President Donald Trump gets unexpected laugh at United Nations - BBC News

  • Published on Sep 25, 2018
  • US President Donald Trump has made the delegates at the UN general assembly laugh - seemingly without attempting to do so.
    Mr Trump told the assembly he was sharing the "extraordinary progress" of his administration, two years after taking office.
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  • Lulu R
    Lulu R 22 hours ago

    What a loser!!!! He’s seething 😤 at that moment. The worse thing that can be done to a thin skinned egotistical idiot like trump is to be laughed at by your peers and not expect it

  • JJ Maelstrom
    JJ Maelstrom 3 days ago

    I was laughing at The Donald before it was cool.

  • Victoria Jane
    Victoria Jane 7 days ago

    He’s so arrogant he doesn’t realize he’s being laughed AT

  • Melchi Zedeq
    Melchi Zedeq 9 days ago

    *Let´s see the bright side....Trump made Israel and Palestine laugh at the same time!*

  • betolevrone
    betolevrone 12 days ago

    that's what happens when you don't have a bunch of rednecks and hill billies as a crowd

  • Midnite St0rm
    Midnite St0rm 23 days ago +1

    He laughs with them like he’s pretending he’s in on the joke when he doesn’t even realize he IS the joke.

  • TheLewisHayes
    TheLewisHayes 25 days ago

    hahaha I love at 0:14 he takes like a second to think, "oh shieeet, this is the bullshit I usually pedal to the peeps at home.. Should I keep going... Fuck I'm already mid sentence.... Yes..". Then by the end I swear I can see in his eyes he knows he just fucked up haha

  • Brian O'Leary
    Brian O'Leary 26 days ago

    Watch the full video you liberal sheep. He wiped the smiles off all their faces 😂

  • heat cliff
    heat cliff 29 days ago

    With no wars.

  • Snowbird2016
    Snowbird2016 Month ago

    Don't forget to leave a note for President Biden you frumpy, classless old man! Why don't you just fuck off now?

  • Dave Carlson
    Dave Carlson Month ago

    I love America even more with trump in the white house. I'm Canadian and I'm sick of the liberal hypocritical gay stream media telling me what to think. Blue wave in Canada thanks to this man. Love trump. God bless America.

  • Sam Alfakir
    Sam Alfakir Month ago

    Hey Donald .. you're such joke the whole world is laughing at you... you moron

  • Mark Beaudry
    Mark Beaudry Month ago

    That's right Mr. President start by bragging about how your better than everyone.

  • Y B
    Y B Month ago

    Fuck y’all but some respect on my president

  • Chris Asimopoulos
    Chris Asimopoulos Month ago

    What a complete Boob.

  • January Colnick
    January Colnick Month ago

    They are laughing AT Donald Trump, NOT WITH Donald Trump.

  • moe moe
    moe moe 2 months ago

    I dont get americans. The only president who is really trying to help his country by keeping illegal people out and making more jobs for the people and protecting the country from terrorists and yet they all laugh at him? Seriously americans are pathetic. I wish we had a leader like him.

  • Shihab Al Din
    Shihab Al Din 2 months ago

    That was the most passive aggressive lacklustre applause I've ever heard

  • Xezatt
    Xezatt 2 months ago

    A great businessman has to come up with some BS somehow...but try keeping it less obvious.

  • 218prototype
    218prototype 2 months ago

    Don’t worry, Donald. They’re not laughing at you. They’re laughing WITH us AT you!

  • Eric Allen
    Eric Allen 2 months ago

    On behalf of the United States, I would like to apologize for this clown getting into office. The majority of us who voted did not vote for him.

  • JT Romeo
    JT Romeo 2 months ago

    Trump is a clown

  • kabilan
    kabilan 2 months ago


  • Robin Glisson
    Robin Glisson 2 months ago

    To all non-Americans and Americans alike: This man does not represent me or more than half of the nation. We are angry, yes, because we are being misrepresented. Most of our public does not know how evil, corrupt, and manipulative this government is. Some just don't care, because they can't see past their own little lives. Even knowing doesn't help. For me, I'm just reminded of how powerless I am. I humbly ask that you forgive these indiscretions. As a majority, we want to be better. We are not all what the rest of the world thinks Americans are. We don't want to be a nation of hatred, prejudice, violence, and false liberty. We are not all bullies, bigots, or murderers. We need your help, not your criticism. Please keep that in mind for the future. Thank-you for your time.

  • Violet Synthesis
    Violet Synthesis 2 months ago

    Yikes lol

  • John Slade
    John Slade 3 months ago

    This poor dope is delusional. The emperor has no clothes, no brain and no common sense.

  • donny russell
    donny russell 3 months ago

    Go put your head in a hole

  • vidya sagar
    vidya sagar 3 months ago

    Wat a pussy

  • Karen From Finasse
    Karen From Finasse 3 months ago

    Cue "Curb Your Enthusiasm" theme song

  • Pufy Cino
    Pufy Cino 4 months ago

    lol This bufoon is funny indeed :)

  • xed alpha
    xed alpha 4 months ago

    Leader of the free world ladies and gentlemen...

  • lonewolffang
    lonewolffang 4 months ago

    Donald, that's not an applause, you idiot.

  • 123 456
    123 456 4 months ago

    Trump is a clown

  • TruthHerald - R MICALLEF

    ALL THE FOOLS ON THE LEFT ARE. BRAINWASHED BY THE MEDIA THAT CONSIDER THEM MORONS. YOU ALL BELIEVE THE GARBAGE THEY TELL YOU. YOU ARE PAWNS IN THEIR TAKEOVER GAME. IF You only knew what they have planned for all Americans, left or right, you would jump on the bandwagon for President Trump today. They are using you to take down the United States government, you and your family and capitalism and anything you think that you can make money with. The left‘s LUCIFERIANS are working to turn America into Venezuela. Don’t keep fighting Trump when you wake up it’ll be too late🆘

  • TruthHerald - R MICALLEF

    WE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU #MyPresident DONALD J. TRUMP❤️💙❤️⭐️🇺🇸

  • bilal siddiqui
    bilal siddiqui 5 months ago

    They laugh because they were happy.. with the smartest most honest person ever to grace their stage as president of america. Quit twisting your facts fake news !

  • Winston Wei
    Winston Wei 5 months ago

    I just want to make sure, this isn't the white house's correspondent dinner right?

  • Epoch Eon
    Epoch Eon 5 months ago

    I would rather have Mr.Hankey the Christmas poo as a president.

  • Renz Sanz
    Renz Sanz 5 months ago

    He is so arrogant and so conceited and such a dick head such a shity person wow. 👎👎

  • Tim
    Tim 5 months ago

    this crowd did not have high energy; GET 'EM OUT!

  • George Andrews
    George Andrews 5 months ago

    The United Nations has become a communist promoting organization and we should abandon it with the trash...

    • John Miller
      John Miller 5 months ago

      You don't know what the hell you're talking about (inside of hell)

    • Rick Stuifzand
      Rick Stuifzand 5 months ago

      You are so brain dead that your head is attracting flies.

  • Hugo Danner
    Hugo Danner 5 months ago

  • Hugo Danner
    Hugo Danner 5 months ago

    You need to dubb in Eddie Murphy's laugh over Trump's BS.

  • Tarquin Farquhar
    Tarquin Farquhar 5 months ago

    That's gold right there. Maybe he should do stand up.

  • Buckeyecat2002
    Buckeyecat2002 5 months ago +1

    They all laughed, because they already knew that he's the one who flew over the coo-coo's nest and became President of the USA.

  • isaac A
    isaac A 5 months ago

    lol complete idiot of a president. His supporters are just as dumb

  • Elias Manos
    Elias Manos 5 months ago

    I was laughing at Donald Trump...
    before it was cool.

  • Blueberry
    Blueberry 5 months ago +1


  • pureinhart
    pureinhart 5 months ago

    The laughing stock of the world. A deluded claim for a deluded man and Country.

  • triplebackspace
    triplebackspace 6 months ago

    I hope the world realizes that Trump is the result of a broken and corrupt political system.
    The best thing to be said about him is that he is so divisive attacking everyone that doesn't belong to his cult like fellowship that I can argue that only they are stupid enough to want him as their representative.
    I have never been so happy to be able to provide so much evidence of our political systems dysfunction. I can at least distance myself far away from this man's phenomenal stupidity.

  • CJ Neppey
    CJ Neppey 6 months ago

    "America will stop getting laughed at"
    Gets laughed at

  • nivedita bhalla
    nivedita bhalla 6 months ago

    A litral representation of the line "the whole world's laughing at trump"

  • MrX
    MrX 6 months ago

    Why dont people like this guy? He is a smart guy. Sure he acts more like a wiseguy than a politician but thats a refreshment.

  • Romulan2469
    Romulan2469 6 months ago

    They are laughing at this man's insane level of narcissism.

  • KC Boon
    KC Boon 6 months ago

    What a fucken clown

  • Pathfinder Xander
    Pathfinder Xander 6 months ago +1

    We're laughing at you, not with you Trump.

  • Unen Linog
    Unen Linog 6 months ago +1

    In the past when the president of the USA speaks everyone sits still and listened. Now they laughed... its very sad

  • billyBk91
    billyBk91 6 months ago +2

    I used to think that "Trump Derangement Syndrome" was some stupid meme but as I read the comments sections of videos uploaded by these news outlets, I'm starting to believe that it is a real diagnosis.
    Saying that Trump is stupid, or a terrible president or the antichrist without backing up your claims with statistics, or concrete evidence or viable references is definitely not an argument and makes you look like a mindless drone A.K.A NPC, I don't care about your stupid indignation and your butthurt, most people who don't like Trump can't prove that's he's a terrible president and that should be the ultimate testament to how brainwashed and sheep-like leftists, democrats and liberals are.

    • Dorian Montez
      Dorian Montez 6 months ago

      Left right. Blind not blind. Red blue, they are all coming for you. They fall we all fall. This is one fast highway to hell and we are all on it.

    • xxdash
      xxdash 6 months ago

      Symptoms of this syndrome include -
      - holding peace talks with sworn enemy force the first time in decades (north korea)
      - lowering unemployment drastically
      - lowering illegal immigrant numbers drastically

  • Three Two
    Three Two 6 months ago +1

    Which administration made peace with north korea? Even if he is funny sometimes, he can also be true sometimes

    • Bruce McDonald
      Bruce McDonald 5 months ago

      He made peace with North Korea? Now I'm laughing at YOU.

  • manoz ghimire
    manoz ghimire 6 months ago

    Love my president

    • Bruce McDonald
      Bruce McDonald 5 months ago

      No matter what he says or does....right? Typical.

  • Alcaeus89
    Alcaeus89 6 months ago

    I want Dubyah back

  • The7legacy
    The7legacy 6 months ago

    Even Bozo The Clown Laughs At Trump!

  • David Argenal
    David Argenal 6 months ago

    “....have accomplished more than almost any administration....” this guy is dumb as shit

  • Jerel Moore
    Jerel Moore 6 months ago

    The world laughs at America. What a joke

  • xv12commander
    xv12commander 6 months ago

    Why don't you attack him on content??!

  • Wayne Wintermute
    Wayne Wintermute 6 months ago

    The UN isn't laughing too loud now and they will be laughing a lot less when we pull out and take our money with us!!

    • Bruce McDonald
      Bruce McDonald 5 months ago

      Bye bye. The world is already preparing for that. Read the news.

  • the rooster
    the rooster 6 months ago

    Do you mean the deviant globalist nation destroyers. Love what they've done so far. Idiots. Trump is for the people. They want America to fall.

  • BRBPancake
    BRBPancake 6 months ago

    I'm happy to know the rest of the world hasn't gone crazy

    LIL CHIM 6 months ago


  • Jenova Lee
    Jenova Lee 7 months ago +1

    Is he saying "America's so true"?

  • juju bone
    juju bone 7 months ago

    I love him

  • CageCat
    CageCat 7 months ago

    And I thought Jacob Zuma was bad...

  • Jay Stringer
    Jay Stringer 7 months ago

    why did bbc run only 89 seconds of the President's, because they couldn't find anymore footage that fit it's elitist agenda. even Brits find you offensive.

    • theQuestion626
      theQuestion626 7 months ago

      I saw the entire speech. It was typical Trump sales pitch with no evidence to back up its bold claims. Nothing "elitist" about pointing out this man's incompetence and exaggerations

  • Felipe de Almeida
    Felipe de Almeida 7 months ago

    Well, at least he won't be alone in being laughable.Brazil's next president, Bolsonaro, will share the shame with him

  • Mister Man
    Mister Man 7 months ago +1

    When Reality Set in. Puppet Man

  • sagar adhikari
    sagar adhikari 7 months ago

    Trump’s English Vocabulary is damn good!!

  • 23rdJune
    23rdJune 7 months ago +2

    Amazing! Apparently, everyone is laughing at him, yet he won the Republican nomination, beat Hillary Clinton to become president, got Kavanaugh confirmed above all the odds, may well be only the third sitting president ever to have his party gain more seats overall the midterms, and is the bookies favorite to win a second term in 2020. I personally think The Donald may be having a little chuckle to himself. Just my thoughts, don't want to upset anyone.

    • Zzzsszzz zzzssszzzss
      Zzzsszzz zzzssszzzss 2 months ago

      He is an idiot who doesn't think about the things you just said. He can't comprehend them

  • Its just my opinion.
    Its just my opinion. 7 months ago

    He has to point out his wins, just about the whole swath of tv is against him.

  • Just A Guy Production
    Just A Guy Production 7 months ago

    The world has been laughing at the US since 2016.

  • Renate Cox
    Renate Cox 7 months ago

    He actually believes his bullshit. Well he gave himself an A+ what else can we expect.

  • Bonarchy
    Bonarchy 7 months ago

    The entire world laughed at him

  • Ira Brightman
    Ira Brightman 7 months ago

    You commenters and the media are ridiculously wrong. Try listening to what actually occurred. Most accurate video is from CNBC (under 3 minutes):
    As you can see, there were a few snickers and such after his initial hyperbolic comments. Then he went along with it, showing he could take a joke. At that point he got a huge appreciative laugh and appreciative applause. Yes, applause.
    Listen to what happened, not what you want to have happened! His further laudatory remarks, praising his administration, and the U.S., all were received with total respect. Let's be fair and accurate in our critiques, and not fall to his general level. In this instance he handled things quite well, though of course his essential remarks could be debated and fact-checked.
    If you want to heartily laugh at Trump's actual blunders, errors in judgement and otherwise, and terrible policies, check out my book, "The Trump Papers," on Amazon (low price). Trump makes enough real mistakes, on many levels. We need to be fair and accurate and criticize sensibly, otherwise how much better are we than him?

  • stupart idsm
    stupart idsm 7 months ago

    The best the brightest those who are the most dedicated to public service from the entire planet laugh at him because the dumb shit he says should put in perspective how bad of a situation we got ourselves into

  • Smithers Withers
    Smithers Withers 7 months ago

    He had no clue what he was talking about cx

  • Andrew Lohbihler
    Andrew Lohbihler 7 months ago

    What an embarrassment !!!

  • DubDanTV
    DubDanTV 7 months ago +2

    All the hate, but just watch... trump going to be president again!
    Trump 2020

  • StickFigureStudio
    StickFigureStudio 7 months ago

    Trump says so true which makes the audience laugh as it is a funny remark.

  • Will Yoshi
    Will Yoshi 7 months ago

    I see nothing wrong here. He's having a great time, and so is the rest of the General Assembly.

  • Neronerd 28
    Neronerd 28 7 months ago

    “Today I stand before the United Nations to look like a fool and act like a fool. I expected that reaction and that’s ok...”

  • Autumn Masand
    Autumn Masand 7 months ago

    love trump

  • ishouldbuythis
    ishouldbuythis 7 months ago

    Do you hear them laughing AT him or WITH him?

  • DGKonkrete
    DGKonkrete 7 months ago +1

    Of coarse you dumbass Democrats run your mouths. Why you think the U.N doesn't like Trump? Because the United States are no longer paying for their defence budget. And arnt following their bullshit climate accord

  • Emily C
    Emily C 7 months ago

    That’s because he lives in a fantasy world.

  • Willay Strata
    Willay Strata 7 months ago

    How is he not in jail for treason. There is no justice for the wealthy AT ALL.

  • Mr E
    Mr E 7 months ago

    Another nothingburger by the MSM

  • Ricardo Delacruz
    Ricardo Delacruz 7 months ago

    I still have hope for America and will get better ,all this craziness will just be a bad memory.

  • Maximilianmus is a cunt
    Maximilianmus is a cunt 7 months ago +4

    he always says dumb stuff when he's wearing Melania's panties - cutting off blood supply to his brain

  • UltraKryptonian
    UltraKryptonian 7 months ago

    Oh, what's this... the U.S. has negotiated a new trade deal with Canada and Mexico, then there is a jump in the U.S. stock market? Let's laugh at President Trump for that - all this winning is making me laugh!

  • Thang Za Thang
    Thang Za Thang 7 months ago

    It’s amazing how this 40 second clip makes people jump to conclusions but if you watch the full speech on this same channel ( literally the next upload after this video ) , everyone in the comment section is praising him. It seems if you bother to watch the whole speech, you suddenly change your opinion.

    DIII DMON 7 months ago

    Such a fool...