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Comments • 80

  • CC CC
    CC CC Month ago

    Usa usa USA 🇺🇸

  • GAMING 4 U
    GAMING 4 U Month ago

    Guys the s20 and s20+ are basically the same phone just bigger

  • ع. الفارسي ء


  • esmokebaby
    esmokebaby Month ago

    No Bigsby button hell ya

  • MR Zaragoza
    MR Zaragoza Month ago

    Wait.... the Ultra will NOT going to be 4g ready? Just 5g exclusively? I dont believe that 😒 its too expensive to NOT be 4g and 5g ready

  • Musix_Magick /*
    Musix_Magick /* Month ago

    I want the camera on the ultra, but the body size of the regular S. I'd also heard flat screens were coming back & was excited about that. Oh, the Z Flip is NOT "basically the Fold 2". Samsung has already said they're making a Fold successor that will most likely be announced with the Note 20 in the fall.

  • Tyebrea Battle
    Tyebrea Battle Month ago +1

    It’s officially time to trade in my iPhone

  • markatkinson167
    markatkinson167 Month ago

    Is there still a top speaker for steryo audio?

  • Nicholas Akinola-Ajayi

    Hey guys

  • Chris Cloud
    Chris Cloud Month ago

    I thought the bigger fingerprint reader was not making into the S20 line...

  • Michael Hand
    Michael Hand Month ago

    I just got the s10 plus with 1TB. I do not see enough improvement to make me regret my decision and will wait for their next upgraded improvement after this hype. maybe next one will have holograms, who knows as tech goes in one direction, forward.

  • Kidz bear Bear
    Kidz bear Bear Month ago

    You make vedio on poop million views on your poop

  • Funky Ghost
    Funky Ghost Month ago

    Should I trade my S10plus for this S20?

  • zizi Kanaan
    zizi Kanaan Month ago

    S8 to this🙏

  • Mir Nisar Ahmed
    Mir Nisar Ahmed Month ago

    Samsung 202020 brilliant

  • CMD Boxing Reports
    CMD Boxing Reports Month ago

    I'm watching this on my Galaxy s9+ and I must say; I'm still satisfied with my s9+ and it's my first Samsung high-end phone so not unless my s9+ goes berserk on me, I won't be making any upgrades anytime soon

  • Antonio Delacruz
    Antonio Delacruz Month ago

    Should've left the buttons on the left.

  • Shpetim
    Shpetim Month ago

    How is the screen to body ratio compared to s10+?

  • Andrew
    Andrew Month ago

    If it doesn't have a headphone jack then thanks but no thanks. I don't care if companies think removing important features is the future or trend or wave or whatever. Its not. I'll be buying a phone with a headphone jack thank you very much.

  • LED rajiv
    LED rajiv Month ago

    i am coming 🇬🇧😍😍😍😍 plz someone help me to get job and where should i apply for bachelor education i mean best university at cheap cost plz plz reply if someone reading this message!!!!

  • Flávio Fonseca
    Flávio Fonseca Month ago

    Getting hyped for 11th February, San Francisco will be buzzing

  • skydepot 101
    skydepot 101 Month ago

    Fugly. Hahaha. 2020 phones should have under display camera

  • Kiko Yu
    Kiko Yu 2 months ago +1

    Yesss. Price drops for note 10. I can replace my note 8 finally.

  • Graham Turner
    Graham Turner 2 months ago

    And why not just put a 5000mah on all devices... ridicules

    • Kay CH.
      Kay CH. Month ago

      Because they want you to pay for the most expensive ones.

  • africanGiant t
    africanGiant t 2 months ago

    Samsung is getting more expensive and apple gets more cheaper😅

  • PR3PZ
    PR3PZ 2 months ago

    Thanks bro, absolute perfect and imformative, keep up the good work 👍👍👍👍

  • Takumi
    Takumi 2 months ago

    The ultra seems to be too big.. I wish the S20 plus has the same cameras as ultra...

  • Arch5tanton
    Arch5tanton 2 months ago

    I don't want a selfie camera. I want a full screen.

  • Yannick Sluyts
    Yannick Sluyts 2 months ago

    Thought it was 3x optical zoom for S20 and S20+. I would prefer that.

  • Gekko858
    Gekko858 2 months ago

    iphone 11 pro max is the limit for a big size phone 6.5.. but this Ultra coming in at 6.9 just doesn't work. Even most people ignore the Max because of its clumsy, unreachable one hand use and this will be sure to stick out of your pockets no matter how deep they are! lol. New iphone rumoured at 6.7 in Sept. Any bigger ill have an ipad.

  • Okami TheKid
    Okami TheKid 2 months ago

    iPhone 3g

  • Rayray
    Rayray 2 months ago

    BRUH atleast 90Hz QHD and 120Hz FullHD. wtf samsung? 60Hz is old skool

  • Rayray
    Rayray 2 months ago

    dat phones look sexy

  • Random Uploads
    Random Uploads 2 months ago

    How much does that drain the battery if you are running reverse charging

  • Austin ATOM
    Austin ATOM 2 months ago

    So they don’t fit in any pockets. Great smh

  • {Forbidden.Knowledge}
    {Forbidden.Knowledge} 2 months ago

    last time I checked a brand new Note 10plus is $700 on ebay.

  • Bàijøgs Technology
    Bàijøgs Technology 2 months ago

    They blurred but one of the clips it was shown. Idiot!

  • yessir ri
    yessir ri 2 months ago

    Same phone new name haha

  • Dee
    Dee 2 months ago

    I accepted the S10+ will have to be my last galaxy phone. They're getting crazy expensive and you can't get all the high end features in the base model. This really sucks since I've owned a galaxy since the first epic with the physical keyboard, idk how to give something else a try cause I get nervous as soon as I start thinking about switching. Damn you Samsung!

  • coin paradise
    coin paradise 2 months ago +1


  • Encik Wad
    Encik Wad 2 months ago

    blackpink appear with this phone advertise

    A/X GAMING 2 months ago

    No Samsung im love Sony forever

  • Vasiliy Rumyantsev
    Vasiliy Rumyantsev 2 months ago

    I'm perfectly happy with my Samsung Galaxy A8 Plus.

  • N Brink
    N Brink 2 months ago

    Any bigger and you might as well carry a tablet

  • Alex Finn
    Alex Finn 2 months ago

    They leaked a lot of the s10 to distract/hide the big surprise release of the fold. We have a lot of leaks for s20, so will we see something big again (fold 2)?

  • Mya W
    Mya W 2 months ago +1

    108 mp and 40 mp front camera. I don't mind the price.
    I would have bought it just for the camera but that shit device is super huuuge , like a tablet.
    No fucking way.
    Why didn't they do the same shit with the other ones.
    I'm so frustrated

  • Martin Brankov
    Martin Brankov 2 months ago

    Come on stop with the size increase plz! I'm sticking to my s10 at least 1 more year for 2021 release full screen without holes.

  • Saif Khan
    Saif Khan 2 months ago

    Did I miss it? I see the height comparison between the s10+ and s20 ultra... but width wise are they roughly the same? I am going to have a hell of a time deciding between a s20+ and S20 ultra. Which is already a huge leap when you are jumping from an s7 edge. Im a little intimidated by the size of the S20 ultra. Kind of wish the S20+ was a little more fully loaded... it would be a no brainer and the perfect happy medium.

  • Christopher Sullivan
    Christopher Sullivan 2 months ago

    So I have to deal with everything being on the left side for my note 10 but they fix it for the s20 smdh

  • Nik3
    Nik3 2 months ago

    Same shit as my s10 plus

  • Erient Harefa
    Erient Harefa 2 months ago

    bigger, faster, higher resolution camera. Is that what we really want?

  • Jon Potash
    Jon Potash 2 months ago +1

    Absolutely annoying how big they're making phones now. The base models are now what used to be considered a "phablet".
    If I can't hold it in one hand, I'm not interested.

  • James Baker
    James Baker 2 months ago

    Ready to preorder Sammy!

  • Yglesias Broeker
    Yglesias Broeker 2 months ago

    Back. Is. Ugly. A. F.

  • Ola Kalu
    Ola Kalu 2 months ago

    Usually I'm excited for Samsung phones but this year I'm actually not interested. I'll stick to my S10+

  • 6 t
    6 t 2 months ago +2

    These are some crazy specs. Surely not gonna be this good?

  • Tha Transporter
    Tha Transporter 2 months ago

    iPhone 3G

  • Alan Prescott
    Alan Prescott 2 months ago

    Screen record?

  • iTzGodlikexS exe
    iTzGodlikexS exe 2 months ago

    I want the 108mp camera but i think the ultra is too big.... why didnt they put the camera also in the other models

  • Orbelosul Polar
    Orbelosul Polar 2 months ago +6

    STill having a hole in the display! No news of the a graphene battery (why is samsung holding on to patents if you are not going to use that technology) - it's been more than a decade! WTF?!
    The only good thing is the zoom - they had to use it because the chinease manufacturer (I will not say it's name) already had it.
    p.s: And no headphone jack because all headphones are now wireless?!? hard pass from me!

    • Orbelosul Polar
      Orbelosul Polar Month ago

      @zizi Kanaan well... I could agree with you but then we would both be wrong. they are trying to make the screen cover the entire phone but they did not manage to pull off the "camera behind the screen" that they probably wanted.
      I am aware that some people are not bothered by the hole (like you) but the flagship should have all the best things (and that includes a screen with no notch or hole). you can have it on the $700-200 phones but if you have it on your best phone in 2020 I will look elswere for my next phone because you are falling behind.
      Of course this is just my opinion and you can disagree with me (except for the fact that they did not try to make a screen with no hole because that is just wrong).

    • zizi Kanaan
      zizi Kanaan Month ago

      @Orbelosul Polar back in your day they did seek to let these things slide considering the average phone had a screen to body ratio of about 20% iphone has much improved that by buying Samsung's screens, up to about 85% of course samsung wouldnt let them have all the fun, now I belive we are over 90% for screen ro body ratio. The point is, not many people mind the camera hole there, so instead of investing millions into a problem (that's, let's be honest, isnt even a problem) the companies are investing big money into improving the things that the average consumer cares about such as camera performance and battery life! What a crazy idea that is, do what the consumer wants?! Who would have thaught of that😂

    • Orbelosul Polar
      Orbelosul Polar Month ago

      ​@zizi Kanaan Ok kiddo! Back in my day we all used to laugh when the iphone users stood in line for days to get the latest phone with no headphone jack. I'm 'glad' that the same level of 'fanboy' has reached the android market as well. Keep paying a lot of money for a hole in your screen and a removed 3.5mm jack when there are a lot of solutions on the market already for a totally clean screen (retreating camera or flip camera). Even they have a cheaper phone with no hole for the camera (A80 if I am not mistaking) but they feel like they can get away with this on the flagships? Back in my day we did not let things like this slide..... and this is coming from a guy that had TVs, monitors, and even VR headsets from samsung (even tho they did not sell the Odyssey in Europe).

    • zizi Kanaan
      zizi Kanaan Month ago

      Orbelosul Polar yeah, you don’t understand how any of this “tech stuff” works do you grandpa, stay in your generation and keep away from these videos because i dont think you really know what any of it means👍

  • ManishReddyManish
    ManishReddyManish 2 months ago

    Just add the video option in pro mode🙏

  • Imran Husain
    Imran Husain 2 months ago

    I just got to know here that WQHD and 120Hz cannot co-exist 😥😥😥

    • Georg
      Georg 2 months ago +1

      Imran Husain it will next year

  • Paul White
    Paul White 2 months ago

    If there is an 865 version, it has to be 5G. Exynos would be the only 4G option.

  • Alamin Khan [ AN ]
    Alamin Khan [ AN ] 2 months ago

    Oh darun phone

  • Oscar Castro
    Oscar Castro 2 months ago

    Plus Ultra!

  • Niklas_P_1993
    Niklas_P_1993 2 months ago

    Note 10+ looks better and has (91% screen-to-body ratio) S20+ has 90.4% screen-to-body ratio) and looks uglier. Wth Samsung 🤔

  • LC 7INEO
    LC 7INEO 2 months ago +7

    Disgusting camera tumor. Imagine a phone without camera bump.

  • Deniz Demir
    Deniz Demir 2 months ago +1

    I bought the S4 when it came out and replaced it with the S8. Still using it. I might upgrade if they remove the edge screens as well as the Bixby button. These two are the only upgrades I actually cared about. The other improvements are a given.

    • Georg
      Georg 2 months ago +1

      @Deniz Demir very weird that samsung has not seen this problem as i am sure they use their phones on daily basis

    • Deniz Demir
      Deniz Demir 2 months ago

      @Georg It doesn't provide anything worthwhile. It's almost impossible to not accidentally click it (F.E Change Songs) if you are holding the phone from the front. It prevents you from using a decent screen protector and it distorts images.

    • Georg
      Georg 2 months ago +1

      Deniz Demir why dont u like the edge screen?

  • des a ray
    des a ray 2 months ago

    Snapdragon 865 sounds fantastic

  • Hamza Asif
    Hamza Asif 2 months ago +1

    There should have been a mid point like 90hz

  • robert gregson
    robert gregson 2 months ago

    Hi Tom is there any news about S20 ultra 5g and if it will have a hybrid sim as all of the Samsung 5g phones have all been single sim thanks

  • Jake West
    Jake West 2 months ago +1

    As a resident of Surf City USA, I approve your shirt!

    • The Tech Chap
      The Tech Chap  2 months ago +1

      I love HB haha - spend a lot of time there

  • Jiren The Gray
    Jiren The Gray 2 months ago

    Lol and people still think iphone is more expensive?

    • Jiren The Gray
      Jiren The Gray 2 months ago

      @Georg They also have very good cameras now days.

    • Jiren The Gray
      Jiren The Gray 2 months ago

      @Georg Samsung Galaxy s10, s20, and galaxy fold are $1,000 and above

    • Jiren The Gray
      Jiren The Gray 2 months ago

      Are you dumb or something?

    • Georg
      Georg 2 months ago

      Gaming 100 yes it is, considering it has less specs

    ZWARBHATTAA 2 months ago

    Still no 4k 120 fps

    • Georg
      Georg 2 months ago

      ZWARBHATTAA next year

  • David Y
    David Y 2 months ago

    S20 sounds a lot cleaner than s11 plus makes the illusion that it's worth upgrading haha

  • haigboardman
    haigboardman 2 months ago

    Why change it to 20 rather than 11? Just seems pointless.

  • attack
    attack 2 months ago

    Fucking curved screen again. And a pimple. Oneplus already solved the front dot notch problem. Top and bottom bezels are not identical size. Idk, if this is all true, then yet another disappointing release.

  • jobicek
    jobicek 2 months ago

    S20 is not the S10e successor. Only in the sense that it's going to be the smallest version (apparently). But otherwise, it's going to succeed the standard S10. I mean, it's taller than the S10. What a shame. I hate the big phones. Really, even the S10e is big to me. I'm running out of places where to carry these slabs without them printing and getting in the way. I might have to buy one of those cheap Nokias with buttons so that I have a phone I can actually carry with me. Remember the days when some phones would fit into a watch pocket? Or I might have to start carrying a bag. But I hate to carry things. I love the freedom of movement with just a few things in my pockets that I don't even feel. I guess an Apple Watch could be a solution, I just can't see myself giving up fine mechanical watches. Little mechanical marvels and one of the few pieces of jewelry a man can wear. I know, I'm the minority.

  • sam mo
    sam mo 2 months ago

    Bullshit CHINA PHONE this is S10 only they changed the Camera like Iphone 11

    ULTRAVIOLET 2 months ago +4

    Well, I have zero interests on the new line up of Samsung's smartphones! Simply because of the S8 plus