Toronto Raptors Celebrate First NBA Championship In Franchise History

  • Published on Jun 14, 2019
  • The Toronto Raptors celebrated their first NBA championship at Oracle Arena after beating the Golden State Warriors in Game 6.
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Comments • 108

  • Johnny Richard
    Johnny Richard 28 days ago


  • UnholyUnion1
    UnholyUnion1 Month ago

    somebody go check on derozan, popovich, skip bayless & tony parker

  • Kobi Brown
    Kobi Brown Month ago

    This man kept a straight face the WHOLE time

  • Edward Gaines
    Edward Gaines Month ago

    The only reason Toronyo won is because LeBron chose to retire himself from the East.
    This is no big deal.

  • Aidan Flynn
    Aidan Flynn Month ago

    I’m excited for game of zones

  • Jay Deshpande
    Jay Deshpande Month ago

    Toronto Raptors: The spirit of Canada 🇨🇦

  • ツJuan
    ツJuan Month ago

    TORONTO fucking sucks, fucking black niggas go suck a fat dick , warriors deserve that trophy. black niggas fucking sucked each other’s dick in the locker rooms.

  • Young Sock1500
    Young Sock1500 Month ago

    We can do it next year Warriors

  • Kade Wanta Robotics


  • Barry Swisha
    Barry Swisha Month ago

    Finished where he left off 2 years ago great comeback kawhi

  • j phil
    j phil Month ago

    raptors won happy for them good game

  • Lib N Me
    Lib N Me Month ago

    DAYUM😂🤣..Even the NBA championship TITLE has LEFT the U.S.😂😂🤣🤣🤣..Great job Raptors!!

  • Gia Pacella
    Gia Pacella Month ago

    😂😂😂😂 Suck it Warriors

  • Sayan Andrews
    Sayan Andrews Month ago +1

    Kyle Lowry didn’t realize steph was the one touching him lol “my bad bro”

  • Romans116
    Romans116 Month ago +1

    The most chill NBA championship celebration... only by Kawhi

  • America WW
    America WW Month ago

    Toronto did something not even Vancouver could do. Ironically it took the grizzles trade to get Canada the title lol

  • aden c
    aden c Month ago

    Everyone ready for the Dallas Mavericks to take over now?;

  • Antbeast23
    Antbeast23 Month ago

    Kawhi is a legend

  • Yogmuaj1hnub Lee
    Yogmuaj1hnub Lee Month ago

    Finally Jeremy Lin got his first championship RING!!

  • DaX
    DaX Month ago

    I’m a raptors fan but I can’t help but feel for every player on the warriors...except cousins tried get a ring and ended up worse for wear lmao

  • Levent Gursel
    Levent Gursel Month ago

    Congratulations Toronto Raptors,Congratulations Canada🏀🏆🥇

  • Talking smack
    Talking smack Month ago +1

    Paper champions

  • The Hustle Mastery
    The Hustle Mastery Month ago +1

    That’s what’s up. Good for you Toronto

    FLY GOD BULLY Month ago

    @0:44 steph curry smacks kawhi's chest he thought it was Iguodala
    " DONT HIT ME LIKE THAT " lmfao!
    EDIT: Reason Steph smacked his chest like that because he told curry "THANKS FOR GIVING ME THE MEDAL, YOU PLAYED POOR" LMFAOOO KAWHI IS SAVAGE

  • Brian Muckeroy
    Brian Muckeroy Month ago

    I'm proud of the toronto raptors kyle lowry is a champion now kawhi leonard prove hater wrong he a beast

  • TheFunnerMan
    TheFunnerMan Month ago


  • Pondering Presbyterian

    Pray for drake.

  • George Page
    George Page Month ago +7

    Well trump don't have to worry about the 2019 NBA Champions coming to the White House. LOL

  • John Smith
    John Smith Month ago +1

    No one cares.

  • Cris Mike
    Cris Mike Month ago

    Look how God worked it out for Kawhi. Zaza Pachulia cheap shotted him in 2017, not giving him a chance to compete. Now two years later he's back, in the Finals, able to slay the giants that defeated him unfairly, and dealing with injuries on their own (due to the Clippers series in the first round, in my opinion).

  • PiscesPrincess87
    PiscesPrincess87 Month ago +1

    Kawhi Deserved that win and Golden State is such a classy team.

  • J T
    J T Month ago

    This championship is deserved. Yet, it will always have an asterisk. Injuries def determined the outcome.

  • JJoe
    JJoe Month ago +1

    1:09 lol 😂

  • Mexx45
    Mexx45 Month ago

    Nobody gives a rats ass about this

  • jovin gerona
    jovin gerona Month ago +2

    Kawhi Leonard is the Best Player. Because of his attitude . A Good example for the Basketball Players .

  • Ruthless Robbery
    Ruthless Robbery Month ago

    Now Kawhi Leonard just needs to resign and we good.

  • TraeTL 11
    TraeTL 11 Month ago +2

    Jeremy Lin is like that awkward guy at the party that you invited but never expected to show up

  • Matt Glenn
    Matt Glenn Month ago +1

    Kawhi is not as emotional as other NBA players when they win a championship

  • Q
    Q Month ago

    I just wannna see the rest of the nba reaction

  • Jt Persaud
    Jt Persaud Month ago

    6 IN THE 6

  • renewer
    renewer Month ago

    Fucking ads

  • rdny1
    rdny1 Month ago

    They called me a madman...

  • Grand Wonder
    Grand Wonder Month ago

    Message from Warriors fans: “The refs cheated us out of another championship! We would have won 209 championships if it weren’t for those shady refs cheating us! The only reason why we didn’t win every game in the playoffs in the last 6 years is because of the refs! The game is rigged! The NBA doesn’t want us to win it all”

  • Chris Jensen
    Chris Jensen Month ago +12

    Congratulations raptors you deserved it, Kawhi ended another dynasty!!!

  • immasoxfanbaby
    immasoxfanbaby Month ago

    The claw!!!! Was too much

  • Franco F6
    Franco F6 Month ago +14

    *Well whoever we get back he better be a bloody monster!*
    Congratulations Toronto, this was amazing!

  • Jackson John
    Jackson John Month ago +4

    From Craptors last year to NBA champs this year, well done Toronto Raptors and Kawhi the man

  • SupaFlyBoyZz699
    SupaFlyBoyZz699 Month ago

    GOOD SERIES FORMER CHAMP.. We The ^^^^ Bring it home.

  • Dr. Amando Hoyos
    Dr. Amando Hoyos Month ago +1

    Harden > Curry
    Raptors > NBA

  • Junior Wizkid
    Junior Wizkid Month ago +20

    24 years in the making! The fans in Toronto will cherish this moment for a lifetime!

    • Rabi Ali
      Rabi Ali Month ago

      Junior Wizkid, it was well deserved! Just like when the eagles won the Super Bowl!!

  • Combat Sports Talk - Los Angeles

    Congrats to the Klaw and Toronto. So Cal, represent!

  • Muhammad Azeem
    Muhammad Azeem Month ago

    Congrats to The North. Prayers up for klay. Fate was against gsw this year. Respect to them for fighting the entire way.

  • prisoner I
    prisoner I Month ago +1

    Did Kawhi get his soul back?

  • Lincoln Bothang
    Lincoln Bothang Month ago +17

    Warriors had no business making it a close game without Klay, they definitely balled out. True hearts of champions. Congratulations to the Toronto Raptors for winning their first NBA championship.

  • Chris Valentin
    Chris Valentin Month ago +6

    Imagine being Demar DeRozan

    • Ruthless Robbery
      Ruthless Robbery Month ago +1

      @Mr SnubNose nah he's on spurs so he has no soul now.

    • Mr SnubNose
      Mr SnubNose Month ago

      Most definitely on suicide watch 😂😂

  • Prod. Kiz
    Prod. Kiz Month ago +45

    What can I say, he’s a fun guy

  • Will2k
    Will2k Month ago +4

    The raptors really deserved this championship

  • M
    M Month ago +3

    New balance stock is soaring

  • Joshua Munn
    Joshua Munn Month ago +6

    BREAKING: Klay Thompson suffered a torn ACL in Game 6, per

  • JayQT
    JayQT Month ago +18

    Patrick Mccaw has a better finals record than Lebron 🤣

      MICHAEL VILCHEZ Month ago

      @Hakuna Matata seems like u a lebum fan

    • JayQT
      JayQT Month ago

      Mark Bay I said finals record not accolades...

    • Mark Bay
      Mark Bay Month ago

      @JayQT Lebron is a 3xFinals MVP and 4xMVP.

    • JayQT
      JayQT Month ago +1

      Hakuna Matata keyboard warrior? How so? I’m merely stating facts, you’re too brain dead to comprehend any sort of factual statement cuz your head is so far up brons ass

  • FoshoGotFlow
    FoshoGotFlow Month ago +64

    Kawhi Leonard, first of his name, dynasty killer, the king slayer, the King in the North, breaker of chains, rightful heir to the 7 kingdoms, all around fun guy, Number 2 to himself, wearer of cornrows...

    • StraightOuttaCmpto89
      StraightOuttaCmpto89 Month ago

      Bro congrats to your team and fav player but get off the dick talking about kings/kingdoms and shit 💀💀

    • Zoo of the World
      Zoo of the World Month ago

      Putra Salasa mad much? Deal with it! We celebrate injured players! Bye KD! By Klay! Raptors won! End of story!

    • Zoo of the World
      Zoo of the World Month ago

      FoshoTheOne I agree.. but but but remembered unlike other fans we the north celebrate and cheers on injured players!! Proud raptor and Canadian fan! Bye bye KD and Klay!

    • Putra Salasa
      Putra Salasa Month ago +2

      @Zoo of the World blah blah blah

    • FoshoGotFlow
      FoshoGotFlow Month ago +3

      Zoo of the World 🤣🤣 this man salty. Where you this salty when Kyrie and Kevin love got hurt in 2015?

  • Five Fingered Gaming
    Five Fingered Gaming Month ago +19

    Lets goooo. I'm so glad the warriors lost

    • chrilope
      chrilope Month ago


    • Zoo of the World
      Zoo of the World Month ago

      MegaMr46 injured? Canada: cheers

    • MegaMr46
      MegaMr46 Month ago +3

      Five Fingered Gaming although let’s think about Durant and Thompson...they’re injured and I blame both Playoff Format and the Doctors
      Even though I’m glad Toronto won

  • Tarun B
    Tarun B Month ago +2

    Mccaw is three peating

  • Khola Ranjha
    Khola Ranjha Month ago +10

    So proud to be a Canadian and so proud to be from Toronto.

    • To Release is To Resolve
      To Release is To Resolve Month ago

      Meanwhile the Maple Leafs have the longest drought for a Stanley Cup

    • JJoe
      JJoe Month ago +2

      Khola Ranjha Are any of the players Canadian?
      Also, why are you “proud”? You didn’t do anything.

    • Kermit of Rivia
      Kermit of Rivia Month ago +1


    • wahoo yoohoo
      wahoo yoohoo Month ago


    • anonymous
      anonymous Month ago +2

      WE THE CHAMPS 🏆🇨🇦

  • LYG Savage
    LYG Savage Month ago +5

    I think the Warriors need more all stars

  • Tarun B
    Tarun B Month ago +1

    Iggy outplayed Steph

  • shaunbir klair
    shaunbir klair Month ago +78

    Prayers for Klay my man tore his ACL 😢🙏🏾

    • Pogo Kilstreke
      Pogo Kilstreke Month ago

      shaunbir klair the warriors only lost because kid and tho peon were hurt in not it was a easy three peat

    • America WW
      America WW Month ago

      E they’re not rare Jordan did it twice but he also didn’t play in 5 straight finals. Baseball saved his career got his body rest from grueling nba season and postseason

    • giantmonkey101
      giantmonkey101 Month ago

      Klay is a beast of a player and a good guy!

    • Johnny The Pencil Slayer
      Johnny The Pencil Slayer Month ago +1

      As an old beat up guy, let this be a lesson to all you younger guys who love playing the game. If you're hurt, nursing an injury like a hamstring or a calf strain...just let it heal up, these guys obviously wanted to play for championships, but once your body is compensating somewhere it's super easy to get hurt like this and just trying to pass my own words as now that I'm 36 years old and did the same kind of shit just for the love of the game I don't get to play as much as I'd like...wait and heal up when you're younger, it'll come back to bite you otherwise and your younger body doesn't take as long to heal once you get older....TLDR Don't play around injuries

    • Joseph Cabioc
      Joseph Cabioc Month ago

      I respect Klay, this man gave us Raptors a damn hard time, he’s truly a warrior

  • Kurt Magbujos
    Kurt Magbujos Month ago +31

    It's such a poetic justice. Kawhi got payback from 2017 for the injury he received from shooting a three against the Warriors So he scored the last three buckets of the SEASON. Kyle Lowry lead the team in points especially as the longest tenured player. The 6ix won in 6 ON THE ROAD. And Patrick McCaw three-peat champion.

    • Cris Mike
      Cris Mike Month ago +1

      Look at God working. Also prayers up to Klay Thompson, he tore his ACL. Unfortunately playing on the injured hamstring cost him. He has sacrificed a great deal in the Warriors dynasty. Hopefully he will comeback stronger than ever in the 2020-21 season.

  • Tha Franking
    Tha Franking Month ago +7

    Good for Kawhi, he earned it

  • Soulja Boy
    Soulja Boy Month ago

    Fuck steph curry fuck steph curry fuck steph curry

  • flash flood99
    flash flood99 Month ago +8

    Demarcus Cousins looking like he’s gonna drink all his sorrows away at bar later tonight.