Future wife cooks me a traditional meal

  • Published on May 13, 2019
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  • Quang Tran
    Quang Tran  2 months ago +738

    What should I cook next for my future wife?!? Thank you guys so much for your support! I had a really good laugh trying to explain all the comments to the future wife on the last video

    • Ha Pham
      Ha Pham Day ago

      whats wrong with u Quang? Kệ vợ nó nấu kiểu gì kệ nó chứ. Mỗi ng 1 cách nấu. Nói với vợ như nói với con. Nhìn vào gương đi. Mới đầu rõ quý. Giờ gét. Tranh từng tí với vợ. U ARE NOT BETTER THAN ANYONE. Be polite!

    • Safiqul Ahmed
      Safiqul Ahmed 6 days ago

      First stop being a jerk to your wife and calm your tits down and allow her to be herself moron after that cook something for her u look like a straight psycho with her

    • BamBi Khro
      BamBi Khro 14 days ago

      Hey Quang...just watched your video and saw the mean comments by some stupid people judging you saying you're being rude to your partner...

      But all I see is 2 people having fun and enjoying cooking...keep it up...just wanted to say..dont let the negative comments get you down... 🙌 God bless you..

    • jinta8
      jinta8 24 days ago

      You’re an ass. Give her the visa then leave her alone.

    • Music Lover Forever
      Music Lover Forever 29 days ago

      You both make a lovely couple!!! 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

  • Josep Sankhill
    Josep Sankhill 13 hours ago

    Your future wife looks better than your present wife.,📶🚢👌👌👌👌

  • Joshua Nguyen
    Joshua Nguyen 15 hours ago

    I am pure Vietnamese but still it's hard to understand her speaking cause of the accent of người miền Trung
    Edit: am from the south, Ho Chi Minh City

  • Kevin Rodriguez
    Kevin Rodriguez 18 hours ago

    How is he gonna say future wife and say she’s gonna cook for him if he’s helping her cook wtf the point in saying she’s gonna cook for her lmao

  • summersdarius24
    summersdarius24 21 hour ago

    Sitting back drinking while the wife/future wife cook and I’m the help so much fun... #funtimes #memories #therapy

  • Blair Haven
    Blair Haven 2 days ago

    Bro these comments just prove how uncultured Westerners are smh

  • Reece Williams
    Reece Williams 2 days ago

    You just blatantly ignore her

  • Kevin Trinh
    Kevin Trinh 2 days ago


  • Lê Đăng Khải
    Lê Đăng Khải 2 days ago

    Ỏ quá cute

  • jojo tiqshan
    jojo tiqshan 2 days ago

    Come on guys his fassion and perfection on cooking just like gordon ramsey on here son cook

  • Tika Nguyen
    Tika Nguyen 2 days ago

    What accent is that? Couldn't understand a damn word!

  • Sothy SUN
    Sothy SUN 3 days ago


  • Dave Sharkey
    Dave Sharkey 3 days ago

    She didnt just call dominos and order 10 pizzas for you?

  • YES!
    YES! 3 days ago

    She look like she could be your sister

  • Swindle Rushmore
    Swindle Rushmore 3 days ago

    I mean let's be honest we all know Quang is a complete psychopath, it's why we watch him, this poor woman needs to escape this controlling environment though

  • Trev Mathews
    Trev Mathews 3 days ago

    They looking at him like crazy at how loud he eating 😂

  • Trev Mathews
    Trev Mathews 3 days ago

    He's very demeaning and rude to her.

  • Tina Ambrosio
    Tina Ambrosio 4 days ago

    Ohhhh future wife evil eye skills on point!!!! 😂 smash da garlic no chopping!!

  • Kent Gaming
    Kent Gaming 4 days ago

    Next video eating my future wife
    Guys quicktime just got it nice
    Super pump for this

  • Yasmine Marara
    Yasmine Marara 4 days ago

    recipes look absolutely fuego tho

  • Luis Rivera
    Luis Rivera 4 days ago

    I love how everyone is an expert psychologist, and can make an educated diagnosis on how Quang is this that and the third in the span of a 29 minute video. Let hommie do him. No one is perfect and maybe he has some learning to do. No one is going to be 100% lovey 24/7... Stop being so sensitive lol

  • Nicole Briant
    Nicole Briant 5 days ago

    I thought you were a better guy Quang...

  • porafoe
    porafoe 5 days ago

    “ quang tran lets get it super pumped for this”

  • Samsung Tv
    Samsung Tv 5 days ago

    This guy really has the worse table manners...disgusting...very typical

  • Cali4 Nia
    Cali4 Nia 6 days ago

    Never make a women feel like she don’t know what she doing or that your smarter than her it will lead to a fight

  • Mimi Alvarez
    Mimi Alvarez 6 days ago +1

    This video might just be a slight insight as to why you’ve been single for a long while. Let her be.

  • Gabrielle LaForest
    Gabrielle LaForest 6 days ago

    Guys calm down he is just giving her instructions on what to do!

  • Carlos Garcia jr
    Carlos Garcia jr 6 days ago

    😂 this world doesn’t deserve u QT❤️

  • Estrella’s crazy vida

    19:17 was I the only one who saw the guy in blue put back the shrimp that was in his mouth into the bowl of food 😂😂🤢

  • TheLast Don
    TheLast Don 6 days ago

    Wow he clearly doesn't know what love is. You never treat any woman as is she's a child or incompetent. Does she have a name? Bro you gotta do better 💯

  • Nicknackman
    Nicknackman 6 days ago

    REAL TALK...loved your previous videos and all but this video drew me to one conclusion about you....you're a straight up f*ckin asshole dude. Unsubscribed.

  • Olliewhop
    Olliewhop 8 days ago

    quang is thicker than his hyphy wifey

  • Kevin C.
    Kevin C. 8 days ago

    Damn, the majority of the people in the comments are judging way too hard! You guys do not know what actually transpires off camera. He’s not insulting her in a callous way or anything, smh. Y’all do too much!

  • ToastyBabynose
    ToastyBabynose 8 days ago

    Good thing they've spent a lot of time getting to know each other before even discussing marriage. Lol 😂😂😂😂

  • Jon Han
    Jon Han 9 days ago

    Not even your wife and you annoying as shit! Let her do her shit.

  • Corey Lee
    Corey Lee 11 days ago

    I don’t see nothing wrong with the video, am I crazy

  • Ryan O
    Ryan O 11 days ago

    also you loud eater. eat in public to practice proper eating

  • Ryan O
    Ryan O 11 days ago

    Quang. Listen you are a good chef. But she was supposed to cook the meal. You should've been the cameraman and she should've cooked the way she wanted to. Her opinion matters.

  • DAT BOI Oooou
    DAT BOI Oooou 11 days ago

    Quang is a meanie

  • Mofoodie
    Mofoodie 12 days ago

    Wow. Just....wow.

  • Peter Seah
    Peter Seah 12 days ago

    I don't see him as disrespecting her . All friendly ribbing. You have to be really close and connected to be able to do that,

  • Erica Hernandez
    Erica Hernandez 14 days ago

    They literally can have that playful joking relationship.. maybe maybe not.. we see a piece of their life.. they seem to enjoy eachother.. good job.. I'm Puerto Rican and I think we are going to try this on the weekend

  • Tito Hernandez
    Tito Hernandez 14 days ago

    Holy fuck this is sad as fuck let your wife have her title as your future wife and can you PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD CLOSE YOUR FUCKING MOUTH BECAUSE YOU ARE IN FRONT OF PEOPLE AND YOU HAVE MANNERS RIGHT?

  • thirstaee.__
    thirstaee.__ 14 days ago

    bro, bro. You gotta listen to her. She wants to cook for you, let her do it, if you wanna help, do it how she wants it. Don’t just ignore her and keep going. I get that you have a lot of experience, but instead of nagging her and rubbing in the fact that she was wrong, read the her mood and see if it’s really okay to continue joking. Because I noticed she really got annoyed when you kept rubbing it in. If the food is raw, just cook it more and get over it. Rubbing it in constantly gets annoying.

  • Rabiah Ibrahim
    Rabiah Ibrahim 14 days ago

    the sardine can def not from malaysia.. we dont open sardine cans with spoon huhu..

  • Delaney Rose
    Delaney Rose 14 days ago

    Family style eating is great
    But dipping the chopsticks that where just in your mouth into the serving bowl passes germs 😨😷

  • Gabriel Page
    Gabriel Page 14 days ago

    She don’t look so happy?

  • Sandy God is love
    Sandy God is love 14 days ago +2

    I think the Lil bickering is him trying to flirt lol .

  • K Smith
    K Smith 15 days ago +1

    My boyfriend is annoying like this whenever I cook....he's annoying in general but I'am
    annoying too

  • Top Watcher
    Top Watcher 16 days ago

    Ohhhh! the goodness of the garlic all gone into the board!! *Sobsob*

  • Admin GenesisHealthcareConnect

    You’re like trying to impress her but turns you out to be annoying. Man let her do it her way cooked or not.

  • shadow play
    shadow play 16 days ago +1

    How do y'all make it look so easy to use chop sticks

  • its sonnyd
    its sonnyd 16 days ago

    15:31 you suppose to use a can opener for that 😂😂😂😁😁😁😂😂😂😆😆😆😂😁😁😂😂

  • Wwe2k 14
    Wwe2k 14 16 days ago

    Why is everyone hating in this chat.
    Like I know he's like doing the stuff that's he is not supposed to do at the table but.
    He's doing this for us.
    And she only looked mad like 1 time but you guys saw her smiling.

  • mike LJR
    mike LJR 16 days ago

    Wife is adorbz.

  • BrapBrap
    BrapBrap 16 days ago

    her tieng hue accent is too strong for me to understand

  • KryptiK Knowledge
    KryptiK Knowledge 16 days ago

    Shes saying squash the cloves for more flavour 😭😭😭 hurt my feels seeung you chop it lol

  • GamingWith OgPro
    GamingWith OgPro 17 days ago

    Lmao, it's funny how some of you guy's say he's manipulative, it's just cooking 😂, Idk why y'all get triggered asf, if y'all don't like it, go watch another vid simple and easy, I mean I agree with some of y'all, but why keep watching if it'll only trigger your asses ? Lmao.

  • himy nameis
    himy nameis 17 days ago

    Dude get out of her face while she's cooking. She don't need you micromanaging her. You aren't the only one who knows how to cook. You're starting to show your true colors.

  • Sue Baker
    Sue Baker 17 days ago

    He says when he goes shopping...in and out...she goes through every aisle...what’s his point? Obviously been single awhile with no experience with a woman! Good luck girl!

  • elizaeth segura
    elizaeth segura 17 days ago +1

    Well I bet he’s so used to cooking for himself and doing things how he likes it , it’s hard to just let someone else do what you wouldn’t normally do. But then again, in a relationship you do have to adjust and accommodate

  • WatsNu2Day
    WatsNu2Day 17 days ago

    Girl replies:”Stop being so mean”
    Guy replies: “Get used to the nagging,...Teach her to listen and stand your ground”
    Cute in the dating period,...mean and vicious during the married and divorce phase”.
    It’ll happen Quick Time!!!

  • WatsNu2Day
    WatsNu2Day 17 days ago

    Get used to being blamed,..future wife,...lol!!!! 😄😄😄😄😄

  • Ciifton Thompson
    Ciifton Thompson 18 days ago

    4:50 it looks like your bending the knife

  • Spit Rage
    Spit Rage 19 days ago

    this guy eats like goku hahahahahhaahhahahahahahahhah

  • shumishu
    shumishu 20 days ago

    Y'all need to relax and stfu. Talking about some "future abuse" or "very controlling" and "bad vibes". Like seriously, one video and all of a sudden he's a bad guy? You guys don't live with him and his wife so stop assuming.

  • blakatu
    blakatu 20 days ago

    I love seeing these marriage counselors on this thread. He knows his wife better than any one of you. Imagine some randoms on RUclip comments telling you how you should be with your own wife.
    It’s obvious he’s a playful person who loves teasing her. It’s normal, don’t be soft.

    • blakatu
      blakatu 20 days ago

      And you guys clearly don’t understand Vietnamese people and their behaviors. Get a grip you privileged westerners.

  • Donald Duck
    Donald Duck 20 days ago

    I gotta get me a Vietnamese girl I ain't Fcking around, they are beautiful, kind, smart. Shout out to Arlington, Tx. Thots in western society are triggered when they see a real feminine woman

  • Wayne Aung
    Wayne Aung 20 days ago


  • P Ch
    P Ch 20 days ago +6

    I was reading trough all the comments about “abuse” and “red flags”... and was waiting for that moment.
    All I see is Quan joking around with her. Her angry face is something Asian women do when we disagree but it doesn’t necessarily mean we’re uneasy or feel belittled. Quan is the King in the kitchen so it’s normal he’s giving her some input. He’s right about alot of the stuff like the uncooked ribs and missing the fish sauce to add the umami. This doesn’t mean he’s not appreciating her cooking. She’s probably very young and inexperienced compared to him in the kitchen. My husband and I are very blunt in the kitchen when we cook. Flavor is important, if its lacking some flavour we make sure to say it. It’s Nothing personal . People need to chill out.