailed It with this one T_T _\,,/

    • Cedstick
      Cedstick Year ago +5

      Disagree. Same tone isn't here. Pure Land really, really stood-out immediately as this... Well, exactly what it was. This entirely isolated, otherly world -- pure and untainted by the outside lands. Ethereal. This is nice, but unfortunately the tone isn't kept IMO.