Setting Up Time Machine in Mac OS X Sierra and Earlier

  • Published on Oct 15, 2016
  • This video shows you how to set up Time Machine in Mac OS X 10.12 Sierra and back up your entire Mac to an external hard drive as well as retrieving one or more files or folders from your backup disk.
    Backups are very important to safeguard your files, and family photos, music and movies!
    You will learn how to set up the backup, maintain it and get files out of the backup if you've accidentally deleted a file.

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  • Balls Deep
    Balls Deep 3 years ago

    You give the best explanation plus example thank you very much

  • Maureen Hart
    Maureen Hart 4 years ago

    Loved your video. Can you elaborate more on accessing items in time machine. When I tried to open my photos library I did not see any photos just two choices at the bottom of the screen "cancel" or "restore". I'm not sure what to do.

  • Flippili
    Flippili 4 years ago

    Thank you very much, this was very helpful.

  • Harry Yang
    Harry Yang 4 years ago

    Thank you very helpful!

  • John Mitchell
    John Mitchell 4 years ago

    thanks for a great tutorial

  • Donna Melsness
    Donna Melsness 4 years ago

    Thank you very much! I have a problem I hope you can solve. After time machine has made a backup finder constantly alerts me that ‘Disk Not Ejected Properly’.Eject “BACKUP” before disconnecting or turning it off. Of course I can’t do that.What could be wrong?

  • Philip James
    Philip James 3 years ago +3

    So friggin nervous about backing up to TM until I seen your video. Thank you

  • Tawhidur R
    Tawhidur R 3 years ago +1

    Thank you so much for your tips! Have a great day.... Cheers!

  • Sachin Kumar
    Sachin Kumar 4 years ago

    Well I saw your video and it’s nice to get information. I purchased new Mac book pro with touch bar. I want to restore the data from my time capsule. So I connected my Mac book pro & time capsule thru lan cable. I tried assistance migration & it shows the back file but it keep on loading the backup and nothing happens.

    Please guide me on this so I can store my data from time capsule.

    Waiting for your quick reply.


  • Asif R
    Asif R 4 years ago

    Hello, helpful video
    Does the usb or hard drive have to be empty
    I have a hard drive but it has movies and photos already on the drive.
    If I choose to use it, will it reformat the hard drive and will be sole used as a time machine
    Or will the time machine be a new folder in the drive

    • Jujufield
      Jujufield Year ago

      same mate, it is said that if you back up using time machine it will also erase your data in you external hard drive. this makes me confusee

  • Adrian Fisher
    Adrian Fisher 5 years ago

    I have had this for nearly a year , I know where my movies and dog files are , but I downloaded the new sierra and since then I can't find my files , thanks for replying .

  • Sam Ammary
    Sam Ammary Year ago

    You are very good man I mean you are marvellous because you talk very nice and very clear English my second language and those writing you do on the page is really helpful I hope to talk to you one day my friend so thank you very much and God bless you

  • Mothercraft for Babies

    Hi you were going to go into the Encrypting feature please? I clicked this feature recently and it seems to be taking forever to process? thanks

  • Ruth Hennessey
    Ruth Hennessey 5 years ago +1

    I have heard different opinions on how to restore photos from time machine. I've been told you have to restore The whole photo library. Cannot restore just certain photos. I am running Mac Sierra. Can you show a video on how to restore photos.

  • Hristo Stankov
    Hristo Stankov 3 years ago

    Thank you!

  • Mansoor Qureshi
    Mansoor Qureshi Year ago

    Do i have to configure the external drive?

  • mphasis1983
    mphasis1983 4 years ago

    thanks! :)

  • Annony Mouse
    Annony Mouse 4 years ago

    If I have two different MAC products do I need to have two separate external hard drives? I probably don't want to have to keep my backup drive connected to my laptop all the time so can I just back stuff up weekly and it will recognize which items are already backed up?

  • Funeral Giggle
    Funeral Giggle 5 years ago

    My backup disk is no longer showing anywhere, but it still prompted me for a password to unlock. Any advice?

  • Gomez Adams
    Gomez Adams 4 years ago

    why doesn't the icon spin in the menu bar any more when time machine is backing up? Did apple decide that this feature worth including in the OS updates?

  • Adrian Fisher
    Adrian Fisher 5 years ago

    Hi sorry to bother you , I downloaded so seirra a couple of weeks ago , but when I go into my external HD , all my folders are showing , i.e. Music , movies , DMg folder, but when I open them there is nothing there , but if I go into get info it shows all gigs are used , but my files are not there , any clues how to make appear, many thanks,

    • Gemsbok Apple Tips and Tricks
      Gemsbok Apple Tips and Tricks  5 years ago

      It's hard to say without looking at your Mac. Try looking at both your Internal HD and your External HD. Maybe you're looking at a disk that you're not expecting to see.

  • Allie A
    Allie A 3 years ago

    Does time machine use storage on your mac hard drive?

    • Gemsbok Apple Tips and Tricks
      Gemsbok Apple Tips and Tricks  3 years ago

      No. To free up space you can look for files you don't need. Check in your downloads folder especially and see if there are files you can delete. Time Machine doesn't free up space on the internal drive unfortunately.

    • Rebecca Rae
      Rebecca Rae 3 years ago

      my system storage is taking up a lot of space on my mac.. will backing up to my external take those back ups off my mac and only have them on my external?

    • Gemsbok Apple Tips and Tricks
      Gemsbok Apple Tips and Tricks  3 years ago

      Time Machine uses storage on a separate external USB hard drive. It won't use any extra storage on your internal Mac Hard Drive.

  • tammydshine
    tammydshine 3 years ago +1

    Thank you! I was about to scream 🗣 before I saw this video! Lol

  • Bernard- J
    Bernard- J 4 years ago

    will time machine backup & restore program files ? then from your drive connected to another mac restore these files.

  • Becki Wheeler-Moss
    Becki Wheeler-Moss 3 years ago

    Thanks for using CC

  • Angelica Guerra
    Angelica Guerra 4 years ago

    I have what seems to me a dumb question, but I will ask it anyway. Because Time Machine uses an external drive to back into, the external drive MUST be plugged in for TM to actually back up, right? Now, if TM is supposed to back up, say, every hour, how can I have the external drive plugged in basically all the time? I'm very confused!

    • Kalplata
      Kalplata 4 years ago

      i have the same question

  • Dick Krieg
    Dick Krieg 3 years ago

    I would to restore "Documents" to an earlier date. Do I have to delete the existing in order to do that?

    • Gemsbok Apple Tips and Tricks
      Gemsbok Apple Tips and Tricks  3 years ago

      No, you don't have to delete it. Just go back to that earlier date in Time Machine and restore. It will bring all the contents of the Documents folder ahead and replace what's there right now.

  • Cee Bee
    Cee Bee Year ago

    HI.. IS it possible to use a usb stick?

  • John Norton
    John Norton 4 years ago

    the first time i run backup will the operating system also back backup i am running sierra thankyou

  • mambowman
    mambowman 3 years ago +1

    can u show how to use time machine to undo an apple update that u don't want? thanx

    • Hayfa Backus
      Hayfa Backus 3 years ago

      mambowman iv

    • Gemsbok Apple Tips and Tricks
      Gemsbok Apple Tips and Tricks  3 years ago

      That's one I've been thinking of doing for a while. I will try to film it in the next few days. If you subscribe to our channel, you should get a notification when I post it.

  • hermann kuss
    hermann kuss 4 years ago


  • Dani Berkachy
    Dani Berkachy 5 years ago

    thank you

  • Angelica Guerra
    Angelica Guerra 4 years ago

    BTW, I have a Sierra.

  • Ji-Yan 23
    Ji-Yan 23 Year ago

    mine says will erase things

  • Geoff Gamingx
    Geoff Gamingx Year ago

    Are u a hacker friend how you do that travel in time

  • Daniel
    Daniel 5 years ago +1


  • Hot Sauce
    Hot Sauce 3 years ago +1

    Canadian accent equals automatic dislike!