Demian Maia Confident He Could Sell More PPVs Than Stephen Thompson


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  • Richard Harrow
    Richard Harrow Год назад +1

    Much respect to Maia. He is very deserving of a title shot. But Woodley will beat him, which is fine since I want Woodley to remain champion for a long time.

  • Robert Chamberlin
    Robert Chamberlin Год назад

    Banker ran ufc sucks

  • Robert Chamberlin
    Robert Chamberlin Год назад

    Dana ill take the $200,000 in pennies thank you.

  • datDANK
    datDANK Год назад


  • Shade 45
    Shade 45 Год назад

    Demian maia is the most underrated fighter in the world , Y'all need to start respecting Maia

    • Shade 45
      Shade 45 Год назад

      Y'all gonna respect maia after he strangle Masvidal May 12

  • Ray A
    Ray A Год назад

    UFC 211 "The Purist Card"

  • Tryhard Justice
    Tryhard Justice Год назад

    Maia is very entertaining imo. The guy just dominates. He doesn't just sit on top like wrestlers. He actually goes for the submission

    WEBFIX Год назад

    i doubt GSP wants romero if he beats bisping, so he might fight woodly? that means maia is going to hav to wait longer for title shot.

  • drew jenn
    drew jenn Год назад

    Maia doesn't bring that sexy flair and swagger that the sport seems to be drifting towards. He's a quiet humble athlete with talent to burn. The ufc doesn't want to see him as champion, because they're more concerned with ppv sales. I feel bad that he keeps getting jerked around by the scoundrels, but have no doubt that he will rule 170 until he retires. This is a scary thought for the ufc brass, which is why they're trying one more desperate, but clever move to try and pick him off and send him reeling to the end of the line. Message to Masvidal... Dude, sometimes its better to let sleeping dogs lie.

  • Jimmy Jay
    Jimmy Jay Год назад


  • Seanzo
    Seanzo Год назад

    Maybe in Brazil where they don't buy PPV lol

  • Samuel Cox
    Samuel Cox Год назад

    He's the dominant grappler but c'mon not a big draw...

    • Shade 45
      Shade 45 Год назад

      big or not he fight to finish

  • Mr-Boss
    Mr-Boss Год назад

    Woodley vs Maia wont be better than Maia vs Silva!

  • Jose G. Pizano
    Jose G. Pizano Год назад +1

    I have a feeling masvidal going to knock him out

  • Alvarez Metal Works
    Alvarez Metal Works Год назад

    I have to agree with him at this point.

  • Hi Hater
    Hi Hater Год назад +1

    no demian

  • Patrick Aatz
    Patrick Aatz Год назад +1

    Much respect to Maia as a fighter, but he really shouldn't talk about selling anything. He owns the record for the lowest rated FOX card ever when he headlined with Carlos Condit last August. Stop it.

  • Tupac Amaru
    Tupac Amaru Год назад

    maia should be marketed on Animal planet, Discovery channel etc , as the most dangerous ananconda

  • George Havenhand
    George Havenhand Год назад

    In Brazil, yes

  • Ramit Inyah
    Ramit Inyah Год назад +1

    Demian seems like a simple, humble man, which I really respect. What a real martial artist is traditionally supposed to be. I agree with Masvidal though that the UFC really is just using him to get rid of Maia.

  • X
    X Год назад

    >39 years old

  • DC_16
    DC_16 Год назад

    Maia is great at what he does but c'mon no one would really pay to watch him.

  • Santiago León
    Santiago León Год назад +1

    Maia is super talented. the thing is he doesn't have a personality and his style is not particularly interesting to the average viewer. this guy can't sell any ppvs

  • Ricky VanDusen
    Ricky VanDusen Год назад +5

    Maia vs diaz thats the fight. But lets be honest diaz dont wanna fight. All talk

  • Ricky VanDusen
    Ricky VanDusen Год назад +3

    Ariel forgets hes a hardcore fan. Casuals dont want to see maias fights. Its boring to them. Also gracie was subing ppl 2x his size. Maia doesn't bring that novelty.

    • Jason Barry
      Jason Barry Год назад

      Ricky VanDusen he could bring that novelty he Is a true jujitsu master take on all challengers however your are ignoring the fact that mma has evolved a lot since the gracie era. every weight class has well rounded top 5 ranked fighters.

    • Ray A
      Ray A Год назад

      Ricky VanDusen that's before big fellas knew what bjj was

  • Ricky VanDusen
    Ricky VanDusen Год назад +1

    Are all "fighters" getting stupid? Diaz bros woodly champs picking and choosing fights. Ufc is such a joke.Maia couldn't sell ppvs to his family.

  • Redview
    Redview Год назад

    khabib vs Tony can sell more ppv so ufc make it happen.

  • Mugshot Marley
    Mugshot Marley Год назад +8

    I respect Maia, but I had to chuckle when he said that Woodley/Thompson fight was boring. Demian "The Human Blanket" Maia.

    • Jimmy Jay
      Jimmy Jay Год назад +1

      maia is WAYYYYY more exciting then both woodleys and thompsons fight

    • Altair Ibn La-Ahad
      Altair Ibn La-Ahad Год назад +5

      Mugshot Marley maia finishes his fights at least

    • Ricky VanDusen
      Ricky VanDusen Год назад +4

      Even maia is more entertainment than that 2nd fight

  • Mr Strong
    Mr Strong Год назад +7

    Maia is the real champ of 170

    • Jason Barry
      Jason Barry Год назад

      Michael Lee Ack wat about masvidal tho

  • Mugshot Marley
    Mugshot Marley Год назад +15

    After Woodley/Thompson 2, I think my retired, alcholoic neighbor could sell more tickets than Wonderboy/Woodley.

  • North 6ix
    North 6ix Год назад

    Hobbie Lawler

  • Nah-Bruh Chill-Cause You're Stupid

    He means Woodley lol

  • P0ETICsin
    P0ETICsin Год назад +3

    There's a high probability Maia won't take much damage in his upcoming fight and be fresh to welcome Woodley.Post fight interview statement to Dana white making it clear he's next for the tittle can help .

    • Belen Arredondo
      Belen Arredondo Год назад

      the math is: you love maia so much you must have a blowup doll of him with realistic anatomy. size matters

    • Shade 45
      Shade 45 Год назад +1

      Maia is a small welterweight from Lightweight class , maia used to compete at Middleweight ! you do the math

    • MooN MaN Flo
      MooN MaN Flo Год назад

      The Alchemist masvidals wrestling is on a different level than condit. fact

    • George Havenhand
      George Havenhand Год назад +4

      The Alchemist hey bro I'm a Masvidal fan. If Maia can make Condit look like a white belt and end it in a round he can do that to Jorge too

  • NickPlays 4
    NickPlays 4 Год назад +16

    Respect me or be choked to death - Demian "dark walker" Maia

    • RudeRuud10
      RudeRuud10 Год назад +10

      Hespect** you goof

  • Gabriel Toribio
    Gabriel Toribio Год назад +36

    I'm tuning in to see Damian fight. The jiu jitsu community is huge nowadays. They should market Damian to the Jiu Jitsu community and the word will spread to the general market.

    • Ricky VanDusen
      Ricky VanDusen Год назад +2

      Lol shouldnt the jitsu community already know? Its not like he is new or like they are hiding him. Is this community 500 k strong ? Have they just not been paying attention? Hes boring to the casuals no personality. Maia doesn't sell ppvs

  • Joe Blanco
    Joe Blanco Год назад +3

    Uh no you can't.

  • Ever B
    Ever B Год назад +3

    that Brazilian blanket can't even bring in viewers to a fight night much less to ppv im a real mma fan but I've never seen a more boring one dementional fighter

    • Ricky VanDusen
      Ricky VanDusen Год назад

      Lol thats a great endorsement. His striking isnt that bad lol

    • Bentley Blandino
      Bentley Blandino Год назад

      Randy Marsh Off the top of my head Jon Fitch and Jake Shields are far worse and one dimentional. Mia's striking isnt that bad

    • Bigmac Williams
      Bigmac Williams Год назад +12

      Randy Marsh Not a real MMA fan then are you..

  • Robert Martin
    Robert Martin Год назад +3

    I disagree with him being able to sell more then wonderboy.

    • Shade 45
      Shade 45 Год назад +1

      i Disagree with your grammar

  • MrLesPaul1
    MrLesPaul1 Год назад +3

    To be fair my dead Gran could probably sell more PPV's than Wonderboy.

  • Dejan Srdić
    Dejan Srdić Год назад +3

    Is this a joke?

    • Shade 45
      Shade 45 Год назад

      Conor McTapper

  • Bruce Lee
    Bruce Lee Год назад +37

    Maia is a beast but let's be real here Wonderboy is way more popular than him. Hope he gets the tittle shot he would beat Woodley easy

    • TollFree999
      TollFree999 Год назад

      Wait, didn't we hear Wonderpointer would 'beat Woodley easy' too?
      Woodley actually has a wrestling pedigree, we all saw what happened when he had top position on Wonderpointer. He could actually stand a chance against Maia in grappling.....Wonderpointer on the other hand.

    • Belen Arredondo
      Belen Arredondo Год назад

      look! you did it on this one too! hahahahahahaha

    • Shade 45
      Shade 45 Год назад +2

      Wonderboy is the one thats boring dude cruise for decision more than Dominick cruz ! Plus maia has more followers on twitter/FB

    • Seanzo
      Seanzo Год назад

      Awesome Guy And that doesn't translate to PPV buys when the country behind him doesn't have to pay for them.

  • zhod
    zhod Год назад

    damn i just got the revelation , just wait till tyroon lost his belt against maia and have him and wonderboy make 1 or two fight before meet again no belt on the table but the one who win get a shot a the belt this is the only scenario where i can see them make a good fight , if not i would better die the relost 25 five minutes f my life watching a boring match like that .

  • AlexElseyMMA
    AlexElseyMMA Год назад +18

    Hope Damian gets a title shot soon. Him vs Woodley is a fun match up (queue race card comments in 3,2,1....)