If Steph Curry Had Been Drafted No. 1 by the Clippers 10 Years Ago

  • Published on Jun 19, 2019
  • Imagine how different the NBA landscape would be 10 years ago if Steph Curry had joined the Clippers in the 2009 NBA draft.
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Comments • 793

  • Lucas Liso
    Lucas Liso 9 days ago

    So, is Doncic in the Hawks in this reality?

  • SharaRanks
    SharaRanks 19 days ago

    The battle of LA is true now since BR predicted it

  • Angelo
    Angelo Month ago

    Need more of this.

  • John Kenneth Espadon 0212

    Stephen Curry/Kawhi Leonard/Paul George
    Super Team

  • Peek the Ankylosaurus

    Holy shit this editing..

  • Malik Ray
    Malik Ray Month ago

    Crazy this predicted pg to clippers and the lakers vs clippers upcoming showdowns

  • Green450
    Green450 3 months ago

    The battlegrounds as mentioned in the video is true today except with clippers having have a great team without steph curry

  • Noob next door
    Noob next door 3 months ago

    Someone needs to edit that battle la shot rn

  • Braeden Steele
    Braeden Steele 3 months ago

    Well now la is the new battleground but it’s kawhi vs Lebron. And George and AD are the sidekicks

  • Roger Nabat
    Roger Nabat 3 months ago

    Create more of this, please.

  • PixelGGod
    PixelGGod 3 months ago

    If lebron went to the lakers instead of the cavs kobe would have had 7 or 8 rings

  • 2009
    2009 3 months ago

    This more interesting than the real battle of la

    JKJUNIOR95 3 months ago

    Cool edit

  • Jesus Hernandez
    Jesus Hernandez 3 months ago

    It doesn't matter because at the end of the day we got Kawhi Leonard and Paul George

  • Henry Durand
    Henry Durand 4 months ago

    LA is the battleground now ;)

  • Lucas Liso
    Lucas Liso 4 months ago

    I wonder what games would be like if the NBA had suddenly a 4-point line...

  • Angelo
    Angelo 4 months ago

    They got PG right in the Clippers

  • D McPhee
    D McPhee 5 months ago

    One of he coolest thigs i have ever seen
    Do more

  • 2009
    2009 5 months ago +1

    It’s funny cause the battle of la is coming up

  • IJ_2005
    IJ_2005 5 months ago

    The editing was so good i thought it was real and decided to search it lol

  • AkaGlide
    AkaGlide 5 months ago

    Looking back at this video, it predicted PG going to the Clippers.

  • DarkLander
    DarkLander 5 months ago +1

    This video predicted Paul George to the Clippers, Illuminati confirmed.

  • Brandon Alvarado
    Brandon Alvarado 5 months ago +1

    At 1:47 PG going the Clippers became REALITY funny right, how did they know? Los Angeles now is a battleground. Man they knew before anyone did.

  • Artemis Leonard
    Artemis Leonard 5 months ago +1

    Wait a minute did they predict PG13 to Clippers at 1.47

  • Malik Ray
    Malik Ray 5 months ago

    Crazy that this predicted Paul George on the clippers and the battle for LA🤭

  • Patrick Medardo Panganiban

    It will happen next season 😮 Battel in LA

  • Matt Martin
    Matt Martin 5 months ago

    1:52 this possibility is what made Kawhi choose the Clippers

  • Paulo Garcia
    Paulo Garcia 5 months ago +1

    pg to clippers and battleground LA now real👀👀👀

  • Klays' feelings
    Klays' feelings 5 months ago +1

    I'm here cause the battle for LA supremacy came true Lebron - AD - Kuz vs Kawhi - PG - Bev LAL vs LAC its gonna be lit 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👀👀👀👀👀👀

  • Silky Durag Stefan
    Silky Durag Stefan 5 months ago +1

    Who's watching this now that they have kawhi and Paul George make that blue if so

  • Michael Cabardo
    Michael Cabardo 5 months ago

    They got PG now haha

  • Giovanni Bielza
    Giovanni Bielza 5 months ago +1

    Kawhi Leonard and Paul George vs LeBron James and Anthony Davis

  • xXSebastian_MatuteXx
    xXSebastian_MatuteXx 5 months ago

    Should have been in a Game 7 of the Western Conference Finals where Curry got lost to LeBron and the Lakers.

  • Money Motivated
    Money Motivated 5 months ago

    Leave it to the clippers to play themselves 😂😂😂

  • Lolli Poppy
    Lolli Poppy 5 months ago


  • get a bigger rooster
    get a bigger rooster 5 months ago

    Kawhi leonard was really drafted in pacers, for those are confused.

  • michael angelo bacelonia

    curry guarding lebron ? hahaha wow. . u really are a curry fan

  • Baking with Megan
    Baking with Megan 5 months ago +1

    What if........
    It's a question we ask way to much, but not enough
    What if........

  • Ka Kulafu
    Ka Kulafu 5 months ago

    It was better than putting stephen curry play for the clippers in nba 2k

  • Fanta Bamba
    Fanta Bamba 5 months ago

    Clippers nation!!!!!!

  • Sufian Aziz
    Sufian Aziz 5 months ago

    Too good

  • alianzafc14
    alianzafc14 5 months ago

    More beyond reality, more

  • Riski Munshif
    Riski Munshif 5 months ago

    Unbeliveble editing, holly shit -_-

  • Logan Nowicki
    Logan Nowicki 5 months ago

    In all honesty, it wouldn't have mattered. The racist still owned the team back then so they woulda wasted his first couple years. If you remember his first few years, he was made of glass.
    So he woulda probably been waived after his third year and fight to not be a reserve for the next few years.
    You also got to take into account the great coaching he received from Mark Jackson and the Warriors that he wouldn't have gotten in LA

  • Big Boy
    Big Boy 5 months ago

    They would end up trading him

  • DripzV
    DripzV 5 months ago +2

    We all know if Curry didn’t go to the Warriors he wouldn’t have develop how he did.

  • ez Joseph
    ez Joseph 5 months ago

    Yeah.Kd,James harden,Russ are back

  • Frank Meng
    Frank Meng 5 months ago

    0:39 Lol I see the incompetence of the Sacramento Kings is still there...

  • Vergel Chua Cruz
    Vergel Chua Cruz 5 months ago

    Who ever edited this is a God

  • Karl Justin Cuevas
    Karl Justin Cuevas 5 months ago

    The edit was just awesome. But I think Steph in LA wouldn't have been as good as Steph in GS. And he may not win a championship in LA since he's just Steph Curry. No disrespect to Steph but he's not that great of a star player. He's a team player. He didn't win championships by himself. He knows that he needs the best of his team as well as the team needs the best of Steph. He may not be a great star player but he is one of the greatest players in NBA.

  • TYO
    TYO 5 months ago +3

    When i saw the L.A battle part i got *chills*

  • Keith Colin Ong
    Keith Colin Ong 5 months ago


  • FunGuy TN
    FunGuy TN 5 months ago

    1:48 😑😑😑

  • Alpha Ben
    Alpha Ben 5 months ago

    Nice esit hahaha

  • ASUS Swag
    ASUS Swag 5 months ago

    Can I get the editors name?

  • Prag Bikram Shah`
    Prag Bikram Shah` 5 months ago

    This edit tho

  • Adobo Rice
    Adobo Rice 5 months ago

    out of this world editing skills

  • TheTen Guy
    TheTen Guy 5 months ago

    the editor is the truly mvp

  • SirDog
    SirDog 5 months ago

    Whoever edited this get this man a raise

  • Semet Kilinc
    Semet Kilinc 5 months ago

    You all should never forget This Man was very injured in his early career. Maybe clippers have him traded or not give a contract after rookie contract. GSW trusted him and gave a contract which many people didnt understand.