The Ending of "Us" (2019) Explained!

  • Published on Mar 24, 2019
  • If you just got back from the theatre scratching your head, we'll be explaining the ending of Jordan Peele's new movie Us! It was a wild ride, and this new horror movie threw us for more than a couple loops! Lupita Nyong'o and the rest of the cast all pulled in impressive performances, as it seems like Jason Blum and Blumhouse have struck gold again after Get Out! Still confused? Well let us explain the ending of Us, which is being called a modern horror classic! What's your favorite modern horror movie? Let us know in the comments!
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  • Barry Catoe
    Barry Catoe 2 days ago

    maybe we all have doppelgangers.. maybe this is what's literally going on as I type this...

  • Kyle Barefield
    Kyle Barefield 3 days ago

    Still don't understand why the real little girl didn't just go back up the escalator as soon as she got the chance. It's not like the others could or were holding her against her will, they were pretty much mindless it seemed to me.

  • Super Collector
    Super Collector 4 days ago

    The two scariest things in the movie:
    Red and the opening theme.

  • tica leaf
    tica leaf 7 days ago

    When you said "The only way to know if they are monsters inside of us" I looked at the mirror

  • Kamran Shabazz
    Kamran Shabazz 8 days ago

    Nobody talks about the strawberries that the adelaide double eats in the beginning in place of raw rabbits.

  • chase lawson
    chase lawson 9 days ago

    it makes the kids half bloods!

  • Briana Valencia
    Briana Valencia 9 days ago


  • The Incredibly Awsome Reich of Zimbabtogostan

    How to defeat your doppelgänger.
    Use your most embarrassing moment against it.

  • Ulquiorra Cifer
    Ulquiorra Cifer 12 days ago

    I liked the movie, but it wasn't perfect by any means. Peele focused more on the message he was trying to send instead of the plot itself. There are many plot holes in his movie, Why are there clones? How did the government clone everyone in America? How could they all be underground? How could anyone not notice that many people underground when it was easy for Adelade to find it twice? Why did the clones mirror the behaviors of the originals? Why didn't they just leave the underground? How could the clones survive only on Rabbit meat? When you put just a bit of thought into the movie, you realize how flawed it is. The movie was great in terms of directing, acting, and music, but the story itself is shakey.

  • The ManHammerAR15
    The ManHammerAR15 12 days ago

    I always felt Get Out was a good movie but definitely over hyped. But US holy shit I love this movie. The daughter and her clone was the standout for me.

  • Khiyana Davis
    Khiyana Davis 12 days ago


  • Bruce Doyle
    Bruce Doyle 13 days ago

    The mindblowing twist didnt really surprise me at all, I couldnt have been the only one who knew that Red was the Original. And I didnt came to this conclusion through clever Hints or through a deep analysis, I just wondered why we never seen what actually happened to her in the mirror cabinet, so I just assumed she was they switched places the moment she saw her doppelganger, and that choke happened in the trailer wich I was waiting for, but I thought at first it was the daughter not the mother. Dont get me wrong this Movie was Amazing! But the twist didnt surprise me really.

  • Pepe Garcia
    Pepe Garcia 14 days ago

    Loved it

  • Renard Dargon
    Renard Dargon 14 days ago

    What would u do if u see yourself on the other side of the street

  • Turtles
    Turtles 15 days ago +1

    When I watched this movie right after it I was like,"so who is good and who is bad?"

  • Mezie Mbamara
    Mezie Mbamara 15 days ago

    Even the title *Us* ( *U* nited *S* tates) is a reference for the oppressed in USA, not given a voice.
    The poor , overworked underpaid minorities and immigranta- the real backbone of American Economy? And rich celebrities -who are just the Smoke and Mirrors?

  • Jason Goncalves
    Jason Goncalves 15 days ago

    Title says ending explained but explains whole movie

  • Kimberly Simms
    Kimberly Simms 15 days ago

    I love how it lowkey shows how the cops are when black ppl call🤪
    To this day they havent showed up😂
    Great work peele🤞

  • Valerie The smart
    Valerie The smart 15 days ago

    I watched yester

  • Tanytui G
    Tanytui G 16 days ago

    So what does the ending mean? What about the human in red chain?

  • kevin cc
    kevin cc 16 days ago

    Welp it's not that good so far 30 min. In

  • valcan121
    valcan121 17 days ago

    I watched Us yesterday and it was ...😱😰☠💀🙀😿😭

  • Abdullahi Ismail
    Abdullahi Ismail 17 days ago

    Good story teller. I don't have to watch the movie

  • Praw Baees Adh
    Praw Baees Adh 19 days ago +1

    Pls someone explain me that if the Adelaide we were shown is not real than why her past have been haunting her like she didnt knew anything

  • Hailey. Carroll
    Hailey. Carroll 22 days ago


  • Badboy DCX
    Badboy DCX 24 days ago

    *This movie is traaaaaaaaaaash*

  • Gabriel el tipo ese
    Gabriel el tipo ese 25 days ago

    Wait, the clones controlled the originals or the originals controlled the clones?

  • Nether Queen
    Nether Queen 25 days ago

    Also, the vision quest said "find yourself" l guess that was meant literally.

  • Baby T Baby
    Baby T Baby 25 days ago

    To keep myself fearless, Rebecca I like your voice 😭😭

  • Pushpak Gupta
    Pushpak Gupta 26 days ago

    one thing which i think that can not be explained is the fact that after the red got out of the tunnels(as a kid),how did her dancing control the body of actual addy.It is pretty evident in the movie that the people beneath the ground are controlled by the actions of their counterparts above the ground and addy being the 'original girl' should be the one to control the body of the 'tethered'

  • Jennifer Sweet
    Jennifer Sweet 26 days ago

    Movie was stupid!

  • 25kasa1
    25kasa1 26 days ago

    The moment I saw Zora's doppe , she was like Momo challenge doppe !!

  • 25kasa1
    25kasa1 26 days ago

    Watch the movie and become crazy !! Wilson's family just nailed it !! They had few hidden facts in the movie too.. Love from Chennai !!

  • EpiC NuUb
    EpiC NuUb 28 days ago

    So the real Adelaide is part of the tethered and the Adelaide that was the tethered is now the actual Adelaide.

    I really want to go see the movie ☹️

  • Lizmar Rodriguez
    Lizmar Rodriguez 29 days ago

    okay so at the end, the family escapes in the abulance and Adelaide gives this look to Jason and Jason gives this skeptical look to Adelaide like he knew Adelaide was the fake one. but i don't understand why he didn't say anything or freaked the hell out.

  • jetoriandjasaniavlogs scalesandrichardson

    I never saw this movie before
    *watches this*
    me:thanks for telling me

  • The Best
    The Best 29 days ago

    Do y'all think these videos are scripted?
    Do they write everything before speaking?

  • zKathx
    zKathx Month ago

    Guys basically the end of the us is the girl who went to the mirror thingy is already dead. The shadow replaced the girl that’s why she talk weird.

  • KaBoom
    KaBoom Month ago +2

    Just watched this movie, ⭐⭐⭐ 1/2 out of 5 stars.

  • Yeet Skeet
    Yeet Skeet Month ago

    I need to go take a long hard look in the mirror....

  • jay fullbuster
    jay fullbuster Month ago


  • Nico Marquez15
    Nico Marquez15 Month ago +2

    I like how the end makes you ask the question: Which side are you in?? The originals or the Tethered?

  • Gage Blackburn
    Gage Blackburn Month ago

    Yo i just watched this 3 days ago it was good but weird yo

  • Yolky
    Yolky Month ago

    The Jeremiah 11:11 dude was the scariest in this movie to me... being there since the carnival at the start holding the 11:11 sign, only to be seen dead on a stretcher on their way to the cottage. At the beach, the tethered version of him is seen with a bloody hand by Jason given that he killed the real one. That part leaves me wondering, why did he start earlier? Was he the ACTUAL leader? Obviously he was the first to kill the original out of everyone, but why start early? I think they should have shown more with him in the story, like the twist could have been him setting everything up or something. I would much rather see that then the actual twist. That twist ruined the movie in my opinion.

  • Yolky
    Yolky Month ago

    Also the Jeremiah dude is the guy thats bloody on the beach

  • Yolky
    Yolky Month ago

    2:44 I JUST realized he has his arms out ready to hold hands with all the other tethered smh...

  • Pretty Rickey C
    Pretty Rickey C Month ago

    The video should have discussed the last conversation between red and Adelaide. That’s the only reason I watched this false advertisement 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • OotzybOotzy MJ Mixes

    Why is it these ending explained videos are always an entire run down of the entire film ? How stupid are these people? This is not an ending explained video. It is a complete commentary of the entire film.. Don't you know the difference?

  • Hajo Pluess
    Hajo Pluess Month ago

    I don't know, I had a hard time liking this film. I really tried to like this film. There were moments which genuinely scared me and scenes which were beautiful to watch (not to mention some of the symbolism within the film); however, the plot of the movie was confusing as hell and the few comedic moments of the film were out-of-place and took away from the creepy atmosphere.
    My opinion on the problems of the film:
    1. I got that these clones were made by the government, but what confused and frustrated me is how they move with their counterparts based on their actions. For instance, during the scene where you see people enjoying a rollercoaster ride, you also see their clones follow their exact movement. I don't understand how that was possible.
    2. I don't understand how the real Adelaide when she was a little girl after she was forced to switch with her clone, was able to imitate her clones actions during the Ballet dance scene near the end of the movie. It was an interesting twist none the less.
    3. WHAT WAS UP WITH THE BUNNIES! This too distracted me from the film. They seem just as relevant as doves in a John Woo film like face/off. Other than the symbolic purpose (if there is any), why were they there?
    4. Why are some of these clones nearly invincible and others are not? During the scene when the Tyler family were being killed off, the Wilson family used weapons (such as a fireplace poker and other dangerous objects) which would have caused the clones to be either render unconscious, severely wounded or even killed. Instead, there were moments when the twins (in particular) would take the blows from these weapons as if they did very little to no damage. While others are just as fragile as regular human beings.
    5. I do like how Mojo explained near the beginning of this video that the government attempted to create exact clones of people with their personalities, but failed to do so. Then, mojo later explains how Jason's clone shares some key characteristics with Jason. Another word, his clone had some of Jason's personality traits. How ironic.
    6. Some of the short comedic moments in the film. Remember when Jason and Zora entered the Tyler house, Zora grabbed a poker and made a funny face when Jason chose a gemstone stand as a weapon? To me, this clashed with the creepy atmosphere of the scene. If I was Jason, I would have done the same thing (grabbed whatever was available which could have been used as a weapon to defend myself and my sister). Not the right time to add a ha ha moment.

    These are just a few thoughts which were swirling around my mind when watching this film.
    For those who like this movie, I fully understand. It's well shot, well acted, had great directing and cinematography and was pretty scary overall. However, the plot-holes and inconsistencies were too much for me to take.


    I kind of noticed how the fake Adelaide on the surface tried to sympathise when each one of the clone kid dies...truly well directed.

  • Montae Maldonado
    Montae Maldonado Month ago +1

    So y didn't they help the dad when he was getting his ass beat at the door 🤔🤔🤦🤦

  • Kishore Anand
    Kishore Anand Month ago

    7:25 ya i agree your picks. Was it top 10?

  • Ricardo Murillo
    Ricardo Murillo Month ago

    She answers "we are Americans" (US), simple. The dark side is just as symmetrical as its bright side in the US. But the movie asks who is the American on the bright side? The one addicted to phones and the pursuit of buying new cars, boats, plastic surgery, glass houses? Or the one in anger with the impulse to kill itself and avenge everything? It's all screwed up in an organized binary way, because Americans believe in the illusion of black or white, cowboys or indians, Republicans or Democrats, commies or capitalists. I feel blessed to be Mexican. I don't have to worry about my tether, Mexicans are good and bad, poor and rich, funny and sad, and we know it. Mexicans don't need the pretend game, we know from the start we are naturally imperfect, we may not like it but we know it. That is why the lady proposes to escape to Mexico, no tethers there. So morality: "get out"... explore the world without this Trumpian black or white, rich or poor mentality. Escape this impossible crazy duality.

  • Lune
    Lune Month ago

    The movie was so cool, my friends were scared to see it. So i had to watch it alone

  • SeaBass SeaBass
    SeaBass SeaBass Month ago

    That was the longest 14 minutes for the police to arrive in a white neighborhood.
    Reminded me of:

  • Putang Ina
    Putang Ina Month ago

    The black father in this movie is so useless. Fucking hate him.
    He's the worst movie father.

  • ack
    ack Month ago +1

    Just because the mother is the actual clone, doesn’t mean I’m against her. She’s done so much to help her family and saved her children.

  • G - Ang
    G - Ang Month ago

    Can anyone explain to me what was Tethered ?

  • potpolima
    potpolima Month ago

    The system of good vs evil in the bible is flawed.. the son of bill gates will likely go to heaven with 99% chance while the son of julius caesar will go to hell since he is destined to kill thousands..

  • Mike Fraser
    Mike Fraser Month ago

    I gave this a down vote, because you raised more questions than answers... and actually didn't really explain the ending... :(

  • Molefinyane Senooe
    Molefinyane Senooe Month ago

    Jordan peele is a fucking genius

  • Uriel Ferres
    Uriel Ferres Month ago

    So that's how my brain cells got raped

  • Akshay prabhakar
    Akshay prabhakar Month ago +1

    I predicted at the begenning...that she is not the real she...its obvious...🤷🤷🤷

  • FZ CBH
    FZ CBH Month ago +1

    For some reason the event of movie reminds me of Gog and Magog.

  • MOB_JR007-
    MOB_JR007- Month ago

    This movie was so GAY

  • chris lubuguin
    chris lubuguin Month ago +1

    Agree, who is the puppet master? If the Tethered mimic the originals above, then the Mother Adelaide would have copied what Red is doing since she is an original and not a clone. What are the kids? They're offspring of the cloned parents and therefore originals in a sense. So why they're still tethered to the original kids.

  • John Paul Colana
    John Paul Colana Month ago

    Why does the "original" act weird and not looking like a real human all movie long when infact she's a human?

  • JustiMagine Pictures zw

    There’s A Family In Our Driveway 🥶

  • Dibyajyoti Gogoi
    Dibyajyoti Gogoi Month ago

    Damn.... I had to come to youtube to understand this movie. But the movie was damn good. Totally watchable. Finally i understood what the story was all about.

  • The Knashikah
    The Knashikah Month ago

    This movie is a great work of literature. Amazing!