The Ending of "Us" (2019) Explained!

  • Published on Mar 24, 2019
  • If you just got back from the theatre scratching your head, we'll be explaining the ending of Jordan Peele's new movie Us! It was a wild ride, and this new horror movie threw us for more than a couple loops! Lupita Nyong'o and the rest of the cast all pulled in impressive performances, as it seems like Jason Blum and Blumhouse have struck gold again after Get Out! Still confused? Well let us explain the ending of Us, which is being called a modern horror classic! What's your favorite modern horror movie? Let us know in the comments!
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  • PastelLoverGirl
    PastelLoverGirl 18 hours ago

    So the on in white is the fake and the one in red is real?

  • Reggie Hawkins
    Reggie Hawkins 3 days ago

    So i seen people say that the sequal of "us" will be "you" it would be the same.

    • Reggie Hawkins
      Reggie Hawkins 3 days ago

      But, the sequal would be THEM because it would be about the tetter being killed.

  • Yara Sadeq
    Yara Sadeq 3 days ago

    Ok so, the mom in the red, was the real mom, that’s why she tried to take the kids, and did you notice? She’s the only one who knew how to speak English. All the others, were screaming in this weird language

  • LovelyTosha 702
    LovelyTosha 702 3 days ago

    OMG!! Thank u for breaking this down for me! I left the movies a week confused as hell! Thank u❤️

  • Dejah Boo
    Dejah Boo 3 days ago

    Who already seen us

  • predictionzzz
    predictionzzz 4 days ago

    Missed the theory that Jason is a clone also, and in the car when adelaide was showing Jason to snap on rythm to the song when they were going to the beach, both of them were off beat just a little easter egg😀

  • el n
    el n 4 days ago


  • vazak11
    vazak11 4 days ago

    Good stuff!

  • Nicks 92 videos
    Nicks 92 videos 4 days ago +1

    I watched it yesterday at the movies it's a really great movie plenty of funny stuff from Jordan and pretty scary as well can't wait for a sequel to this.

  • Daphne Byke
    Daphne Byke 6 days ago

    What about everyone referring to the moles people by color?.The red they wear.

  • TeachMe4Free
    TeachMe4Free 6 days ago

    The movie took too long to get interesting. I fell asleep after the first 20 minutes. I wish I had the patience to get through it. It's such an unusual plot twist.

  • Krystian Johnson
    Krystian Johnson 7 days ago

    We gotta have an arguement on the prices of those damn shirts

  • Nikol
    Nikol 7 days ago

    Unsurprised that this channel fails to mention any of the metaphors linked to America’s colonial past, even though the entire film is practically a metaphor

  • Sam H.
    Sam H. 7 days ago

    The sequel:Them

  • SMagnum04
    SMagnum04 8 days ago

    Fun fact:
    The original name of the movie was going to be “Me,” but that’s when the communists took over movie productions. That’s how the name Us came about.

  • Revilo
    Revilo 8 days ago

    incredible movie, just watched this!

  • Ara V
    Ara V 8 days ago

    Hold up I got a question. Reds boy has burn marks on his face. Why’s that??

  • Laylay Swipe
    Laylay Swipe 9 days ago

    i spoiled the movie for myself…😂

  • Maymaycuba Cuban
    Maymaycuba Cuban 10 days ago

    Got the movie, watched it 4 time's still don't fucking get the movie!

  • Courtney Simmons
    Courtney Simmons 10 days ago

    Cant wait for the next one call "help"

  • Fabian s
    Fabian s 10 days ago

    One of the worst movies I've ever seen, I want my 7euros back

  • Felix Auger
    Felix Auger 10 days ago

    That's not the kind of videos of watchmojo.

  • Queen TT Babydoll4life


  • Queen TT Babydoll4life


  • Queen TT Babydoll4life


  • Queen TT Babydoll4life

    I finished a unit in school a couple month agos on gothic unit doppleganger

  • nav-een alpha
    nav-een alpha 11 days ago

    sequel name: "miss us"

  • Issy
    Issy 11 days ago

    6:56 they’re children of clones. And since they’re half clones thanks to their mom and clones don’t have souls they’re most likely just like their mom

  • Issy
    Issy 11 days ago

    My youtube history is like 20 videos based on Us

  • Niyarare xx
    Niyarare xx 11 days ago

    The real girl was crazy asf

  • Nhajé
    Nhajé 12 days ago

    I feel so bad for red. She just wanted her life back

  • ronald albert Ansley
    ronald albert Ansley 12 days ago

    Jordan Peele will never tell no body !

  • Alberto Marsico
    Alberto Marsico 13 days ago

    Maybe I’m just dumb, but why the real Adelaide was stuck in the tunnels? Once she got uncuffed why didn’t she escape? Was she controlled like the other tethereds? Or maybe she was the only one controlled by the fake?
    A little bit confused here.

  • Unknown Female
    Unknown Female 13 days ago +1

    Y’all they need to do Halloween and Us together. Will Micheal have a doppelgänger? :p

  • Younger Family
    Younger Family 13 days ago


  • Taniya Michelle
    Taniya Michelle 13 days ago

    Cant wait for "now"

  • WavyHamz
    WavyHamz 14 days ago

    Us meaning the United States the clones were made by the government and the mother that was in red is the real one because when she was a girl she was replaced and the other mother told her daughter to put on her shoes because she knew the real one was coming back for revenge.

  • Music is MyLife
    Music is MyLife 14 days ago

    Not going to lie, the ending literally creeped me out because she was really the tethered one the ENTIRE time

  • Richard Johnson
    Richard Johnson 15 days ago

    It’s the Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung’s Shadow. 100% truth

  • Al's Variety
    Al's Variety 15 days ago

    Just saw Us.
    While Get Out is a better overall movie, Us is significantly solid throughout.

  • The Taco Kween
    The Taco Kween 15 days ago

    *If You Wanna Get Crazy.*
    *We Can Get Crazy.*

  • XxShadow ForcexX
    XxShadow ForcexX 15 days ago +2

    She didn’t stumble upon the tunnel at all. She knew exactly where she was going because she lived there for 90% of their childhood before the switch occurred

  • Uncle Duck
    Uncle Duck 15 days ago

    Research stuff. Some ppl who go through a trauma at a young age or any age. This trauma can cause a persons vocal cords to spasm and they sound like she does in this film. That was from an interview I seen. Lupita N'yongo said that she researched voices of ppl that experienced trauma in the past. That's where the voice comes from, but if you know that going into the movie then you can almost see the ending twist coming. Anyway I'd thought I'd throw that out there. Her voice isn't like that because of her getting choked it's like that because of the trauma of her switching out going from the surface to underground.

  • Fafa1526 World- Roblox and More

    "She confronted a little girl who looked exactly like her in a hall of mirrors."
    Hmm.... I wonder how that's possible....

    (If you don't understand sarcasm, I'm trying to say obviously she would see someone that looks like her in a hall of mirrors)

  • Ryan Ortiz
    Ryan Ortiz 16 days ago

    Wait so this was a spoiler?

  • Filippos Lambrou
    Filippos Lambrou 16 days ago

    What's the point then of trying kill of the family and not only the b*%*h

  • Gaming with Kitty
    Gaming with Kitty 16 days ago

    I already watched it but i really loved it! But i was the only 9 year old.....

  • Enikő Pénzes
    Enikő Pénzes 16 days ago

    But. Y'all. Why didn't real Adelaide have eyebrows. And also, how did the real Red grow them?

  • Danielle Martin
    Danielle Martin 16 days ago

    Are we just going to ignore the fact that Red looks a lot like Thriller era Michael Jackson which was the shirt that Adelaide’s dad won for her in the beginning of the movie? alrighty then

  • Barbie Beautiful
    Barbie Beautiful 17 days ago

    To me this is the best film I've ever seen. The scene where Red (Lupita) struggles with its duplicate, while simultaneously showing the ballet scene, with that music, is the best scene ever written.
    I can not figure out one thing. If the Adelaide (Lupita) was replaced with its double as a little child, how could she give birth to normal children, so Jason was replaced just as later, is that means that the whole family was replaced ???

  • Gustave Etheve
    Gustave Etheve 17 days ago

    When you realize that both Jason and his doppelganger is halfbreed.
    The tether Adeline made Jason with human husband. The real Adeline (who was underground) made her boy with a tether..
    With that, imagine both halfbreeds switching places and start again 😌
    Does that mean whom we say the "real human Jason" is the one who was above ground ( bred from the fake Adeline and human husband) or the one who was underground (bred from the real Adeline and fake husband)?
    Etc etc

    GORILLATEC _ 17 days ago


  • Tyree Clark
    Tyree Clark 17 days ago

    I wish that Red didn’t actually eat killed because that way we could have a another plot where she comes back ] or we atleast need something where it shows what the tethers end up doing and what happens with their family like if Jason ends up telling their sister and dad about the mom if she goes crazy and tries to kill them

  • Morenike Ojo
    Morenike Ojo 17 days ago +3

    Extremely disappointing film 🤷🏾‍♀️

  • Greenblood 52
    Greenblood 52 17 days ago

    I just saw that movie and it was fucking insane

  • JulianBEATS
    JulianBEATS 17 days ago

    I haven’t watched it yet but i know everything that happens

  • brother vs sister sibiling

    😱I’m scared for life

    (I’m not going to hell thats for sure)

  • Zurv M
    Zurv M 17 days ago

    Kidnaped and killed never came back bad father

  • Natalia Pedraza
    Natalia Pedraza 17 days ago

    Yesterday I watched the movie with my friends but we didn’t see the ending bc of a water issue

  • jolewis184
    jolewis184 18 days ago +1

    Omg...... I beg you pls do not waste your money, if u want to watch it, wait for it to come out on Netflix. It was the 2nd crappiest movie I hv ever watched. 1st one was split

  • Makayla's Dailyyy
    Makayla's Dailyyy 18 days ago +1

    Lemme put it like this Nice Quick and Easy💕 The mom was actually a DOUBLE!! She has been a double for her whole life, so the REAL mom gets revenge!(one dressed in red)

  • Little E
    Little E 18 days ago +4

    I feel bad for red she only wanted her real life back

  • Lᴇxɪ •
    Lᴇxɪ • 18 days ago

    I watch this and end up getting an add on pet semetary.
    What movie do they Want me watch, *I'm confussion.*

  • HenkkaL
    HenkkaL 18 days ago

    saw this movie yesterday and it was so weird :(

  • FZMaxin
    FZMaxin 19 days ago

    What did the rabbits eat
    -How did the tethered get the same clothes (white shirt for adelaides dad) and all other people above when they compared lifestyles
    -Why didn’t the girl just leave when she was brought down there
    -How did they all get red jumpsuits for an entire population and scissors
    -How can you fit the entire population down there
    -What was the US army doing surely it’s not too hard to take out a bunch of crazy folk with scissors especially when they started to line up.
    I absolutely loved ‘Get Out’ I just think this movie seemed better on script then film

  • Keira Azfara
    Keira Azfara 19 days ago

    This movie is such a good movie

  • JERSEY!!!!!
    JERSEY!!!!! 19 days ago

    The movie just left me with one question, and let’s settle this in the comments: who was the REAL villain of the story?

  • Floyd Thomas
    Floyd Thomas 19 days ago

    So it turns out adeliade's doppelganger was getting revenge on her the whole time and she's the real doppelganger

  • hope
    hope 19 days ago

    I used to love making wishes at 11:11 now I avoid looking at the clock at that time jksjsks

  • Brianna Smith
    Brianna Smith 19 days ago

    Why is this scaring me? now I went to the actual movie ALONE!

  • Meryem El oumari
    Meryem El oumari 19 days ago +2

    There is always a two sides of any story.

  • cody torio
    cody torio 19 days ago

    Not interested

    But tell me when its on Netflix

  • MarvinLegend
    MarvinLegend 19 days ago

    Sorry but this was never a horror

  • elvis darko
    elvis darko 20 days ago

    "Get out" of "US"

  • Carlos Lowkss
    Carlos Lowkss 20 days ago

    Why that kid at 2:31 look like David dobrik??

  • Dr Scruffy
    Dr Scruffy 20 days ago

    I’m confused

  • Coaster Boy
    Coaster Boy 20 days ago +3

    Jordan peele is one smart dude

  • Hyper _ toaster
    Hyper _ toaster 20 days ago +4

    Plot twist: the evil one is the mom!

  • Thembelani Chamane
    Thembelani Chamane 21 day ago

    Its not that she choked her its because she hasnt talked in a long time!!

  • Jesus Loves me
    Jesus Loves me 21 day ago

    I love this, it’s my favorite movie.

  • Anthony Brown
    Anthony Brown 21 day ago

    Jordan Peele it's trying to tell us how sick the world is clones are truly real you guys open your eyes... Jesus saves

  • Dj Skinz
    Dj Skinz 21 day ago

    I was a bit disappointed with this movie. So many plot holes and no real backstory about how the families got cloned? 5.5/10

  • Chelsea Elise
    Chelsea Elise 21 day ago

    Remember how in the movie it played f the police. F the police coming straight from the “underground” the underground is where the tethered come from. My cousin and I thought of this.

    • Chelsea Elise
      Chelsea Elise 20 days ago +1

      Kihller Connectz, the Marketing Pro's In the song it says “ f the police coming straight from the underground.” The underground is where the tethered liced

    • Kihller Connectz, the Marketing Pro's
      Kihller Connectz, the Marketing Pro's 20 days ago

      What is the connection between the underground and the F the police song Chelsea?

  • KilofrmOTB
    KilofrmOTB 21 day ago +1

    This shit is crazy i was so lost lol

  • MOMMYkillest
    MOMMYkillest 22 days ago

    The clone had kids...That means the kids were clones. Meanwhile, the real woman didn't give birth. Her kids were created out of darkness. Total mindfuck.

  • Hodan Matan
    Hodan Matan 22 days ago

    I watched this movie with my friend and she got so mad at me for picking it and then she texted me saying I loved it so much

  • kinda stormy
    kinda stormy 22 days ago

    I really like the music from this movie

  • Trent Riley
    Trent Riley 22 days ago

    How about leaving this to the experts

  • Diamond Dancy
    Diamond Dancy 22 days ago

    So the lady in the orange suit was the real mother and the on that had the kids and killed them self’s was a fake I understand now so the kids in orange are the kids of the other lady or something like that

  • Jack Gill
    Jack Gill 22 days ago +1

    Ya know the time 22:22 exists😬

  • Daniela sunda
    Daniela sunda 22 days ago

    Them rhetorical questions tho

  • John Smitherson
    John Smitherson 22 days ago

    Well that "Hands Across America" didn't do much to homeless did it?

  • Amari Marie
    Amari Marie 22 days ago

    And also I’m sure if she said it in the video but Jason was switched at birth and so the boy in the red suit was the real Jason.

    • Sincerely Diamond_
      Sincerely Diamond_ 21 day ago

      Dreams_Of Amari no he wasn’t switched, him and his sister are just half tethered lol

  • PokemonAssociate
    PokemonAssociate 22 days ago

    *It’s us, can we get out*

  • Ronnie 2k
    Ronnie 2k 22 days ago

    The government coulda just gave everybody a twin sibling so this wouldn’t happen

  • Jyoti Gonjare
    Jyoti Gonjare 22 days ago


  • siddhant bhat
    siddhant bhat 22 days ago +1

    what an amazing film. the ending leads to various questions but still is very satisfying and well done. for me, this is by far the best film of the year. keep it up jordan peele.

  • iconic
    iconic 22 days ago +1

    Lmao when I watched this with my best friend I was scared I kept hugging her and I was like okay I wanna leave 😂

  • Daniel Rodriguez
    Daniel Rodriguez 23 days ago +1

    🤔 idk who side to pick