Nike - HFR x LeBron 16: Women of Harlem's Fashion Row

  • Published on Sep 5, 2018
  • The limited-edition HFR x LeBron 16 celebrates women of color. They’re “the strongest people in the world,” according to LeBron James. Brought to life by four game-changing women of Harlem’s Fashion Row, Brandice Daniel, Kimberly Goldson, Undra Celeste and Felisha Noel created a shoe that is fearless and distinctive.
    Available on SNKRS app (U.S. only) September 7.
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  • prensadhileaproducci
    prensadhileaproducci 2 months ago


  • preelenede
    preelenede 5 months ago


  • William Hill
    William Hill 9 months ago

    Power i dig it .love what they did together unity

  • J
    J 9 months ago

    omg.. i want these sooooooo bad!!!!

  • Devonta White
    Devonta White 9 months ago

    Keep creating and inspiring Nike. Do what other companies are afraid to do and let the trolls stay under their bridge and talk. Representing people everywhere.

  • TJM Matthews29
    TJM Matthews29 9 months ago

    good luck, keep up the good work . go Nike go., beautiful black women working together for positive things and not negative for once

  • truth and common sense warrior

    Rot in hell Nike. Bye forever

  • truth and common sense warrior


  • Flint Interpreter
    Flint Interpreter 9 months ago

    This was encouraging. #Thankyou NIKE

  • Vinh Tran
    Vinh Tran 9 months ago

    so workers getting abused in Nike factories not enough to make people boycott but an “controversial” ad does. 🤔👎🏼😝

  • Alice Bain
    Alice Bain 9 months ago

    CONGRATS STRONG WOMEN... even with this great product there are persons here commenting to try to weaken you.. you have proven yourself .. soldout in under 5 minutes ....created by women for women

  • sofia almeida
    sofia almeida 9 months ago +8

    This video is absolutely beautiful

  • Shayna Matthews
    Shayna Matthews 9 months ago +3

    Yassss Queens!👸🏾👸🏾👸🏾👸🏾🙌🏾👏🏾

  • Danielle Rush
    Danielle Rush 9 months ago

    SoldOUT!! #BGR

  • Selcouth Human
    Selcouth Human 9 months ago

    Damn, apparently spreading acceptance and support for historically disenfranchised minorities through motivational videos = becoming a pathetic SJW? What the fuck is wrong with people....?

  • Mikey Sal
    Mikey Sal 9 months ago +2

    Oh my lawd. Nike is creating a monster and they don’t even know it yet. Lol
    Thanks, cool kids. I’ll keep my $$$ with Adidas.

  • Tourniquet Now
    Tourniquet Now 9 months ago

    Exploiting blacks for profit. Pretty racist nike. Almost as bad as exploiting chinese and Indonesian slave workers to make your products...

  • Michael Cobbs
    Michael Cobbs 9 months ago +2

    Phenomenal video. #NIKE

  • Mrs. Shenea Watson
    Mrs. Shenea Watson 9 months ago

    #SpeakThat.... This is called... #WinWin...

  • jerry sanders
    jerry sanders 9 months ago

    Is Nike only for black people? That’s what it looks like. Fine racist nike, I’ll go buy some Vans or New Balance. I’m black but don’t hate white people like many of your fans and players. Look at the comments if you believe me. MANY white hating racists commenting on here. Shameful.💰🐀💥🔨👞👞

  • Rick James5678
    Rick James5678 9 months ago +2

    What a horrible company. What's next Nike, flag burning?

    • Faith Thornton
      Faith Thornton 9 months ago

      @Rick James5678 Oh Rick..I'm beginning to like, that was me being SARCASTIC..c'mon guy where is your sense of HUMOR. I mean back to that NAME of yours🙂

    • Rick James5678
      Rick James5678 9 months ago

      @Faith Thornton The excuse you eluded to in your last post about not learning the 'white language." I thought it was obvious.

    • Faith Thornton
      Faith Thornton 9 months ago

      @Rick James5678 dude..what are you talking, what excuses did I make, you go from black design to flag burning..where is your

    • Rick James5678
      Rick James5678 9 months ago

      @Faith Thornton Any more excuses? Anyone else to blame or point the finger at?

    • Faith Thornton
      Faith Thornton 9 months ago

      @Rick James5678 lol, excuse me for butchering "White launguage"..I only speak it thru default, lol..YOU KNOW WHY😂

  • Alicia Barnes KETO
    Alicia Barnes KETO 9 months ago +1


  • ben31uk
    ben31uk 9 months ago +6

    F u c k nike

  • Fatouma Kouma
    Fatouma Kouma 9 months ago +2

    Love it

  • 87TV
    87TV 9 months ago +1

    love it! also a lot of big mad people in these comments

    • Mikey Sal
      Mikey Sal 9 months ago +1

      Oooh yeah so maaaad! Like the way you get when society doesn’t cater to your self entitlement.

  • MizBee28
    MizBee28 9 months ago +15

    I am inspired by a company who chooses not to ignore the issues facing the world square in the face. Thank you Nike for choosing this direction & giving value to voices that otherwise are muted

    • jerry sanders
      jerry sanders 9 months ago

      MizBee28 Nike💰🐀just blew it💨

  • Judas The Ally
    Judas The Ally 9 months ago +1


  • Mean Old Lady
    Mean Old Lady 9 months ago

    Wants to be associated with dignity yet keeps her trashy accent.
    As long as the black "community" stick together & keeps supporting their criminals & trash color, they will always be judged as the bottom of the barrel in this country.
    Stop trying to polish the turd that is black "culture" - a culture of gangs, misogynist rap, arrogance, selling/buying drugs, whoring as well as a massive victim complex when they are the largest group of criminals we've got.
    Zero sympathy for these crooks playing victim anymore!
    Stop buying their hustle & start expecting them to grow the hell up & act like adults - like every other ethnic group in this country has.

  • Slime Peso
    Slime Peso 9 months ago

    s/o to nike

  • Jada Wada
    Jada Wada 9 months ago +5

    I love nike so so much !!!

  • Epitaph1334
    Epitaph1334 9 months ago +3

    "Searching for black designers". Racist!

  • Gumer Zambrano
    Gumer Zambrano 9 months ago +22

    Can't believe Nike has become an sjw

    • Antonio Martinez
      Antonio Martinez 9 months ago +1

      Can't believe you against the right to protest and so calling "patriot"

    • Haider
      Haider 9 months ago

      Social Justice Weirdos

    • Shanda Porter
      Shanda Porter 9 months ago

      What exactly is an sjw?

    • Mikey Sal
      Mikey Sal 9 months ago

      Exactly. Nike is a cancer.

    SOUND FOUND MUSIC 9 months ago

  • Luis Zav
    Luis Zav 9 months ago +13

    Nike went full SJW what a joke, good thing their stocks went down, they lost a ton of loyal customers

  • Useless Immigrant
    Useless Immigrant 9 months ago


  • Scott M
    Scott M 9 months ago

    NIKE, you're fucking DONE. Anyone own stock in them, DUMP IT NOW or you DESERVE TO LIVE IN THE STREETS WHEN NIKE TANKS.

  • Midnight Mermaid
    Midnight Mermaid 9 months ago +9

    *Bin Laden agrees with Nike: “Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything.”*

    • Antonio Martinez
      Antonio Martinez 9 months ago

      Repubicans agrees with Nike: “Believe in bullshit trump. Even if it means sacrificing everything.”

    • R Croom
      R Croom 9 months ago

      Midnight Mermaid

  • Hadrien Mayeux
    Hadrien Mayeux 9 months ago

    For sure the vietnamese women paid as slave by your shamefull company... WHY DID YOU PRODUCE YOUR STUFF IN VIETNAM ? OH CHINESE 327$ salary is to high for YOU ? BETTER PAY 220$ a vietnamses dude (or child or woman for what is matter for Nike). Don't tried to make us believe you're not a shamefull compagny who use child and woman labor (slave be more correct in fact) to make more and more money. Don't count on me anymore.

  • Hadrien Mayeux
    Hadrien Mayeux 9 months ago +1

    Hopefully you arent a white female because if your are, your are the only female that isn't praise here...

  • littlesometin
    littlesometin 9 months ago +1

    lol these women are "empowered" by a company that profits off of child labour, yet their asses sit in a first world country complaining wow

  • Nicu Nicu
    Nicu Nicu 9 months ago +6

    Good job in politics Nike , for sports I will buy Adidas ,Puma ,Reebok

    • Mikey Sal
      Mikey Sal 9 months ago


    • Faith Thornton
      Faith Thornton 9 months ago +1

      Hahahaha, who

    • MultiRayman98
      MultiRayman98 9 months ago +1

      I would probably avoid those brands too if you’re avoiding politics
      Puma has jay z and big Sean also the weekend who are big supporters of BLM and kaep
      Adidas which owns Reebok does a lgbtq pride shoe every year openly said he would sign kaep if he landed on a team also Kanye West who’s been very outspoken politically his entire career
      I wouldn’t say under armour either since Steph Curry was one of the leaders in getting the Warriors not to go the White House to visit trump

  • dutchmountainsnake
    dutchmountainsnake 9 months ago +4

    its called the knockout game. and soon, white people are gonna get tired of playing it.

  • Miguel Mathewson
    Miguel Mathewson 9 months ago +15

    This is separating the races Nike

    • Faith Thornton
      Faith Thornton 9 months ago +2

      @Miguel Mathewson not a copout, that is REALITY..a reality you may not be aware of..but CLEARLY that's just what it is. No one but the tormented African worldwide, is BUILT to deal with the shit we deal with, cause as soon as we get a bit of BACK UP..mrfrs come out the cornfields talking shit.

    • Miguel Mathewson
      Miguel Mathewson 9 months ago

      @Faith Thornton that's a copout

    • Faith Thornton
      Faith Thornton 9 months ago

      Naw, races ALWAYS been separated.. TEAM 1:European, Latino and Asians
      TEAM 2: BLACK worldwide..(literally Earth's most precious resources..come from Africa)..were not seen as people..but as PROFIT$$$$

    • Mikey Sal
      Mikey Sal 9 months ago +2

      Exactly. But they don’t see that. At all.

  • Lionheart Mind Explosion
    Lionheart Mind Explosion 9 months ago +15

    Pure love:)

  • Ultra 9000 Chad Boomer
    Ultra 9000 Chad Boomer 9 months ago +6


  • Diallo Reese
    Diallo Reese 9 months ago +3

    I love this 🙏🏾🙏🏾

  • Mr.s Mr.s
    Mr.s Mr.s 9 months ago +29

    "As a woman of color".......... omfg stfu!

    • Mikey Sal
      Mikey Sal 9 months ago

      Exactly. Just walk away from Nike. They’ve become the angry child we all need to start ignoring.

    • Faith Thornton
      Faith Thornton 9 months ago +1

      @jerry sanders lol, you say that shit like someone cares..they still gonna see you as JUST ANOTHER NIGGA..or "he's talks well, so intelligent"! Stay woke..fuck is sexier than a SISTER, NOTHING👑

    • Mrs. Shenea Watson
      Mrs. Shenea Watson 9 months ago +3

      Why do they have to STFU ?.. Black Women have been disenfranchised the MOST... And if Nike wants to celebrate OUR STRENGTHS.. instead of hiding what they see and being #Weak like YOU... My question then becomes... #WhyNOT ??... We don't need your validation to know about OUR POWER.. Obviously Nike see it.. and guess what ?.. RESPECTS IT !!.. Shame on you and anyone who believes as you..
      #BlackWomenROCK.. even with you being against US !

    • Bayou Beast
      Bayou Beast 9 months ago +1

      jerry sanders Shut yo Uncle Tom ass up. Like deadass

    • Mr.s Mr.s
      Mr.s Mr.s 9 months ago +1

      Dont act all open mined, we all know witch side of the coin you would fall on if you were not fucking a white girl.

  • Ариан Назаров
    Ариан Назаров 9 months ago +3


    • jerry sanders
      jerry sanders 9 months ago

      Ариан Назаров a russian bot leaves a positive comment😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • juntao11
    juntao11 9 months ago

    First BLACK WOMAN I seen that aren't angry 🤔 HANG on wait 😆😅😆😅 Nike is shit. Nike is shit 👅

  • juntao11
    juntao11 9 months ago

    Nike is shit 🖕🖕😆😅

  • Hey Z
    Hey Z 9 months ago +16

    This is very inspiring for a young women like myself. Thanks Nike.

    • Hey Z
      Hey Z 9 months ago +1

      jerry sanders jerry...go find yourself something better to do than to sit on the internet saying “whitey” in 2018.

    • jerry sanders
      jerry sanders 9 months ago

      Hey Z you obviously look down on “whitey”.. since that’s what Nike stands for💰🐀

    • Hey Z
      Hey Z 9 months ago +2

      Hadrien Mayeux don’t worry about my race. It’s inspiring regardless whatever color I am. And good for these women sharing their story .

    • Hadrien Mayeux
      Hadrien Mayeux 9 months ago +1

      Hopefully you arent a white one because if your are, your are the only one race that isn't praise here...

  • telly scope
    telly scope 9 months ago +4


  • Sun King
    Sun King 9 months ago +19

    NIKE 4 VICTIMS GROUPS ONLY! How did this company GO from a Marc Newson a Genius to hiring someone for the color of their skin or gender? 3 billion dollars in stocks lost today, you'll never reach Adidas Heights by adopting this political ideology.

    • Susan Taylor
      Susan Taylor 9 months ago +1

      You clearly don't know what you're talking about. Nike will make a ton of money off this brilliant Ad Campaign. Kaepernick will do well also.

    • Steven Rhodes
      Steven Rhodes 9 months ago +3

      Nike is up atm, Adidas finished down for 9/5/18, and the entire market fell 9/4/18
      You're either intellectually dishonest at best, a useful idiot otherwise

    • Lukey2650
      Lukey2650 9 months ago +3

      Get woke, go broke.

  • Catdaddy
    Catdaddy 9 months ago +5

    Lebron and Nike team up with strong women to make 200 dollar shoes for kids. Way to go. Take a page from Marbury!!! I mean how much do you even pay the little kids that make those!?

    • jerry sanders
      jerry sanders 9 months ago

      Catdaddy racist Nike💰🐀
      👞👞just blew it💨

    • Catdaddy
      Catdaddy 9 months ago

      At least you dont have to sell a kidney to buy a pair.

    • REVIEWERtm
      REVIEWERtm 9 months ago

      Catdaddy marburys are trash

  • Paola Bueso
    Paola Bueso 9 months ago +37

    So inspiring! This video made me tear up. They are amazing! Thank you for sharing this.

    • Mikey Sal
      Mikey Sal 9 months ago +2

      You hate yourself don’t you?

    • Hadrien Mayeux
      Hadrien Mayeux 9 months ago +1

      The message is excusively for colored women, don't steal their moment, it is not for annoying and weak white female. (ironic isn't it)

    • Scotty P
      Scotty P 9 months ago +3

      Paola Bueso their newest poster boy is a racist

  • Levi Ackerman
    Levi Ackerman 9 months ago +25

    worst company ever

    • Fredericus II
      Fredericus II 9 months ago

      Mario Pineda you’re white dumbass

    • Antonio Martinez
      Antonio Martinez 9 months ago

      hahahahahaha, poor mother fucker snowflake republican

    • Levi Ackerman
      Levi Ackerman 9 months ago +1

      Well, what are you doing?

    • Levi Ackerman
      Levi Ackerman 9 months ago +1

      1.that is a name from a show I like, that is not my name. also the guy is Asian in the show
      2.I'm not white
      3.I'm talking about Colin K. being part of the company's ad campaign
      4. YOUR RACIST

    • Mario Pineda
      Mario Pineda 9 months ago +3

      Its only the profiles with white names that have to say something on these videos lol

  • Jayyysterrr
    Jayyysterrr 9 months ago


  • allen marks
    allen marks 9 months ago +1


  • OGMillyMillz
    OGMillyMillz 9 months ago

    I’m having a “I’m done with Nike sale” on my store on Instagram: @OGMMStore

  • tech_shield689
    tech_shield689 9 months ago


  • Collin Smith
    Collin Smith 9 months ago


  • fatclownman 21
    fatclownman 21 9 months ago +1