Why We Left Buzzfeed (Some Thoughts on Taking Risks)

In which Allison and Gaby from Just Between Us (youtube.com/justbetweenusshow) stand in for Hank, share some thoughts on taking risks in your career, and talk about why they left Buzzfeed. It's Pizzamas Day 10!

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Автор Potential x10 ( назад)
THSY LEFT BUZZFEED? ah man they were cool

Автор Jahdi Yah ( назад)
it looks like the dog died there. Can't even see it breathing.

Автор Bnic5 ( назад)
Buzzfeed = Failing Media

Автор Alex Dernovoy ( назад)
are they dating?

Автор P bower ( назад)
So scripted. Pass

Автор Nailah ( назад)
God bless.

Автор Sayan Misra ( назад)
U left buzzfeed toooo? 😞😞😞😞😞

Автор Jaimie Felix ( назад)
Good tips about leaving a place when you feel it's time EVEN if it's a good company.

Автор Maddy Gosselin ( назад)
that dog is fckn ZONKED

Автор Tran Tran ( назад)
why does Steven have his own YouTube channel?

Автор WealthisoftheMind ( назад)
This is the first "Why I Left Buzzfeed" video I've watched when I actually recognize the people!

Автор Cynthia Dorantes ( назад)
what kind of dog is that?

Автор Angel Honey ( назад)
everyone that has left were the reasons I loved BuzzFeed!! now its not the same. but I still enjoy LadyLike

Автор Mariyah Schlitter ( назад)
i loved when they were in buzzfeed

Автор Brandy Chico ( назад)
that dog lol

Автор a person. ( назад)
I wonder how many employees buzzfeed would've kept if they just let them do side projects

Автор rose aphant ( назад)

Автор Jonelle Pemberton ( назад)
That dog may need sum medical attention 😂

Автор sinny ( назад)
this video is so scripted

Автор ARES Rodriguez ( назад)
love your dog! 🐕

Автор Katarina Kiddo ( назад)
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Автор Sr Chalice ( назад)
Why WE Left BuzzFeed:

WE left because as a women, WE have a Biological clocks and We will soon need men. So WE need to cool off the Misandry a bit. WE'RE also starting to realize that feminism (The Racist/Maxist/Facist Divisive Movement) lied to US and not all men are pieces of shit garbage that want to assualt me. Instead, WE realized that women hate and envy US more than any man ever could've. And they have used their gynocentric nature of world domination to control US and OUR Non-Agency having ways. Going forward WE hope to correct OUR mistakes and speak out wherever necessary in order to take back womanhood, from all the Nasty Whores that have Hijacked it. Lastly, Coke & Pepsi is the same thing :)



Автор It's Sulley ( назад)
That dog is so cute!!

Автор Colleen Carr ( назад)
Allison's could be a bit of a Dakota Johnson doppelganger..

Автор Colleen Carr ( назад)
love Allison's hair.

Автор That Random Lonely Soul On The Internet T-T ( назад)
Man buzzfeeds really falling apart all my fav people left.......well I can still watch u guys

Автор Sour Steck ( назад)
I'm watching the cute dog sleep

Автор ashcharya de silva ( назад)
what the hell is wrong with that dog

Автор Rylee Moreno ( назад)

Автор Jiwoo and BM Trash ( назад)
i didnt know Allison left Buzzfeed already〒▽〒 she was my favorite

Автор Windwalker88 ( назад)
The Warskis had a better story imo

Автор Snoop Dogg ( назад)
50 shades of grey lookin ass
Transgender Miley Cyrus lookin ass

Автор Owl Feather ( назад)
I personally wouldn't be able to handle the sexism towards men at Buzzfeed if I worked there

Автор hilla illa ( назад)
Are they a couple?

Автор Eefke Postuma ( назад)
It's been 6 months and I still don't know why either Hank or John thought this was good content for a Vlogbrothers video. Most views/comments are probably of people who've never even watched a Vlogbrothers video, nor have any intention to watch a Vlogbrothers video after this. Heck, I sincerely doubt either Allison or Gaby watch Vlogbrothers videos on a regular basis (Otherwise why did they think this was quality content for this channel. Also they would have made it under 4 minutes). I know the Giraffe Sex one is the most controversial Vlogbrothers video, but honestly I think this video should be it.

Автор michael castillo ( назад)
Is the dog alive?

Автор Cheyenne Viola ( назад)
GOD this just helped me so much. Exactly what I needed to hear after struggling off and on for months with the thought of leaving my corporate radio job.

Автор Kara Koch ( назад)
Theres no law against everyone who left Buzzfeed coming together and moving on to their own company...

Автор Affinity ( назад)
The brunette looks just like the actress who plays Anastasia from Fifty Shades of Grey.

Автор Les Anderson ( назад)
Are they dating?

Автор Shan Reviews ( назад)
Are they a gay couple?

Автор TheASTrader ( назад)
It's quite obvious Buzzfeed exploits both in terms of young naivete and race.

Автор brown bastardz Matharoo ( назад)
"Your coworkers can be your friends, but the company is not your friend" is honestly really good and relevant advice for all young adults getting their first jobs right now.

Автор noleftturnunstoned ( назад)
Who are these people?

Автор wroetodiana 7 ( назад)
Buzzfeed is exactly like SM Entertainment

Автор Vanshika Mudgil ( назад)
I unsubscribed buzzfeed right when you left. I liked it only for you guys

Автор tramp er ( назад)
the gurl with brown hair reminds me of Stacey from Drop dead diva

Автор em puyear ( назад)
what dog breed is it?

Автор elaha lodin ( назад)
The brunette girl looks like Dakota Johnson from fifty shades grey

Автор Katie Dwyer ( назад)
Oh my god I'm so confused, are they dating or just friends? Please help

Автор Leslie Guaman ( назад)
Aren't you both Jewish the burnet is more Jewish then the bleach haired blond not that it's bad but wow that's iconic

Автор Linus Thunderhorse ( назад)
"A company is not your friend". IMO this is one of the most important realizations needed today. Too many people of all ages get suckered into thinking the company they work for if like a family and they owe some kind of loyalty to it, which allows the company to seriously abuse people. Good vid!

Автор Jose Velazquez ( назад)
vegan lesbians trying bull testicles for a week

Автор kalloused ( назад)
All of my favorite people from Buzzfeed are leaving. Basically all that's left are the Try Guys

Автор Lingxoidong Trungdiobing ( назад)
Damn, I thought Hank and John had undergone a sex change

Автор James009D ( назад)
I think the best thing about this video was the dog peacefully sleeping.

Автор Alie Flores ( назад)
at 1:49 when allison gently pushed sugar down and she was like "oh ok" and she stayed in that position and slept oh my god

Автор sneha i ( назад)
I really agree with what you said about a company not being your friend. We all get so confused about that part

Автор Sarah Okeke ( назад)
She reminds me so much of Jessica Day aka Zoey Deschanel

Автор Will Beloved ( назад)
Damn wtf buzzzfeeeeeeedddddddd

Автор Nasreen Jhazbhay ( назад)
There's a sleeping dog! Only noticed it after reading comments

Автор Christina Morales ( назад)
I laughed so hard at the end "WHERE ARE THE JOKES!!"

Автор PrinceOfParthia74 ( назад)
ok i got it you are lez stop talking about it every 30 seconds

Автор Bimo dwi satrio ( назад)
that moment after recording, they just realize that their dog is dead.

Автор Omer Aamir Shah ( назад)
Jewish girls !!!!!

Автор Karina Florentino ( назад)
lmao I love them I miss them when they left BuzzFeed I laughed at the ending she's so adorable

Автор Preuss ( назад)
Why have I seen so many people there has left BuzzFeed?
Something is wrong with how BuzzFeed work...

Автор Titus Veridius ( назад)
The dog kept making me tired. I kept wondering why they wouldn't let him escape. Something about Buzz Feed. The end.
(just kidding, interesting video)

Автор MakeupbyKayla13 ( назад)
They are a perfect couple like whattt she reminds me of Anastasia from 50 shades of grey and gabby reminds me of Tina from bobs burgers

Автор maddiesux ( назад)

Автор meowitscicely ( назад)
wait, are they dating? sorry if this is a dumb question, but i'm new here :3

Автор Rae Christie ( назад)
Is that dog okay....?

Автор Angy Olivier ( назад)
I came here from Safiya's video

Автор Daya G ( назад)
is it me or is everybody from buzzfeed leaving?

Автор exoxo88 ( назад)
it's 2017 and I just knew they left Buzzfeed.. whaaat?

Автор Renee S. ( назад)
OMG... I've missed you both! I'm so glad I found you using this video! New subscriber, right here!

Автор exo-L Army ( назад)
why is everyone hating buzzfeed? I founded that channel pretty interesting..

Автор April Daniel ( назад)
Don't even remember seeing them in any videos.

Автор lovelyxskinny ( назад)
buzzfeed is pretty terrible anyway

Автор kill me ( назад)
is that dog ok?

Автор LadyASolveg ( назад)
just cause of this I subbed their channel. It's weird a link to the channel isn't in the box. Unless I totally missed it.

Автор Vanessa Cortez ( назад)
The way Gabby looks at Allison is goals.!

Автор Music Teacher Guy ( назад)
Oh, the HRC-endorsing vlog brothers...

Автор Farrell Mario ( назад)
Why is everyone leaving buzzfeed???

Автор Amara ( назад)
that would worry me so much too. while you're working there, you have to contribute, or else it seems you're just there for nothing right? and then you take the risk of being let go i'd think... but then if you give them your best ideas, that can backfire in the future as well... i totally understand. but i think you made the right decision!

Автор JustmeNici ( назад)
Lol they're like a married couple now haha

Автор Zero point minus two ( назад)
This also rings in my ears. Do feminists have an artificial high-pitched voice or something? There is something weird about these videos.

Автор Satya Prakash Dash ( назад)
You are beautiful!!!both.

Автор AbsolutelyNothing ( назад)
Allison is perfect for the girl from Fifty Shades

Автор Sarah Walter ( назад)
That sleepy puppy tho 😍

Автор Kayla Love ( назад)
I'm more focus on the dog than them

Автор Hotaru Tomoe ( назад)
Allison left buzzfeed? Damn....

buzzfeed lowkey sucks anyways

Автор mastercommanderleadr ( назад)
Buzzfeed is driving all of the good employees away with their narrow mindedness and controling. Such a shame but hopefully we see more of everyone as they leave and branch out on Youtube!

Автор Dea ( назад)
Allison is so adorable it hurts me i just love her and she's so charismatic oml she is just so ahh i can't express is but the first time i ever saw her i honestly thought she had such a charm and everything, Allison ur so adorable i love u❤️

Автор yeezus kali ( назад)
u guys were actually some of my favorites ):

Автор anne021000 ( назад)
i clicked this video because i saw the dog on the thumbnail.

Автор Alisha Horton ( назад)
The dog though 😍

Автор TruthDevours ( назад)
At this moment 4,124 people don't mind working for free.

Автор Katie ( назад)
Is the doggo alive?

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