Tommy Wiseau’s Joker Audition Tape (Nerdist Presents)

  • Опубликовано: 12 мар 2018
  • After his success in "The Room" and the "The Disaster Artist," Tommy Wiseau has been publicly campaigning for one of the most iconic roles in the history of film: Batman's eternal nemesis, The Joker. As huge fans, we at Nerdist give him a chance to show the world what he can bring to this legendary role!
    The Disaster Artist is on Blu-ray and DVD March 13.
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    Tommy Wiseau as Joker
    Greg Sestero as Batman
    Peter Gilroy as Not Batman

    Directed by Andrew Bowser
    Produced by Jason Nguyen
    Edited by Adam Scherer

    Graphic Design by Caleb Drewel

    Associate Producer Erik Kozura
    Director of Photography Connor Heck
    1st AC Sean Goode
    Production Sound Jon Odate
    Wardrobe Stylist Cherokee Neas
    HMU Artist Fernanda Machado
    Key Set PA Zac York

    Shot at McNulty Nielsen
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  • rypulliam
    rypulliam 8 часов назад

    I imagine Tommy thinks hes doing a perfect imitation of the various Joker voices even though its his own voice 👌

  • Dalek Supreme
    Dalek Supreme 8 часов назад

    The Joker did not hit Rachel Dawes, he did not!

  • 123rudyc
    123rudyc 9 часов назад

    Better than Jared letto!

  • FPS Gaming
    FPS Gaming 9 часов назад

    No, it's never going to happen and I'm glad. This is God awful.

  • Danny cookie Guy
    Danny cookie Guy 9 часов назад

    So batman, how’s your sex life?

  • fuzons creation
    fuzons creation 9 часов назад

    what if James Franco played the joker?

  • Señor del Water
    Señor del Water 9 часов назад

    Tommy is God!!!!! THIS NEW JOKER WARNER!!!!!!!!!!

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    Lyndell O 9 часов назад

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  • fake fake
    fake fake 9 часов назад

    So, this is what it looks like when the only genuine emotion a person has inside them is a need for attention.

  • Justin Sider
    Justin Sider 10 часов назад

    "Oh Hi Batman"

  • radu daniel
    radu daniel 10 часов назад

    Better than the jared leto version! :)))

  • nicholas patrick
    nicholas patrick 10 часов назад

    How much money does this guy got

  • Shin Megami Talks
    Shin Megami Talks 10 часов назад

    The weird thing is.... it's actually not a bad cartoonish joker.

  • Tetro
    Tetro 10 часов назад +1

    Oh hi batman

  • Nicco Sanchez
    Nicco Sanchez 11 часов назад

    I want to see more of Tommy Wiseau as the Joker ahahaha

  • InsaneBeastMode
    InsaneBeastMode 11 часов назад

    oh no

  • Polish Eagle
    Polish Eagle 11 часов назад

    Still better than Hot Topic Joker from Suicide Squad.

  • Jason Jeter
    Jason Jeter 11 часов назад

    He’s lying! I did not hit him...I..did..NOOOT! Oh hi Harvey!

  • kayohwai
    kayohwai 12 часов назад

    I want to see Wiseau as The Creeper (the DC hero)

  • Louis Jeon
    Louis Jeon 12 часов назад

    when he shouts 'why so serious' i can see a glimpse of 'youre tearing me apart'

  • Gamer Personal
    Gamer Personal 12 часов назад

    This is how you nail it right, watch and learn Jared Letto...

  • Gage Kinsey
    Gage Kinsey 12 часов назад

    At the end it sounds like he says “end your life” instead of “enjoy life”

  • maddi rei
    maddi rei 13 часов назад

    It's like if Gru from Despicable Me lost weight and did an audition.

  • Chris
    Chris 13 часов назад

    His 15 minutes is over.

  • Ayy-Dee East9Squad
    Ayy-Dee East9Squad 13 часов назад

    "Schmidt", From New-Girl Would Make a Dope Ass Joker.

  • DeathBlaze Plays
    DeathBlaze Plays 13 часов назад

    This is just embaressing. Why entertain him like this? Someone please put this creature out of its misery.

  • Rudy Urroz
    Rudy Urroz 13 часов назад

    Does anyone know what Tommy says when he's laughing at 2:00?

  • Flock Legit's Gaming
    Flock Legit's Gaming 13 часов назад

    Delightfully terrible.

  • donnerschwein
    donnerschwein 13 часов назад

    tbh it works ... in a very odd way.

    LIL DOOP 13 часов назад +1

    "Why did you do it!?"

  • Goth Ravager
    Goth Ravager 14 часов назад

    That was the best thing ever! I soooo needed it 😂 Thank You

  • Fleek Dasheek
    Fleek Dasheek 14 часов назад

    Great laugh

  • Fleek Dasheek
    Fleek Dasheek 14 часов назад

    It's a good choice cuz he can play the joker for years cuz he's only in his mid twenties

  • eastbayej
    eastbayej 14 часов назад

    I keep hearing it me guys? Cuz I'm lit AF RN.

  • poo
    poo 15 часов назад

    I thought tommy said "end your life" at the end

  • Zomb Leader Studios
    Zomb Leader Studios 15 часов назад

    This is still leagues ahead of Jared Leto

  • Victor Efughi
    Victor Efughi 15 часов назад

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  • Larry Walsh
    Larry Walsh 15 часов назад

    That man can NOT act.

  • LazyKage
    LazyKage 16 часов назад +1

    This really proves that Heath Leger can not be replaced!

  • highlandcommando
    highlandcommando 16 часов назад

    Still a better Joker than Leto

  • Vito C
    Vito C 16 часов назад

    Oh my god it's actually him.
    It's surreal seeing him outside of the movie.

  • Chris Reis
    Chris Reis 17 часов назад

    he looks great in the Joker outfit but his voice it just puts it off

  • Sean-Michael Strachan
    Sean-Michael Strachan 17 часов назад

    Okay tho, get some acting coaches to work wit him and I think he could possibly make for a really great joker

  • Хадисов Александр
    Хадисов Александр 17 часов назад

    actually it fits him so much

  • Aslan Usmanov
    Aslan Usmanov 17 часов назад

    Oh,hi Batman

    TOXIC WAVE 18 часов назад

    He should actually be the joker best batman movie ever

  • deleriousexile
    deleriousexile 18 часов назад

    It’s so bad... it’s good.

  • ST_owl
    ST_owl 19 часов назад

    We need this so badly

  • Andrew Birbas
    Andrew Birbas 19 часов назад

    0:09 😂😂😂😂

  • Yuri Carrasco
    Yuri Carrasco 19 часов назад

    Oh, hi batty!

  • Mason Winters
    Mason Winters 19 часов назад

    I did naaaaught..... oh hi Batman

  • Sinlo Kemp
    Sinlo Kemp 19 часов назад

    ROTFLOL :D this guy deserve the role for sure!

  • hugo folch
    hugo folch 19 часов назад

    his awful acting makes this... strangely good

  • RAY
    RAY 20 часов назад

    *Silly botman* *(ノ´ヮ´)ノ* *☆\(^ω^\)*

  • Robert Marks
    Robert Marks 20 часов назад

    Oh hi batman how's your sex life?

  • Konstanz Von Zehnder
    Konstanz Von Zehnder 21 час назад

    Better than suicide squad, I’ll give you that 😂

  • Phill Walker
    Phill Walker 21 час назад


  • S_ Pollito
    S_ Pollito 21 час назад

    2:30 does he say end your life?

  • landscaperben
    landscaperben 21 час назад

    Please, someone give him the role....

  • Smegul14
    Smegul14 21 час назад

    French joker just no

    HARRY CLOUD 666 22 часа назад


  • Chess of Confusion
    Chess of Confusion 22 часа назад

    “It’s bullshit, I did not hit her. I did nooot. Oh hi, Mark!”

  • Darcy D'artagnan
    Darcy D'artagnan 22 часа назад

    Still better than Jared Leto

  • Jasper Störningar
    Jasper Störningar 22 часа назад

    Bath-Men is history

  • Samuel James
    Samuel James 22 часа назад


  • Vegetarian Soylent-Green
    Vegetarian Soylent-Green 23 часа назад

    The Mark Knight.

  • Aristotle Full Throttle
    Aristotle Full Throttle 23 часа назад

    Did Tommy just say “End your life!?”

  • Aristotle Full Throttle
    Aristotle Full Throttle 23 часа назад

    I like it.

  • blackaktus
    blackaktus День назад

    he is actually can do a pretty decent villain. even tho he is known as creator of the room i think he has his charisma

  • Nicola Cenni
    Nicola Cenni День назад

    Even the laugh doesn't fit.

  • Aramovies // Aram Isaac
    Aramovies // Aram Isaac День назад

    Wow wow wow wasn't 'The Baht Man' Greg Sestero (Mark)?

  • Notorious Guy
    Notorious Guy День назад

    Best Joker in a comic role

  • lane grayson
    lane grayson День назад +1

    the laugh aint bad

  • SonderBeyondHer
    SonderBeyondHer День назад

    This man never ages. I'm convinced that he's an alien.

  • Kevin Fager
    Kevin Fager День назад

    Jingle bells

  • Andrew Hope
    Andrew Hope День назад +1

    0:26 Thank you Tommy

  • Paul Thoresen
    Paul Thoresen День назад

    This actually works, but probably not in the way he thinks it does. God of anti-comedy.

  • Civil Shepherd
    Civil Shepherd День назад

    just another mentally ill liberal

  • Dirty RottenYouth
    Dirty RottenYouth День назад

    Always a villain lol

  • Branden Sloncik
    Branden Sloncik День назад

    This is terrible...

  • MirrorCatz
    MirrorCatz День назад

    You're Tearing Me Apart, Joker

  • Esteban Salinas
    Esteban Salinas День назад

    The 4K dislike are Jerad Leto and his fans

  • Zayn Reinken
    Zayn Reinken День назад

    He'd actually be really good if he didnt over act

  • Dean Rojas
    Dean Rojas День назад

    0:26 "...joker" hahah

  • Sonny B
    Sonny B День назад

    This is just fucking sad! He should be banned from holllywood.

  • rekaz68
    rekaz68 День назад

    Is this the guy the voice of Gru?

  • Omega Wolf
    Omega Wolf День назад

    I really want to throw up.

  • Loren Garms
    Loren Garms День назад

    He might actually be deranged enough

  • LarryMyster
    LarryMyster День назад

    This....could actually work....

  • Bruno Qirim
    Bruno Qirim День назад

    The Joker: Lost Diaries Edition

  • Joel Moore
    Joel Moore День назад

    I think he plays a better Joker than Jared f****** Leto 👍

  • peer inward
    peer inward День назад

    When he said, "Enjoy life," at the end, I thought he said, "End your life."

  • Tolga Bedir
    Tolga Bedir День назад

    he needs a good director.

  • Ouinn Ouinn
    Ouinn Ouinn День назад

    "It's bullshit, I did not her, i did not. Oh hi Batman"
    "Hahaha what a story Batman"

  • Boi Chuah Sang
    Boi Chuah Sang День назад

    Please tell me that he's actually kidding this time? Because last time I saw the room.. I thought he was not serious.. but he was .. I don't wanna be tricked again.

    ROXY POWER18 День назад

    I can't even tell his that's amazing.

  • Grant Paylago
    Grant Paylago День назад

    2:29 *END YOUR LIFE*

  • Duellers Blade
    Duellers Blade День назад

    Cringe alert ;-;

  • Spaceman Joe
    Spaceman Joe День назад

    Still better than letos joker