Gutfeld on buying Greenland

  • Published on Aug 21, 2019
  • The prime minister of Denmark refuses to sell Greenland to the U.S. #TheFive #FoxNews
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Comments • 2 132

  • mark jackson
    mark jackson Day ago

    Juan....You're absurd!

  • MommaD* *
    MommaD* * 10 days ago

    Dont we hv a small base there? We must give them food stamps like Puerto Rico.

  • Mark Lundgren
    Mark Lundgren 12 days ago

    This show must be satire, and not even good.

  • Jarod Farrant
    Jarod Farrant 12 days ago

    The day Denmark sells Greenland is the day Mexico pays for the wall, both aren’t gonna happen.

  • Albert
    Albert 13 days ago

    Well, Alberta would welcome statehood whole heartily! We’d all love to distance ourselves from corrupt liberal shortage of resources can we sign up?

  • Nexus Player
    Nexus Player 13 days ago

    Anybody can have a tv program in America.

  • Evan Moreno
    Evan Moreno 16 days ago +1

    This comment section has some of the most arrogant people on Earth.
    Every part of the United States we’ve bought was either during westward expansion from France that funded the Napoleonic wars(1803), or Alaska from the Russian Empire(1863)when they had just lost the Crimean war, and couldn’t afford to settle and protect it compared to the rest of the country when foreign imperialism was still a genuine threat. Not only is Greenland a Constituent country in its own right, Denmark is not going to sacrifice it in today’s economy. Besides, reaping potential industries would twist the climate and significantly raise carbon emissions when that’s the last thing we need.
    It’s pathetic that people have to explain this to snowflake conservatives who perceive that the president knows everything he’s doing and its effects inside and out spotlessly.

  • Robert Kotal
    Robert Kotal 18 days ago

    It is plan to buy it this 1946

  • 沁水灣
    沁水灣 18 days ago

    “The president didn’t expect this to leak”
    Seriously? He literally post it on his Twitter!

  • A Cor
    A Cor 19 days ago

    Definition of ugly Americans

  • Jimmi Povlsen
    Jimmi Povlsen 19 days ago

    Greenland is not ours to Sell.. why do You think that? ! 😂🤣🤣

  • aaronclay79
    aaronclay79 19 days ago


  • Kingawarsa
    Kingawarsa 19 days ago

    You can’t buy us

  • Ted Bergmann
    Ted Bergmann 19 days ago

    Yes, Juan, let's let the people of Greenland choose. All 56,000 of them on an island more than twice the size of Texas, The strategic importance of Greenland cannot be underestimated. China is consistently r=trying to move in. Trump knows this. Project "Ice Worm" should be investigated by those with a curious mind.

  • bigbigbigdoug
    bigbigbigdoug 20 days ago

    "We will buy Greenland . . and Greenland will pay for it!"

  • ripntearit
    ripntearit 20 days ago

    Wildwood castle
    I have no life

  • Amazing Guy
    Amazing Guy 21 day ago +2

    If Trump bought Greenland that would make him officially the best president ever.

  • Marcus Pilgaard
    Marcus Pilgaard 22 days ago +2

    Greenland is an independent country. But it is still under the danish crown. Denmark cant sell Greenland. That would be like if Taiwan was selling China.

  • Pappy
    Pappy 22 days ago +1


  • Hej med dig 1
    Hej med dig 1 22 days ago

    Stupid americans

  • John King
    John King 22 days ago

    Trump can't understand why somebody would feel insulted when asked to sell out his country. The word 'patriotism' is a mystery to him and his only motivation is Donald's money.

  • Tom King
    Tom King 22 days ago

    What Trump proposed is better than his ancestors, who just killed the natives and took all their land.

  • Count Dooku
    Count Dooku 22 days ago

    America wants Greenland so that neocons can build military bases there to have Russia completely surrounded and pushed out of the Arctic. It's part of their Russian containment strategy.

  • Mikael Jensen
    Mikael Jensen 22 days ago

    Its SO nice not to be confused when the head of your country speaks. When our PM says Greenland is not for sale and the proposal is "Absurd", I know she is to be taken BOTH literally AND seriously... on an even more serious note....Good friends tell good friends when their house is on fire. Dear American PEOPLE: YOUR HOUSE IS ON FIRE!!!!

    • Mikael Jensen
      Mikael Jensen 21 day ago

      @White Noise Btw...It took over 20 years to prepare and negotiate what ebded up being called the Paris climate accord. The first time all in the world agreed upon a 1st set of groundrules to relate to the emisions that will change our world way to much and way to fast. We currently allready are experiencing the largest massextinction of species since the comet landed at Yucatan...So when you say "perhaps we should become isolationists" I would, again argue that that is precisely what you have done. ONLY USA and SYRIA have proclaimed they dont give a BEEEP when it comes to climate change..Well Syria is one thing. BUT an american are the most poluting citizen in the world and thats not even calculating in the stuff you inport, just what u polute inside your own borders. Less than 5% of global population and more than 30% emisions...Step into gear and wake up...If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.

    • Mikael Jensen
      Mikael Jensen 21 day ago

      @White Noise Or maybe you should try to talk to your allies instead of going rouque? Trump say he would put America first...Now...looking at what that strategy and execution of it so far have done for might agree that a western world that stand united could have had a chance. Trump said you were going to be "tired of winning", how do you think its going with that...I would say that its looking NASTY from here. I honestly only see your presidents policy be good for one person on a Meta level, and thats Putin. Trump are acting like an isolationist. THATS the problem. Especially when he talks b4 he thinks...that is...ofc..unless he´s master really is Putin. I think the only way you can put the fire out is by chaning your elction system 1/1 man=1vote 2/No electoral college 3/ no punchboxes, just simple X on a piece of paper. lastly I really can recommend a multiple plural party system, it seems most americans feel they vote for the "least awfull" instead of one they WANT. and that not helping you having a lively democracy where opinions are debated in a sound my opinion. Hope you find this answer less passive/agressive and more constructive. We need you as active participants in a modern world, not promoting colonialism from another century. Brgds.

    • White Noise
      White Noise 22 days ago

      Thanks for the passive-aggressive advice. Perhaps we should just become isolationist and let the world fend off China by itself... good luck.

  • BairzRcute
    BairzRcute 22 days ago +1

    Fox News viewers are actively defending the idea that we should purchase Greenland. Think about that.

  • soylentdean
    soylentdean 22 days ago

    Greenland: Resistance is futile, you will be assimilated. You will become part of the collective.

  • Corey Oldknow
    Corey Oldknow 22 days ago

    Greenland would make America 3 rd largest country by land in world. Plus China wants it too. So why dont we get a piece of land that create returns. On investment.

  • sal been
    sal been 23 days ago

    Juan black guy with Spanish name

  • Mark Davis
    Mark Davis 23 days ago

    Whatever he offered cut it in half. Next time cut it more. Maybe he can get them to pay the USA to take it off their hands.

  • David Hunter
    David Hunter 23 days ago

    Only the brain-dead inmates of Fox studios could attempt to pass off Trump's offer to buy Greenland as a joke, though in a sane world that is exactly what it would be. But it was not a joke, Trump was perfectly serious. This is the point at which everyone in America must acknowledge that the country is being run by an imbecile lunatic. Buying Greenland would cost billions of dollars. Running it would cost more. And Greenland is covered in ice - what the hell use would it be?

  • Rep0007
    Rep0007 23 days ago

    This is a great idea! Manifest destiny returns! Denmark doesn't want to sell, so let's do like Russia does -- just send a couple US ranger units there to take over like the "little green men" in Crimea. Our excuse: the Inuit population is oppressed and we need to make them part of the same country as the Inuit in Alaska.

  • Grave Walker
    Grave Walker 23 days ago

    I don't normally watch this show because of they constantly interrupt each other. I wanted to hear Juan complete his thought. He is usually off the mark, but lets be fair. I also didn't hear who else wanted to buy / bid on Greenland, 4:30 ,again because of talking over each other. Sounds more like an argument than a conversation.

  • Thomas Red X Jackson
    Thomas Red X Jackson 23 days ago +1

    Poor Juan,being a token dim is a tough job.😎🙏🤔

  • Joe 1
    Joe 1 23 days ago

    My god this is how low fox has fallen if you can justify it just pretend it’s a joke “ ohhh trump comedic genius” right ...

  • Lucas Mikkelsen
    Lucas Mikkelsen 23 days ago +5

    Hey, im from Denmark. Can we buy Usa, its just a property deal

  • tonmy cas
    tonmy cas 23 days ago +1

    Trump was selected due his apparent control over his own emotions.
    He has shown the builders he is not the guy for the job in his lack of self control.

    Games is games, yet he clearly can not handle rejection.
    We should have rejected him at the birth of the "concept".
    An you all know it, you just have not come to face it yet.

    Perfect vision is 20/20

  • tonmy cas
    tonmy cas 23 days ago +1

    ORRRRRRR Trump could of said "i respect" Denmark's rejection of the idea.
    It was just an idea.

    We are friends, friends toss around ideas.
    No harm no foul.

    Instead he threw a fit and canceled the meeting.

    We need a man in charge, not a spoiled rich child.

  • tonmy cas
    tonmy cas 23 days ago

    Im not going to church because my mom won't buy me a new hot wheels...
    You go Trump, if they don't listen fall to the ground and start kicking and screaming.
    That will show them!

  • Jeff N
    Jeff N 23 days ago

    Greenland is a distraction and the kicker is the the media is covering it, and giving real news an honorable mention.

  • Gary Schroeder
    Gary Schroeder 23 days ago

    we'se could have a younger more
    handsome reader for less $'s
    what a deal - - - bye bye Juan

  • Alex P
    Alex P 23 days ago +1

    Canada 🇨🇦we are coming for you next!

  • Alex P
    Alex P 23 days ago

    Can we buy Europe and Russia too? Please.

  • John Glover
    John Glover 23 days ago


  • RonRay
    RonRay 23 days ago

    Trump has turned the "Green New Deal" into "Greenland New Deal".

  • Mary Nelson
    Mary Nelson 23 days ago

    There goes dumb Juan. He would be nice if he could keep his mouth shut

  • Cyber Farmer
    Cyber Farmer 23 days ago

    I want to hear what the people of Greenland have to say. Who cares about Denmark?

    • Cyber Farmer
      Cyber Farmer 23 days ago

      Lucas Mikkelsen I’ll like to hear that from them before I believe it

    • Lucas Mikkelsen
      Lucas Mikkelsen 23 days ago

      i can tell you that they said no

  • mgtazco
    mgtazco 23 days ago

    You can’t buy people! The black one is a joke lol

  • Old Soldier
    Old Soldier 23 days ago

    Juan Williams can't be that dumb. He must be nothing more than a shill to make Fox look "fair & balanced." Any time I hear his voice, it is like fingernails across a chalkboard. I can't stand Democrats anymore; not that really exist anymore. Go Trump 2020 if not only to spite those dumb asses.

  • ccjkk1
    ccjkk1 23 days ago +2

    We need to buy these countries ASAP. They have great Ice and my drink is getting warm.

  • HolyMaryFullOfShit
    HolyMaryFullOfShit 23 days ago

    "china is already there". hillarious fearmongering.

  • Nancy Benton
    Nancy Benton 23 days ago

    Juan is a moron. Buy the people of Greenland? How does his brain work that way?

  • Gangleri _01
    Gangleri _01 23 days ago

    China is taking Africa and its natural resources. They are buying up companies and real estate, and resources all in North & South America. They are also making moves in Greenland. Its time to step up before its to late.

  • gabe ortiz
    gabe ortiz 23 days ago

    Dude I agree w everything u said except about Jim Carrey he ain’t that funny bruh now u showing how off balance u are lol

  • Michael Kendzior
    Michael Kendzior 23 days ago

    Oh, so the child stable genius is throwing a tantrum, we all fight with friends. Im done with these scumbags

  • Green Sombrero
    Green Sombrero 23 days ago

    Denmark is fantastic and the people are wonderful. Let's meet in Kastrup and show you around. I could do a better job at approaching Denmark for business development.

  • Niles Cooper
    Niles Cooper 23 days ago

    Maybe ask Greenland if they want to be bought?
    They do have their own government and democracy. They're mostly symbolically part of the kingdom of Denmark.
    It's like asking the UK if you can buy Australia.

  • Roshan D'Souza
    Roshan D'Souza 23 days ago

    "This guy" JW, gets 'paid' to 'be negative!' Go figure ................

  • Daniel Yang
    Daniel Yang 23 days ago

    You have a nice studio, I would like to buy it from you! Does that make me a rude person?

  • J'zargo
    J'zargo 23 days ago

    Buying Greenland is a stupid idea but if it happens I as a neanderthal think I should be one of the first colonists seeing as how I'm the best adapted to life in such an extreme climate.

  • Lesley jt Lawrence
    Lesley jt Lawrence 23 days ago +2

    Is this really supposed to be a news channel? These ppl are entertainers, not serious journalists or reporters. Except they're not very entertaining.