Why We Left Buzzfeed (Some Thoughts on Taking Risks)

In which Allison and Gaby from Just Between Us (youtube.com/justbetweenusshow) stand in for Hank, share some thoughts on taking risks in your career, and talk about why they left Buzzfeed. It's Pizzamas Day 10!

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Автор lovelyxskinny ( назад)
buzzfeed is pretty terrible anyway

Автор Leonard Lawrence ( назад)
is that dog ok?

Автор LadyASolveg ( назад)
just cause of this I subbed their channel. It's weird a link to the channel isn't in the box. Unless I totally missed it.

Автор Vanessa Cortez ( назад)
The way Gabby looks at Allison is goals.!

Автор Music Teacher Guy ( назад)
Oh, the HRC-endorsing vlog brothers...

Автор Farrell Mario ( назад)
Why is everyone leaving buzzfeed???

Автор Amara ( назад)
that would worry me so much too. while you're working there, you have to contribute, or else it seems you're just there for nothing right? and then you take the risk of being let go i'd think... but then if you give them your best ideas, that can backfire in the future as well... i totally understand. but i think you made the right decision!

Автор JustmeNici ( назад)
Lol they're like a married couple now haha

Автор Zero point minus one ( назад)
This also rings in my ears. Do feminists have an artificial high-pitched voice or something? There is something weird about these videos.

Автор Satya Prakash Dash ( назад)
You are beautiful!!!both.

Автор AbsolutelyNothing ( назад)
Allison is perfect for the girl from Fifty Shades

Автор Sarah Walter ( назад)
That sleepy puppy tho 😍

Автор Kayla Love ( назад)
I'm more focus on the dog than them

Автор Hotaru Eva ( назад)
Allison left buzzfeed? Damn....

buzzfeed lowkey sucks anyways

Автор mastercommanderleadr ( назад)
Buzzfeed is driving all of the good employees away with their narrow mindedness and controling. Such a shame but hopefully we see more of everyone as they leave and branch out on Youtube!

Автор Dea ( назад)
Allison is so adorable it hurts me i just love her and she's so charismatic oml she is just so ahh i can't express is but the first time i ever saw her i honestly thought she had such a charm and everything, Allison ur so adorable i love u❤️

Автор yeezus kali ( назад)
u guys were actually some of my favorites ):

Автор anne021000 ( назад)
i clicked this video because i saw the dog on the thumbnail.

Автор Alisha Horton ( назад)
The dog though 😍

Автор TruthDevours ( назад)
At this moment 4,124 people don't mind working for free.

Автор Katie ( назад)
Is the doggo alive?

Автор ohthatsdee ( назад)
They kind of remind me of Riley and Maya from Girl Meets World tbh

Автор Sophierbrm ( назад)
The dog is so sososo cuteeeeee

Автор Anna Rose ( назад)
you guys are so cool

Автор Playlist girl ( назад)

Автор Purple Demon ( назад)
everyone who was actually good left buzzfeed XD

Автор Amari Ephraim ( назад)
great advice you guys. this really helped:)

Автор Nail Spot By Michelle Valdez ( назад)
poor dog,he was trying to leave and then she pulls him back and he's like"WTF??!!"

Автор Erica The Friendly Pisces ( назад)
Everybody is leaving BuzzFeed.....I wonder if Jesus Christ himself will make a video soon on why he left BuzzFeed????

Автор katie smith ( назад)

Автор Judy Brown ( назад)
is that puppy ok

Автор Chung Junwoo ( назад)
damn no wonder i wasnt seeing any good content for such a long time on buzzfeed

Автор Yelly Ouattara ( назад)
What kind of dog is that 😍

Автор Talula Jones ( назад)
what kind of dog is that? he/she's adorable

Автор Sharon Devlin ( назад)
that dog!!!!!!!! so!!!!! cute!!!!!!!!!

Автор Jeremy Highland ( назад)
Well done!

Автор Amby Cakes ( назад)
Jesus how rude at least link their fuckin channel

Автор SquirrelKnight ( назад)
is... is that thing on her lap dead?

Автор Armando Moreno ( назад)
That dog is dead

Автор Alby C ( назад)
The girl with brown hair looks like the girl from 50 shades of gray.. or is it just me??!.

Автор M VGA ( назад)
I realized BUZZFEED was complete SHIT when they made a video for that fascist f**king TED CRUZ!

Автор r3ikobomb ( назад)
Really? I feel like I saw you both at some point in a recent video...

Автор McKenna Duitch ( назад)
I'VE FINALLY FOUND YOU GUYS, I'Ve been looking for you guys FOREVER, HI! 😁

Автор Tori Hindson ( назад)
That dog is so chill. I love it.

Автор Claire Cheatham ( назад)
Anastasia steele? Is that you???

Автор Chanel Cupcake ( назад)
your puppy is so chill lol

Автор gastric ( назад)
The girl in the left's voice is annoying.

Автор Lost Soul ( назад)
Left Buzzfeed? Wanna be famous? Awh, fellow come here and I'll teach ya! Just do a video about why did you left Buzzfeed! And there you go! Just kidding or not, whatever, Buzzfeed seems to be awfawl... :°{

Автор RERRL Ⓥ ( назад)
Im a simple man I see cute chicks in the thumbnail I click it

Автор nia durant ( назад)
Wait was she about to cry at 1:39

Автор Leonardo De Vinci ( назад)
I was wondering why Buzzfeed content is boring. I thought it was because they got purchased and they new owners went batsh** crazy and fired everyone.

Автор Rara _ ( назад)
The dog is so chill.

Автор tasya Fian ( назад)
Wanita sex

Автор Adam Johnson ( назад)
I'm surprised. Gaby is basically buzzfeed incarnate.

Автор Moto Myki ( назад)
all the good people are leaving buzzfeed

Автор my channel ( назад)
The girl on the left looks like the girl from fifty shades of grey

Автор John Go ( назад)
Somewhat same reason with safiya.

Yes I came here after watching safiya's vid

Автор Martina's time ( назад)
why the best people left buzzfeed? i was watching it for you guys :(

Автор Frédéric Chopin ( назад)
who's here after watching safiya's video?

Автор Anna Bedsaul ( назад)
People leave for the same reasons but I feel like I would still really like to work at buzzfeed

Автор The Ace Card ( назад)
was is everyone leaving my favourite company

Автор Ruby Trudell ( назад)
Who else just looked at the dog the whole time? And does anyone know what kind of dog it is?

Автор Cat And A Half ( назад)
I personally love buzzfeed but I totally understand <3

Автор Anit kaur Bagga ( назад)
If Eugene leaves I'm done!

Автор pumpkinblush ( назад)
honestly gabby and allison are the most iconic pair that i met on buzz feed and they're doing great now!

Автор Rebel Love ( назад)
You both leaving, now Saf & others...... Buzzfeed sucks ass now.

Автор wgaf ( назад)
Allison needs to stop moving her hands around so much.

Автор OVI-Wan Kenobi ( назад)
typical millennials​

Автор mattie stewart ( назад)
If Quinta and Freddie leave I'm done with Buzzfeed.

Автор Nia Parris ( назад)
Are they a couple?

Автор Enry Rivera ( назад)
wtf I didn't know you guys left 😠buzzfeed is going all bad now

Автор Gina Cook ( назад)
How is buzz feed not pissed yet there are so much shit going on about them

Автор suraj thakkar ( назад)
allison and gabby are a couple?

Автор Ra'Shiana Bryant ( назад)
The dog 😍😍😍😍

Автор Hannah Grace ( назад)
Buzzfeed just sounds very controlling.

Автор blueblade455 ( назад)
The young generation needs to know right away that when you join the workforce, you are NOT there to make friends. Just shut up, do your job right, get paid and go home. Socializing is done after work hours.

Автор Abby Schoch ( назад)
Can someone tell me what kind of dog that is

Автор Crystal Dsouza ( назад)
Omg they left too 😭😭I thought they were still there

Автор DJplaymySong ( назад)
But there r so many buzzfeed people with private channels and they still work there (like Steven) so how were they different? I don't get buzzfeed

Автор Sachin Nikam ( назад)
Buzzfeed are a bunch of money hungry cunts, they generalize people

Автор neems 101 ( назад)
the dog was creepin me out soo much throughout the whooole thing

Автор anoushka kamboj ( назад)
alison remindes me so much of anastasia from 50 shades

Автор Rebecca Funk ( назад)
dang everyone is quitting

Автор Irene Hobie ( назад)
Why?! Why is everybody leaving?! Who is gonna keep me in interest on buzz feed?!

Автор Phoebe Olivia ( назад)
I had no idea they were gf and gf and I cannnnnnn't belive they quit

Автор CookieCreamCrumble ( назад)
i was so confused when this was posted by vlogbrothers not jbu

Автор marie ( назад)

Автор SmashingSam ( назад)
Legit thought the dog was dead half of the video

Автор Angelica Davis ( назад)

Автор Deanna Devine ( назад)
The girl with the brown hair reminds me so much of Ana from 50 Shades

Автор Mossy Deer Bones ( назад)
why are they both shouting

Автор Callan Hutchison ( назад)
This was random

Автор Yo Yo ( назад)

Автор Zachs Mind ( назад)
okay so should i not click on anything that says buzzfeed cuz I don't like this idea that they insist on owning any intellectual property made under their umbrella? or is boycotting buzzfeed stupid cuz they're gonna do this to people anyway and there's nothing I can do about it, it's just how business works?

Автор napalm84 ( назад)
lmao, the dog! Turned down sound haha

Автор Margaret Maple ( назад)
The dog was like, shut up guys, I'm trying to sleep

Автор R Taylor ( назад)
Bills. That's why most people stay with disliked jobs or less than ideal working environment.

Автор Sandmanofamarillo ( назад)
Wow ur a mexican

Автор IFAILED thefox ( назад)
I thought the dog was dead

Автор Cats are great ( назад)
Am i confused, or why do still come Videos on Buzz Feed with persons, who quitt?

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