Conan Gray - Comfort Crowd

  • Published on Sep 5, 2019
  • Official music video by Conan Gray performing “Comfort Crowd”
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    “Comfort Crowd” Lyrics:
    This hurt that I’m holding’s getting heavy
    But Imma keep a smile on my shoulders ‘till I’m sweaty
    Begging on my knees screaming someone come and help me
    But by the time they’re there I’ve already hid the body
    My breath’s getting short and I’m unsteady
    Welling up in tears as I lay upon your belly
    Telling you I’m fine I don’t really need nobody
    But you say through a sigh that I said that lie already
    I just needed company now
    Yeah I just needed someone around
    Yeah I don’t care what song that we play or mess that we make
    Just company now
    Comfort crowd
    Comfort crowd
    We rot thinking lots about nothing
    Yeah I could spend a lifetime sitting here talking
    And even if I cry all over your body
    You don’t really mind say you like your shirt soggy
    Yeah I just needed company now
    Yeah I just needed someone around
    Yeah I don’t care what song that we play or mess that we make
    Just company now
    Comfort crowd
    Comfort crowd
    We mess around
    And laugh too loud
    And make the sounds we try to hide when people are around
    By blood we’re bound
    Through ups and downs
    Through smiles and pouts
    Comfort crowd you can always count
    Yeah I just needed company now
    Yeah I just needed someone around
    Yeah I don’t care what song that we play or mess that we make
    Just company now
    Comfort crowd
    Video Director: BRUME
    Video Producer: Ricky Rosario
    Video Editor: Joe Mischo
    for BLK MTN
    Music video by Conan Gray performing Comfort Crowd. © 2019 Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

Comments • 13 409

  • binx
    binx 7 hours ago

    i’m here before i even found out taehyung liked his music.

  • Jinormous ARMY
    Jinormous ARMY 7 hours ago

    BTS making my life better again

  • lynn •
    lynn • 15 hours ago +1

    I'm honestly so happy that armys are discovering conan, but please just also support him for his talents and not just because he's tae's favorite artist

  • Mees _ARMY
    Mees _ARMY 16 hours ago

    conan: [drags dead body through the whole mv]

  • wwhksj _
    wwhksj _ 17 hours ago

    Y'all here because of Tae and I'm actually here because of Conan himself bruhhh. 🙃

  • Eda
    Eda 22 hours ago

    *Im getting Ezra Miller vibes from "We need to talk about Kevin" but i love it*

  • gabby p.
    gabby p. Day ago +3

    me: watches him legit talking about murder and death and being creepy
    also me: omg he’s so cute

  • gabby p.
    gabby p. Day ago

    first kpop sent people to alec. now it’s conan. all of my secrets are being exposed :(:

  • Sushi
    Sushi Day ago

    no one:
    bonan:*vibe checks conan with a shovel*
    jonan:*V I B E C H E C K*
    ronan, zonan, and quonan:*silence*

  • Codesuper
    Codesuper Day ago

    this has ahs vibes idk why

  • Queen Bean
    Queen Bean Day ago +1


  • Dope Shit
    Dope Shit Day ago

    He looks like ezra miller

  • ieat kfc
    ieat kfc Day ago

    he could have taken that nice sweater before he buried his fwend

  • ieat kfc
    ieat kfc Day ago

    Can he come clean my windows with me i have windex and ice cream :)

  • ieat kfc
    ieat kfc Day ago

    that wack of the shovel tho just replay over and over

  • ieat kfc
    ieat kfc Day ago +1

    I just need one new episode of cone and ash cooking show.

  • Effervescent Lyf

    He sorta looks like the male version of Dua Lipa

  • izzie Golunska
    izzie Golunska Day ago +1


  • Shashasaz
    Shashasaz Day ago

    He looks like my crush ❤

  • just a salty pitch
    just a salty pitch 2 days ago

    ok but the font is rlly so stranger things vibe

  • Awexis
    Awexis 2 days ago

    Sounds like billie

  • Skrt Skrt
    Skrt Skrt 2 days ago

    I’m just trying to see if someone commented the lyrics but ALL I FUCKING SEE IS FUCKING BTS COMMENT UGHHH IDC

  • Fabi Queiroz
    Fabi Queiroz 2 days ago


  • peach _cream
    peach _cream 2 days ago

    99% percent of the comments: who was here before taehyung?

    1% of the commemts: conan can hit me with a shovel
    I wanna b hit by a shovel

  • Kai Makarim
    Kai Makarim 2 days ago


  • nurindarwisyah
    nurindarwisyah 2 days ago

    been a fan of conan since idle town 🤟

  • Emilee Jimemez
    Emilee Jimemez 3 days ago

    How to get always with a murder 😂😂

  • Emilee Jimemez
    Emilee Jimemez 3 days ago

    Me at the beginning of the video “ omg he carrying a shovel he hot” 😂😂

  • Silver Mynx
    Silver Mynx 3 days ago

    Eveeyone is here bc of Tae (except for those few that arent) and im just here bc i listen to songs like this 🤣

  • Hope Cornelius
    Hope Cornelius 3 days ago

    conan gray should work out for one year straight and let his hair grow out mega ooooooooffffffff i would lose my mind so bad it will be stuck on replay

  • モリスけんか
    モリスけんか 3 days ago +6

    Honestly kinda sad he’s called Bonan instead of Clonan

  • cry me a river.
    cry me a river. 4 days ago

    did you killed the twitter conan?

  • Pelletier Lola
    Pelletier Lola 4 days ago +2

    Am I the only one obsseded with the part when he sings "comfort crowd" the second time?

  • fatiha hammed
    fatiha hammed 4 days ago

    Bts V brought me here. Good job 👍🏽

    • daisychains
      daisychains Day ago

      you should totally listen to his other stuff,, genuinely so so underrated.
      also he makes yt vids. honestly he's one of my fav channels.

  • Rose Howell
    Rose Howell 4 days ago

    He is legit the prettiest man I’ve ever seen

  • Nancy Sánchez
    Nancy Sánchez 4 days ago

    I found you by an mistake already two moths ago i'm glad for that .. I'm not here just because a
    korean guy .

    • daisychains
      daisychains 16 hours ago

      @Nancy Sánchez
      no, no, I meant conan.
      I'm pretty sure he's half Irish half Japanese.
      sorry for the confusion.

    • Nancy Sánchez
      Nancy Sánchez Day ago

      @daisychains din't know that Taehyung was Japanese .... He's Korean

    • daisychains
      daisychains Day ago


  • Glenn Espiritu
    Glenn Espiritu 5 days ago

    All these I thought a girl sang this.

  • Shiv
    Shiv 5 days ago +1

    Living for the dark vibes 🖤🖤🖤 btw I made a cover of this on my channel

  • moonn srnty
    moonn srnty 5 days ago

    support 💖✨

  • 김꼬야
    김꼬야 5 days ago

    우리태형이랑 어울린다 음색이

  • Emalie Conant
    Emalie Conant 5 days ago

    Yo he went from dad to--

  • nalyn abubakar
    nalyn abubakar 5 days ago +1

    You are amazing. I see why Taehyung likes you. 😍💜💜💜

  • Emily Pitman
    Emily Pitman 6 days ago

    You can tell cone finally let somebody kiss em

  • lynn
    lynn 6 days ago +1

    I came here because of V and now i know why he is inspired by you.

    • daisychains
      daisychains Day ago

      conan is so insanely underrated,, i will forever ponder why..

  • hey stob it
    hey stob it 6 days ago +2

    so is twitter conan taking over from here?

  • lili XD
    lili XD 6 days ago

    he is mad but is so handsome man with lovely voice, am i the only who think that?

  • BubbleTea Lulu
    BubbleTea Lulu 6 days ago

    It gives me a sort of Norman Bates feelings and me digging my past today lol

  • Twerkergguk Kookie
    Twerkergguk Kookie 6 days ago +81

    Who’s here just for Conan and not send because of lovely Tae squad raise ur hand

  • idk. potatoe
    idk. potatoe 6 days ago +3

    I’ve supported Conan for the longest and I was so excited when I found out tae likes him too

  • Ayana Sirpaul
    Ayana Sirpaul 6 days ago

    I'm......highly disturbed....

  • ruetube
    ruetube 6 days ago

    can armys pls stop spamming the comments with "oMg V sEnt mE heRe" like

  • Ockta Vienda
    Ockta Vienda 6 days ago +1

    like it 👍 👍 👍 🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩

  • Hopey G
    Hopey G 6 days ago

    Okay I feel dumb for asking this 😂 but umm can someone tell me what type of music or genre type this would be 😅

  • ray skywalker
    ray skywalker 6 days ago


  • Sugi Jung
    Sugi Jung 6 days ago

    I like this title Comfort crowd.. difficult to have

  • Sugi Jung
    Sugi Jung 6 days ago


  • PicassoTae
    PicassoTae 6 days ago +1

    Love how many armys have joined now after the interview. Thanks V 😭❤❤❤💜

  • PicassoTae
    PicassoTae 6 days ago

    Its not how okay how underrated Conan is. 😡

  • Ella H
    Ella H 6 days ago

    im so in love with this music video i cannot count the amount of times i have watched this

  • Satan, Ruler of Hell

    *Twitter Conan murdering RUclip Conan*
    Its official boys